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  1. A_Spidey_Fan

    What are your top 10 figures of 2017?

    I'll be honest, it would probably take me a while to figure out a Top 10 figures/toys of 2017. However, I do have a few in mind, some I own, some I don't. In no particular order: - Mattel 12" DC Multiverse Movie Wonder Woman: I my opinion, 1 of the best affordable 12" figure of 2017(You know, something that is under $50 Canadian), as it cost around $35-$40 Canadian. Very Good likeness to Gadot, comes with sword, and energy like burst, and nice articulation. But the thing that puts it over the top is the 2 bullet ricochets that you can plug into her bracelets. That's almost Hot Toys-esque, at least to me(Never owned Hot Toys, as I don't think I'll ever will due to the price). The only thing missing was her Shield, which I think was a missed opportunity, because they could of had a few plugs on the shield to put those bullet ricochets on as well. Those bullet ricochets were enough to convince me to buy it, as I've never had a interest in buying 12" figures before. But this figure, started me off in strongly consider buying a few 12" figures from now and then if they are at a good price(For the record, I now have about 3 to 4 x 12" figures). It helps that I don't own a 6" Gadot WW figure either, so it work out for me, as it will be different scale and looking from my other 6" and under WW figures. Sigh, looks like I'm starting a new scale, and it's thanks to this figure. - Hasbro TRU Exclusive Marvel Legends 6" Modern Hydra 2 Pack: Pretty much all the Marvel Legends 2 Packs where hits I think, especially the Spidey and MJ set, Homecoming, and the Dark Pheniox set. But the Hydra set, you could customize the 2 figures into different looks. I don't own this set because I felt I didn't need it(To be fair, if it was a Classic Hydra 2 pack, I would of jumped at it. Nothing wrong with modern, just didn't feel the need for it), but I think it's the best ML 2 pack of 2017. - Hasbro 12" Marvel Legends Thor: I don't own this figure, but I can't deny that I think this is the best 12" Marvel Legends figure to date. Hulk is very cool thanks to his mass size. But the thing about Thor is that it just looks awesome to me regardless of which head he has, and I love how he comes with 2 hammers: 1 regular, 1 to represent when lighting is being channeled from it. I may strongly consider getting it. - Hasbro Deluxe Transformers: Titans Returns Triggerhappy: Never heard of this guy till it got released, but I can't deny how great it looks. I think it's my Favourite Deluxe figure from Titans Returns, as I got it. - Playmates SDCC TMNT Usagi Yojimbo: Don't own it. Nothing wrong with the regular release, but the SDCC version takes it to the next level thanks to the extra heads, more accessories, and the comic book included. I think it's the best SDCC Exclusive of 2017. That's all I can think of. Guess I'm half way there though.
  2. A_Spidey_Fan

    New GI Joe movie...in 2020

    Even if DePriest states it's to Stay after the new movie comes out, it will really depend on how well the toys sell that will determine if it's here to stay or not. So I more suspect he means he's hoping it's here to stay. I think DePriest was being optimistic. They may have big plans when the new movie comes out, but if it doesn't do good in terms of selling product, then it will again be put on hold. When Joe returns, we have no idea in what format either, let alone if it's going to be 4", 6", 8", 12", 10" titans style, 2.5", or an entirely different scale or number of scales. I would hope they will still be very well articulated with mostly ball jointes. We have no idea if it will be Joe V.S. Cobra, Adventure Team inspired, or something else all together, like a new concept. We really don't know at this time, and I'm not even sure if Hasbro knows at this time too(Maybe in 2019 when they start development of the toys once actual production of the movie begins. Assuming it happens of course). I would hope they do 4" figures that are very well articulated. To be fair, while if they do 6" figures, I'm sure most of us would want designs based on the 1980's-1990's looks of the characters, I personally would pick them up if they were new designs or designs that I don't have in 4" scale.
  3. A_Spidey_Fan

    #NYTF201818 - Batman: Knight Missions 6" Figures From Mattel

    Neat looking line all around.
  4. It's too bad Hasbro didn't do a mass or store exclusive release of 4" figures based on John Barber's G.I. Joe V.S. Transformers. Even during the 50th Anniversary line, or a limited series or something. Felt this way especially after I got the FCBD comic from around 2014, as time went on, I noticed some characters either had different looks, costumes, and/or decos. I recently had a quick skim at a trade paperback that had the 1st few issues together. Could of even consider doing some Comic Book 2 or 3 packs if they wanted. Looking at the designs, many would probably be repaints, but some would be newer sculpted, or at the very least, having some reuse with some new sculpted pieces. Which would of been fine for a budgeted Joe line if anything. Some of my ideas of what they could of done: - Scarlett: Repaint 25th Anniversary Scarlett in Green and Orange. Maybe include the oxygen mask that she wore in 1 issue, and 1 of her arrows having a grenade arrow. - Snake Eyes: Repaint of the 25th Anniversary Version 1 Snake Eyes in dark blue with Red Goggles, and include a "Handsome" swapping head, and maybe even a "Bandaged" swapping head(From the Pursuit Of Cobra line maybe). Or at the very least, the body could be Pursuit Of Cobra's Version 1 inspired figure with the 25th Anniversary Version 1 head, since I find the 25th version head captures the big looking googles that the original Version 1 head had. I suppose they could also do a 25th/Retaliation Version 2 inspired Snake Eyes in purple. - Spirit with a Mohawk. - General Flagg. - Dr. Venom. - Duke in Cobra Trooper/Officer disguise. Includes swapping heads. - I suppose 50th Anniversary Baroness with red glasses. - Serpentress(I believe this is the Baroness who got scarred up). - Hooded Cobra Commander. So much Commanders have been done, I'm sure they could use a bunch of different parts, combine them, and repaint it in the deco in a blue with silver trim here and there with pupil less eyes. - Maybe Bazooka with both a Joe and Cobra helmet, with Blue Pants. - Maybe include Dial-tone, because even if he isn't different from his normal look, would of been a nice way to get him into regular retail to give him a chance to get into more collectors hands, instead of being just a Joecon exclusive. These are really the only characters I can think of that had a different look or deco from pervious versions, or have never been released in retail. I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any, as I do know that many characters still didn't get any changes from their classic look.
  5. A_Spidey_Fan

    Does anyone miss the classic figure style like I do?

    I don't know. I really did like the 25th Anniversary and onwards stuff, though to be fair, most of my G.I. Joe 4" collection is figures from 2007 and onwards. However, I do still mix my 25th and onwards stuff with older stuff from the original Real American Hero line from the 1980's-1990's, along with the 2001-2005 line. So I don't have any issues personally. To be fair as well, some of the early original 1980's figures had really large heads compare to their bodies, though I will admit, on the Cobra side, it was okay for characters who where wearing fully covered helmets, like Cobra Commander, the Vipers, and Destro(If you like the concept he is wearing a metal face mask similar to Dr. Doom, instead of a skin tight advance mask that mimics his facial expressions).
  6. A_Spidey_Fan

    TMNT Programming In Canada.

    On Tuesday, May, 23, 2017, YTV will be showing 4 back to back episodes of the Nick TMNT series from 4:00p.m.-6:00p.m., as part of their own TMNT Day. From the descriptions given from my PVR T.V. service, it's the 1st 4 episodes of the 5th/Final Season of the series. Well, the 4 that have aired so far at least on YTV at this time.
  7. A_Spidey_Fan

    Announced Venom Movie = Venom/Symbiotes Legends Series?

    Well, there would probably be a few movie figures for sure(Venom at least). I suppose they could always do Comic Book Venom and Black Suit Spidey in Blue, as a way to represent either how the Black Suit was probably sometimes depicted in the 1980's in the comics(Since Black back in the day was sometimes difficult to do). At the very least, the Blue would homage the "Marvel V.S." Video Games by Capcom or maybe other Spidey Games from the 1990's. Course, they could also do the "Player #" colour schemes from the Capcom games if they really wanted to be daring. Or at least do those 2 with some sort of Metallic Sheen to make them a bit special looking. Just something to re-release those figures but make them different from their respective pervious release. I suppose if they wanted to, they could also do Comics Ultimate Venom and Ultimate Black Suit Spidey(Just repaint the Ultimate Spidey Teen body is all). Maybe re-release the Walgreens Agent Venom figure for Mass Retail this time(Maybe even add some additional accessories or something). Maybe some of the characters that were featured in that Venom line from the 1990's that ToyBiz did. Course, we can't rule out that since Venom is a Spidey character, they will just put any Venom/Symbiotes figures in that year's Spider-man Legends line, since Spidey Legends seems to be every year, and not just a "Movie Year" thing. Either way, we have to see which version of Venom is going to be done(Is it Flash, Brock, Scorpion, someone else), and what other characters will be featured in the movie as well. I am more interested in the Silver Sable and Black Cat Movie projects that were just announced as well. I wouldn't mind if they re-release the Classic Comic Book Black Cat from The Amazing Spider-man 2 Legends line in a either Navy Blue or Shinny Blue colour instead of Black to match the look from the Comics in the 1980's and in some of the statues that depict the Classic Black Cat Comic Costume.
  8. A_Spidey_Fan

    TMNT Programming In Canada.

    On Saturday, March, 25, 2017 at 11:30a.m. will be the YTV premiere of the 5th and Final Season of the current Nick TMNT series, as the Final Season will be call "Tales Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
  9. A_Spidey_Fan

    TMNT Programming In Canada.

    It appears that on Saturday, March, 18, 2017, at 11:30a.m., it will be the YTV Premiere of the 4th Season Finale of the current Nick TMNT series, as it is Episode 26 - "Owari".
  10. Hey everyone. Was wondering how everyone felt about Toy Fair 2017 this year? I was happy with what was reveled for the most part. My only major disappointment was that they didn't really revel anything new for the Mega Construx(Use to be known as Mega Bloks) TMNT lines, specifically the Collectors Series stuff. Was really interested if they were going to still be doing any more sets based on the Mirage Comics Turtles. Would of been cool if they did a Mouser Factory set that features Stockman, April, a Turtle(This time, either Mike or Don), and a few Mousers. Would of also been interested to see if they were going to be doing any more of the 1980's Cartoon Mutations Cansiters lines as well. Also would of been neat to see more upcoming Nick TMNT stuff too. I think Playmates TMNT stuff was okay. I will admit, some neat variants and recolours. Not sure if I'll get though. Anything else you guys saw that interested you that doesn't have it's own topic section(Mainly, that isn't Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, G.I. Joe, or DC Comics)?
  11. A_Spidey_Fan

    TMNT Programming In Canada.

    Got some Nickelodeon TMNT on YTV stuff. 1st off, it appears that the Nick TMNT series is now also on YTV on Weekdays at 4:30p.m. I'm not sure which season they are showing on Weekdays, but I'm under the impression it's the earlier 4th Season episodes(AKA: Turtles In Space). Then, staring on Saturday, November, 5, 2016, the Weekends at 11:30a.m. episodes of the Nick TMNT series will be starting to show the 2nd half of the current 4th Season of the show for the 1st time, as a different episode will be shown on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, November, 5, 2016 episode is schedule to be the 15th of the season call "City At War".
  12. A_Spidey_Fan

    Top 5 Marvel Figures In Your Collection

    Going to try and pick from different eras and/or scales. Because, why not? In no particular order: - 6" ToyBiz Marvel Legends Face Off Captain America. Still the best regular/standard comic book looking sculpted Cap, with lots of joints. Nuff said about him. Though I'll admit, the fingers can sometimes almost pop out if you aren't careful. - 7" Marvel Select Black Cat. Still my most favourite sculpted female figure in terms of looks. Plus, my 1st Marvel Select figure, so a special place in my heart for it. Surprise it can stand really well with the 1 foot not flat on the ground. - 5" Web Racer Spider-man from ToyBiz's 1990's Spider-man Animated Series line. Just like how you can use the string to help mimic the webswing. Kind of help me clam down a bit during my later High School years when I was stress out in homework and studying. I just grab the figure, and with my imagination, I moved around to give it the web swinging feel in the hallway as if he's webswinging in New York highrises. To me, felt like I was webswinging with him. I know it sounds weird, but that's the reason why, as that's the best I can describe it. - Hasbro's Ghost Rider 2007 Movie Hellcycle with 6" Ghost Rider figure. Good articulation, and nice electronics effects on it. Just wish it came with a chain of some sort. - 4" Marvel Universe/Inifinate Series Beta Ray Bill(I have the Universe version). While the other figures in my list I wanted, I never would of consider picking up a figure of this character at all(Or at the very least, if I did, it wouldn't be high on my list). I don't think I'd ever want a 6" version of the character, but at 4", since it's smaller, I have no problems picking up random characters or characters I'm not super into but still want because of the sculpt. A good sculpt all around. But I think what really draws me to the figure is the Metallic Blue used on the figure, and after reading a review, he became a Must Have for me. His look and the metallic blue really helps with a visual pop. I think he is probably my favourite 4" Marvel figure, because when I think of the 4" Marvel figures, Bill is usually 1 of the 1st few I think of, sometimes even my 1st, as I think it's because he really stands out. Add in the fact that most of my Thor related figures are in 4" Scale(Mostly thanks to some of the 4" Thor movies and the 1st Avengers Movie line, along with a few other Marvel Comic based 4" figures), and he fits in nicely with them(I mix my Comics and Movie figures, and no, I don't care). A part of me wonders if Bill, along with getting a few of the 1st Thor Movie figures at a good price, lead me to decide to get most of my Thor related figures in 4" scale or not, as I wasn't originally going to go to deep with Thor related figures at all(Just 1 x Modern Comics 6" Thor and Loki figure, a Classic Comics 4" Thor figure or 2, and that was it). Now I have quite a few, and I know I want to get more. There are more figures I could add in, especially from more recent Hasbro offerings. But you only ask for 5, and these ones are ones I usually think of when I think about my collection.
  13. A_Spidey_Fan

    TMNT Programming In Canada.

    Seems like the Fourms recently went though some changes, including removing the TMNT section. Anyways, this forum topic will be used to mention about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles programming in Canada, for my fellow Canadians to know when TMNT related programming is on. While the Nickelodeon TMNT series has always been airing on YTV, it will now also be airing on both Teletoon and Nick Canada, as all 3 are own by Corus Entertainment. Before I continue, I live in the Eastern Time Zone, so I'm going to mention times for that time zone. Check your local listings. As well, keep in mind that many T.V. Services offer some of the same channels in different time zones, usually with a East and West version(Examples: YTV East, YTV West, Teletoon East, Teletoon West), so be aware the hours difference between your time zones and others(Example: If you live in the Eastern Time Zone and a show is at 1:00p.m., it will air 3 hours later on the West version of the channel at 4:00p.m.): - YTV: Staring on Saturday, September, 10, 2016, the Nick TMNT series will be on YTV on Weekends at 11:30a.m. YTV will most likely be the channel to see the more most recent episodes, as I also assume they will be showing the newer episodes/remaining episodes of Season 4 1st once they arrive in Canada. Currently though, it looks like YTV will be focusing on the older 4th season episodes. - Teletoon: Will be starting at the 1st Episode of the Nick TMNT series staring on Friday, September, 9, 2016. The 1st 2 episodes will air as 2 separate episodes on Friday, September, 9, 2016 from 6:30p.m.-7:30p.m., and shown again on late Friday, September, 9, 2016 night/early Saturday, September, 10, 2016 morning at around 1:30a.m.-2:30a.m. Then, starting on Friday, September, 16, 2016, the series will be on Fridays at 7:00p.m., with the same episode repeated on late Fridays/early Saturdays at around 2:00a.m. - Nick Canada: Looks like they will be showing the Nick TMNT series on Mondays-Sundays at 5:00p.m., as the same episode will be repeated on late Mondays-Sundays/early Tuesdays-Mondays at around 4:00a.m., as these will be older episodes of the series, starting with Season 1. As well, it appears that older 4th Season episodes will also be on Sundays at 12:30p.m., as it is possible that they may also show the newer episodes at this timeslot when they eventually arrive in Canada(Though I assume they will still be 1st shown on YTV for the most part). Here are the links to these various channels Nick TMNT webpages, with the 1st to YTV, the 2nd to Teletoon, and the last to Nick Canada's, which includes more info about the show, along with mentioning some of the time slots for the show(Though I should point out that YTV's currently isn't updated): - http://www.ytv.com/shows/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles - http://www.teletoon.com/en/tv/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles - http://www.nickcanada.com/show/showpage/81/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles
  14. I personally think the current Transformers Robots In Disguise is a okay line. 1 thing they always seem to do is just do repaints of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but I think there are some repaints they could do to liven up the line a bit and add diversity than just another Prime and Bee repaint. Here's a list of a few from me, as these are mostly going to focus on the Deluxe/Warriors Class molds: - I sure a regular Jazz could be re-released with the Takara/Tomy Viser head. Maybe this time, add in a bit more deco paint on the figure. Most likely though, this would happen in a Exclusive Multipack of sorts. - Jazz repainted as Stepper/Ricochet homage, as use the Takara/Tomy Viser head. Maybe if they have to, they could call him "Night Ops Jazz" or "Undercover Jazz" or something if they don't want to use the Stepper or Ricochet name(If Bumblebee can have stuff like "Night Ops" or "Stealth" in his Black repaints, why not Jazz). - Jazz repainted in a deco similar to the 2007 movie in a Silver/Grey colour scheme, and maybe name it "Stealth Jazz" or "Undercover Jazz or something like that. - Megatronus in a mostly Black and Red/Orange colour scheme somewhat inspired by his "War Within" and "Revenge Of The Fallen" movie colour scheme. I would recommend using the Toys R Us Exclusive Faceplate/Battle Mask head. - For the upcoming Ratchet toy, I would like to see them try to re-release and repaint in a Comic Book Colour Scheme, with a Red Helment instead of a white helment, with a white crest, and maybe having the limbs being red instead of white. Prehaps consider inversing the Red and White on the toy all together. But at least the head and limbs being red. - Steeljaw repainted and retool as Polarclaw. - Scorponok repainted as Beast Wars Scorponok. - Grimlock in a G2 Colour Blue Scheme, and give him the Faceplate/Battle mask verison. Maybe even put a G2 Scannable logo on it too. - I personally wouldn't mind a more G1-ish "White Prime" Ultra Magnus Colour Scheme for a Legion Class Optimus Prime, including the head being white. Granted, it would make it a bit too similar to the Legion Class Magnus that already came out. - Sideswipe repainted as Red Alert and Sunstreaker homages.
  15. A_Spidey_Fan

    TF Generations...

    In regards to the upcoming Titans Returns Legends Laserbeak: I do wish that he wasn't too black, as I read on various boards, that many aren't quite fond of him being more black. I mean, yes, G1 Laserbeak's main body was black, but he also had a good amount of white/silver and red to break up his colours a bit. Here's a link from TFormers on the pics of Laserbeak, especially in his robot/bird mode, and look at those pics 1st: - http://tformers.com/titans-return-legends-product-images-for-laserbeak-rumble/28750/news.html I do like that part of the wings is red. But I think if they really want to invoke the G1 colour scheme a bit, for the "Tablet Screen", I think they should of had the screen in a more White and Red colour scheme, instead of a mostly black with some red lines that you can't even make out. And instead of a Purple Button for Tablet mode, have that button Red instead. I think this way, it would help give Laserbeak a more G1 colour scheme. Having said that, I do like for the Decepticon logo, it's on a black background and a purple outline, as it gives it a sort of stealth look to the logo when Laserbeak is flying. Maybe keep that part of the screen black with the outline purple logo. Unless Hasbro decides to do a Running Change where Laserbeak's screen is mostly Red and White(Or at least, keep it black, but add in a bit more White and Red to it, like on the various data Graphs, and the No Autobot logo), I'm think I may have to personally do some custom home made stickers(Basically, some white stickers that I draw a pattern on, and then cut them in a way so that he can still transform with them) to help make him look more G1. Just wanted to add my 2 cents on this upcoming Laserbeak.

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