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  1. Aly, Congrats buddy. When I saw my MC itinerary, I had to do a freaking doubletake. LOL. I will definitely make it to Friday's session but I am leaving too early on Sunday to make it to that one. I hope that you will have an alternative for those that can't make it. Lord knows I would buy a video how-to in a snap. Look forward to seeing you there.
  2. Aly, If all goes well at the con will you get to show how to make envelope molds? Thanks.
  3. Have always loved Sgt. Rock and I didn't know about this so thanks for the head-up. It sounds awesome.
  4. Skarapz - good one with that serpent stab remark. Can't stop laughing. LOL. I never had a problem with Duke's character. Am a fan of both the comic and cartoon so I was genuinely interested in both the visual and character aspects of all the Joes and Cobras. Duke makes for a great field leader on the team. As for Duke's place in the cartoon leadership ranks, I think Flint's reply to Beach Head solves it in a nutshell: BEACH HEAD Huh-huh. Very funny. Now, if I was in charge.... FLINT But you aren't, Beach Head. First comes Hawk, then Duke, then me, and finally...you.
  5. ronin

    BigLot haul

    Folks, For anyone looking for the Combat Helicopter, TRU also has them. I saw them last night. It is distributed under their generic Elite Operations brand but it is the PTE Combat Helo. MY TRU has two versions - one in flat black and the other in dark green.
  6. Okay I thought of a few more from some of my favorite shows. First from Sleeper Cell, FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed (Michael Ealy) for the Joes. As for Cobra, they can pick up his nemesis, Faris Al-Farik (Oded Fehr). From the Military Channel Future Weapons show, I would add Mackowitz (the host). He was a real life SEAL and would fit in perfectly with the rest of the Joes.
  7. Skarapz, I'm game to take a stab at this and have some fun. I am taking the Hollywood approach on this one because of certain actors and characters I have seen. For starters, I got to throw in Bruce Lee and Jet Li to flesh out alternate martial art disciplines. As for the SEAL contingent, I would have Steven Seagal (Under Siege), Michael Biehn (The Rock) and Demi Moore (GI Jane). To round out the rest of the crew, Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), Stallone, Chuck Norris, Linda Hamilton (Terminator 2) and Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Geena Davis (Long Kiss Goodnight). Sanaa Lathan (AVP). I would throw in Arnold as a Oktober Guard member of the Joe team from his old Red heat days.
  8. I look forward to seeing you guys down there. I already know Gil through the Tri-State Viper meetings. All told, there will be 7 of us from the Tri-State Viper forums headed down there. I really look forward to it and meeting you guys.
  9. Alk, I am with you buddy. The moment my eye caught the silhouette and markings, I was just hoping that they release her. I have been a Cobra-La fan since their introduction. I love the Royal Guard mold. I was disappointed in their execution of Golobulus. I don't understand why the figure was made to resemble a garden spike. LOL. They should have released that organic module that he hovered around in. Maybe like the separate Serpentor release with air chariot. Here is hoping that they release some of the customs down the line.
  10. I wouldn't say ticked off but I did get a good laugh. Both Targets near me have loads of the singles and 5-packs in stock. They wouldn't sell any because of their scheduled August rollout. When I went into Target and the associate tells me "sorry, you won't be able to get these before August." I then walked two stores down in the same mall to KayBee and pick-up a bunch from their racks. Hehe.
  11. Michael, I had a question about the convention exclusives. I know you mentioned that they would be limited to 1 per badge. I was planning to purchase 2 more sets of the exclusives for family that couldn't make it. Would I have to buy 2 additional convention packages in order to be granted additional badges for each? Thanks.
  12. Im, A realistic interpretation would be nice. However, I believe that you may run into a conflict with the actual characters since the uniforms and costumes in the comics and cartoons add to the iconic feel of the characters themselves. Perhaps striking a reasonable balance by "killing" (writing off) minor Joe characters in an effort to show more violence and realistic threats would be acceptable. As for the origin and financing of Cobra, I like the direction of your potential explanation. I find your endeavour a refreshing take versus the traditional complaining about the potential movie script route. I am starting to write my own spinoff of GI Joe and have about 30 pages written so far. It is a challenge and I find myself writing events and dialogue out of order. There are certain scenes that I have skipped and decided to hash out later later because I need to finish a line of thought.
  13. CT, Happy Birthday buddy! I hope that you scored some nice goodies!
  14. ronin

    Restored Toys

    Interesting question. I wouldn't buy a restored item but I would buy beat-up parts and restore them for display purposes (not for sale). Did you buy the sun-damaged Defiant with the intention of restoring and selling it or did you just change your mind and are leaning toward selling it? Who knows though. A secondary market for restored items does have a certainn appeal. If someone can't get an original mint, then maybe they would be willing to purchase a nice refurb?
  15. Received my package in the mail today. Thank you very, very much for picking them up and shipping them!
  16. ronin

    Big Lots?!?

    Riker, I have recently found loads of VvV Joe 2-Packs at Big Lots for $6 bucks. I am into new sculpt collecting and customizing so for 3 bucks per mint complete figure, these fit the bill quite nicely. I was able to get some Scarlett fodder and Viper army builders so I can't complain. If you are looking for anything specific, I could see if they have it and pick it up for you.
  17. PJ, Looking at the tone of your responses, it seems that my post touched quite a nerve. Every Joe fan does not think like you. I am entitled to my own opinion. Frankly, I don't have to recount or drudge up past debates from other boards for you or anyone. In your original post, you said there was no love for Larry here. I never said that. Do I think he made some great characters? Yes. Do I think he created some good story arcs? Of course. Do I think he made judicious use of military terminology which bolstered the detail of his writing? Yes. Do I share your opinion on him? Probably not. Will I buy the Storm Shadow series when it is released? Depends on how I feel the first few issues go. As I mentioned prior, I am entitled to my own opinion. You don't have to like it. We will agree to disagree and leave it at that. Have a good day.
  18. You DO know that Hama created Cobra (he based it off of some Nick Fury villain team at the time) and written all the bio cards for RAH? I read this on some toy magainze that was released last year. I guess that what pj means about Hama. Without Hama, there will be no Cobra and Snakeeyes wouldn't be an overrated Ninja. DS, To be accurate, he admits to writing the majority of the filecards but not all of them. Matter of fact, I believe that he specifically cited Crystall Ball's in a prior interview as an example of one he did not.
  19. Wow, no love for Larry here. @hmmm@ ....-PJ PJ, Quite the opposite, I think that my opinion was seriously misconstrued. You might want to re-read it and review my statement and compliments of the man. His work done on Wolverine, the Joe Annals and the opinions from others were the types of things that I know of and was talking about when I made the mention of taking his entire body of work into account. My issue is with those who choose to limit Larry's contribution based on a certain run of issues (not you). Larry had an immense impact on the 80s Joe mythos but please understand that the concept of GI Joe is bigger than Hama and existed for decades before he worked on the comic run. If you think I am joking, why don't you rent The Story Of GI Joe starring Burgess Meredith from 1945. Granted it is not the Joe mythos that you hold dear but it is the concept that I am referring to. It is a testament to the timelessness and appeal of the concept of GI Joe that Burgess starred in a GI Joe movie and nearly fifty years later was able to voice a part in the Joe movie as Golobulus. I have been a long time fan and collector of the Joes (even before their reincarnation in the 80s). I was collecting Joes (the 12 inch variety, AT) before Larry was involved and will continue to do so even though he isn't directly involved in the primary property. By the way, you might want to seriously consider giving the cartoon series and toy lines due credit for keeping Joe alive for 25 years as well. For many people (who weren't comic fans), that was their introduction to GI Joe and that was how they best remember it. The voices of the cartoons and packaging of the toys was what sparked their interest and fondness into Joe, not Hama's writing. To give sole credit for the 25th Anniversary Collection to Hama is not accurate because there were many others who worked and continue to work on the 80s Joe property and related toy lines. It is good to sometimes take a step back and appreciate GI Joe (not just the 80s mythos), there is a hell of a lot more to love. You just might like it.
  20. I agree. he created great characters and had great ideas, but his execution wasn't any less soap-operish than Devils Due's execution--they simply lack his skill in characterization. Thank the lord that someone other than myself thinks the same. I don't mean to take away anything from the man's work but all too often, I talk with others who put him on such an pedestal. They love to base it on only certain limited storyarcs (from issues xx-xx). I like to look at someone's entire body of work before shouting their praises. This man made some absolutely great characters along with nice detail and judicious use of military terminology. However, what he produced was military fantasy. He is no Clancy. Neither I am but at least I will admit it. LOL.
  21. ronin

    DTC series 4

    I love new characters so I was so excited to hear about Munitia. Was also looking forward to possibly army building the Night Vipers. I was a little bummed when I heard the news until I managed to score a product sample of Munitia. Now I got her for my collection and I can't complain. Even though the rest won't come out, that is okay. I am definitely not disappointed anymore.
  22. CT, Just curious about your post. It might be useful for those considering your post to know if you mostly deal with new characters or existing ones. Some people may\may not find that important.
  23. My first Joe was straight-arm Rock n' Roll from the TRU in Brooklyn back in the early 80s. I still got him too. I love that figure. After that, I used to be able to take my $10 allowance and get 3 joes at a time.
  24. I have to admit that once Hasbro is through with the initial line-up of 25 figures, I really would like to see them give some attention to characters who were never released as figures. That would definitely be a big nod to Pythona, Big Lob, Zanya, Mayday, Armada, Dr. Venom and the rest who have never seen the light of day. I am not saying that these should be their sole focus but it would be nice to see some of those characters be released as figures. My concern is that the big H will slip into their comfortable shoes again and release 10 "new & different" versions of Snake Eyes, CC, Duke and Storm Shadow and only include a few other also-ran characters as throw-ins. We will see. If we can rally the troops and really get behind the 25th line, then maybe they will start releasing some of these.
  25. Riker, Did you see the report that they have no vehicles planned for the 25th line this year. I hope we (collectors) do get out there and support this line. Would be interesting to see their takes on some vehicles next year.
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