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  1. Got to say, I like the way you think in regards to having different versions/decos compare to the 4" and 6" Joes. Similar to how I will try to do the Classified line(Well, up to a degree of course). It was why I was okay with the more "Near Future" armour the Joes had in the earlier waves. After all, I don't plan on doing multiple versions of characters in the 6" line. I may have to back track and get Flint for my collection. Since they are doing a Sunbow deco inspired Zartan, I do hope they give Major Bludd the same treatment, with a Blue helment, and silver armour parts. I will consider getting the Tiger Force Duke with Ram Cycle. Don't have 4" TF Duke, so it works out for me, as it further makes it different from the few 4" Dukes I got. So glad they did it in Blonde hair instead of brown.
  2. I'm curious to see what the accessories for this 2nd Snake Eyes and Timber set is going to have. I'm assuming at least 2 daggers/knifes, judging from Snake's pants. I'm still hoping for at least his Snake's standard Version 2 Sword, and his Uzi. Maybe a Version 1 Swapping Head for fun so that you can have V1 or V2 inspired head. I'll wait and see when more pics of this 2 pack comes out, and then I'll decide how I'm going to get Snake Eyes in this line. Currently, I'm thinking of getting that Fortnite Crossover Snake Eyes for the V2 inspired look, and maybe last year's set for both Timber and V1 look(I do like the grey Timber a bit more). More of fan of V2 than his V1 look, but I don't mind getting both looks most of the time for Snake Eyes. But depending on the accessories that this year's Timber set has, I may just end up just getting this year's set, and ignore the other Snake Eyes sets.
  3. Looking forward to your May Character Month event for May 2022. In regards to your recent video of Sgt. Stone, I still think it is suppose to be visually based/inspired by the Sigma 6 version of Lt. Stone, with the idea that this is suppose to be Stone before he gets the Cybernetics. While the Toy Bio states that he defended the Pit when it got attack, and we didn't see it during Rise Of Cobra, it could just be assumed that it happen off screen, since the movie was mainly focusing on the core featured Joes in the movie. While Hasbro never did a 3rd Stone figure for their Movie lines, I would assume for the "Off Screen Toy Movie Fiction", that Stone got injured during the Pit Assault, and would gotten the Cybernetics to make him look more like the Sigma 6 look. I can even see them use the "Nanos" as part of the process. If the Pursuit Of Cobra line had stuck with the original intent of being a direction continuation of ROC, I think this is where we would of seen the Cybernetic Stone. And I'm sure Hasbro or the Collectors Club a the time would of used it as the based for a 4" Adventure Team Atomic Man when they were doing those Exclusive Adventure Team sets.
  4. Love your custom paint on the McFarlane Design Wonder Woman. Your version/take on it makes it look even more like Wonder Woman than either of McFarlane's official colours of this design(Both the regular version which I got, and the upcoming Gold Label Version which my brother may get). Though I do have to wonder if WB/DC had any role in McFarlane's official Design Wonder Woman colours, since your colour scheme seems to show more skin. Either way, good job all around.
  5. About time a collection of some older classic TMNT video games have been put together in a set for physical copy. What's really neat is that it has both actual Arcade versions of some games, and the console versions(Like Arcade Game, and Turtles In Time). And it's really neat they included the Game Boy versions too. Plus, I like that they suggest you can save your progress in the game. If I ever get a current console, this would have to be 1 of the games I get.
  6. I'm not 100% sure, but from the looks of it, it might be the Adventure Team Underwater Explorer, as it was 1 of those Adventure Packs. Here's a link from Vintage 3D Joes for pics and info to compare: - https://www.vintage3djoes.com/underwater-explorer.html Hope this helps.
  7. I was wondering in regards to your post DarkTiga: (1.) Did you do your Pre-order in Store, or was it a Online Pre-order, where it gets delivered to your home form the Online Store Warehouse? Because if Target online store, than that's the online division's fault, not a physical Target store's fault. If you did a Online Pre-order, but did it in a way to pick up in a Target Store, then, I can't say for sure if it's the Online or Physical store's fault. It's Target at a Corporate level's fault for sure on that(Because they should of sorted everything out properly before even doing the preorder), but if it's their online store or physical location, since we don't know how their system works, can't really say. (2.) Do you know for a fact that all Target Employees are indeed trying to scalp every Target Exclusive item or Hot items? I mean, if it's a Target Employee just buying 1 for themselves, is that a problem? What about them putting on hold for a friend? I mean, yeah, if they were buying more than 1(Especially for re-sell), and/or they were putting an entire stock on hold for a friend(Or rather "Friend"), then yeah, in my opinion, that is wrong. But I'm wondering if they are buying 1 just for themselves for their collection. I was also wondering do you know for a fact that Target Employees and Managers are indeed hoarding product for themselves or their Scalper Buddies, or a you taking educated guesses based on past experiences? Hope I'm not coming across as trying to start something, I'm just curious is all. A bit of context if you will is what I'm hoping to understand from your view point.
  8. Good job in keep the spirit of a Unofficial July Cobra Month, since HCC 788 is currently dealing with some personal and health issues. Really had a good laugh at the Cobra POGO and Invader videos, especially your reactions to things about them.
  9. When compare to Scott Bellemo's Ultimate Guide To G.I. Joe, how are these Rank And File books? Are they just as good and informative? Visual only with limited text or do they have some text that provides some "Behind The Scenes" info about the figures? file card info/reproductions? I've read the Vol 2 version of Bellemo's Ultimate Guide, and was really impress by what I saw and read, as I might pick up the updated Vol 3 down the road. Mind you of course, I think the Bellemo books only focus on the original RAH lines from 1982-1994, while these Rank And File Books seems to have different volumes that focuses on different eras post 1994, Which I think is a good thing. To me, even the stuff from TRU Exclusive lines and the 2000's and onwards, are just as important to the Joe V.S. Cobra Mythos as the original line.
  10. Mr_Scary92: Is that Goldar the regular release, or the Store Exclusive release with the wings? Just curious. Either way, good deal if you do decide to get Lighting Collection Goldar at Half Off. In regards to the Super7's PR 7" Ultimate figures, I'm thinking some of the monsters might be good companion pieces to Hasbro's 6" Lighting Collection, as they will give some monsters the height to look more imposing to the 6" figures. Memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to recall Goldar being a bit taller than the average human in the show, so the 7" figure could be good for the 6" Rangers. Still, I am curious to see how their Ultimate Rangers will look like as well. Though I suspect Super7 will mostly stick with Mighty Morphin, and maybe Zeo, and that's it, since those will interest most older fans, causal fans, and/or people who only know of those eras and thought Power Rangers was done after Mighty Morphin or Zeo was done. Even more for those who think Mighty Morphin is the only series that matter and everything else afterwards "Sucks". I'm also curious if Super7 will do Megazords, regardless if they are 7" to fit with the 7" Monsters when they grow, or if they will do some taller/bigger scale ones(Like say 12", 14", 18", etc.) to give them that imposing look in a person's collection.
  11. If they are a Target Exclusive in the U.S., I wonder if in Canada, if it will be a wide release, or if it's a Store Exclusive, which one, as it will either be Wal-mart Canada, Toys R Us Canada, Amazon.ca, or EB Games, as the only ones I can think of, since they are the main ones in Canada. Judging from the pics, I think the Mattel version of the 1960's T.V. Batmobile is better in regards to proportions/length to the figures, when compare to the McFarlane one. I mean, their heads are over the front windows. The McFarlane one seems a bit smaller, something that seemed similar to Mego 8" figures back around the 1960's-1970's, when their Batmobile for 8" figures seemed a bit small as well(Though to be fair, at that timeframe, everyone was probably just grateful for a Batmobile for their 8" Mego figures, even if the scale look off). Still, at least they were able to release it at a decent and cheaper price than Mattel(Regardless of what fees Mattel had to pay WB, Fox, and Barris Customs at the time). The figures continue to look fine, especially the stuff like the "POW" Bubbles. Though I have to wonder how they screw up Robin's cape too. The end of the cape is suppose to be straight like how it was in the comics at the time, not a jagged "Bat" like similar to how Robin costumes are sometimes in modern comics(I'm guessing sometime since around or after 2005). Batcave looks neat, and features pretty much all the main stuff required and shown in the show. Maybe the only thing missing is the Batpoles section, but other than that, seems more or less complete with the "Everyday" things we saw in the show(Not counting any equipment or machines that were only featured in 1 episode, like the device from Season 3 which turn the Teriffic Trio from flat cardboard back into 3D normal selves).
  12. Curious if there will be a "Gold Label" version of this McFarlane Design Wonder Woman figure or not(Similar to the McFarlane Design Batman and the Mandarin Spawn), and if the Silver Parts will be Gold on it? Might consider this Wonder Woman regardless, but if there is a Gold Label with the Silver Parts is Gold, I might consider that instead. Even more so if Gold Label has more Red on the upper part of her suit. I'm still undecided on McFarlane Design Batman, but I am okay with his design and will consider it. Just not sure which version i want to get, as I'm only going to get 1. I like that the Gold Label version is more of a 2 tone Grey suit and Cape and Cowl compare to the Grey Suit with Blue Cape and Cowl(Which makes him more of a unique colour scheme for my collection), but I kind of like the Batarang that the regular version comes with compare to the Goggles that the Gold Label comes with. I think the design of the regular one's swords look more cool, but I think the Gold Label's are more unique looking as well. Might go with the Gold Label down the road only because of the colour of the suit in general, but still, the regular release has some cool stuff too.
  13. Question: How has the quality of McFarlane Figures now? Are they still somewhat fragile like in the past(Like some of their 5" Halo stuff) and some NECA products? Or have they improved? Like the light blue suited Batman figure, as I may have to include that to my collection, as it does make it look different from the Mattel version(Which was more of a Grey Suit version). Fun that they added in a Masked Joker. I personally feel that if the Unmasked Batman and Robin, and Masked Joker are Store or Convention Exclusive variants, I'm okay with that, since I personally don't think they are required for everyone's collection. Except for some test footage/pilot that was used for Network Executives when they were making their final choices before the show, and in the 1960's T.V. inspired Animated Batman: Two-Face Movie, we never saw Batman or Robin unmasked in the show. And Joker only wore a mask from time to time through out show and once during the 1966 Batman movie when committing certain crimes.
  14. For my personal collection, I'm okay with the Dyanamic Duo, Batmobile, and Riddler(Classic Spandex style) from Mattel. Though if they do Batgirl, and Batgirl's Cycle(Regardless if it's on it's own or in a 2 pack), will strongly consider getting them if they look really good. Though I hope they don't put her in exclusive or anything like that(Maybe a Unmasked as an Exclusive, but not the regular version). If they added in a Batgirl Lair as well, will consider it too. If they do Batman's suit in a light blue colour similar to how it appeared in the show sometimes or in promotional shots, I will want to get that as well. My brother might consider the McFarlane Batmobile to go with his figures(He got the TRU Exclusive Terrific Trio Pack). Will have to see more pics of the Batcave and the price of it before I consider that set. But all around, looks nice so far. I was wondering though, has McFarlane Toys improved on their quality of plastic and what not since they got the DC License? I know that in the past, their toys quality wasn't 100% good, in that figure's joints could snap, especially those that had multiple joints(Such as their Walking Dead and Halo figures).
  15. Will want Stalker for sure. Looks like his body mold is the POC Snake Eyes which was used for the 30th Anniversary Stalker as well(Which had used the Dreadlocks head from Resolute). His head might be new as well, can't tell. Though I'll be honest, I wish he also came with a JUMP pack, only because I usually associate the JUMP Pack with Stalker(Most likely due to the original cartoon series, seeing him using it from time to time). Undecided with the Cobra Trooper, but I have a feeling I'll pick 1 up to add to my Cobra Troops. Though for those wondering why his Bazooka is Green, it should be noted that the 1st release of Zap also came with a Green bazooka, meaning that Hasbro has released Green bazooka's in the past, and a bazooka is normally shown being Green in real life(For the most part). I mean, yeah, I get that most of us would of prefer a Black or Grey bazooka to fit in more with Cobra, but again, Green is a real life colour. Granted, maybe not the shade of Green that this one is, but still.
  16. Glad they are re-releasing Scareglow as well, as I hope to get it as well. Though if I miss out this time again, I do hope they re-release him in one of those Skeletor heads that comes with extra gear and maybe a small vechile of sorts. Maybe have the Skeletor Head Glow in the Dark and maybe pained like Scareglow I do also plan on picking up Roboto for sure, with Man-E-Faces and Triklops(I think the deco is based on the Mini-Comics) being maybes.
  17. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your Sgt. Slaughter May Main Character Month for 2021. Was kind of surprised though that you didn't mention some of the more modern stuff, similar to the pervious ones like Duke, Zartan, and Sepentor. Like the like the various Slaughter Convention Exclusives, and making a quick mention that Jakks Pacific and Mattel made a few 6" as well(Should point out that Jakks also made one 4" figure as well). Of course, if you don't have any of those, then that's understandable, especially the aftermarket prices of some of those figures. But was kind of expecting something along the lines of you saying "Yes, I know they Hasbro made a few Convention Exclusives, and both Jakks and Mattel made some figures too, but... I won't be covering any of those because <Insert whatever reason you have>." In the end of course, I just mostly chalk it up as you just focusing the 3 Joes and 1 WWF figures that came out during the 1980's-early 1990's when Slaughter was with Joe Brand during the original line. In regards to the removable hat for Slaughter that came with the Warhog, because the hat was a bit thick due to being removable, you could always look at it more like a helment shaped like his hat specifically for the Srage, especially to provide some head protection when driving the Warhog or firing the missles. I don't have the Warhog or this Slaugther, but I would have to say it's probably one of the versions of the character I really like, since it looks more "Battle Ready" than others, and the removable hat. If Slaughter was still with the Joe line during when the Battle Corps figures were release, I'm sure the Warhog version would of been the figure they would of used for the line. And even if you are not a fan of the Slaughter's Marauders version due to the colours, I have to admit, after seeing it in person a few years ago at a small convention, I kind of like this version, but mind you, I like the colour Blue as well. Does work in a "Toycentric" way to me. Having said that, I do think the Blue for the Marauders would of worked better for most collectors if the Blue was more neutral or Navy colour, instead of the more brighter "Electric Blue" they used. Yeah, after finding out that he was never in the U.S. Army(When I saw HCC788's look at Slaughter a while back), I was really surprised by that. Even if he never got to the rank of Sgt., I would of assume he was at least been a private with some training, and was only in the Army for a short while before leaving for whatever reason. I guess it goes to show how good of a character he was, and how he was playing the Srage in both WWF and G.I. Joe help provide that image of him really being from the Army. Over all, good work and keep it up. Will look forward to next year's May Main Character month.
  18. For the record, while I was interested in G.I. Joe since I was young, I never had any figures. To be fair, I would of been more interested in toys from Transformers, TMNT, The Real Ghostbusters, the Kenner Robocop line, and superheroes at the time I was young. I suppose you could of added in the Terminator 2 line as well. I never had G.I. Joe toys until around 2005 to 2007, shortly after the Valour V.S. Venom ended. And didn't really get serious into G.I. Joe until 2008 after the 25th Anniversary stuff came out and getting a few more Valour V.S. Venom stuff at cheap prices. Of course, by that time, I was starting to work as well, so I had income to buy more stuff than before, and branch out to other lines as well. When I was young, I saw the ad for the 12" Hall Of Fame figures during the early 1990's. Even if I was somewhat turned off of the "Doll-ish" looking figures and I would of preferred having the smaller scale figures, I have to admit, once I saw the ad saying you can remove Destro's helment/mask to see what he looks line underneath it, I kind of always wanted that figure, just because I though it was a cool feature to finally see my favourite Cobra's real face. Who knows, if I did, I may have had a much better appreciation for these style of figures back then(As I have even more so now. and like this style). It's the only thing I can think of from what I knew the original line had back when I was young that I really wanted. From the original approx 4" line, given what I really liked at the time from the cartoon, I suppose I would of wanted Destro, Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper or Viper or sorts, Duke, maybe Scarlett(Long before I even knew her name, I always thought she was cool, though who knows if I saw the figure, how I would of felt at the time), Sgt. Slaughter, maybe General Hawk, and the Conquest X-30 is probably the only vehicle I would of wanted at the timeframe. From the 2000's to DTC, here's a list of stuff I really wanted when I saw them or knew about them at the time(Not counting the stuff I've found out about in recent years, or that I've had a change of heart about): - Valour V.S. Venom The Ninja Dojo Set. - 2000's Dusty with Law And Order, and Black suited Serpentor with Shock Viper 2 packs. - The Joe V.S. Cobra Scarlett V.S. Zartan 2 Pack. - Spytroops Lady Jaye V.S. Iron Grenadier 2 pack. I really like that look for Lady Jaye. - Valour V.S. Venom blue suit Baroness V.S. Hard Drive, Dr. Mindbender V.S. Hi-Tech, Cobra Commander V.S. Dr. Link Tablot(Just for the swapping mask and helment feature for Cobra Commander), and Final Wave Frositbite V.S. Snow Wolf 2 packs. - DTC Cobra Trooper. - For the Exclusive 6 Packs, I know I've always wanted the Vipers set, the BAT Attack set, the Night Force set with Action Man(Just to have Action Man in 4" scale), and the set that had Joe Colton and G.I. Jane. - A few of the Comic Book 3 Packs, mainly the set with the regular Scarlett with skis, the one with Stalker, Strom Shadow, and Snake Eyes from their Vietnam days, and the set with Cover Girl and Spirit. - 12" Valour V.S. Venom Cobra Commander. Always was on and off about it, and even if I wasn't doing 12" figures at the time, it was 1 that has always caught my eye. Regret not getting it down the road. 8" Sigma 6 Style: The ones that I really want are Cobra Firefly, both Black with Silver Cape and the Shiny Sliver Cobra Commander's, Iron Grenadier, Dark Ninja Master, Night Ops Snake Eyes, the TRU 3 pack(Especially for the Gear), maybe the Toxic Zartan, and Adventure Team Storm Shadow with Tiger set. 25th Anniversary And Onwards(Not counting the ones I've had a change of heart about in recent years): - The 25th Anniversary Cobra Fang and Claw set. The only versions of these vehicles I really want. Only saw it a few times, as it's the only 25th Anniversary vehicle set I really want left. - POC City Strike Destro. Man, that is 1 I truly would like to have. Maybe only saw it once and never saw it again. The only thing that still stings me a bit. - Resolute Multipack with Jetpack Duke, Cobra Commander, some troopers, and a BAT. Far as I know, never came to Canada. - The Zombie Viper. Mostly would of prefer the 2 Pack. - 12" Figures: ROC Destro, and ROC Cobra Commander. Also, the Paratrooper and the Firefighter from the 30th Anniversary line. - A few of the Wave 2 and onwards TRU Exclusive 50th Anniversary multipacks packs, since they never came to Canada. - Wal-mart Exclusive Retro Scarlett. Okay, maybe that's a cheat, since it's a more recent release from last year, but since I saw pics of it, I wanted it. I'll admit, quite a lot, but these are the stuff that really stand out to me that I've always wanted. Of course, not going to cover the current 6" Classified yet, as it's still new line, with figures coming out and such. Plus, I've gotten the 2 I really wanted already, as anything else to date, it's a waiting game for them to come out.
  19. Wow, lots of news lately in regards to Masters Of The Universe in general. Couple of my general thoughts on recent news: (1.) From the Kevin Smith produced Netflix series: If I get Moss Man, I will most likely just use for my 200x collection, even if he is going to be an inch taller than the 6" 200x figures. I may have to consider the Skelegod figure as well, since it seems to suggest it's Skeletor getting both halves of the Power Sowrds to become a god like, having both his powers and the Power Of Greyskull merged with him. Having the figure being taller than other figures makes it look more so. Undecided about Battle Cat, but I do like how if you take off the armour, he ends up looking more like Cringer than just a Unarmoured Battle Cat(Which I think is thanks to the eyes on the figure being different from the eyes on the Battle Cat mask). At this time, I don't really see myself getting any other figures from this new line in general at this time. (2.) In regards to the Target Exclusive Origins Battle Armour He-man And Battle Cat: Look at it this way, they are just exclusive repaints of 2 figures that have already been released in retail, as their armours are now more shiny, with Red painted slashes to repersent Battle Damage. At least it's not a new character that is an exclusive(Please see the Target Exclusive G.I. Joe Classified: Cobra Island line as an example of this practice). Though to be honest, I could do without the Red Slashes on the figures, however, if it's true that in this Origins line, you can swap out the figures arms, legs, and heads from the main body, then you can get a non Red Slash version of this He-man if you can get another figure. I am curious if they will do a Battle Armour Skeletor With Panthor 2 pack as well. In a way, this Target Exclusive Origins Battle Damage He-man And Battle Cat 2 pack homages how at 1 point during the original line in the 1980's, how both the Battle Armour He-man and Battle Cat were re-released/re-isussed in a Gift Pack together as well. The same thing happened with Skeletor and Panthor. Here's are links from Heman.org for examples of these Gift packs from the original line: - https://www.he-man.org/collecting/toy.php?id=1485 - https://www.he-man.org/collecting/toy.php?id=1486 - https://www.he-man.org/collecting/toy.php?id=562 For the record, it would seem that Battle Armour He-man and Skeletor got re-released in a few Gift/Multipacks thoughout the original line. (3.) In regards to everyones comments about finding nothing but Origins He-man's and Skeletor's, as I assume it's a U.S. thing(I live in Canada for the record): I was wondering if you guys are referring to just the Regular He-mans and Skeletor's, the Battle Armour versions of them, The Rise Of Evil(That features a Skeletor head), or seeing all of these versions of these characters? Because in Canada(At least where I live), I maybe only seen Battle Armour He-man once or twice, and maybe Battle Armour Skeletor once. I don't recall if I ever saw the Regular versions of them and if I did, it was only once when it was a Wal-mart Exclusive last year. When the Origins line became a regular retail line, I've yet to see the Regular versions at all in person, but I did see all the figures from the She-ra wave. As for the Rise Of Evil 2 pack, honestly, I have no idea if this will come to Canada or not at all, let along if it does, if will be a Store Exclusive or Mass Retail Release. (4.) The Kid Focused Netflix MOTU figures: Looks interesting and very cartoony styilized(Which seems to fit the style most cartoons are like nowadays). Need to see more before I can consider this line, however I am okay with He-man's general design. Curious about the scale on these.
  20. Look at the bottom of Evil-Lyn's packaging. It looks like there is a MOTU 2002-2004 style logo on it. No idea if it's a sticker insert(Like the 2002-2004 line), a cardboard insert, or if it's just a sticker on the bubble. While it seems people are suggesting the deco could be the Funmation version of the character, with the inclusion of the 2002-2004 logo, I wonder if this was to indicate that this figure is more of a 2002-2004 inspired deco? Just a though.
  21. In Canada, the Target Exclusive Cobra Island figures are a Toys R Us Canada Exclusive. As far as I know, Profit Director Destro is a EB Games Canada Exclusive(Never seen or notice it anywhere else). The Hasbro Pulse Exclusives are Pulse Exclusives as far as I can tell(I don't pay attention to Pulse stuff), though I know sometimes, EB Games Canada ends up carrying a few Pulse Exclusives from other lines from time to time. The Wal-mart Exclusive 4" Retro line is Wal-mart Canada Exclusives. If I recalled my friend correctly, Amazon Canada was doing pre-orders on the Amazon Exclusive Arctic Storm Shadow, but then cancelled it, as I don't know if they found out they were not going to be getting it, or something. I do know that many Amazon Canada Exclusive Hasbro product does sometimes end up a year or 2 later in EB Games Canada. Still, distribution is a pain in Canada, though I suppose it can sometimes be a Wave/Case by Case bases. And of course, there are Scalpers/Flippers looking to sell a 6" $30-$33 Canadian action figure for between $60-$120 each on Kijiji or eBay, affects things too. I'm sure that when the Snake Eyes Movie Classified figures come out, those will be a bit easier to get, usually due to the amount of movie product that comes with a movie, though I suspect that the 1st few weeks after their release could be difficult if Scalpers decide to hoard them. But for those, I'm sure with time and a bit of patience, these will be bit easier to get. Even more so if some fans are either turned off by the movie designs or don't collect movie figures in general(I at least will get Movie Scarlett). Though be aware given how things are with Convid-19, and depending on how the movie does, there is a chance we will see a gut of these in early 2022 as well. I have to wonder, how would Hasbro know if demand for O-Rings is going to be there? Is it through online/various social media posts, blogs, videos, etc.? Are they going to do a Online Poll or something? Are they going to directly ask the fandom in a future live stream or when a (Eventual) in person convention happens? Because if they are expecting us to go to some random Big Box Retailer's Manager or Employees, and tell them that "We want O-Ring G.I. Joe 4" figures", they will be puzzled and confused, because I am sure most will not understand what O-Ring figures mean, even if a fan decides to explain it somehow. Even if you decide to send an E-mail to their Corporate HQ, they may not understand what you are referring to, though I suppose if the Corporate HQ gets a high volume of e-mail in regards to the topic, then it could lead to them just asking Hasbro for them. In regards to the Target Exclusive Cobra Island characters, there is a part of me that is sure we will see pretty much all these characters again either in the Regular line, part of a 2 or 3 pack down the road(If the line does well enough to allow such a thing to happen) and/or as different Store Exclusive. However, these characters will most likely be re-released in a different deco, may have a slightly different sculpt somewhere(Like a new head/face sculpt) and/or may come with less or different accessories. Add in the fact that many of these characters have had different looks and/or decos throughout the years, it to me seems likely that will happen. Cobra Island Trooper was re-released in the regular line with a different deco, and at least 1 less accessory, as I can see this applied to other Army Builders that 1st appear in Cobra Island. And Baroness in the artwork is depicted with Gold on her Shoulder Armour and a rifle, but the Cobra Island set with the motocycle didn't have Gold on her armour and no rifle, as this indicates to me that we could see a regular release with the Gold in her armour and the rifle. So I'm sure most Cobra Island characters will eventually get re-released somehow. It might just be when it will happens.
  22. In regards to collecting MOTU at the moment, I think I'm going to mostly focus on the 5.5" Origins line, and the Mega Construx line, with maybe a bit of the 200X stuff if I come across them at decent prices. Not saying I will dismissed both the 7" Multiverse stuff, or the newer CGI He-man series stuff, but until more info on those come out, I will leave things as it is for the time being, especially with how my toy budget is, and the amount lines I have interest in. I will say though that if the newer CGI He-man series figures are the same scale as the 5.5" Origins line, that could cause me to consider dipping in to it, even more so if certain characters designs in the newer CGI series I like better than the classic Origins line. Or at the very least, a bit more easier to obtain than some of the Origins stuff. As well, if the Mega Construx line delves into the new CGI stuff, that could interest me too. It's all wait and see for me, regardless if I ever watch either of these 2 new Netflix cartoon series or not.
  23. I saw the Pilot, and enjoyed it. Thought it was a good beginning of the show. Not sure if I'm going to be going out the way to be watching every week, due to other shows I'm watching mostly and my own time, but it seems like a good beginning at least. I give them credit for doing something different with Superman on mass market T.V., in that in this series, he's older and established Superman, already married to Lois, has 2 kids, both Kent Parents gone, most likely already met many of his rogues(Though I will assume some rouges will have their origins happen during the show), losing his job at the Daily Planet, and is trying(And maybe struggling) to handle the responsibilities of saving the world and being a father. I'm sure the comics may have cover him and Lois being parents in some sort of short elseworlds series or something, but never in a Mass Media T.V. series before. Anyways, I like that they are trying this different premise, instead of starting off way back at the beginning and doing the Origins stuff and having the series start off there as we watch how this world develops. We've already seen dozen's of time's Superman arriving on Earth as a baby, his teen years in Smallville(Which may or maynot include Pa Kent's death during his teens), his 1st arrival in Metroplios as Clark Kent and Superman, meeting everyone at the Daily Planet, his Interview with Lois, Superman trying to be positive influence to everyone and builds his rep, Superman's 1st encounter with Lex Luthor and many of his rogues, Lois falling in love with Superman with no interest in Clark, maybe slowly falling for Clark and having conflicting feelings while not being aware that they are the same guy, finding out Clark is Superman, getting married, maybe death by Doomsday and his resurrection, and what not. In regards to that scene where Lois tells Clark to apologize to Jorden for missing the therapy session, a couple of things: (1.) Lois wasn't nagging Clark, or I didn't see it as nagging. She was quickly bringing Clark up to speed on things he missed, which included him missing Jorden's session, before she left to take care of something(I'm assuming Reporter stuff). After all, she knows Clark was busy as Superman, and even covered for him by saying that he missed his flight. (2.) At this time, Clark and Lois haven't told their twin sons that he is Superman, as the episode later has Clark explain why he didn't want to tell them. So at this time, the Twins don't know about their dad actually being Superman, just busy going out of town for reporter stuff. (3.) Jorden is suffering from SAD, so they have therapy sessions to try and help him out. It's possible that sometime before the episode began, Clark must of made a promise to be there for this troubled son, but of course, he couldn't due to his secret Superman stuff. Don't forget that the theme of the show is going to be about Family, so besides some Superheroics, expect some Family Drama stuff from time to time. How the producers balance it will determine how fans will enjoy the series or not. In regards to the early flashback scene when Superman catches that truck: It's possible that they just didn't show a scene of Superman checking on the people, even more so since it was a quick flashback/recap on Superman's early beginnings. Since at this time, we don't have production notes, behind the scenes, or anything like that, they could of very well filmed a scene of Supes checking the people in the truck, but editing could of cut it out due to time, especially to air commercials. Or they could of very well just not bother filming it due to the fact that it was only a quick flashback, and not a full scene happening "Right now" if you will. Or it could very well just be something they forgot about at all. Again, we don't know, but from the amount of Behind The Scenes and Director's Commentaries I've watch in various T.V. shows and movies, I'm going with most likely it was filmed and edited out, or they didn't bother to film it since it was just a quick Flashback Scene and nothing more. Over all, here's hoping they do well with this series, and it lasts a few seasons, and not get cancelled with just 1 season.
  24. I thought it was a very good quality Toy Biz Marvel figure from back in the late 1990's/Early 2000's(For the record, I mean that in a very good way). Very well done I think. For a quick second, I almost though it was a Marvel Legends figure due to the sculpt, until I notice the elbow joints. Good over all.
  25. I think the deco is really good. I do like how the Visor stands out thanks to being a different colour from the mask. The Fortnite weapons look fun to me, and fit in the Fortnite theme very well, especially deco the bombs and grenades he has. Though I do wish they were still able to add in his Uzi from the 2020 Pulse Exclusive. I also find it kind of funny how they feel they have to mention that this is the 1st Snake Eyes in the Classified line to have the G.I. Joe Logo. Like it's suppose to be a big deal or something just because he has the logo. Wow, $40 U.S.!!! Then again, it can be argued that a lot of these X Cross lines(Transformers Crossover and now G.I. Joe Crossover) seem to be priced very high, as I assume it's due to the license of the properties, even if they are repaints and resculpts of existing toys. All in all, still a neat Snake Eyes. May still consider it, as I'll play the wait and see.
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