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  1. Just picked them up on Christmas Eve; GreenLantern 0 27084 57276 6 Hawkman 0 27084 57280 3
  2. I just found the 2 packs at Walmart tonight. Did not think that i would ever find them in my little town. Conan is freaking cool.
  3. I know that they are not really independent now, but I would love to see an entire line dedicated to the WildCats with a build-a-figure Maul. That would be choice. More indy style would be like the original Dick Tracy or Flash Gordon. Those would be pretty cool.
  4. Gentle Giant has the license currently and so far they only have one HellBoy figure made. Here is the link to the site. https://www.gentlegiantltd.com/catalog/product/detail/217
  5. I almost have all of wave one. The town that I live in has them all sitting around. I had to order my wave 2 on Toyrus.com. KBtoys.com had them a $1.00 cheaper. I plan to get more of wave 2 if I find them when I go up to Colorado in December.
  6. Yeah, I thought it was a jack hammer when I was kid.
  7. 5. Croc Master 4. Techno Viper 3. Outback 2. Blowtorch 1. Recondo I really want almost all of the GI Joes in a 25th anniversary version. Pizza man Z.
  8. Did they show pictures of the 3 3/4 line?
  9. Avengers Darkhawk Firestar Vision (White version) Silverclaw Goliath 2 (Bill Foster) Avengers Villians Thanos Kang Nighthawk High Evolutionary Crimsom Dynamo Marvel Cosmic Super Skrull Adam Warlock Pip the Troll Corsair Lilandra Spiderman Silver Sable Madame Web Tombstone Silvermane Chameleon X-Men Forge Shatterstar Warpath Maverick Phoenix 2 (excalibur version) X-Men Villians Avalanche Toad (Liefield) Black Tom Cassidy Silver Samurai Stryfe
  10. I can already see myself buying a few to make a small platoon of 25th Joes in Winter gear. Just need to switch the head and I plan on constructing a few additions to make it look like the hood is down on the back of the neck. I can't wait for 2008.
  11. To Dream is such a wonderful thing. Joes: 1 Blowtorch 2 Recondo 3 Outback 4 Mutt and Junkyard 5 Spirit Cobra 1 Scrap Iron 2 Cobra Eel 3 Snow Serpent 4 Tomax 5 Xamot GI Joe Vehicles 1 R.A.M. 2 M.A.N.T.A. 3 V.A.M.P. w/Clutch 4 Wolverine w/Covergirl 5 Killer Whale w/Cutter Cobra Vehicles 1 Water Moccasin w/copperhead 2 Ferret A.T.V 3 Cobra Flight Pod 4 F.A.N.G 5 Stinger for the Stinger driver To wake up is such a downer. lol
  12. Thanks KamenDreda. That clears up some of my confusion.
  13. Yeah, I compared my Firefly and Beachhead and there is a major difference. I tried to put the legs up on the Beachhead and split the crotch down the seem, but Firefly has better sitting abilities.
  14. I am interested in customizing the 25th anniversary Joes, but I cannot figure out how to separate the torso pieces. I have checked out Joe customs and they had a tutorial video from the GI Joe convention and it still did not show how you put the figure or what sort of wedge you use. If you have customized a 25th anniversary GI Joe, please answer these questions. 1.Do you remove the head and legs before the torso separation technique? 2.Does the wedge look like a triangle or a pyramid? 3.What sort of wood would you suggest using for the wedge? 4.After you have your desired wedge, what sort of hammer would you recommend using to split the torso in half? 5.How would you recommend positioning the figure (moving legs and arms) to get your desired position on the wedge to split the torso? 6.Where do you place the wedge on the figure to get to the torso to split? 7.Where do you hit the torso so that it splits in half? 8.What sort of glue do you recommend for putting it back together? I would really appreciate any instructional photos with your instruction. Thanks, Pizza man Z
  15. My favorite was the Night Vipers, but I would take any viper in a single or five pack with the new 25th design.
  16. I really like wave 3, did not think that I would like the red ninja but his is pretty cool. Wave 5 is coming close to be my total favorite, because of Snow Job, Flash and Destro. These figures just blow me away. I think I am going to be dreaming of Joe shopping for the next three months, until wave 5 comes out.
  17. I went ahead and bought a wave 5 box. I really want that set and do not want to wait until my backwards town gets them in stock. The closest toys r us are over an hour away, so paying for the box makes more sense then driving all over the freaking lower part of the state in hopes that I will find something.
  18. I found the five packs in my little crap town. We have the new cobra five packs and no Single wave 2 or three. And I have not seen any wave 1 single packs since the first wave back in July. I went back today and they still have 4 of the Cobra Legion Five packs.
  19. Found the Cobra Five pack in Alamogordo's Wal-Mart. Nothing else, just the new Cobra Five packs.
  20. I caved and bought Beachhead and Serpentor. I feel so weak.
  21. Freak'n sweet custom Mundo. Like how you have different pics with the dog training glove and ones without it. AWESOME JOB!
  22. I am psyched about the release of the AWE Striker and the Hisstank. I am little tired of the Shark coming back, but it is pretty cool. I would love to see small vehicles like the ASP, Manta Sail surf, R.A.M Motorcycle, ASP, and the FANG Cobra copter. I was a big fan of the small vehicles. It meant less room to store them and they were easy to maneuver while playing out an attack seen in my bedroom. I think that they would go over well with the collectors and the kids. I had the Dragonfly and the Skystriker, and they were big favorites for me, but they were big and hard to play with as a kid. I wish the vehicles were not just going to be Target Exclusives, as I do not have a target near me, but if they do get any of my favorites, I am going to be traveling out of town quite a bit to get them.
  23. I hope that Proto Type for Snow job is not the final product. i do not like his hood and his coat is too long. It is hanging over his hips and will make for more issues with leg movement. I like the decoration design of the figure. I would like to see a smaller hood that does not cover the head like a bulky Parka. The hood and the outfit that Snow Job is wearing do not match at all. Snow Job had one of those military snow suits that are sleek and close to the body, so as to keep movement restrictions down. I can see this figure as a Snow ready Duke or Snake eyes, but it just does not make for a good Snow job. Crimson Guard looks awesome, but the view port for the eyes on the mask seems a little small. It almost makes the CG figure look like a cyclops. The rest of him is spot on. I hope the final product is a little more Biclops friendly. PMZ
  24. Overall, I like the figures, but I am a little concerned about the leg construction. It appears that none of these are made like the original 15 25th anniversary figures. I do not see any thigh screws and I am seeing thigh joints like the shoulder joints. Some of them you cannot tell, but check out buzzer and you can see what I am talking about on the Right thigh. I liked the first 15, and with a little adjustment I have made them into playable action figures. But, to start messing around with the legs now just seems a little premature. But, looking at Serpentor and seeing the similarities to the Devil's Due character and the original Serpentor, I can see that this line is not really a tribute anymore. It has become, as they have said, the rebirth of GI Joe. I guess I will just have to wait and see when they hit the shelves. I can already see myself taking my Serpentor and gluing the original's Cobra fanned out neck thing to his back. Now there is project for you VH. Use your Photo Shop expertise, and give us an idea at how that would look.
  25. And by he (and the site) you probably just mean the Timber loose, Snake-Eyes is not included. @smilepunch@ Yeah good point. Brian's toys are usually ridiculously over priced. LOL
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