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  1. They have the action team 12 inch figures, as well as the new Adventure packs with Recondo and Storm Shadow here in Alamogordo. I have only found one pack of 25th single packs at the one and only K mart in town. As for employees in the toys, Walmart has these two Biker looking guys stocking in the mornings, and they are actually pretty helpful if you ask. The other toys associates that stock in the afternoon look at you as if you have the plague when you approach them for anything. THE LOCAL WALMART SUCKS!
  2. I have only found one in my little town, and I bought him. His card is hardly worth keeping him in it, but it is just to cool to see the figure in the pack sitting in front of my home office computer. I was checking out a Toyfare Mag last weekend and I think I saw that he was already being priced at $18.00. If you check Brian's toys. He is already listed at $19.99.
  3. Been looking at these cards and wanted to get a better look at them and found them on the yo Joe Website. I am really hoping that they may that repaint of Zartan with the blue armor because it looks more like his original armor. On the page you can click on the Line up of cards to look at them up close. http://www.yojoe.com/archive/games/sdcc07cards/ PZ
  4. GI Joe Manta Wind Surfer GI Joe Ram - Motorcycle with Gatling gun Cobra Viper Glider GI Joe Falcon Glider Polar Battle Bear Fang Cobra one man Helicopter Flight Pod Trubble bubble I would like to see these small vehicles created again.
  5. I found the entire wave one set and the variant Clear Judge Death figure here in Alamogordo, New Mexico. I just picked up Judge Dredd, Savage Dragon and RipClaw. I found the variant Savage Dragon figure with the wife Beater on and picked him up. I really want the variant Superpatriot figure, but did not find him in the mix. I got one of the Associates to pull out the box to see if they had any more series two figures, but they only had Judge Death.
  6. GI Joe: Snow Job Recondo Spirit Mutt and Junk Yard Doc Cobra: Crimson Twins Major Bludd Croc Master Iron Grenadier Five packs Slaughter and his Marauders and some other figure that would go along with the Marauders Cobra La with a Snake face corbra commander Vehicles: Cobra Moccasin with Copperhead GI Joe Vamp with Clutch Sorry, but I really want to see more variety in ’08 and I really want a new Moccasin
  7. For Shipwreck, I am already planning on taking the hand off of Beachhead or Firefly and putting it on Shipwreck. I am really excited about these. Looking at Beachhead, his head looks little small. I guess I will take Firefly and do a head swap and repaint. I wish Hasbro would sell a customization kit for all those customs. Sell the figures parts, and paints and you get a do it yourself GI Joe custom. lol So far, all the figures are pretty sweet.
  8. I just found the Single packs here in Alamogordo, New Mexico at the K-Mart in the Mall. They only had one box and I bought the Flint, Cobra Commander, Cobra Officer, Snake Eyes (grey wolf), Snake Eyes (black wolf), and Storm Shadow w/ Camouflage. There is only one Snake eyes (Grey wolf) and one Storm Shadow left.
  9. Hasbro Toy Shop now has the Five packs for sale at $25.00 per five pack. http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByBrand.htm?BR=520 PZ
  10. I can remember my first GI Joe. It was Flash, with the straight arms. I got it at Gibson's store here in Alamogordo. I played with him so much that I broke him and my mom bought a new one and it had the bicep swivel joint so the arm moved side to side. I looked at it as totally different and loved the change as it was more playable. Like you, I remember them being much more detailed and exact. But, looking back on them I feel that they are sub par. These new ones do have flaws that can be fixed, but knowing Hasbro, we will see better versions later on down the line. When I compare these new figures to the ones from the 80s, there is only one major complaint that I have for the new figures (2000 to Present), the quality of the plastic. But overall, I feel these are the New and Improved GI Joes that I kept dreaming about.
  11. I had the same problem with Snake eye and Storm shadow and I took the screw out and twisted the leg gently to cause the seams to crack but not break. After that, I just applied a small tab (about 2 cm by 2cm) of duct tape. You could have a glue issue if it is the leg with the knife holster, but mine did not have glue, so it could be just paint. If you are afraid to break the toy, use the super glue trick. Usually works everytime, but don't stop moving it until the five minutes or so is up.
  12. 150 miles! wow! I know we are excited to get new toys, but I am not sure they are worth the expense of actually searching for. I am confident when they hit retail en masse, they aren't going to be that hard to find, thus spending extra dollars in gas just to get them the first day or week of release seems a bit excessive IMO. but to each his own, I don't mean that as an attack at all. This isn't a sighting per se, but it may explain why those Denver, CO Walmart's had 25th and nothing else has been reported: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=141092 They may pop up at other "select" Walmart's over the next few days. I really think that this might just end up biting Walmart in the back end. At least for the purpose of gauging their sales for the Christmas season, I think they are just trying to see if they will sell at all. They are probably going on the premise of, “we have been burned by GI Joe before with the GI Joe vs Cobra figures, Valor vs Venom and then Sigma Six.” Sigma sales suck really bad in my little town. We still have Firefly, Shipwreck and Destro sitting on the pegs here in Alamogordo. The figures are too expensive for the kids and I think the collectors here are 3 ¾ collectors. At least that is how I am with GI Joes. I have one 8 inch Snake Eye figure and one Mantis Robot thing with Destro. Never liked the anime look of the Cartoon and did not like the expense and size of the figures. I think if they really want to gauge the sale, they should put these figures out in small towns. One or two boxes and watch the pegs. If they sit, then try them out in bigger communities. This way they can really know where they will sell and where they will not.
  13. I got my BBTS order today, as well. Love the Snake Eyes and Storm shadow figures. Really glad I bought them through BBTS. Still have not found any of the Singles or five packs in retail where I live, but I live in Alamogordo, New Mexico. I do not really expect them for another week or two down here.
  14. Miy set is in Omaha, NE. Or at least it was at 12:35 PM today. I hope that they are in before the Fourth of July. It will be a nice thing to have before the Holiday.
  15. I got a confirmation that my two 5 packs are in and being processed. I hope they get out today, or tomorrow morning. Can't wait to have these in hand. PZ
  16. I am wondering if we are speaking about the Hasbro facility in China or here in the US. As I am so very tired of waiting for these freaking figures, I am hoping here in the US. But my luck, it will be from China and on a Boat. A very slow boat.
  17. Can't wait for the new Five, but really wondering if it is going to be worth padding the box with the SE, SS, and HCC again. I know these tend to be good sellers, but two of each in the first wave of single packs is going to flood the market at first. I just do not want to see shelves and shelves of SE, SS and HCC at the local Wal-Mart in the discount isle. PZ
  18. Nope in the same boat as you my Friend.
  19. Now BBTS is showing an arrival date of the 26th of June on the 25th Anniversary GI Joe set. Pizza
  20. We may not be looking at a usual situation. Hasbro may be thinking to get the new 25th anniversary figures out in a way like they release the Star Wars figures. We may have a mass release on the 24th at Midnight. Or I could be just wishful thinking.
  21. I look forward to these everyday and was a little disappointed that they did not post on Saturday and Sunday @poke2@
  22. I am holding out for the new figures. This does make me wonder when the internet shops are going to change their release dates. But, I am also wondering if GI Joe CLub.com has it wrong and this is the arrival date to the US and not the shipping out date. It just seems more logical to give an arrival date and not a shipping date.
  23. I have only bought one Marvel Legend figure since Hasbro has taken over the line. Ultimate Iron Man and he sucked so bad that I have not looked at him since I bought him. I think that Hasbro has little regard or concerns of what the fans think. This is reflected in the information that was given in that Q&A session. If Hasbro keeps on this path, thinking they know what's best for the fans, then they better start thinking about what they will do when the Marvel contract is taken away from them. I was really hoping to see a better marvel legend and so far they are all sub par.
  24. Sigma Six is still on there, they are just under Toy Products. Check out this link and you will see. http://www.hasbro.com/gijoe/default.cfm?page=Products What I am getting from the new name of the lines and the fact they have applied the "Kung Fu Grip" tag line to the Sigma figures, Hasbro is intending to use the Sigma Line to take the place of the 12" line of figures. But, I could be wrong.
  25. Was randomly looking around on the web for news about the 25th Anniversary GI Joes and found this change to the GI Joe website. Looks pretty sweet. http://www.hasbro.com/gijoe/ PIZZA
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