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  1. Glad to see Playmates finally re-releasing the original Storage Shell Turtles. 1 of those variants that I think works, especially since it's 1 of those rare ones where they look has their normal look(Instead of stuff like "Outerspace Ralph", or "Punk Rocker Don", or something like that). Been waiting to see if they would re-release these all the way back at least when Playmates began re-releasing the original figures again back in 2012 or 2013 as part of the 30th Anniversary line, especially after they went past the 1st year/wave of figures. Always loved the idea that you could store the extra accessories inside their shells. I'm also glad to see that they are being released as single figures, and not in a Collectors Boxset with 4 x carded figures inside. I will get Donatello for sure, and most likely Raphael(I got the 2021/2022 re-issue of the 1987 figure of Ralph, but I do still want the Storage Shell version). I may still try and get a 1987 re-issue Don down the road, just so that I can have all 4 Turtles in their 1987 look. Don't need Storage Shell Mike or Leo, since I got the 2012/2013 re-release of their 1987 figures, though I have to admit, I do like Leo's Brass Knuckles. The reason why I want it is way, is so that I can have both Leo and Mike in their 1987 based molds, and Don and Ralph in their Storage Shells as my Main Turtles for my collection, so that at least, there is a sense of something different between 2 of each Turtles. Just realised though, that Storage Shell Leo has 2 Brass Kunckles for this release instead of 1 like the original, since the original came with a Grapple Hook instead. Not a big deal, since I think having 2 Brass Knuckles makes more sense than just 1, but something for those who want things to be exact. Looks like the rest of the Turtles seem to have the exact same accessories. Here's a link from the Turtles Wiki Page on the original Storage Shell Leo: - https://turtlepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Leonardo_with_Storage_Shell_(1991_action_figure)
  2. So, since 2003, it was Spin Master Toys that was the Canadian Distributor for Playmates Ninja Turtles toys. However, I think since this year, at some point, Import Dragons became the Canadian Distributor for Playmates Ninja Turtles toys, as they are also the Canadian Distributor for McFarlane Toys products as well. I got the Wal-mart Exclusive Playmates Retro Reissue Ralpheal figure, and the back packaging states it is Import Dragons, not Spin Master toys. Here's a link to Import Dragon's site, and you will see brands for the various products they are importing to Canada, including McFarlane stuff, and Ninja Turtles: - Imports Dragon If you click on the product logos, they will take you to other websites, so the brands that McFarlane does(DC Multiverse, Avatar, The Witcher, etc.), it takes you to the McFarlane website, while Ninja Turtles takes you to Playmates Ninja Turtles site. So most likely case is that it was a mix up on Import Dragons part. Unless McFarlane Toys got the rights to be producing some form of Ninja Turtles toys, though I have to be honest, I would expect them to be based on 1 of the recent the Mortal Kombat video games if it was anything.
  3. Nice Job on your slight custom. Didn't realize the 200x Castle Grayskull set had a Power Sword as well, let alone that it was shiny. I mean hey, you don't have spend about $150U.S. just to get a 200x He-man with shiny Power Sword.
  4. I know this isn't the correct topic, but since I don't or can't seem to find a topic about a recent news report, there is some possible rumours of some upcoming DC Stuff from McFarlane. No pics, just listings. Here's a link from TNI on it: - New McFarlane Toys DC Listings Pop Up From Overseas Retailers Including New Batwing And More (toynewsi.com) For the Batman 1966 T.V. line, if the Comic Batgirl happen, I assume it will be from the few T.V. 1960's Comic Book series/crossovers. I'll be down for it, even if it doesn't have Yvonne Craig's likeness. Luckly, she wears a cowl, so it isn't going to be a major issue for me at least. I can only hope it still has the sparkly effect that is similar to their 1960's Catwoman figures. After all, if DC can't regain back Criag's likeness, this would be a nice subsitute. If there is going to be a Batboat from the show: if you look at photos of Batman and Robin in the Batboat from the show, their heads are or almost over the windows, similar to how the McFarlane 1960's Batmobile. So, I can only assume if Batman and Robin figures heads are over the Batboat windows, I can be okay with that. At least it will make more sense than how he handled a slightly undersize 1960's T.V. Batmobile. Course, who knows, maybe McFarlane will find a way to fudge it even further. If there is a Wayne Manor Playset/Diorama: I hope this means down the road, we may see a regular Alfried, as well as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. I'm assuming this will be Bruce's Private Study/Library Room area, where the Batpoles are located. All in all, still exited for McFarlane's Batman 1960's T.V. line.
  5. In regards to the scale more being in 5" than say 4.5" or 4.75", is that you can say they will fit will with most of the 1990's Kenner/Hasbro DC lines(Mainly, the various Batman lines, the few Superman lines, Total Justice, and DC Superheroes). Just a thought.
  6. Yes, the 1st Avatar movie did have a 4" and 6" action figure line by Mattel back in 2009. The 4" line also had some vehicles and large creatures. On a side note, there was also a McDonald's Happy Meal toy promo as well. Can't recall how well it did, but if it was like many movie lines, it show up, maybe sat a bit until it got closer to the movie, probably sold out a bit around and shortly after the movie came out, only to later peg the walls, ending up in discount places. Can't comment on how the line was in the U.S., but I can add in that when it comes to Mattel action figure lines in Canada, Mattel Canada has a really terrible distribution system. For example, whenever they had a non-media DC Comics line(2003 Batman 6" line, DC Universe Classics, etc.), Wave 1 showed up in huge numbers, while Wave 2 may or may not show up, only for stores to get again when you get to around Wave 4 or 5, then miss a wave or 4 again, then get a wave, only for another wave or 3 to not show up, and so on, and so on.
  7. Is this the 1st time we've acutally gotten a normal-ish looking Spawn in this line? No weird colour variation, design variation, or "Bloody" version, or weapons like swords, axes, etc.? Just a normal colour looking Spawn figure with the chain accessories? Either way, will strongly have to consider getting this Spawn only because it's a normal looking Spawn with chains, not a weird variant. I think the Chains is what sells it to me.
  8. Know I'm late, but wanted to 1st say good job on the Main May Character Month this year on Destro. Liked the info you provided, especially on how Masks as punishment were used in history. I will say that 1 Destro figure that maybe should of been considered at least is the 12" 1 from the 1990's Hall Of Fame line(The 1 that is based on approx 4" Version 3 look), in which that Destro has a removable mask to revel what his real face looks like. I recalled there was a T.V. ad that stated this, which peaked my interest in it. With Destro being my favourite bad guy from G.I. Joe, this was enough to almost consider getting it, only because of the whole "What does Destro look like behind the mask" bit. Even held it in my hand for a bit 1 time in store, but in the end, I passed on it, only because I wasn't into bigger 12 inch "Dollish" type figures at the time, as I was mostly into 5" figures at the time. Of course, you usually only mention and comment on stuff that you got, not anything you don't have, so of course understandable. Only was mentioning this HOF Destro because of the removable mask. Though I suppose if I had seen the actual Version 3 Destro in the 1990's, I think I would of strongly consider it as well, since Version 3 isn't too far removed from his original Version 1 look(Was too young when Version 1 came out, I liked Version 2 look but still perferred Version 1, and my parents didn't really allow me to get actual action figures until the 1990's anyways). Also enjoyed your Top lists as well. In regards to Defense Mech from Valour V.S. Venom you did a look at, you had asked if it had appeared in other media. It looks like a slight variation of the Defense Mech did appear in the 1st episode of G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, as Duke used it during a attack on a Cobra Base in the Arctic.
  9. I would expect something like this from Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master, Playmates, etc. But McFarlane, who has many times made new sculpts or slightly different sculpts for many of their releases(With many defenders saying so), I would of expected him to at least given this Red Tim Drake proper arms. Heck, even the artwork on the back packaging shows it off well. Mind you, this is under the "Gold Label", so who knows if down the road, Todd will decide to a proper Red Tim Drake Robin as mass retail(In other words, those who can't wait will get the Gold Label, and then after a year or 2, do a proper version). Either way, for those who like their Tim Drake Green and Red Robin from 1990's-mid 2000's, at least we know that is coming out sooner or later. Though here's hoping they give him the correct type of cape, and not the "Bat" type cape.
  10. Curious, will the Re-Action Cobra figures actually Glow In The Dark in Blue, or will they still glow in Green? Only dealt with light Green, and White Glow In The Dark figures before, but never any other colour.
  11. Calling it now: That Super Power Blue Batwing is going to be repainted Black in a possible 5" Batman 1989-1997 Movie line of toys(I'm including the other movies beside the 1989 Batman, only because it would help expand his scope, and no just limit himself to 1989 only). Especially at least because Michael Keaton is going to be Batman again in the upcoming Flashpoint and Batgirl movies, ideally, McFarlane will get the rights to do Keaton's likeness. Not to mention, those other movies from the 1st Batman Movie Franchise have some Nostalgic for many, even Batman Forever and Batman And Robin. Looking at these being 5", it makes me wonder if the 1960's Batman T.V. series line was originally going to be 5" instead of 6", only because when you look at McFarlane's Batmobile and Batcave from this line, they seem undersize for the 6" figures, and more at home with 5" figures(As Brad: The DC Geek showed off in his review on the Batmobile from this line). Guess if anything, you can just use these 5" Super Powers figures with McF's 1960's T.V. Batmobile and Batcave.
  12. Interesting no Toon Shredder in the Toon Turtles set. I suspect though it's because a similar Toon Shredder Deco is in the special Deluxe Collector boxsets for the Shredder's Revenge video game. For the record, the original Toon Shredder was just a re-release of the original Shredder with Toon accurate colours, different colour Weapon Rack when compared to the originial, and includes the T.V. as well. Though, they could still re-release Toon Shredder in the Toon Turtles packaging. But who knows, maybe they will do a Toon Villains Boxset that no only includes Toon Deco Shredder, but maybe also Toon deco versions of the Foot Solider(Having black shirts and flesh hands instead of grey shirt and purple gloves), Rocksteady(Yellow Tanktop instead of black, white eyes instead of red, and kakis pants instead of jungle camo pants), and Bebop(With lighter brown fur, adding a bit of white on his red shoes, and purple shades and black lenses, though I would think they would do a new head sculpt to have proper shades he wore in the cartoon). I'd kind of be down with a Battle Shell Turtles in a boxset format as well, or at least, single carded. Though I do wish these figures were actually released as Singles, or in a actual window boxset with a flap and with each figure in it's own slot. Not in a boxset with each figure in their own single cards, only because I find it results in them being at a much higher price point than they need to be.
  13. Got to say, I like the way you think in regards to having different versions/decos compare to the 4" and 6" Joes. Similar to how I will try to do the Classified line(Well, up to a degree of course). It was why I was okay with the more "Near Future" armour the Joes had in the earlier waves. After all, I don't plan on doing multiple versions of characters in the 6" line. I may have to back track and get Flint for my collection. Since they are doing a Sunbow deco inspired Zartan, I do hope they give Major Bludd the same treatment, with a Blue helment, and silver armour parts. I will consider getting the Tiger Force Duke with Ram Cycle. Don't have 4" TF Duke, so it works out for me, as it further makes it different from the few 4" Dukes I got. So glad they did it in Blonde hair instead of brown.
  14. I'm curious to see what the accessories for this 2nd Snake Eyes and Timber set is going to have. I'm assuming at least 2 daggers/knifes, judging from Snake's pants. I'm still hoping for at least his Snake's standard Version 2 Sword, and his Uzi. Maybe a Version 1 Swapping Head for fun so that you can have V1 or V2 inspired head. I'll wait and see when more pics of this 2 pack comes out, and then I'll decide how I'm going to get Snake Eyes in this line. Currently, I'm thinking of getting that Fortnite Crossover Snake Eyes for the V2 inspired look, and maybe last year's set for both Timber and V1 look(I do like the grey Timber a bit more). More of fan of V2 than his V1 look, but I don't mind getting both looks most of the time for Snake Eyes. But depending on the accessories that this year's Timber set has, I may just end up just getting this year's set, and ignore the other Snake Eyes sets.
  15. Looking forward to your May Character Month event for May 2022. In regards to your recent video of Sgt. Stone, I still think it is suppose to be visually based/inspired by the Sigma 6 version of Lt. Stone, with the idea that this is suppose to be Stone before he gets the Cybernetics. While the Toy Bio states that he defended the Pit when it got attack, and we didn't see it during Rise Of Cobra, it could just be assumed that it happen off screen, since the movie was mainly focusing on the core featured Joes in the movie. While Hasbro never did a 3rd Stone figure for their Movie lines, I would assume for the "Off Screen Toy Movie Fiction", that Stone got injured during the Pit Assault, and would gotten the Cybernetics to make him look more like the Sigma 6 look. I can even see them use the "Nanos" as part of the process. If the Pursuit Of Cobra line had stuck with the original intent of being a direction continuation of ROC, I think this is where we would of seen the Cybernetic Stone. And I'm sure Hasbro or the Collectors Club a the time would of used it as the based for a 4" Adventure Team Atomic Man when they were doing those Exclusive Adventure Team sets.
  16. Love your custom paint on the McFarlane Design Wonder Woman. Your version/take on it makes it look even more like Wonder Woman than either of McFarlane's official colours of this design(Both the regular version which I got, and the upcoming Gold Label Version which my brother may get). Though I do have to wonder if WB/DC had any role in McFarlane's official Design Wonder Woman colours, since your colour scheme seems to show more skin. Either way, good job all around.
  17. About time a collection of some older classic TMNT video games have been put together in a set for physical copy. What's really neat is that it has both actual Arcade versions of some games, and the console versions(Like Arcade Game, and Turtles In Time). And it's really neat they included the Game Boy versions too. Plus, I like that they suggest you can save your progress in the game. If I ever get a current console, this would have to be 1 of the games I get.
  18. I'm not 100% sure, but from the looks of it, it might be the Adventure Team Underwater Explorer, as it was 1 of those Adventure Packs. Here's a link from Vintage 3D Joes for pics and info to compare: - https://www.vintage3djoes.com/underwater-explorer.html Hope this helps.
  19. I was wondering in regards to your post DarkTiga: (1.) Did you do your Pre-order in Store, or was it a Online Pre-order, where it gets delivered to your home form the Online Store Warehouse? Because if Target online store, than that's the online division's fault, not a physical Target store's fault. If you did a Online Pre-order, but did it in a way to pick up in a Target Store, then, I can't say for sure if it's the Online or Physical store's fault. It's Target at a Corporate level's fault for sure on that(Because they should of sorted everything out properly before even doing the preorder), but if it's their online store or physical location, since we don't know how their system works, can't really say. (2.) Do you know for a fact that all Target Employees are indeed trying to scalp every Target Exclusive item or Hot items? I mean, if it's a Target Employee just buying 1 for themselves, is that a problem? What about them putting on hold for a friend? I mean, yeah, if they were buying more than 1(Especially for re-sell), and/or they were putting an entire stock on hold for a friend(Or rather "Friend"), then yeah, in my opinion, that is wrong. But I'm wondering if they are buying 1 just for themselves for their collection. I was also wondering do you know for a fact that Target Employees and Managers are indeed hoarding product for themselves or their Scalper Buddies, or a you taking educated guesses based on past experiences? Hope I'm not coming across as trying to start something, I'm just curious is all. A bit of context if you will is what I'm hoping to understand from your view point.
  20. Good job in keep the spirit of a Unofficial July Cobra Month, since HCC 788 is currently dealing with some personal and health issues. Really had a good laugh at the Cobra POGO and Invader videos, especially your reactions to things about them.
  21. When compare to Scott Bellemo's Ultimate Guide To G.I. Joe, how are these Rank And File books? Are they just as good and informative? Visual only with limited text or do they have some text that provides some "Behind The Scenes" info about the figures? file card info/reproductions? I've read the Vol 2 version of Bellemo's Ultimate Guide, and was really impress by what I saw and read, as I might pick up the updated Vol 3 down the road. Mind you of course, I think the Bellemo books only focus on the original RAH lines from 1982-1994, while these Rank And File Books seems to have different volumes that focuses on different eras post 1994, Which I think is a good thing. To me, even the stuff from TRU Exclusive lines and the 2000's and onwards, are just as important to the Joe V.S. Cobra Mythos as the original line.
  22. Mr_Scary92: Is that Goldar the regular release, or the Store Exclusive release with the wings? Just curious. Either way, good deal if you do decide to get Lighting Collection Goldar at Half Off. In regards to the Super7's PR 7" Ultimate figures, I'm thinking some of the monsters might be good companion pieces to Hasbro's 6" Lighting Collection, as they will give some monsters the height to look more imposing to the 6" figures. Memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to recall Goldar being a bit taller than the average human in the show, so the 7" figure could be good for the 6" Rangers. Still, I am curious to see how their Ultimate Rangers will look like as well. Though I suspect Super7 will mostly stick with Mighty Morphin, and maybe Zeo, and that's it, since those will interest most older fans, causal fans, and/or people who only know of those eras and thought Power Rangers was done after Mighty Morphin or Zeo was done. Even more for those who think Mighty Morphin is the only series that matter and everything else afterwards "Sucks". I'm also curious if Super7 will do Megazords, regardless if they are 7" to fit with the 7" Monsters when they grow, or if they will do some taller/bigger scale ones(Like say 12", 14", 18", etc.) to give them that imposing look in a person's collection.
  23. If they are a Target Exclusive in the U.S., I wonder if in Canada, if it will be a wide release, or if it's a Store Exclusive, which one, as it will either be Wal-mart Canada, Toys R Us Canada, Amazon.ca, or EB Games, as the only ones I can think of, since they are the main ones in Canada. Judging from the pics, I think the Mattel version of the 1960's T.V. Batmobile is better in regards to proportions/length to the figures, when compare to the McFarlane one. I mean, their heads are over the front windows. The McFarlane one seems a bit smaller, something that seemed similar to Mego 8" figures back around the 1960's-1970's, when their Batmobile for 8" figures seemed a bit small as well(Though to be fair, at that timeframe, everyone was probably just grateful for a Batmobile for their 8" Mego figures, even if the scale look off). Still, at least they were able to release it at a decent and cheaper price than Mattel(Regardless of what fees Mattel had to pay WB, Fox, and Barris Customs at the time). The figures continue to look fine, especially the stuff like the "POW" Bubbles. Though I have to wonder how they screw up Robin's cape too. The end of the cape is suppose to be straight like how it was in the comics at the time, not a jagged "Bat" like similar to how Robin costumes are sometimes in modern comics(I'm guessing sometime since around or after 2005). Batcave looks neat, and features pretty much all the main stuff required and shown in the show. Maybe the only thing missing is the Batpoles section, but other than that, seems more or less complete with the "Everyday" things we saw in the show(Not counting any equipment or machines that were only featured in 1 episode, like the device from Season 3 which turn the Teriffic Trio from flat cardboard back into 3D normal selves).
  24. Curious if there will be a "Gold Label" version of this McFarlane Design Wonder Woman figure or not(Similar to the McFarlane Design Batman and the Mandarin Spawn), and if the Silver Parts will be Gold on it? Might consider this Wonder Woman regardless, but if there is a Gold Label with the Silver Parts is Gold, I might consider that instead. Even more so if Gold Label has more Red on the upper part of her suit. I'm still undecided on McFarlane Design Batman, but I am okay with his design and will consider it. Just not sure which version i want to get, as I'm only going to get 1. I like that the Gold Label version is more of a 2 tone Grey suit and Cape and Cowl compare to the Grey Suit with Blue Cape and Cowl(Which makes him more of a unique colour scheme for my collection), but I kind of like the Batarang that the regular version comes with compare to the Goggles that the Gold Label comes with. I think the design of the regular one's swords look more cool, but I think the Gold Label's are more unique looking as well. Might go with the Gold Label down the road only because of the colour of the suit in general, but still, the regular release has some cool stuff too.
  25. Question: How has the quality of McFarlane Figures now? Are they still somewhat fragile like in the past(Like some of their 5" Halo stuff) and some NECA products? Or have they improved? Like the light blue suited Batman figure, as I may have to include that to my collection, as it does make it look different from the Mattel version(Which was more of a Grey Suit version). Fun that they added in a Masked Joker. I personally feel that if the Unmasked Batman and Robin, and Masked Joker are Store or Convention Exclusive variants, I'm okay with that, since I personally don't think they are required for everyone's collection. Except for some test footage/pilot that was used for Network Executives when they were making their final choices before the show, and in the 1960's T.V. inspired Animated Batman: Two-Face Movie, we never saw Batman or Robin unmasked in the show. And Joker only wore a mask from time to time through out show and once during the 1966 Batman movie when committing certain crimes.
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