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  1. Even if it's airing on Paramount+, I suspect that they will more likely get the actor James Sie, who voiced both Jackie Chan in the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon series, as well as Master Monkey in Kung-Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness cartoon series. Add in the fact that James Sie is also known as a "Jackie Chan Voice Impersonator", so I would assume he would be cheaper to get than the actual Jackie Chan. Even more so if this new TMNT series also still airs on T.V. on Nickelodeon in the U.S.(And probably YTV in Canada).
  2. My brother is really excited for this figure, as he told me about it. He got the McFarlane Metallica figures from back around the Late 1990's/Early 2000's. But I guess like some(Or maybe most) Metallica Fans, he feels that the only Metallica music that matters are the ones from their 1st 3 albums(Which I'm guessing was when Cliff Burton was alive), and anything pretty much afterwards, don't matter. If he really wants it, I hope he gets it, though since I'm assuming he never pays too much attention to Super7's Ultimates lines, I think he is going to be in for a big surprise on the price, even after I eventually tell him the price. Right now, just letting him enjoy his excitement and let it die down a bit, before I tell or remind him of Super7 Ultimates high prices.
  3. Sadly, I can see something similar to Toyfarce's Joke Article actually happening, given how McFarlane is doing a number of different types of variants for his figures nowadays. Glow In The Dark, All 1 Colour(Gold, Silver, Bronze, Icey, etc.), All Black with 1 or maybe more colour highlights(Gold, Silver, Red, or what have you), The Ice versions, See-Thorough Plastic(Regardless if it's a Ghost, Invisible, a Colour Lantern Construct, or whatever), Jokerized figures, and more. So yeah, Ice Cream/Popsicle Colours I can actually see happening down the road. Maybe not in time for this Summer, but I can see it in the near future.
  4. Martha Steward, Julia Childs, Dr. Phil? Sure, why not. Well known Real Life People that I'm sure would be neat for figures from other lines to interact with, regardless if Ultimates, ReAction, or whatever else Super7 does. I mean, Dr. Phil trying to help a Snake Eyes: - Dr. Phil: "So Snake Eyes, what's problems are you dealing with right now?" - Snake Eyes: "....."(Mute). - Dr. Phil: "I see..." Martha Stewart or Julia Childs doing a Cooking Show with Guest Appearance by Roadblock. Just for kicks and fun all around.
  5. Could be neat, espeically if they expand to other Rankin Brass Christmas Specails. Though who knows how the rights are, since the T.V. and I think even Home Video Rights are a bit of a mess(From what I understand).
  6. Waiting to hear about how some driver's response on why he crashed his car to the police: "Yeah, I was driving, and all of a sudden, a feed came in that Classified was going to release Doc and Jinx, which excited me, and well... You know how it is, right man? You can just let it slide just this once right?" Sad reality, I can see maybe low production of work happening in real life. Especially at some of Hasbro's competitors, when they are seeing what Hasbro is doing with Classified. Especially at Mattel, Jada Toys, and maybe Playmates to some degree. Valerverse and McFarlane Toys I would guess would not be concern at all.
  7. Good reveals all around I think. I do like Doc, Jinx, and the Night Creeper, as those are the only ones I would really consider. Do we know if the Tiger Force figures are 2 packs or not? Don't mind Tiger Force decos for the record, but I'd like to know if these are singles or 2 a pack. Not sure if I'd want either of Tiger Force versions of these characters, but they look nice. Like the little Bomb Drone's TF deco. Having said that, I like the look of the Single Package Tripwire because it comes with more accessories, and some swapping options. And Roadblock, I think for my collection, I would want that redeco of the 1st version(The 1 with no Gold). Still, regardless if singles or a 2 pack, the Tiger Force versions look nice, and even with Tripwire having less accessories, the deco might temp me enough get this version instead.
  8. Yeah. I mean it looks to me like Brainaic decide to 1 day take over Green Arrow's body or something for whatever reason. Either that, or Ollie 1 day just decide to cosplay as Brainaic.
  9. Agree with you on the colours of this 1. I suppose if you got both, you can use the standard version as how it normally appears, and then this colourful 1 when it's drawing data or even getting ready to attack, shrink a city, and/or destory a planet. I'm curious if the Purple is really going to be shiny or not in real life. Anyone know the deal with the Breaded Brainaic? Interesting look, but 1 I'm not familiar with. While his classic Pink top, Green Skin look is how he looked back in the 1960's-1970's, I'm more found with the more mechanical and machine looks he's had over the years.
  10. I'm guessing you feel this way because you want Doc to look like his original Version 1 look. Otherwise, I think it's a nice update over all, since it provides some protection to him. I would say if it turns out that the vest is not removable after you look at some reviews, to hold out and see if a Retro Cardback version is done. May have to wait a while though. Does anyone know if the Tiger Force revels are a 2 pack, or 2 individual releases? If what I'm seeing is true, then it looks like this Tripwire doesn't include his little mouse/rat, though maybe that's a good thing in the Jungle, since it would probably get eaten by a Snake or something. It also looks like Tripwire doesn't include other optional different helments and vests that the regular 1 has as well. Bit shame just because it made the 1st figure more customizable. But if this is part of a 2 pack, it might make more sense. Lucky for you, there are regular versions of this Tripwire and Roadblock, so no worries if Tiger Force isn't your thing. Though you might be upset in the fact that this Roadblock seems to come with his proper Weapons from his Version 1 and 2 approx 4" figures, when compared to pervious Classified figures.
  11. Like the Manga Batman. For most of the Batman's in this line, I've never been a fan of the headsculpt, as it always seem weird when looking at a side profile, especially the chin area. But this 1 seems to be good. I might consider it. Gold Superman is a neat variant, touching on the old Kenner figure(Though, I don't recall if it actually go released, or if it was a cancelled figure that didn't get released). Kiliwog looks huge. Still wish he came with a Lantern accessory, but what can you do if he's that huge, and there is no room for any accessories. Looks like Blue Beetle's Ship is a 2 seater, so that's cool, and look neat as well. I'm curious if the actual toy will have that shine look to it or not. Already gave my thoughs on Brainaic's ship in a pervious posting or 2, but over all, still neat.
  12. In regards to your 2001 Transformers: Robots In Disguise Spychanger Ironhide Review: Good quickie overall, as I respect your views on it. As for me, I got this Ironhide from the 2 pack with Mirage, as I got it mostly for Mirage, but I do like Ironhide as well. While back around 2001, I though the cow pattern was weird when I 1st saw pics of the toy, I did warm up to it eventually, after I thought about it more like a Pick Up Truck for a Milk Farm(Even if it is still weird looking), and even more after the show started to air. Add in that RID 2001 is in another universe different from G1 made it easier. Not to mention at the time, back around Toy Fair 2001, I was bit more forgiving on this line and show because I knew that RID was slated to be a "Filler In" Cartoon series and Toyline for Fall 2001-Spring/Summer 2002, as Hasbro was trying to figure out what to do after Beast Machines didn't do well, since they were just mostly importing both show and toyline from Japan(Which also used both new and older toy molds). Though it was neat that Hasbro still did some releases of older toys along with toys that were cancelled as well. So I was a bit more forgiving on some toys having less articulation for both RID 2001 and the later 1st Universe line(2003-around 2005 or 2006) because they were just re-releasing some old toys in newer paint schemes. I will say though that if a future series(Cartoon, comic book, video game, etc.) wanted to use this RID 2001 Ironhide design and colours, it would make more sense to use him as "Ox" instead of "Ironhide", even more so if Ironhide already exisits in this series. So as an example, if the current Transformers: Earthspark cartoon series and toyline decides to introduce Ironhide, he should be G1-ish inspired(Or at the very least least, a Red Pick Up Truck with a G1-ish Robot Mode if they want to merge both G1 and the Michael Bay Movie truck mode), and then, they could have the option of introducing Ox in a design and deco based on his RID 2001 look(In which, if Ironhide is just a Red Pickup Truck, they could just repaint it as the Cow theme Deco Ox). For this RID Ironhide mold, 1 thing you may not have known about, is that you can technically/unofficially store his weapon at the truck bed by angling it, though if you want the weapon to stay, you may have to fiddle around as to which angle of points and which side of the weapon in order for it to stay in. I found out about this back when a Transformers Fan site call BWTF.com did a review of this 2 pack in 2001(Sadly, his site's server had an issue and all his past reviews ended up loss back in 2020, so of course, 20 years of reviews would take a long time to upload again, especially when doing current reviews as well). But I assure you that it does work as I've done it myself. Again, just have to fiddle with it, maybe even flipping the weapon over to the otherside until it sticks. With all the repaints of the Spychanges Hasbro has done, I'm surprise they never did this Ironhide in his G1 colours. I've kind of felt that the head had some cues to the G1 Ironhide head(It's not 100% of course, but some hints here and there), and to be honest, a Pickup Truck can make sense to a character like Ironhide, since I've usually seen him as a Tough As Nails, rumble and tumble type of guy.
  13. McFarlane's 5" Super Powers line is kind of a hidden gem. Usually ignored by many because it's either not 6", or not in actual scale with the old Kenner Super Powers figures(They are typically a bit taller than the Kenner ones, since I think the Kenner ones were more around 4.5"-4.75"). This is especially true with the vehicles from this line, as I think the vehicles are really where it's at. The Skull Ship is cool, though to be honest, I too would of expected it to be a bit of a bigger vehicle/smaller playset of sorts. But I have no problems with it, and still think it's neat, as I too assume it's done to help keep the price as low as possible(A bigger set would be a bit more expensive, and who knows if it would of pegged or not for a while). Honestly, it does seem like something Kenner could of released back in the day. My only complaint about it, is that I do think this could of had a open and closing canopy at the top, to sort of help complete the look. I suppose the only advantage with it be an "Convertable" is that it allows any size Brainaic figure that can fit in at least(Like maybe up to 6" size), be able to ride it. If I do get it, I will use it with my Mattel JLU Brainaic figure.
  14. I don't mind the 2nd Player/Alternate Colours, since they usually do appear in the game. Can make it different from any of the other versions of the same character you may have already. Even more so if it's from another company. As an Example: Say you have a 6" Chun-Li in her normal Blue and Yellow colours already from a different company(Like say Playmates Toys from their TMNT X Street Fighter line), and you've passed on the Jada Toys version because of it. This Pink version is different, as it could give you a reason to get a Jada Toys Chun-Li, since she is now in a different colour than her standard colours.
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