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  1. I found all of wave 7 at Wal Mart today. They looked like they got 5 or 7 boxes of the set. Love the viper, okay with the SE figure. Lots of excessories, but lots of strange issues. Like the big hole in the head to put the night googles into, kinda looks odd. Right Knee is a permanently bent because the knee pad. Weapons are sweet though. Love the detachable butterfly knives. Viper, yes the googles fall off and the hands are bent in this oddest pose, but he so much like the old viper that it brings a tear to the eye. He is really, really cool.
  2. I have seen it, but did not buy it. I think there is a forum about the Dark knight movie masters that has a link to another forum that shows a person had bought them. The detail of Batman is pretty good, but yeah, not joints to get excited about. In the forum they compare the batman to the Indy figure that came with the Ark. They were about the same size. I with they would have put more joints on the figures. The details are pretty good for that size of a figure.
  3. Bunch of buzz killers on this forum. Congrats on the find, I bet you are still feeling the high from finding those crisp new figures on the Pegs. That is the best high for a toy collector.
  4. Jumped on and ordered a Joker and a Batman. Hope I get them both.
  5. I was excited about the Fury/Capt. America two pack. Now they are making a Forge and Wolverine two pack. SWEET. Those were the first two that I got when Toybiz first made Marvel toys. Can't wait, and yes, Hasbro better not let us down on these. So far, they are the Legends highlights for my '08.
  6. Ripcord and Blowtorch are two of my favorites and I would love to see Deep Six in a 25th Anniversary style.
  7. Joes: Flash - first of a long obsession with GI Joes. Recondo - loved the swamp and take on any cobras in the swamp. At least in my world of GI Joe. Blowtorch - He always struck me a level headed guy in the cartoons. And I like yellow and Gold. Ripcord - Was always one of my first to go into a cobra Stronghold. Outback - Another that I picked to kick Cobra's A$$. Cobra: Croc Master - He always seemed like this nasty bada$$ in the figure form. Night Vipers - were always one of my first to go in and take out the Joes. Big Boa - He was cool because he took on the Joes with just his fists. Copperhead - another one of my first and was always a bada$$. B.A.T. - always gave my joe team a challenge in any environment.
  8. http://www.hisstank.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7611 Shockwave the magnificent at hisstank went and checked out the computer system at Wal-Mart and it appears they are still paying the same price per figure now at 6.84 as they were at 4.88.
  9. The price hike due to gas prices going up would make sense if the comic packs went up too, but they did not. Hell, Marvel legends, ninja turtles, Power Rangers and Star Wars are still the same prices that they were last year. This is not inflation, this is gauging. Wal Mart sees them selling off the rack like crazy and they are just trying to cash in on the hype. What the hell is next, 9.99 Single packs?
  10. This is not an April Fools Joke, unless WM is pulling it on people. I saw it and my wife saw it. We could not believe it. Hisstank has a forum in the 25th Ann. section that is discussing this. Evidently it is wide spread in Wal mart stores.
  11. I noticed this on the Hisstank forums and did not see anyone had posted this on TNI yet. I did not believe it until I went to Wal Mart tonight and found that the price was $6.84. This price is higher than Star Wars figures. The comic packs are still under $10 and they have not gone up, but the singles are $1.96 over what they originally started at. I dislike Wal Mart and now I really do not want to shop there.
  12. The Amok Time website states May, but I do not know if that is correct.
  13. I do not have a TRU near me, but every time I go to one, not during the Christmas Holiday, the place looks like a barren waste land. One or two figures on the pegs and that’s it. I am still scratching my head over the release date. Easter Sunday, what the heck was Hasbro thinking? Why would they release them on a day where most stores are closed and the ones that are open are usually hit by last minute shoppers looking for a deal or people just trying to pick up that last thing for the family meal. I walked in at around 8:30 a.m. and the display wasn't even touched. I had my pick of the litter and I took my time looking them over. It was nice to get that opportunity, but Hasbro has really been dropping the ball on a lot of their toys releases these past few years. Their current Head of Marketing seems to not be thinking these things through. At least on the GI Joe and ML stuff. I think if the sales trends for Marvel toys continues down this path, I would not doubt that Marvel pulls the license and goes either back to making their own toys or they go to another major distributor, like Mattel or Playmate. These Iron man figures make me think that Hasbro is starting get focused on the Marvel toys license, but then they go and release them on an odd date like a Holiday Sunday.
  14. I really do not think that they would get rid of Marvel legends. They may become more spread out in waves throughout the year. But , hell, they are already doing that. We have figures from Waves 1, 2, and 3 here in my neck of the woods. If anything, this line will be more of a filler line and it would be a line meant to appeal to the preteen to young teen crowd. We have the Marvel legends that are running $10 bucks, too damn expensive for an 8 year old getting a $5 allowance every two weeks. And, we have the Super Hero Squad that are too cute for an 8 year old that can afford them. I think a 3 3/4 line of marvel figures would be a sound investment for Hasbro at this point. Marvel has been losing money since Hasbro took over and Hasbro needs to find something fast to keep their sells up. I would like to see them made to fit in with the GI Joe style that is out now. But, I think it would be best that they try to make a happy medium between GI Joe and Star Wars. They will need to have leg joints similar to Joes. This way they can have more range than Star Wars and motion like a Joe. And, they will need to have the details of the Star Wars that makes a collector jump at the first chance of a new design of Luke or Vader. I do not know about anyone else, but if they made every Comic version of Wolverine in 3 3/4 with great Joint design and beautiful detail, I would snatch each one up in triplicate. My only concern is the rumor that they want to make them into game pieces like the Superhero Showdown figures. I like the cards and the figures from Showdown, but I did not play one game with them and did not know anyone near me that would play the game with me. I really hope that they do not make them as game pieces and they just make them into figures to pose and play with. I think kids and collector will support the line fairly well.
  15. I was able to find the War Machine Exclusive at Wal-Mart this morning. That was all they had in the 6 inch figure size. They had the 12 IM figure, the Water gun or dart gun thing and the IM Mask dress up set, as well. I picked up the War Machine because he was the one that I got the most excited about. He is pretty cool.
  16. If this line really does make it to the light of day, I would like to see more than just first stringers. Don’t get me wrong, I would love new versions of the Superhero Showdown figures with sturdier joints and scaled correctly to each other. But, I would really love to see more diverse characters from the Marvel verse. I think it would be cool to get some Skrull figures with different powers or replaceable parts so that you can make them into your own Skrull Army. I would love to see the brotherhood characters like Toad, Blob, Pyro, Mystique, Avalanche and maybe a Brotherhood Rogue figure as well. Also, I would like to see some shield figures to pit against the X-men or the Brotherhood. I would love to see the X-Force Characters like Shatterstar, Cannon Ball, Domino, Warpath, Rictor and Sunspot. I would also love to get some X-Factor Characters like Havok, Strong guy, Multiple Man, Polaris, Boom Boom, and Wolfsbane. Also, Black Bolt and the Inhumans would be freaking sweet to get in 3 3/4 goodness. With a smaller scale of figures, they can produce more figures in one wave than just 6 to 8 figures with a build a figure. They could produce play sets and vehicles. They could really spread out there theme of characters and reach more than just collectors and fans. This rumored line has potential, but I am not holding my breath at this point.
  17. Pizza Man Z


    I sent my battle points in with my order. BrotherShane, did you use the special mail away form or did you send a letter with the battle points? Pizza man z
  18. http://www.amoktime.com/detail.asp?product...&subcat=752 Amok time has the set to order and just looking at the picture, I am seriously thinking about ordering a set.
  19. Big Bad Toy Store had the set to pre-order, but now I can not find the listing anywhere. I was going to preorder the entire set, they are freaking sweet and I do not want to hunt for these figures. Gas is too expensive.
  20. I really hope that this line last a long time, and I hope that we see almost all of the figures ever made for the GI Joe lines.
  21. After what we saw at the New York Toy fair, these past few weeks have left me in a daze. I am so psyched about the new Bat, Vehicles (especially the Trouble Bubble), and these entertainment battle packs. But, it just seems like we should have some news by now about the next few waves after wave 8. All we have so far are lists from Wal-Mart and Target spies but no confirmations or pictures (other than the new Bat). I just keep thinking about what I would really like from GI Joe this time around and I would just like to voice my wants or at least wishes for future GI Joe. Also, I would really likes to see some releases of additional classics that many of us have stated in prior forums of 25th wants. We need a Mutt and Junkyard. They were a strong part of my Joe team as a kid and I would love to see them in 25th style. Also, we need an Alpine. If we are getting a Bazooka we need his good buddy Alpine. I would really love to see a Ripcord, one of my most favorite Joes in the 80s. I loved to play like he was dropping in behind enemy lines and taking out a platoon of vipers for the other Joes to advance. I would also like to see a Recondo figure. He was so cool to me as a kid. Here was this guy that could go into the jungle and take out a group of Cobra and come out of the Jungle unscathed. Another one of my favorites was Blowtorch. I loved the colors of the original and he was always interesting to me, especially with his Blowtorch. I hope that they remake Storm Shadow v2. The one that was made is pretty cool, but he is missing his pouch belt around his waist, his compound bow with the scope, bamboo leggings on his shins, his long baggy sleeves, and needs the wrappings around his wrist removed so that we can see his Clan tattoo. For the Cobras, I would love to see a classic version of Croc Master. He was always so evil looking to me. I always teamed him up with Copperhead and they took on the Joes with just the moccasin and Croc Master’s crocs. Yes, I want a Water Moccasin vehicle for my Copperhead figure, but that will be another thread. Doctor Mindbender is another figure I would like to see re-made. Not because he was a favorite, but because he was an essential character to the mythos of Serpentor. I really hope that somewhere down the line we get Torch and Ripper in single packs. The comic pack is sweet, but these figures deserve a single carded release just as much as the 5 packs that were released in singles in wave 4. I hope to see more Dreadnoks just the original 4. We need a Monkey Wrench, Zarana and Zandar. I would love to get another Zanzibar with the air skiff or Trasher with the Thunder Machine. We also need more vipers, night vipers, frag vipers, heat vipers, flak vipers and any other viper that I may have missed. We need Metal-Head, Big Boa, Raptor and Crystal ball. Okay I am now getting carried away, but these new GI Joes are just so cool. And for Hasbro to leave any figure out of the developmental loop is just wrong. I know that they are not planning on making all of the original figures because they want to encourage customizing. But why not create a Customizing kit. I would love to get a kit to create an Alley Viper, or an Airtight or a Pythona. That would be the coolest thing for an adult collector or even a little kid. I remember putting together the vehicles and putting the stickers on in just the right way and I felt so proud after I was done. Imagine a kid of 8 or 9 putting a figure together and painting it with the added paints in the kit. The next day, they would be so proud and impressed with their creation. Also, I would love to see more weapon kits. They could easily set them up as a Club exclusive or mail away exclusive. I am sorry to go on about my GI Joe wishes and desires, but after seeing what Hasbro is capable of creating in the new 25th design, I would think it a shame if any of the original figures from 80’s and 90’s was left out.
  22. Freaking sweet SPC Airborne. I wonder how Flash's head would look instead of Duke's.
  23. I bought them all when I found them. I like Tomax and Xamot, they were my favorite from this wave. I think it was cool that they came in a similar package to what they came in back in the 80's. If you look at the sids of the insert, you will notice mirror like sides against the figures, that was really cool. I have to say that Ace is the goofiest looking one out of all of them. He looks like "Oh S#!t, where'd you come from?" It does kinda go with the comic cover. I hope that if they release a skystriker and an Ace figure together, they improve the head sculpt. Make it look more like the cartoon Ace.
  24. My wife just found Martian Manhunter, Superman and the Flash at our local K mart. They are freaking sweet. Start checking your local k marts, they just recently did a toy reset here..
  25. So, is the Batman figure that comes with the Tumbler going to be around 4" in scale(Similar to Mattel's DC 4" scale figures)? If it is, that's interesting, to say the least. If it's true, then maybe they should of done the 5.5" figures in the 4" scale. Just saying is all. I really can't say, but it looks like they are just showing off what they can do with their new Technology. This may not even be an in production line based on the representation at the TF in NYC.
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