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  1. I like what they are trying to do but I am only interested in Dice so far. This line of figures is not very impressive to me and I am really not in the market to spend a bunch of money on a single figure. I hope this goes well and they continue it into the next few years so that if I do have the money, I can at least get in at another time.
  2. Do you mean the full face showing like the card art, that is the head the figure comes with. What you see is the vest collar covering his face. That figure is so very much like the cartoon.
  3. Really like Sci-Fi, Techno-Viper, Airtight, and Law and Order. These are my favorite of this wave. I do like the cobra trooper, Scarlett, and Ripcord. But I was a major fan of the original Ripcord and have two of the assault on Cobra Island version and I took a Matt Trakker head and put it on the Body and set up a thing to plug the oxygen mask into on the parachute harness. This figure is more for the Cartoon. I really cannot wait for the cartoon to hit DVD.
  4. I like this Dice, but the first three have so much to desire. I am happy for the head sculpt for Topside but do not like that they just used the body of Shipwreck for the rest. They could have made some updates to give him a little more individuality. Currently, Dice is the only one that I would be willing to buy for $20 or $30. The rest are not interesting enough for me to get excited for. I hope we see all 12 before they put the subscription up.
  5. The Astonishing X-men Wolverine set finally hit my local Walmart.
  6. I cannot wait for these sets. I know they are not the best, but I have made due with worse. The figures I like the most are red dog and road pig. I think will be working with the rest to fix them to look the way I want.
  7. Did not think of it that way but if you take into consideration the conversations that goes on between Anakin and Palpatine about cheating death, that would make sense. Like he has cheated death for so long, I mean it would have to have taken a long time to devise a plan as grand as the clone wars and taking over the republic. This is not something that came from a 60 or 100 year old man. This had to have been going on for a while and him being able to hide his age via his powers and Mace "Jedi" kicking him in the ribs making him lose that control makes sense. I think Lucas needs to incorporate this idea in to the clone wars.
  8. I like the Ironman one but not really liking the raspy voice of Logan in Wolverine and this obsession with muriko is getting tiresome. I liked the premise of the show but it is really starting to get old. Got excited for the X-men show when Cyc showed up to help out Wolverine. I really wish they would have gotten a better voice actor for Wolverine.
  9. I just preordered this. One more Batman to line the customizer bin. I was hoping for a cartoon accurate figure with a long cape and grey suit. Not happy with the silver suit. I hate those versions of batman, thermal suit batman, the laser suit batman, were all they are are just batman repainted with new accessories. Really hope Mattel and the four horseman read these forums and make a change to the figure.
  10. I really like the show and the writing. The art is superb and action is pretty good too. Hoping this light stuff comes to a conclusion this season, dragging things on for too longs bores the living snot out of me. Love the new looks of Ra's and Hugo.
  11. I personally can not wait to see these in the final production. I am hoping the preorder goes up today or this week. I am really excited about the Dreadnoks Set. I may have to do some mods to Zanzibar, but I am pretty excited about these.
  12. I have to say that I do not care for the whole "A-Team" comparison to the intro and it really took on that feel. I wonder if Hasbro is getting sued by the "A-team" creators because of the similarities and that is why it is going on Hiatus. If not, they are doing it to see if they can get a outcry of the fans to bring it back sooner. This is ridiculous. I look forward to watching GI Joe again and the show is not like the old show but that is the point. I like this one a lot better than GI Joe extreme or GI Joe Sigma 6. Yeah it was not the same but I really liked the character building in the show and I just could not wait for the next episode to see what happened next. I really loved the development of Bludd and Zartan. That was really cool. I for one want Hasbro to get their heads out of their greedy anus and get the show back on production. I really do not want to wait for the freaking movie to get Renegades back. Also this does not make any sense with them making the new toys. Those were freaking cool. If the show goes on hiatus then the toys are not going to come out. Are they going to do just a 30th anniversay set this year and then shut the line down until the stupid movie comes back and renegades comes back. They need to stop depending on Stupid WAL MART to get their product out. Wal MART is a shat hole and is going down quickly in sales, at least around here. Yeah, I only have a Wal-mart or a K-mart to shop at here in my little town, but I am shopping more online and very seldomly go to walmart or k mart any more because they are not covering GI Joe. If Renegades goes away, then I will only be watching the hub for Men in Black reruns. I liked Batman beyond and the old TF and GI Joe cartoons, but Renegades made GI Joe new and interesting for me. I freaking want the whole team and the Coyote vehicle to play with. I want Biker Zartan and Two Eye Major Bludd. I even want the stupid Slime Vipers with the more human features. Hasbro, if you really read these boards, please do not put Renegades on Hiatus! It made me feel like a kid again and I enjoed my GI Joes again!
  13. I would like to see the viper upper arms and the lower arms of Flint with regular hands for Recondo. If they do that and give him his appropriate gear, he will be my absolute favorite of the line. I hope that Zap has a mustache by the time he comes out. I would like to see different web gear for Outback to match what he had in the original version, but so far the Flak vest is okay. I am not at all happy with the Airborne repaint for Hit & Run. I can see me just getting rid of him when I get the set. If they fix Recondo I could see myself getting two of the Joe sets just to have one in the box to look at. I am already contemplating buying two cobra sets so that I have several of the troopers. I am with many of you who would have rather had a night viper instead of the Bat. Not really happy with the bat choice. I hope that Hasbro reads some of these threads and makes some changes to these sets. If these sets are all we are going to get of the 25th Ann. before the Movie, they really need to put as much effort in to them as possible. I hope the Toy Rocket ship date is correct so Hasbro does have some time to make some adjustments before the release.
  14. I am excited about these two sets. What really disappoint me are the Duke arms on Recondo. Come on Hasbro, get it right. This is the Flint argument all over again. The hair is light brown when in the original figures and characters it was darker. I am afraid to see the hat on him with a head like that. The rest of the figures are pretty cool in the Joe set but I am little nervous about what there accessories will look like. So far, I am really starting to wonder if I am going to continue collecting these figures.
  15. Can we please see some Daredevil pics Classic. I have him preordered and am really looking forward to these figures.
  16. Pizza Man Z

    mod resets

    The Wal Mart here has started moving Marvel and DC Universe figures around. I hope we see a bigger Joe section. The one thing that has stuck me as odd is that the StarWars section has shrunk quite a bit, they have new figures and all, but the area is like only 6 pegs when it was like 12 pegs all year long.
  17. I was wondering if anyone else bought the 3 3/4 inch Hellboy figures. I bought the first set and they are pretty cool, but the wink broke right out of the box. I was trying to move his leg and it snapped off. I am currently attempting to create a new joint, but it is a slow process. The figures are pretty cool, but they are very flimsy and I’m afraid that I am going to break them off just by displaying them. I was wondering if anyone else that bought them is having the same problem with the figures.
  18. http://www.hisstank.com/forum/g-i-joe-real...packs-rock.html Here is a link to Hisstank where they talking about them. I got mine last week and I'm so happy that I bought them online. I have yet to see them at retail or heard that someone has found them at retail. The figures are not 100% the best, but I am quite pleased with detail and the look of the figures. I think the only one that I was disappointed in was the Hooded CC figure and so I made a little adjustment with a dremel to make the head sit a little lower on the post. I over did it and had to use a paper clip to increase the height just a little.
  19. When I first saw it, I thought how wrong is this. It almost feels like they are making fun of the adult collector. I mean, come on, they could have put a fat guy playing with his GI Joes with his son. I did not mind the flash back to the kids playing with the Flag and the images of the old joes and flash forward to 2008 and there are the static shots of Joes and vehicles. It just starting going wrong when they put in the adult arm and I just new they were going to show an adult collector with the toys and boom, there he is. Damn Shave his head and this is me. Yeah, that makes me want the toys more. NOT!
  20. Just saw this on Joebattlelines. It is a commercial for the new toys. I just wonder what people think about it. http://www.hasbro.com/monkeybartv/default....ct&aid=3636
  21. I think you missed the Night viper in that list, but the rest of them Rock. I really hope that Blowtorch looks good. when they release the pics.
  22. I agree Hasbro has been doing pretty good with the latest figures. I am really hoping that they put some more improvements on the figures that have been made so far, but I am really impressed with some of all the new figures out so far.
  23. I got this hellboy when the first movie came out that came without a shirt, had a cigar in his mouth, had an open stone hand and came with a dumbbell. He also came the bada$$ soft trenchcoat that you could put on any HB figure that did not have on a trench already. Currently, my hellboy with the black shirt is wearing the trench. It is one of the best accessories for HB that Mezco made. If you look at this pic, you can see the trench behind the figure. I checked out Ebay and did not see a listing for this figure so it may be hard for you to find him now. Good luck. I really liked the figure and the coat. They are the best of my collection in my opinion. http://www.mezco.net/detail.asp?image=hel-...oy+Movie+Figure You could probably get the Hellboy trench that was made for the Animated figure but it may look a little bulky on the Movie figure.
  24. Funny little story about the SW Release. I went to my Walmart on the 19th and they had all of the singles up on the selves. I was like sweet. Took a bunch to the register and they denied me. So I told them that they better put the rest away or they may get more guys like me, but not as nice. So I went back on the 20th and they still had all the other singles out. They only put away the ones that I grabbed. This Time I picked up a bunch and went to a register and told the cashier that if these do not ring up, I want a manager. Again they did not ring up and she calls over a manager. Just a CSM, but this time I told her these are not supposed to be out until the 26th and that they better pull them all or they might have some problems on their hands. Okay, so I go back on the 21st and all of the SW Singles were gone. They literally pulled all of the SW figures for the entire week until the 26th release date. I went early in the morning on the 26th and found all the figs that I wanted and more. Like most of you said, just pallets on the floor, but what do you expect from Wal Mart. They are not going to go all out like TRU. I wish I was near a TRU, that would have been fun. But alas, I am not going to drive 2 hours to go to a Midnight event and then have to drive back. Besides, I was having too much fun watching the SDCC coverage on TNI.
  25. They are not supposed to be out until August or September. I already preordered them from CornerStore Comics.
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