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  1. Okay, so I am going to tell a story now.. it's about the first sightings of WAVE 10 at any major retailer.



    So, despite some false reports of Wave 10 being found at Walmart at the hisstank over a month ago, Wave 10 has yet to hit any of the big major retailers. It has been found at a grocery store or two in Texas, and I think one of those odd midwestern department chains, and comic book stores, but NEVER in any of the big stores.... until today, sort of.


    I have been hitting this walmart around the block from me pretty much every night looking for wave 10, and I have been keeping up to day on online reports.. and NADA. Nothing but stupid revisions after stupid revisions.


    So tonight I stroll into Walmart and see that all of the pallets have been gone through by somebody else. They opened up all the action figures boxes, but I didnt' care. I was only looking for Joes. I walk over to the Joe section and see, to my shock and amazement, MUTT and JUNKYARD hanging on the peg! I flip through and immediately find another Mutt and a bunch of revision crap that has been around for weeks. Not another wave 10 figure at all, or even the BATS or Arctic Snake Eyes that are supposedly the extras in the case. I look back on the pallets and there are no empty Joe boxes.


    So how the hell did two Mutts get there? I can't imagine anybody leaving him and taking all the rest of the wave 10 figures, plus the extra crap in there.


    So I go to another Walmart, no sign of any cases. However, they have this giant box that says "GiJoe 3.75" and then it says "1 piece." Im like WTF is this? So I pop it open and its a little end of the aisle display full of revision figures: three each of Flint, Snake Eyes with Timber, Stormy v2, Beachhead, Stalker, Firefly, Snowjob, and Snow Serpent. Essentially, its one of the latest revision case assortments X3. I pass on them and move to the next Walmart hoping for that elusive Wave 10 case.


    The next Walmart has the big display again, but no singles. I see the same thing, the big aisl display of 24 figures but no single cases, at three other stores.


    Until finally, I see it. At my last Walmart, THE CASE... this is what I have been looking for! The case of Wave 10!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!


    The case is labeled "WV6 R3 08"... so thats wave 6 (what they are calling Wave 10), revision 3.


    I have no clue what revision 3 is. I hope that it's an assortment with both versions of wraith and an extra Mutt or something, which would explain why there were extras of him at my local store.


    But what was inside is nothing less than MOTHER FRICKIN AMAZING! (and horrifying) I begin to take out the figures one by one:


    Roadblock v2 ?


    Hisstank Driver ??


    Battle Armor CC ???


    Rock N Roll ????


    Major Bludd ?????


    Snake Eyes v3 ??????


    Python Patrol Officer ???????


    and finally, MUTT ????????


    WTF? WTF?? WTF???



    What the hell kind of assortment is this? How and why did they decide to combine a combination of figures that have been featured in the last three revisions and give them to us AGAIN??? with only one damn new figure???


    and why is Walmart getting REVISION 3?? Not a normal case, not revision 1, not even revision 2... revision THREEEEEEEEE


    So this explains the two Mutts at my local store, it does not explain how the person who makes these decisions can even have the intelligence to drive to work.


    I swear, if I found Wild Bill in that case, I would have drove to Rhode Island just to show the Hasbro execs my face full of tears so they could see what they are doing to me.




    So yeah.. the first sighting of Wave 10 at any big retailer, is just MUTT.. .so if u see a case that says "WV6 R3 08" don't get excited.



    I felt bad for Mutt too.. he heard how excited I was to find the case, and then he saw my face when I opened the box.. poor guy.. He looked as if he let me down because he knew I was dissappointed.. but it wasn't his fault.. he did his job, he made it off the damn boat from China.



    so, for those of you who skipped the story:


    Walmart is getting cases of Wave 6 (wave 10) revision 3:


    Roadblock v2

    Battle Armor CC

    Rock n Roll

    Hisstank Driver

    Snake Eyes v3

    Python Patrol Officer

    Major Blood


    and endcap displays that feature

    3 Flints

    3 Snake Eyes w Timber

    3 Stormshadow v2

    3 Beach Head

    3 Stalker

    3 Snowjob

    3 Snowserpent

    3 Firefly


    I've seen all the revision guys at Wally World except for Black-Shirt Flint and Visor Snake- Eyes-- did you notice any subtle differences on these guys. I don't mean new arms-- we all know that we need to wait for Hall of Heroes for that. I'm talking slight mold changes like narrow crotches or two-peg stands. I picked up a Joe Stormshadow recently and he now comes with the improved Two-peg stand. I bet that a SE v.2 with better articulation would make a nice loose figure in someone's collection! :)

  2. For that price you think they could of remolded the gun to actually fit Primes hand much better


    I allways hated how he couldn't hold it better


    He could never hold the skinny gun that Hasbro gave him later. His original 'fat' riffle, inherited from the Battle Convoy mold, always worked fine for me. New Year's Convoy came with both, so we know that the proper gun mold is still available.

  3. When I watched a featurette about the Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, Alan Burnett had stated that seeing Neal Adams style Batman voiced by Adam West was his Batman. Ever since then, I've always watched what other peoples opinions are on who is their Batman.

    So who is YOUR Batman? Mine will always be Kevin Conroy voiced to Bruce Timm's drawings. From there on, it's just a matter of who I liked over the other.


    1. Kevin Conroy, nuff said.


    2. Christian Bale has very quickly become one of my favorite actors to see in any movie. He plays Bruce Wayne better than anyone. The only reason he is not #1 for me is his Batman voice.


    3. Adam West. He was the original in my book. When you hear that voice, all you can think of is that 60s theme song. He deserves a lot more recognition than he gets now-a-days.


    4. Michael Keaton. Unexpectedly, he showed the balance between Batman and Bruce Wayne. He pulled it off beautifully.


    5. A very distant fifth would be Val Kilmer. He gave it a good effort, but Joel Shoemaker screwed it up.


    Outside of comics, I'd have to agree with you completely, even in your Hierachy of Coolness. But like Calvin and Hobbes, Batman is one of those characters that I'll always like best in his original medium. My favorite Comic Book Batman is the one in DKR and Year One (not to be confused with the crap Frank Miller has inflicted on the fans since then, mind you). And in my head, his voice sounds more like the scary one they used in that old TAS episode with the kids telling stories about Batman where they each cast themselves as Robin.

  4. Great work, I love this figure, but I havnt been able to open up the box yet.


    IMO, you might not want to if you already have the DVD. I think the first set is probably the weakest of the DVD Battle Packs: no new characters or really great repaints. In pack #2, we get a more-or-less definitive Lady Jaye and Classic Destro, with a pretty decent RB if you somehow missed him last year. I also wish that they did a better job of equiping the figures in the first pack with the proper weapons. Irradiated Snake-Eyes should have empty holsters, but Stalker just got screwed!

  5. I love how that toy is irradiated IN THE FACE. That, and he's handling deadly elements with his bare hands.


    Luckily, cancer is one of the many things Snake Eyes can beat.

    Well, in the cartoon, he's so irradiated that he glows all over. Luckily for him there's a deus ex machina blind hermit who knows of an herbal remedy to... um... cure... that. Then in his off-screen time, he goes back out into the snow and anti-climactically finds the radioactive canister that Snake Eyes so dramatically left behind.




    I'm waiting for the action figure.


    "Blind Hermit... Code Name: MacGuffin"


    You know, the funny thing about the Hermit for me isn't that he can CURE both cancer and radiation with leaves that he somehow found in the arctic-- its that he's flippin' Irish! What is Chief O'Hara from the old Batman series doing up in the arctic?! The Russian Orthodox Church has been sending monks up there for centuries (well, the ones that the Commies didn't send to prison camps in Siberia :(...)-- why isn't this mystical old blind dude Russian?


    Anyways, more pics to come, so stay tuned, I guess. I'm going to continue to pack this thing around town, at least until I get laughed at beyond my geeky endurance. I'm 31 and still play with action figures, so I'm the odds on favorite. :) Still can't wait 'till it snows-- all I'll need then is a polar bear!

  6. You know, I have a mint New Year's Special Edition Convoy and am confident that that is the finest version of the mold ever produced, so I can't say that I really have a need for another re-issue. And more importantly, my wife wouldn't think so, either! :) That said, I was really impressed with this new version when I saw it at Wal-mart.


    I think they pulled off the animated colors beautifully while keeping a lot of the old skool coolness with the diecast and especially the chrome (what the 20th A. Movie Prime should have had!). I'm also thrilled by how much better the shoulders look with tampo'd Autobot symbols-- stickers never stayed right over all those darn rivets! Everytime we're in the toy aisle, my son goes straight to that Prime and we're both sucked into flipping up the comic panel and playing with the awesome sound box. I've also noticed that, like the TRU re-issue, the box inserts would easily accommadate longer stacks if someone wanted to add custom ones.


    The only thing keeping me away is the price, which is too much to spend on myself this time of year, no matter how neat the toy is. I had to see for myself, but now I can honestly say that I'd rather have this Optimus over the Encore version. He just has that much more to offer IMHO!

  7. I know it hasn't aged well, but I'd still like to have an air chariot for DVD Serpentor. Mostly so Duke can frag it, and Falcon can stick Serpie's cape into the fan thing again-- as Edna Mode would say, "NO CAPES!!!" I really think the Cobra Emperor wouldn't gotten more respect if he just tooled around a bicycle wearing little spandex shorts, or perhaps a nifty strap for his scaley pant-leg!

  8. Epilogue...




    Wait, so Duke wears lacy panties?


    Ok guys... 'Ha Ha' and enough already. I already went in and edited my second post to add a proper Duke and Scarlett pic, and then offered a new epilogue pic of a redhead model in her underthingies. Don't make me delete that post with the delicates on the unmade sheets-- I was trying to add a touch of romance and that's the best that Google image had. As tough as v1 Duke looks with the more chiseled CP head, you'd think he'd get more slack over his choice of undergarments anyways. :) Oh well, make fun of my badass childhood hero all you want-- he still likely did you favorite Joe's girlfriend. And no, I don't just mean Scarlett! @loll@

  9. I think for my next photo shoot, I'm going to see how many off-the-wall scenes I can do with Radioactive Snake-eyes, perhaps the most under-used figure in my collection. I'll call it "The Further Adventures of Radioactive Snake-Eyes" in honor of the old Toyfare Slide-show strip that tried to do the same with another limited 'action' figure-- Han Solo in Carbonite.


    Neat-o, looking forward to it.


    Are you going to build some sort of set or backdrop?


    Depends on how much time I give myself-- I will definitely take him outside though. I can't wait for the first time it snows!

  10. I think for my next photo shoot, I'm going to see how many off-the-wall scenes I can do with Radioactive Snake-eyes, perhaps the most under-used figure in my collection. I'll call it "The Further Adventures of Radioactive Snake-Eyes" in honor of the old Toyfare Slide-show strip that tried to do the same with another limited 'action' figure-- Han Solo in Carbonite.

  11. You, sir, must be a Sorceror, because that if far beyond the normal realm of awesome. I always liked the Battle Corps Cross-Country, though he was one of my first customs since it didn't take me long to decide to take that darn redneck flag off his back with some nail-polish remover. Honestly, with such an ethnicly diverse team like G.I. Joe, it wouldn't have been long before Mr. Country found himself in a "friendly fire" incident with Stalker. If he was lucky, that is, and Roadblock didn't take the initiative first! @loll@

  12. Alright, alright! :) So much for subtle...


    Here's the Alternate Ending for the Digitally Re-mastered One-Day-Anniversary Collector's Special Edition:





    (Coincidentally, this is how Duke and Scarlett like to play "Tiger Force"...)




    Plus BONUS Deleted Scenes that just didn't work for my specific artistic vision:





    Huh-- I don't quite remember anything like that in the old Sunbow cartoon, but you know, I did have a pretty bad Fruit Loops habit back then and really the whole decade is just a blur!

  13. Hey Goj,


    That was pretty rad! I have to admit though, when I saw the underwear, I thought to myself "Duke wraps up the night by slipping into his favorite lingerie and feeling pretty until morning."




    Well everyone knows that the hallmark of great strory telling is to have an ambiguous ending-- kinda like Bladerunner! :)

  14. That was pretty neat.


    Thanks! One of these days I'd like to do a full-dio on my version of Operation: Dragonfire. It would start as pretty much a shameless rip-off of Apocalypse Now as Destro travels into a deep jungle with a small unit of Iron Grenadier bodyguards in search of Cobra Commander sometime after the fall of Cobra La. Nobody really knows for sure, but some disturbing stories have circulated out of that forsaken area about a powerful new warlord. If the Commander has truely regained his humanoid form, he may now be more beast than man. Destro's guilty conscience compels him further into this Heart of Darkness, but he soon questions his course of action as his bodyguards begin to vanish one by one in the night! And yes, CC will still hiss and even don the new MARS prototype battle armor like in the cartoon.

  15. One of the Commander's elite troopers scales the wall like a hunting python and nimbly leaps to position. He stands there for a moment to take in the jumble of groans and scattered teeth, then politely removes his helmet to flash a cocky smile that Duke swears he's seen before. The guardsman introduces himself as Fred and says he's impressed, even honored to meet the weary soldier. Then the smile recedes to a sharp, deadlier expression. Fred asks him if he's ready, softly adding the word "sir". Duke nods, he's too beat to grin or reply with a stupid wisecrack.

    In the blink of an eye, they're both pushed to the edge. It doesn't last long.





    Duke made it back to the checkpoint, scraped up but alive. When the squad returned to HQ the coffee was ice cold, but he had a note from Scarlett in his breast pocket to keep him warm. She said she'd wait up for him in her quarters and that he'd better not be late this time. At Two in the morning, he knew right then the best way to make the most of his evening.


  16. Cobra's out of ammo, but so is he. They swarm up the railing like ants and fan out around him, their knives glinting in the setting sun. He's killed some of their brothers, and these comrads of darkness won't rest until his blood is spilled across the lonely rooftop. He's tired, he should keep his mind focused. As the murderous cell surrounds him, he fails to restrain one stray thought-- how much he pities the poor bastards!






  17. Pics:








    Gotta say, I like the molded flesh-tone Duke head much better than the painted one that came with Battle Pack Duke. I think people are a little harsh about the Duke head in general (he looks EXACTLY like the old toy), but it can look a little too soft if it's over painted.

  18. I just bought a Wave 4 CP Duke loose off Ebay, and it was like Christmas for all my other Modern Era guys: his M-16, binoculars, throwing knife, and pistol went to poor weaponless DVD Pack Stalker; his head looks much better on my 5-pack Duke, who likewise prefers the two-peg stand; I'm keeping the bandolier for Screaming DVD Duke; aaaand the spare body will surely come in handy down the road. Man, it's like I used all the parts of the buffalo! :) Truely, this is a crappy figure who's greatest potential lies in what he can give unto others!


    Do you have any other figures like that?

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