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  1. Mutt: Really, the best thing for me about this guy is the dog. The thing about the thighs isn't new, but here it just makes his pants look a little puffy. He has some unique elbow joints unlike any I've seen on another Joe, where the elbow flap and upper arm to the shoulder or all one piece, and the swivel is all in the lower arm. The left arm works, but the right one comes off weaker. It appears to be sculpted to favor a hand-on-hip or going-for-the-holster pose which isn't really how an arm looks at rest. Mutt does have a cool Charles Bronson-like face, and his colors and accessories are dead on. Junkyard has to take the prize for Miniature Rottweiler of the Year, though. Despite looking a little odd, Mutt has no real articulation problems and seems fun to play with-- worth busting out of the package and deserves a passing grade. I think I'd have gotten him even if he didn't have such a cool characterization on his filecard and in "The Revenge of Cobra". BTW I wanted to share some pics, but Photobucket is acting really crappy for me-- can anyone suggest another site to host my pics?
  2. And Frank Oz started as a freakin' puppetter-- he's the voice of Miss Piggy for cryin' out loud-- and he's a great live action director! Give the Panda Man a chance...
  3. I just picked up Tiger Force Duke and Mutt from my local Fred Meyer, and I left a Crock Master on the pegs. Fred Meyers are a great place to find Joes, I think in part because like Kohl's they're not the first place your average collector would look. There is still plenty of Waves 7, 8 & 9 on the pegs, so my guess is that Wave 10 will remain more of a trickle until heavier holiday shopping makes some more room. Really guys, I think we should just buy up those peg warmers and stuff them in the Toys for Tots bins-- they're still good toys for kids that don't already have them (or much else). Just a heads up. I've already read reviews on these two, and I'll give my own impressions after I've had a chance to play with them a bit and take some pics. One thing's for sure-- throw away all your other Dukes, Tiger Force is sooooo much better! There is nothing wrong with these new arms, so long as you wait for a figure with good QC.
  4. Sometimes, they do come with gear. Those do at Fred Meyer-- a West Coast Grocery and Retail chain which also carries a range of items that you might find at drug stores like Walgreen's. The Dollar store versions have no gear, but that is a variation.
  5. Destro and "Shockblast" come together-- Stormshadow apparently has a vendetta against some Ninja Turtles!
  6. As crazy as it sounds, I might just get the Joe set, and split the figures with a friend of mine in California. I'd really like a decent Ship Wreck, and that one seems the best so far. I'm sure the Flint and the SE are like a spit in the eye to some people, but I don't mind. I think I still prefer SEv3 and Tiger Force Flint. Hawk's... different, at least. But I just bought a Wave 9 Hawk the other day, so the new one would probably get shipped off. But between these two sets, is it really Hasbro's marketing decision to keep people from getting the DVD packs?! Why the hell would anybody buy a purple Snake Eyes over a black one?! Maybe I could just buy the DVD and the Mass Device part loose... They could keep the cross-eyed Quick Kick.
  7. As crazy as it sounds, I might just get this, and split the figures with a friend of mine in California. I'd really like a decent Ship Wreck, and that one seems the best so far. I'm sure the Flint and the SE are like a spit in the eye to some people, but I don't mind. I think I still prefer SEv3 and Tiger Force Flint. Hawk's... different, at least. But I just bought a Wave 9 Hawk the other day, so the new one would probably get shipped off.
  8. A lot of comments about He-man, both here and over at the 'Org, but what about Beast-Man? We've never had as good a look at him as an actual mass produced toy without touch-ups or airbrushes. There are even comparison photos to give us a much better idea of just how tall he is relative to the standard 1:12 Superhero. What do you think? I am personally more impressed by the orange furball every time I see him-- and I wasn't nearly sold on him in the beginning. BTW I'm really grateful for the two full-page ads in this month's issue of Toyfare Magazine. My wife and I are subscribers and, at last, I have something to show her-- "Honey, I want this."
  9. Wow! Looking again, it seems that GH was joined by Wild Bill, Spirit, Stalker, Hardtop and apparently somebody in Sonic Fighter Law's uniform-- Bullet Proof, maybe? I had no idea that the Joe team was so talented! And, yeah, I was also disappointed about Low-Light...
  10. So you're saying that would it would be a step up then? Your use of musical simile confuses me, because Queen rocks pretty hard, even compared to the Village People. With all due respect to the genius of Freddie Mercury, he still dressed pretty funny. It's often commented that GH was not just the first burly Marine of the Joe team, but also it's resident YMCA afficianado. He's also become quite the Captain Action as Hasbro continues to reuse his head for at least two totally different characters. If only he could switch that hat for a monocle... vs. &
  11. I just hope he's not a store exclusive that's forced to re-use Gung Ho's head yet again-- that would be like going from Village Person to a member of Queen! @loll@
  12. In this month's Toyfare Magazine, a Hasbro rep said that they're still working on how to fit Mindbender into the line before next year's movie. I read the following Q&A on AFI's website: Q3. Is there a good chance we’ll see singles like Alpine, Low-Light, Dr. Mindbender, and Quick Kick? A3. While you will see Alpine, Quick Kick, and Dr. Mindbender in the line, you will not get them single carded. Unless they work him into another unannounced "bonus wave", it looks like Old Purple-pants is going to be sold in some kind of multi-pack, which probably is the best course of action with somebody with his 'third banana' or mid-card status. What do you think? Since I think most people would agree that the best slot for him was the Serpentor DVD pack, and there's no mention of him in the upcoming Cobra Five-pack on BBTS. That pretty much leaves an undisclosed store exclusive or comic pack, I think.
  13. More then for the rest of us, dude! I've been waiting literally 20 years for these figures-- every time I bought a New Adventures or a 200X this is what I always wanted. He-man, minus the Mego-like cheapness of a originals. Thats cool dude...happy for you but it doesnt work for me. The 200X line with unique sculpts was more my style. I have to admit, aside from all the He-men and Skeletors, the 200x figures seemed to get better with every wave, and some like Trap-Jaw, Man-E-Faces, and Buzz-off, I can't see them ever improving! But I was very unimpressed with the whole first wave, except for Skeletor. Putting Missiles on Battle Cat is not an update, though the green tiger itself was pretty cool. If I only get He-man from this new line, I'll be happy. Skeletor and Beast-Man are quite awesome, too. But those three have fairly different sculpts. The Horsemen are gonna have to work pretty hard to sell me the rest of these guys when the line turns into basically paint varients. Faker-- I'm lookin' at you, buddy!
  14. Eeeeh, I see what you're getting at but to compare this to Romitta's art is almost an insult. JRJ is one of my favorite artists by far, this doesn't even come close. Now, what I meant by not even preserving the look of the character is this; because Shipwreck has a beard doesn't mean someone can just draw any old guy in a turtleneck with a beard and say its Shipwreck. From Marvel to Image to Devils Due, when you saw Duke you knew it was Duke even despite minor differences between artists. From Adams to Sale to Lee, Batman is Batman because they always maintain certain aspects of his physical characteristics. This guy's art looks like he drew some random people, stuffed them in some uniforms that loosely resemble what [insert character here] wears and called it a day. No, really I'm just sticking up a fellow artist-- most people can't draw anything and yet they're quick to criticize others. @hmmm@ I'm impressed that you know your stuff, though-- and educated opinion is a very rare thing thses days. I'd like to just point out, though, that while you can always tell who Batman is, the Bruce Waynes of those particular artists (all master pencilers IMO) look nothing like each other! I remember reading Long Halloween for the first time and thinking "This is Wayne?! WTF" It's always harder to make non-costumed characters look distinctive and it usually takes the skill of a master cartoonist to make 10 to 50 guys in Army pants look different enough to tell them apart. BTW Romita's one of my favorites, too. Broke my heart when he left Amazing Spider-man, but atleast back then the book was still readable!
  15. More then for the rest of us, dude! I've been waiting literally 20 years for these figures-- every time I bought a New Adventures or a 200X this is what I always wanted. He-man, minus the Mego-like cheapness of a originals.
  16. You'd look a little red and shiny, too, if you just came of a dusty battlefield on a hot day!
  17. And at last we can see how He-man compares to that other Mattel line... Thanks again to Spymagician for taking so many pics!
  18. Nobody is going to be drawn the same for over 20 years-- look at how many differenty ways Batman's been drawn since Neal Adams got his look perfect! From the face shape and cheekbones, it would appear that Jourdan is also a big fan of John Romitta, Jr., one of the best "action" artists in the business. Nothing wrong with that! It isn't easy getting a gig where you can just draw for a living, and any professional artist deserves some respect at least for all the hard work that got them there. Keep in mind also the the same artist can look completely different depending on the inker used-- which is why well-established guys always pick their inker and work as a team. But if you think you can do better...
  19. Thaks for the link, JayC! A couple of pics from the Tunnel Rat & Stormshadow pack (other than being Asian and parts of Hama's psyche, I'm not really sure why they're packed together either...): No real clues to how Tunnel Rat will look other than he'lll be strongly based on his RAH figure. "Training Stormshadow" seems to be working the samurai angle! You can't really judge a comic book company by the pack-in comics they also produce for a toyline that's meant to be accessible to 5 year olds. Jourdan is clearly a very competent artist who can tell a story with plenty of drama and visual detail. The figures are stylisticly different, but they conveal the appropriate emotion and don't look static. Quality wasn't consistent with the whole run of the old Marvel series, but even the bad art could relate to the good because they were drawing from the same artistic influence, namely Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, and especially the great War comics of yesteryear. New artists seem more likely to draw from manga. without neccessarily catching what made manga good!
  20. Great work! I'm an artist myself but I don't want to post anything untill I'm better at inking my stuff. You're an inspiration!
  21. Those look great. The Duke scuba pack also sort of resembles Wet-Suit's aqua-sled. Good find Goj. Thanks! I hoped it might also have something to do with Wetsuit-- the Joes really need that other SEAL!
  22. The reviewer did say that He-man's face is a little shinny since it's painted while the rest of him is molded in flesh-tone, but it looks like he's using a flash to take the pics (my digital camera does the same automatically with all indoor photos). I just think he looks a little sweaty is all from a long day of hacking through Snakemen and Horde Troopers. Medieval warfare does make one perspire so...
  23. It was already revealed in a Q&A that next year's pack-in comics will be done by IDW, but one of their in-house guys just put up some of his work. Turns out that the CC vs. Scarlett will have an Arctic Theme! Awesome-- what could have been a couple of useless repaints will actually be a loving gift to both cartoon and comics fans! CC was wearing pretty much that jacket when he betrayed Serpentor and lead the Cobras to "sssanctuary"! And now all we need is an Arctic Stalker and Breaker as well as a Quinn to out-smart them! Oh, and Duke fights a shark... poor shark! Duke's ride looks a bit like General Hawk's personal jetpack from the '90s... Compliments of the Site-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named!
  24. I've been waiting for this... Evil Lyn would be the WORST GIRLFRIEND EVER!!! She'd totally trap you with questions like "Does this cape make my butt look big", and boss you around in front of your friends to make you look whipped! She'd throw all your stuff out on the lawn for saying an innocent comment about the Soceress, and them torch it with a fire spell. And you just know that she'd cheat on you with Mer-man because she'd be slutty that way, too. Don't do it, man. Stick to good girls that you can trust like Glimmer! The kind of purple-haired enchantress that you can bring home to your mother... Not really interested in her as a girlfriend....But thanks for the warning!!! Then again, she might not be all bad-- Lyn seems to have a thing for B-movies and Geeky conventions.
  25. I can't really say that the mullet is classic, but the 4 Horsemen did need a do-over on Supes to bring him up from DCSH to DCUC standards! A little taller, and with better colors.
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