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  1. Adult Swim cancelled Venture Brothers after Season 7. Here is a petition to save the show. https://www.change.org/p/netflix-amazon-hbo-max-be-our-brock-samson-and-save-the-venture-bros?recruited_by_id=2b1442f0-82d2-11e6-9fe5-fbf88e4aa0ae
  2. I am actually interested in these as they look pretty good. I hope they sell well.
  3. I want to see more of these Knight Mission figures. They are freaking cool. Love the Harley, Joker and Robin figures. The photos look like they have more figures. https://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=1&itemid=30630
  4. It would be great to get the entire original X-Force team eventually...Boom Boom, Rictor, Siryn, Feral, Sunspot, a 90s Cable using much of the same mold as the one from the most recent X-men wave, and a new Cannonball and Domino. Basically, I just want this: Hell Yeah! I love Jim Lee's Art and I am watching Entertainment Earth and Big Bad for the next wave of X-men figures. I am stoked for a Shatterstar figure. I am freaking out for the Jim Lee Cyclops. Now just update Cable to the Jim Lee version and I can die a happy man as long as they are buried with me
  5. I actually like the figure. I like the 6 inch scale and the softer plastic. I am not worried that if I move the figure, he will snap off at a knee joint or hip joint. The detail is pretty cool as well. I would have to say this figure is one of my favorites of batman figures.
  6. That is a bummer for you guys, I only had my Keaton Batman Break on me but it was easily fixed. I heated the joints on Superman where they would not move and then cooled it off in ice water and it worked great. I love the figure. I have not had any of the Predator or Alien figures but I know I want the Terminator Deluxe figure because he looks cool. I think the figure looks like Christopher Reeve and the fabric cape and the Rubber suit around his torso makes him look really cool.
  7. I am really disappointed with Mattel getting rid of the 4 inch Multiverse figures. The lack of excitement for these 6 inch figures is already proof to me that these figures are not going to do well. Oh well, more money to save for the ThunderCats subscription club membership.
  8. I found these figures today at my local Wal-Mart. Freaking love the Scare Crow and the Batman figure. Two face and Red Hood are okay. I agree they need to add some accessories. I put a GI Joe gun with a silencer in Red Hood's hand and made my own batarang for Bats.
  9. I cannot wait for these to hit the market. They are freaking awesome.
  10. they are hitting Ebay. I freaking can't wait for these figures. I want like 3 or 4 of the Batman and Penguins.
  11. I am actually impressed by these 4 inch Arkham city figures. I did a few mods on the figure and I am pretty happy with it. I popped the head off and put about a small piece of plastic in the whole. I warmed up the head again in warm water and popped it back on. Now he is not a no necked batman. I also sliced the bend at the foot and glued a toothpick in the whole to make the feet stand at more of a 90 degree angle. I then took a wooden popsicle stick and worked it into a small batarang. I am planning on using it as a template for some small plastic ones. Overall, they are pretty cool. They just need some accessories and a little more quality checking before the release stage.
  12. I am just happy to see these figures up for preorder. I really cannot wait for Catwoman and Reeves Superman. I hope we see the next wave of these figures up before Toy Fair in 2014.
  13. I am just chomping at the bit to get a preorder. I am too excited and have to do customs to kill the time waiting for these figures. I have literally pulled out my old Kenner figures and vehicles to put up in my office at the house to keep me from losing my mind. I really can't wait for the Arkham figures, Bain, Azreal, Freeze and Batman look sweet.
  14. After seeing these movie figures along side the video game figures, I preordered almost all of them. I did not order the batman with the lightening Bolts and the Deadshot figu I can't wait for these figures to hit my mailbox.
  15. No release date, just the launch date of Spring 2014 and it is in front of the Arkham City figures. Check out the Figures.com gallery below. http://www.figures.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=278211&title=mattel&cat=10451
  16. I am too excited to care about the past. Look at their 6 inch line. Originally, they were batman based and they did not have ball joint shoulders or hips. Then they continued down the line and got more advanced but they were loose as hell and if you tried to tighten up the loose joints, they would break. Now here we are and the latest figures I have purchased from Mattel that are 6 inches are tighter, more solid figures. Massive improvement. I am hoping they will show improvement with these 4 inch figures that is why I have purchased almost all of the Arkham series. I do not care for the game but I have wanted the 6 inch figures for some time now. Some of the Batman figures looked stupid to me or they were way to expensive to justify the purchase. Now here they are in a $9.99, 4 inch format and I think they may be worth a purchase. I am really hoping these new movie figures go well. I so want a Jack Nicholson Joker, I have dreamed about it since 1989. And a Scale Batmobile that comes with a Vickie Vale figure in a white dress. I am so freaking out for this series that I am already looking to have enough money to have at least 3 of each figure, one to open, one to save and one to hide deep in my Garage for when I am old and grey.
  17. I know, we need a Preorder now. I will take 3 cases please!
  18. ABSOLUTELY! Of course, they'd have to throw in Mark Hamill's Trickster just for good measure. And don't forget a David Cassidy Mirror Master as well! I would also be interested in the Flash clone or Blue Flash, loved that episode. That would be the icing on the cake for me. Mattel, please look into this!
  19. I personally have been waiting for these figures since I was 16 years old. I freaking loved the Keaton Batman Movie and I used to sit in my room and daydream about how they would be so cool if they made them movie accurate. I hope we see a Jack Nicholson Joker and Jack Napier. I hope these sell well and we get a Batmobile for these figures and a new Batwing. I am already dusting off the figures that I bought back in the 80s and 90s. That Christopher Reeves Superman is awesome and Terence Stamp as General Zod, freaking cool! I so wish I could have been at the NYCC event, though they would have had to pull me away from the display after I stood their drooling for 6 hours straight. These are not 6 inch but if they go over well, I really hope we can see some 6 inch movie master line to include these as well. I was looking at my Penguin troopers from Batman Returns and they would so fit with a 4 inch Penguin. I have a Batwing and a bat boat that I think I can fix up so that they can hold a 4 inch Batman. I am so freaking excited, I keep having dreams of finding them and buying everyone one off the shelf. These have gotten me so excited.
  20. I may criticize the line-up, but if the figures look that good I know that I am going to have to sell some of my collections, blood, maybe an organ or two, to be able to purchase all of these as they come out. LOL
  21. Does it really matter how they come out? These will sell so or so and i doubt that vader isnt allready in wave 2 or 3. darth maul is a very beloved character. Always sells out fast where i am. X-wing luke is also one of a favorite outfit among fans. Sure other variants may be in more demand and i am pretty sure they will come. I just hope they dont do 20 variants of the same character like the 3 3/4 line. Ps, han, luke from episode 3? Lol :-D Maybe he wants baby Luke from Episode 3? lol Nope, that is what I get for trying to type in a forum half awake.
  22. I hope you are correct JoeRhyno. I was thinking this would be a cool idea, removable sandtrooper armor. As for the x-wing pilot Luke as one of the fan favorites, I guess I am an anomaly as I freaking hated the figure. I have only one from the modern toy line because it came in a case that I bought to get other figures and it was the Episode 5's version. I would have rather had Episode 5’s X-wing Luke with the holster. This is just the preliminary photos so they may change it up with the holster and the hoth boots. Plus I like Lobot and Cantina aliens, especially hammerhead and Snaggletooth.
  23. I am really surprised at the choices for the first wave. What genius thought, lets put X-wing luke and Darth Maul in the first wave. Are they going to make an x-wing to go with luke, not likely. What strange choices. I am not saying I am not going to pick these up if they hit the mass market. I am already planning a big ebay sell of my stuff I want to get rid of for these figures, but this line-up worries me. I wonder if the second wave will have Watto, Vader, Lobot and Han? It just seems like they are throwing darts at a cork board with Star Wars names and saying, "yeah, that sounds like a winning line up." Come on Hasbro, this line will not be out until August, ask the fans. Do not push this line out without getting some input on what we really would like to see in the first line. At least make them logical, like Luke(episode 4), Ben Kenobi (episode 4), Han Solo (episode 4), and Storm Trooper. Throwing out Maul with R2-D2, just makes my head hurt. Come on, put some thought in to the line up for this experimental wave of 6 inch Star Wars figures. They are freaking cool, but the more you throw weird ones in, the less they will sell.
  24. I liked the intro to X-men and why the heck isn't the voice actor for Wolverine in X-men the same voice actor in Wolverine. I liked the beginning on X-Men but it is now falling into Ultimate X-men status and I really did not care for that comic art or story. I will have to see what the next episodes hold for X-men. I liked Iron Man and really liked the end. Was happy when Wolverine ended (really did not see that coming, RIGHT!) I hope they correct the Wolverine series with the voice actor from X-men so I do not have to hear that Over Smoked out Raspy voice that sounds like he is whispering after drinking Rubbing alcohol.
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