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  1. It could have alot to do with already having the Deep Six name in use. For these 3 packs they seem to be really limited to what they can use to make them so that Deep Six might have been easier than any look Wet-Suit had. I think becuase they intended to put Deep Six in the comic pack, they need an "aquatic" oriented character that could be easily mocked up with existing parts. Of course, that having been said, I wonder why they didn't jus use the original. I'm sure that I read in a Q&A somewhere that the reason why the Cutter we're getting has the wrong head is because store exclusives are on the very bottom on the list for getting new tooling. I think this also applies to Wetsuit, since he'd have to have at least a new helmet. They could probably do something creative with the gear for the upcoming Eel, but I doubt that was available when they put this set together. I also see a pattern of the Modern Era line focusing on pre-'86 guys with only a few exceptions. Either way, Wetsuit's always been my favorite diver so I'm glad that they're waiting to do him right!
  2. Thank you for showing TF Duke some love! I've heard of the new Duke arms being real fragile for some, but I generally can tell a bum figure from one with good QC if I have it in hand. I might buy a TF Duke online ONLY if I intend to keep him mint on card. I'm still waiting to find one at Wally World or Target-- this one'll come out of the package.
  3. Everyone should listen to this guy, he know's what he's talking about. You could just as argue why we're getting a price break on Luke Skywalkers.
  4. Hand that 'scientist' an electric guitar and we'd all swear we'd seen him standing behind Freddie Mercury during an old Queen concert!
  5. Well, with luck, we will get both the VvV version and the original. What, you mean the one who was actually dressed like a scientist? And not just a Victorian S&M enthusist? I'm pretty sure we would have gotten such an important character already if not during the actual 25th A. line-up if the guy only debuted with a better look!
  6. So glad that Cobra's getting their resident Mad Scientist back-- who else is going to head up R & D while Destro and CC are busy with military strategy? The Android Troopers of tomorrow aren't gonna just design themselves, you know! Make's me wonder what kind of Mindbender we're getting, costume-wise. He's had a few different looks and his oldest is really the hardest to take seriously, maybe Hasbro will update his outfit like they initially did for Zartan and Serpentor. Or have they given up on trying to keep Cobra from being silly-looking?
  7. Personally, I can't wait for the Ghost Hawk, with improved "glass" cockpit!
  8. Outback, huh? Guess who's gonna share that new beefy body with Bazooka...
  9. I've read two previews of G.I. Joe #0 on a competing toy news site, and I think my doubts have been addressed, if they can keep the writing quality up. And the art works for me, too-- I can tell Hawk from Duke and clearly follow the story, I don't need it to look like Alex Ross or anything... If you like 80s Marvel or run-of-the-mill Batman stories, you should like Dixon. He's consistent and competent, which is ridiculously rare in main stream comic book writers. To my knowlegde, he's never turned in anything on par with say Miller's work on Dark Knight Returns or Daredevil: Born Again, but who has these days? He's decent, and I like him. And Duke gets plenty of exposure and sounds cool-- not much more I can ask for, really.
  10. Its been said that the Adventure Team sold more from the merits that it had a LOT of imagination behind it, rather than it had ju st been "GIJOE"--other toys of a similar nature ( Big Jim, Action Jackson) also sold well around that time. The only reason GIJOE started out as a military toy is that a military theme was about the easiest way to starkly distinguish a "doll" meant for boys from Barbie dolls meant for girls. If straight adventure had been a more accessible and popular genre ( westerns were the biggest genre going, back then) then the Adventure team material would have been what GIJOE debuted with back in 1994. The military theming made GIJOE topical at the time, but the AT stuff made it perennial. As it was, the AT stuff outsold the military stuff by wide margins--so much so that the AT era is probably more indicative of the 12" scale Joes than the military stuff. I'm not dissing the Adventure Team at all-- flocked hair and beards are awesome, man! I'm just trying to point to Joe history to show that there might be sound reasons for the weird sci fi departure in the new movie. If anybody should take offence it should be that actor playing Duke-boy.
  11. I can't say that I'm totally onboard for a new "darker" comic with a completely rebooted continuity, but I am a fan of Dixon's work. Correction: I just read the previews posted on Newsarama, and to quote Duke: "I'm in"! At least two of these new titles are going to kick keister.
  12. Tom, I can say, with the upmost sincerity, that an actual Modern Era Bullet-Proof patterned after his namesake in COPS w/ trenchcoat and hidden cyborg parts, would be like a Blue Varient Wraith dipped in Chocolate Crack! I would seek out that figure or literally die trying!! To add to all the other great ideas stated above, I think the loonier ARAH subsets like Cesspool and Headman & his Headhunters could become heavy hitters in a Universe line. And if they could imply a connection in the file cards between Cobra La and the monsters from Mega Marines, Star Brigade, and Valor v. Venom, Globulos could become the Joe-equivalent of Unicron! I'd also take an official figure of "Old Snake" from Season 3 of the Transformers, and better yet, a mysterious Disfigured Nobleman from Cobra La on a mission to infiltrate a human Terrorist organization and impersonate its founder years before the same act would be attempted by a CG named Fred VII!
  13. gojira77

    Tan Flint

    I'd buy one! Flint's been tan before*, like a lot of Joes, and IMO it make's sense for a Warrent Officer. *Battle Corps, 1994
  14. I have always thought that the movie producers are just playing it safe by upping the sci-fi factor that was always there in ARAH so that the theatre-going audience wouldn't get too many unpleasant associations with the real war that's going on right now! The 80s line and fun adventure shows like the A-Team, as well as movies like Rambo and The Predator, could get away with a little more military realism because painful memories of 'Nam were more distant in the public consciousness. Remember that the divisions over Vietnam were a major marketing problem for both the Original Joe-- who had to give up his camo bdu's and take up looking for the freaking Yeti!-- and even classic little Army Men. America isn't going through nearly as much turmoil over the Iraq conflict, but I remember when that dimple-faced guy they got playing Duke gave an interview while his anti-millitary movie Stop Gap was coming out. He basically said he'd only take part in the Joe movie because it wasn't real war, but more like "X-men"! So there's your black costumes-- I mean "uniforms", for you.
  15. I still can't understand why people would go out of their way to get those figures-- especially that sucky Flint with the bad hands and poorly painted face. The Tiger Force one is Soooo much better and I'm sure that they'll get around eventually to painting TF Flint's shirt black for the die hards. And SS was available in the 5 packs, for crying-out-loud! IMO it's better to get a good figure than the "right" color shirt, which is why I only have the CP Shipwreck until a truely better one comes along.
  16. I think whenever I try to guess what the next wave line-up is gonna be, Hasbro totally surprises me with a curve ball like the Para-Viper, Wraith, or Matt Trakker, who actually seems to cost the most to make because of all his new parts! @hmmm@ Anyways, we know how the Toy People like to hedge their bets and create the most recognizable characters with the least tooling costs, giving us combinations like Repainted Duke with Back Pack and Flint Head on Cobra Trooper Body. Fine, but this can sometimes work in our favour. What yet unmade heroes or classic looks can be made on the cheap by Hasbro or perhaps that talented customizer? Name the favs from your want lists that could be made from the LEAST amount of new parts, including weapons and web gear. I'll start-- Red-and-Tan Duke: an over-looked classic that would really look nice with the 25th Anniversary approach that captures the essence while turning down the neon! And they could make the guy, gear and all, from completely pre-existent molds: Snake Eyes Torso, TF Flint Arms, Trakker Upper Legs, Stormshadow shins, Trakker Knees & Feet, Roadblock vest (close enough), Spirit Knife, Iron Grenadier gun, Wave 9 Hawk Helmet and possibly Head or else Screaming DVD Duke Head. Heck, you can even throw in the DVD BAT's missile launcher if you wanted, too. OK-- you next!
  17. So please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming that it's general knowledge from all the past Hasbro Q&A's that sometime in the Middle of next year the Modern Era line will phase out to make room on the shelves for a more Movie-centric line with similiar scale and construction, as well as a few Old Skool references thrown in for the fans. OK, then what? After the Movie line has it's customary year-and-a-half-or-so in the sun, the G.I. Joe brand will change course and we'll see if Modern Era comes back in some shape or form, which it most likely will. Well, if you can tell by my avatar, I'm a Transformer fan; as a TF fan I've been through this before with the Classics and now Classics 2.0 in the new TF Universe/ 25th Anniversary Line. The Classic line that I loved so much a couple of years ago is definitely back and as good as ever, but it's also different. Will the revived Modern Era line follow a similar path? I think that it's likely, in some ways. G.I.Joe got the green-light, even in the middle of a contraversial war, in large part because of the mind-blowing success of Michael Bay's Transformers. Yet while the TF Movie and toyline pushed in the direction of more detail and realism for the alien robots, which in turn seems to have rubbed off on the first couple waves of TFU, the Joe movie appears IMO to head in the opposite direction, away from realistic millitary towards sci fi/ fantasy. I don't think it's too hard to understand why, since summer blockbusters are for escapism, and realistic soldiers hunting shadowy terrorists sounds more like what you find on the six o'clock news these days. So really, I have know idea what the new Joes of 2010 might look like! One intriguing thing about TFU though is how characters from every era are represented in the same style and scale, so that you can actual pick up a new Cheetor, Targetmaster Cyclonus, and Armada Hotshot at the same time! A Hasbro Q&A (from a competing news site ) said that we wouldn't get Extreme or Sigma Six guys in the current Modern Era line, but what about after the hiatus? Does this sound like a good idea to you? G.I.Joe has been around longer and seen more reinvention than the Transformers-- are there enough good ideas from the past 45 years to justify a 3 3/4" line dedicated to everything? I can just imagine Mercer in his '91 v.2 outfit hanging out with the Adventure Team (who says they all have to be veterans from the US Armed Forces?), or Lt. Stone and G.I. Joe Colton teaming up to take down Cobra La...
  18. Just saw "Revenge of Cobra" again this week, and though I'm not sold on that Cobra Flint, I'll admit that he's growing on me. Maybe by the time Wave 11 is out, I'll be ready to break down and get him!
  19. As much as I sympathize with those fans out there who do not yet have a 25th A. update of their childhood favorite characters, at least they can look on the bright side that those particular favs weren't in either the initial 5-packs or Wave 1 of the singles. Was there any figure in those first 15 or so , besides maybe Stormshadow, who wasn't screwed up in some way? SE got off easy with a wide crotch and being the wrong color! I'm just amazed at how much the quality of the line has improved over the last year.
  20. She looks great, especially in these pics! WW is as good as bought as soon as I encounter one at retail.
  21. TRU Grunt was pretty bad-- and a store exclusive. They should stick a Grunt in a Comic Pack, since almost his entire Joe resume involved hanging out on the cover for a few years in the little box in the upper left-hand corner. I'd take a Tan Grunt with a hang glider, though.
  22. I've never seen a BAT at retail. If I was more paranoid, I'd just say Hasbro and Ebay made that figure up just to mess with me. Scoff all you like-- it's obvious that you "army builders" are merely in on the plot!
  23. I was just in Wal-mart today, looking for the latest wave of G.I.Joe, and I saw that they currently have a roll-back on all Universe Deluxes to $7.77. This is pretty good timing for me because even if I can't find an Iron-hide while the price remains this low, I still don't have a Prowl. I bought one when they first came out, and his paint job was so bad (literally smudging like fresh paint under my thumb!) that I had to take him back for a refund. I liked the mold a lot though.
  24. I totally agree! Especially because you really need to be ready in my area to get things right when they come out, or you many never find that single carded figure other than on Ebay! I just don't have the cash to pick up two DVD packs and Wave 10 this week, and I'm honestly looking forward to the purple Snake-Eyes.
  25. I would also like to get a new "Battle Corps" Cobra Commander, maybe with a pack-in puppy to kick! But they need to switch out the upper legs on the CG body-- I for one am sick and tired of that holster!
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