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  1. True, I think they could of Reissued the Wave 1 Snake Eyes. Even maybe do a slight redeco(Like say add Silver or Grey Pant to the Black Suit of the visor, or even have the suit in a different colour, like a Light Grey similar to the Sunbow Cartoon V2 Look), but then of course, we would have fans complaining about Snake Eyes again too soon or something.
  2. Mako: True in regards to Hasbro's handling, however we still have to take into account that a few Snake Eyes Origins Movie figures were originally indeed suppose to come out either late this year or very early next year. With the delay of the movie until almost next year, we know that they had to do a bit of changing here and there, so they probably figured re-issuing some Wave 1 figures. Though I suppose we can argue they could of chosen some different characters instead of Roadblock. Though I will admit, Scarlett doesn't seem to peg warm in my area, so I can't complain too much. In regards to the Redeco Scarlett, to be honest, I think the Gold instead of Brown makes it '"Pop" in terms of looks for a toy. Though I suppose the Brown would make it more subdued and not stand out as much as the Gold. I think the Pants for the Scarlett figure might be a lighter shade of Grey as well, though I can't say for sure until I see it in person. I do wonder if they could of made the pants Purple instead, but that's just me.
  3. Yeah, it really sucks when DC Direct was announced that it was no longer going to be around thanks to AT&T feeling it was no longer needed. Though it was kind of sadly somewhat expected when McFarlane Toys was announced in doing more collectable DC Comics Figures. Even more when DST has been doing some of the other stuff, like statues, paper weights, and what not. Though I suppose this could eventually lead to DST doing figures as well down the road(Other than the few Gotham T.V. series figures they did), or even NECA. I don't have much DC Direct figures, as I got most of my DC related figures from Hasbro and Mattel. But can't deny that there are a few 6" figures that Mattel never did that DC Direct did(Like Oracle). Though I did get a few, as I really liked it when they did figures more based on specific comic book storylines, alternate universes, and even some made up stuff(Like Bombshell Girls, which I was happy when they finally decided to do figures based on those statues). I also liked their Arkham based figures, and many of their Animated Series stuff looked really good, as did their generic comic book likes(Like Icons, Origins, etc.). Does make me wonder if they ever got to rights to do the 1960's T.V. Batman show, or any figures based on pervious DC Comics related movies or T.V. shows, how those would of turned out. Though I suppose them doing the 1960's T.V. Batmobile would be somewhat tricky, but not impossible. In regards to my favourite of the few DC Direct/Collectibles figures I own, I would have to say it is the Alex Ross Justice Batgirl figure, and my second would probably The New 52 Wonder Woman from the 2 Pack with Katana. I've also been happy with the Icons Harley Quinn. Though I will say that if I ever get that Burnside Batgirl with the Batcycle, that will be my #1 favourite that I own, just for the fact that it's Batgirl with her cycle. Either way, thanks for all the cool looking figures you did and produced DC Direct. Even if I personally don't own that much compare to your more devoted fans, I can't deny how good and cool looking they are.
  4. Certain elements on this new Target Exclusive Afterlife 1 I like better than the original, mainly the Robot Mode head. While I would prefer it was more white than the fade white with weathering effects, I will understand since it is more based on the upcoming Afterlife movie version of Ecto-1, so I can't really fault them on that. Though a part of me would of more liked a Ecto-1A version of Ectotron from Ghostbusters II, only to see what they would do with the more elaborate roof rack from 1A. Or see if instead of a Proton Pack, see if they could do the Slime Blower. Who knows, maybe something they will do down the road if they need to do another variant. Either way, good for those who missed out on the 1st Ectrotron. Since Ectrotron is based on the Voyager Class Combiner Wars Onslaught and Hotspot/Power Of The Primes Inferno mold, I do wish it still had it's combining capabilities, only so that they could of had the option of doing other Crossover Combiner limbs, or at the very least, have the option of doing combing with other Combiner Wars/Power Of The Primes Deluxes. I mean, imagine if they did Gigawatt using 1 of the Deluxe Combiner Wars car molds as a base, and a Deluxe Jet mold for Top Gun.
  5. Not bad on re-issuing figures from 25th Annversary and onwards. Though I myself was looking forward to some O-Ring stuff, even if they had to recreate them. So far, nothing I really want from this year's Retro style line. Though I suppose the 25th Anniversary line would be consider "Retro" due to the line now being 13 years old. I am really interested in that 6" Classified SDCC Cobra Commander. So different looking, and I love the cape. If they ever decide to do Senpentor in this 6" Classified line, I hope they do his cape in a similar fashion.
  6. If indeed there is going to be a Wal-mart Exclusive Vintage O-ring style toys from the 1980's-1990's molds coming out, I do hope they do a few things a bit differently as well. In re-issue/reproduction of the old figures, It's a given that some of these figures may have slightly different paint or colour differences(Different shades, maybe some colours a bit different, not bothering to paint certain details while others will have more painted details, different colour accessories, etc.). But here are some things I hope Hasbro considers if indeed O-ring figures: - Keep the back of the figures being held by screws, and keep them at a stand type screw for a standard type screwdriver. No update with a weird or not too common screw head to use be used with a certain type of not to common screwdriver(Example: Triangle that many Kids Meal toys usually use). Or glued shut like other lines(Including the 25th Anniversary and up lines). Maybe even have the screwheads be the option of Crosshead and Flathead, since now a days, it is common to see this once and a while. Makes it easier to chose which ever screwdriver you can use. - Maybe all the O-ring figures could have a paper instructions on how to fix or replace the O-Ring of their Joe figure, since it's a simple thing to do, yet there are those who don't know, never knew, or still don't know how to do it. Include info on the right size of O-ring to get. This would only mean something to those who have no problems opening the package of their toy, as it wouldn't be a big deal for those who MOC their toys. I mean, on 1 hand, it may sort of kill any chance of people wanting to buy a replacement figure by going to Wal-mart for Hasbro(eBay and other sources for sellers), but on the other, it helps being more environmentally friendly, and not have a landfill be full of Broken toys that could of been easily fixed. - To use a plastic on the hands where it is less likely to have broken thumbs, a common problem with Joe figures from this era that used a stiffer plastic. For me, I'd be okay if it's the softer type of plastic used now a days, so long as the figures can still hold the accessories. As far as I know, the 2002-2006 lines didn't have any broken thumb issues, so maybe use that type of plastic if anything. - Assuming the vehicles will include a driver for them, have the driver figures be offered in both the vehicle, as well as a different deco version offered in single packs. I'm sure collectors would of loved to have had some of their favourite drivers in RAH style single packaging, and it gives Hasbro the option of making back money on the molds(Even more so if they had to be replaced or fixed). Ideas like this includes the regular Version 1(V1) green suit Wild Bill with the Dragonfly Coptor and then the Single pack could be the V1 Wild Bill in Sunbow Cartoon Colours, V1 Wild Weasal in his normal colours with the Cobra Rattler and the Single Pack has the black details be replace with blue to make it Marvel Comics like colours or just have the Visor be repainted in a reflective like silver but keep his black parts black, and what not. However, these would probably need to be released at different times, so say 1 year, we have Wild Bill with the Dragon Coptor, and then next year, they have the Single Carded Sunbow Wild Bill. Might be a good way to get those who only collect figures and never(Or rarely) vehicles or playsets due to space, budget, and what not. - If they decide to do the various electronic sound effects figures(Talking Commanders, Sonic Fighters, etc.), then either make their backpacks much smaller but still be able to do the sounds since the Technology should be now there, or don't have any of the electronic features at all and just do a smaller/lighter backpack that is based on their original oversize backpack. - No Chase Variants, though I'll be honest, it doesn't seem to be a thing the last decade or so. Still, I don't want to see that happen. So for example, for V2 Snake Eyes, I personally think for instead of doing chase variants of different colour Timbers being released at the same time(A stunt what they did with Sigma 6 Arctic Snake Eyes, 25th Anniversary single card V2 Snake Eyes, and the Rise Of Cobra Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes), maybe instead, offer V2 Snakes with different colour Timbers in different years. So for example, the 1st year that V2 Snake Eyes is offer is White(Like the original vintage), the 2nd year it's Grey, the 3rd year Black, the 4th year Brown, etc. Or at the very least, if they decide to do Multipacks with re-issue/redeco figures, include the different colour Timbers in those type of sets(But no Chase variants of these sets) and keep the Single Carded white. - Like Wild Bill I mentioned eariler, I wouldn't mind some characters being in Sunbow/DIC and Marvel Comics colours, like V2 Snake Eyes in Sunbow Grey, Flint in Sunbow with Green Shirt and Grey hat(Sorry, I forgot what you call that), V1 Scarlett in DIC colours, etc. So long as the characters deco is strongly different from it's original figure colours, as I think they should release the figure colours 1st. Lastly, 1 crazy idea I have is having some Custom G.I. Joe Packs, where you can customize and assemble your own G.I. Joe figure using some figure parts and accessories in a package. I mean, just because the Vintage RAH line didn't do this, doesn't mean Hasbro shouldn't consider it. Though I will admit, this is something that might make more sense about a year or 2 after they see how these Wal-mart reissues do, and after they get some more molding options, as it might be more pricier than a standard figure thanks to the number of parts being used. Having said that, I think the last few years, we've all notice a stronger rise of kids, teens, and adults customizing or modifying various stuff, including toys, video game consoles, clothing, cars, etc., so there is a possible market for these. Even more so if it gets kids interested in customizing an action figure. However, I think these sets might have to be market at 8 Years Old and Up, not 5 and Up. They can sell various different sets that allow you to customize your own Green shirt, Steel Brigade, pilot, diver, the various Cobra Troopers, and what not. Maybe even be able to customized a actual figure to be a close approximation of you as a Joe/Cobra Trooper. The idea would be to included at least 1 base upper torso, and 2-4 different options for heads, pairs of arms and legs, pelvis pieces, some accessories(weapons, backpacks, helmets, etc..), some extra back screws and O-rings, and instructions(If they want to include a screwdriver, that's a option, but doubt if really needed). Perhaps some parts may not be painted(Like hair on the heads) to further encourage customizing by painting the figures. Could also do a few different skin tone colours in different packs as well. If nothing else, it would give collectors just some extra parts for fixing or replacing some parts of their current Joe figures. Curious what you guys think of these ideas.
  7. Just wanted to point out there are some rumours that there is going to be a Wal-mart Exclusive 3.75" G.I. Joe Retro/Vintage line, which will include figures and vehicles. No other info or pics at this time, but if these are like the recent Re-release/Reissue Hasbro Vintage stuff(Like G1 Transformers, and Kenner sculpted Star Wars and The Real Ghostbusters stuff) that has come out in the recent 2 years, then it is possible that these might be O-Ring style figures. If true, I assume these will be either recast or newly re-sculpted figures of older figures, since I assume the original molds for many of these must be damaged or broken. Again, no official word, and if there is in indication that these are going to be O-ring style figures or 25th Anniversary and over style figures. These I assume are being done because of the Snake Eyes movie that is suppose to come out either late this year or early next year(Thanks to Convid-19), similar to the Wal-mart Exclusive G1 TF's, and Kenner GB figures due to their respective Bumblebee and GB: Afterlife movies(Granted, Afterlive is delayed, but that was the reason for the Re-issue Kenner line). I mean, it seems to be working for TF so far, while GB is too early to say(Though I can't see why it wouldn't). But if true, good for those who love the old vintage style figures. My hope is that if the this line does last a good while, that they do a good range of figures from the entire RAH line of 1982-1994(Since there are still some good figures from the 1990's), and not just stick with 1982-around or just before 1988. They can still do figures mainly from before 1988, but I also hope they can consider doing a few 1990's figures as well. Mind you, I also personally wouldn't mind them considering the TRU Exclusive 1997-1998 stuff, and some of the 2000-2006 stuff as well. Regardless if these are going to be O-Ring or 25th style, I myself may consider picking up a few of these here and there, depending price, and what characters and versions of characters they do.
  8. I'm thinking Gung-Ho might be more inspired by his Valour V.S. Venom look. Here's a link from YoJoe to see the figure I'm referring to: - https://www.yojoe.com/action/05/gungho16.shtml As for this line, I understand that people want more classic designs or designs more heavy based/strongly inspired by the classic designs(Like Snake Eyes and Destro are, with Duke kind of in the middle), and that's why many don't want to jump fully in. But I do think of this as a modern take on these characters, and I'm fine with the flourishes of futuristic on them here and there(After all, wasn't the idea of G.I. Joe was that they had "10 minutes into the future" tech, with Cobra maybe having about "15 to 20 minutes into the future"?). Mind you, I can see how it does look like Joe is more ripping off some of Fortnite's designs to a degree, but to me, I'm happy with the designs here. Let's not also forget that a good number of these characters have had different designs over the years, including during the original line in it's later years(I guess sometime by 1990), the 2000's Joe V.S. Cobra to Valour V.S. Venom, Sigma 6, the live action movies, Renegades, various store exclusives, I think some of those 12" Sideshow Collectibles had some different designs, and Pursuit Of Cobra to 30th Anniversary. So I look at these 6" designs as a new take just like when they did it during those past lines. And even if the designs are more classic inspired, I like the additional detailing or slightly new flourishes they've added to add a bit of spice to their designs. For me, Classic or new takes, so long as I like the design, I'll consider it. But I don't plan on buying too many variants of the same character in this line like I did with the past 4" lines and the 8" Sigma 6 line(Though with some of the various Sigma 6 Duke's, I could fake them into being a different character). As for more faithful reproduced classic designs for the 6" scale, I suspect Hasbro will do something for them when the 40th Anniversary of the Real American Hero line happens in 2022, assuming this line lasts long enough to reach it. Maybe in Retro RAH inspired cardbacks similar to the Marvel Retro Toy Biz style packaging lines, and the Star Wars Black Series Kenner style packaging lines(Including the 40th Anniversary Empire Strikes Back line currently out).
  9. Defently going to get Scarlett. She is my favourite Female Joe, and I do like the look. I will admit though, I do kind of wish the pants were Purple instead of Grey, even if it was a different shade of Purple. No idea why I feel this way, as the Grey is fine. I guess to have it be a bit of a match to her top and give it a slightly classic look to her, I guess. And I think she should of still at least come with 1 small handgun/side arm, just as a backup or for the situations where she needs a handgun instead of a crossbow. Love her red hair.
  10. So, I know I'm late in the game, even more so with SDCC 2020 just announced that it was cancelled this year. But I did read this article a few days ago, and was wondering if maybe if the title was renamed, that JayC wouldn't have rubbed some people who took what he typed the wrong way. Like instead of the title "TNI Editiorial: SDCC Likely To Be Canceled This Year, And I Am Okay With That", maybe it would been much better if it was more direct and say something like "TNI Editiorial: I'm Not Going To SDCC This Year". In the article, you've stated that the last few years, going to SDCC hasn't been as enjoyable as in the past, even more so with the cost going up. And of course, like you said, Convid-19 further helped with the issue this year as well. I think the "I Am Okay With That" probably caused some people to have a knee jerk reaction before reading the article or something. I don't know really. Just guessing and basing on what I'm seeing is all. Hopefully JayC, I didn't come across as critical to you or anything like that. I like many do appreciate what you do, and the time you take to do what you do. And if SDCC is something you can no longer do for whatever reason, many of us I'm sure do understand.
  11. If it's anything, for those who want some smaller jets for their 4" Joe figures for a cheap price, you can use the Black 1 for Cobra, and the Grey 1 for Joes. Not a terrible 2 pack I would think. If they show up in Canada(Most likely Wal-mart since Lanard toys seem to only be a exclusive for Wal-mart), I'll consider it. I don't mind having 2 more smaller jets for my Joes and Cobra. UPDATE: I had a question for JayC earlier, but realized that he got the info and photos from someone else who sent the info to him. I at 1st thought he saw them in person. So never mind the question JayC. But if anyone finds out the price of the set, can you please post it here? Thanks.
  12. Just want to say Brad The DC Geek, that I've only started to follow your reviews for about a year now. You usually do a good job on many of the DC toys you review, giving me a good idea of what to expect if I do decide to buy something. Even more so when you do some of the "Kid Focus" lines, which many collectors usually turn their nose on. From 1 fellow Canadian to another, good job, and thanks.
  13. Thanks for all your reviews and photos Shard. I personally feel the only reason for me to pick up this figure is to get a different shield design for my Cap figures. I'll admit, I sort of like the fact that the shield is different from the standard look. Not a huge fan of this figure. Will most likely pass on it. My brother and I sort of feel the colours of this suit are inspired by the MCU's Cap's Stealth Suit, since there is hardly any red on it at all. And the parts that are suppose to be white look like a Grey And Blue mix to it. I'm with Shard that I'm not a fan of this design.
  14. Got the 1st 6" Legends Ms. Marvel a few years back, so I'm glad I actually don't need this one, since I feel the pervious 1 is better I feel in terms of colours. Will say though, that if those 4" Avengers Video Game figures do come out, I might pick up Ms. Marvel from that to get a 4" Ms. Marvel, especially since the Toy Fair 2020 pics show they've capture the texture designs from the Game.
  15. You know, I have to wonder if McFarlane will do the Armoured Batman and Catwoman suits from the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City. I mean, I know Mattel made a 4" Armoured Batman in their 4" DC Multiverse line back then, but it was basically a repaint of the regular Batman: Arkham City figure, with no new sculpted parts at all. And while it was a decent job sort of giving the look of the design, I would of preferred a newly sculpted figure to have the armour sculpted instead of painted on. I was disappointed back then that Mattel or even DC Direct/Collectibles never made the Armoured versions of Batman and Catwoman in the 6"-7" scale. And unless DC Direct decides to do some sort of Anniversary release to celebrate the Arkham games, I doubt they'll do these designs. So if McFarlane does those designs, I may consider it, even there have been some design choice issues I have with some of the McFarlane DC Stuff.
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