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  1. Awesome custom of one of my personal favorite RAH guys! Like Dr. Mindbender, all he ever needed was to get a better uniform and look than how he premiered.
  2. IMO this would make a great dio! All I'd need is a trip to Daiso [Japanesse 'Yen store'], some styrofome and grey paint... and a big order to Marauder's! Anybody know where I can get 1/18 scale bottles of Jack Daniels?
  3. Again, I suggest you don't finish with this shot. How about this? Or - See more shenanigans here: http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?act=f...mp;pid=16511187 All in good fun man. Very Funny! But, yeah, m'boy R.S.E. probably hates you now, too...
  4. Well, those are all great suggestions... Because their personalities are so different, I tend to think of the comic and Sunbow's Scarletts as seperate characters. I still can't FATHOM all the Duke-hate in the world. I think I was 12 when I first encountered a comic fan who hated Duke, and I was left scratching my head as I am now. To each his own, I guess! Great pics by the way, though First Sgt. Hauser wouldn't see it that way. BTW, Duke would like your girlfriend's number!
  5. We should get all the Autobots in Legend scale-- just to make the Classics Seekers feel big!
  6. Ok, here's the scenerio... Galvatron and the entire post-movie Decepticon army want a better place to hang than Char, so they decided to conquer that planet from Voltron, enslave the psuedo-medivel populace, and totally wipe out the cute little space mice. The Volton force goes all "Ride of the Valkyries" on the Sweeps and forms blazing sword on Trypticon, but the Predacons have stayed out of the fray until now, waiting for Razorclaw's signal. So who would win in an epic battle of the mecha-beasts with EVERYTHING on the line? Please give good reasons for your choice!
  7. Daredevil has such low-tec powers, they could make a throughly awesome movie that's every bit as good as TDK with half the budget of Spider-man. They just need a decent script and a director who knows how to make a good movie. Iron Man was perfect-- why not let "Foggy" direct the next one?
  8. I missed out on the Energon combiners because I was pretty much broke that year. Bruticus is awesome and I'd love another shot at him!
  9. Um... that F-15s are bigger than dinosaurs? I think Convoy and Megs are just too big, everyone else is fine!
  10. Dishonorable I remember the last time that my face could smile. You told one of your lousy jokes, the kind that fell flat right at the punch line, and I quipped that you should stick to archery. But like an idiot I laughed anyways. I was captivated by your deep green sapphire eyes. Stalker loses himself in a bottle a little more every day. Nobody's seen Snake for weeks; the General hasn't the heart to list him as AWOL. Sometimes the team asks me how I'm doing. I just say, "We worked together." I feel lost; I let my training take over. Hawk sees right through me, but he only took me aside once, warning me to stop thinking what I was thinking. "Think of your career, Duke, " he tells me. "You'll be court martialed if you even make it back alive." I tell him I know. He isn't put at ease. He says I've always had trouble seeing the big picture, that that's why I never became an officer. The thought crosses my brain that we've had worse international incidents and that the world's still here, but I don't share it. I tell him I'll think about, and he has to let me go. He could throw me in the Brig, but he knows that there's nobody on the base who could keep me there. I don't need much-- an eye for an eye will do. I'm not worried about the dishonorable discharge because I know that I won't be coming back. I left my dog tags behind to make it easier for everyone to disavow my existence. I'll be seeing you soon. I never told you how I felt. I'm really lousy with relationships; the Army's the only one that hasn't gone completely to crap. Until now, I guess. I look down; I'm amazed that your grave looks so small. I close my eyes so that I can see yours once more. I love you, Shana. Two MPs try to sneak up behind me, just doing their job. I vanish in plain sight.
  11. The pictures alone have helped me make up my mind... Now all I have to do is make sure I dress warm enough for January, because I think I'm gonna go stand in line for Trek right freakin' now!
  12. Lock up your women 'cause here comes Cosmos, baby! And Wheelie-- wait, WHAT?! No... It's not truuue... That's IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
  13. I say good for them-- it's hard to make a buck in this hard economy and nobody is forcing people to pay ridiculous prices on toys. In the meantime, I'll take all those worthless, crumby, ruined little toys that have been forever marred by a terrible CREASE on the corner of the package. Really, all those should only be worth, I don't know, maybe 10% of their original value... Seems fair to me.
  14. Did some editing-- final text, more or less, can be found in the post above. Now I've got some painting to do...
  15. IMO his size is PERFECT, but then again I don't think that I'll pay the MP price anyways and instead wait for Hasbro to bring him over. Universe Grimlock, come to poppa!
  16. "My Dearest Anastasia, It grieves me to think that I might have to leave you tonight. My one regret is that I may never have the chance to say good-bye. Rest assured, I am not afraid of death, but as a true Destro I understand in my being that there is no profit in war or business without great risk. Yet as I look into the eyes of the creature before me, I hope that my courage can last until the end! ...As a child in Scotland, my father would regale me with tales of dragons. Similar stories exist in all cultures, and may go back to the Dawn of Time. In ancient Mesopotamia they believed that the world began with the mortal struggle between two Cosmic Beasts. The Storm Dragon gained the upper hand over the Dragon of the Deep, and with his powerful claws he rended her great carcass and fashioned the Heavens and the Earth out of her flesh. From her blood he forged Mankind as a Race of Slaves to do his bidding. The Babylonians would re-tell this grisly genesis every year at the royal festival of the Renewal of All Things. The dragon was sacred throughout the Ancient World, but until now I have never taken its actual existence seriously... His piercing stare bores into me. I would say that his dark eyes were mocking me if only they had the slightest trace of human mirth. He wears the stolen M.A.R.S. prototype armor with all the pomp of an Oriental despot, and I am honestly relieved that I am spared the sight of his face or his ever-changing Chimeric form! I remember your plaintive warnings that the man I knew could not have survived what Globulus and his hive of zealots had done to him. I remember how all we could find were traces of his blood amidst the rubble, and how I wondered if he limped out of the Himalayan mountains like man or if he crawled on his belly and licked the dust as a serpent. He questions me with a hateful whisper. His voice is hard and sharp like obsidian; his characteristic lisp has metamorphosed into a more animalistic sound like the rattle of a snake posed to strike. I do not know why, but I think about our days as business partners, half recalling a teleportation machine that only worked part of the time. I greatly respected his clever, devious mind, if not his courage. In a way, he may have been my closest friend. But he is more Beast than Man now, the Beast of the Apocalypse. I have always treasured your fierce pride, my darling, but if I fail, then the fate of the world will be up to you. You must seek out an alliance with that old fool Abernathy, with his blunt instruments Hauser and the Dark One. Only together will you stand a chance against this new Cobra Commander! If I do not make the night, I doubt that my remains will ever be recovered. Nevertheless, I trust that, if there is any way, you will take my mask and lay it to rest in the crypt of my family’s ancestral home. My love for you is everlasting. Your servant, James McCullen"
  17. The CP Wave 4 Duke has a great head and a much more reasonably sized M-16, but his head doesn't look right on that body, his wrinkly hands look even worse than Stalkers', and Duke was never a member of the O13 anyways. I just use the better head and gear with my Battle Pack Duke, creating a more iconic Super-Duke who can actually hold his gun with both hands. Jet Pack Duke has a cleaner paint application to his face, sharper colors, and gear that makes sense that he actually used more than once in the cartoon. He has the accessory hole in his back and also a slight mod to his crotch to allow more movement. The lighter shirt is probably there to help him stand out from the Wave 4/ Battle Pack version, but it also gives more contrast and provides a better background to his flag patch. He's been raved about as the "All-American Duke" in two reviews (here and here) on three fansites where the reviewers admitted that they were initially resistant but simply won over by the figure's coolness and charm. We may love to hate, but I personally don't think we as fans would have been too put out if this version was the only Duke we received in the 25th A. line.
  18. I just don't tend to see SE as that urban, you know? I guess I'll always prefer him creeping up behind sentry guards in the woods at night with a big knife in his hands-- run of the mill commando stuff!
  19. I just got an idea for my next dio story-- I only hope that I can have it ready in time for Halloween!
  20. As much as he looks great on a bike, I just don't see S.E. as a fancy motorcycle kinda guy. That's more a Firefly or Zartan thing, or two identical bikes for the Twin CG Commanders-- that would be cool! No, IMO SE would be just as happy in an old jeep, or possibly a Harley, but more likely something he could take off road. And, you know, sneak up on people to kill them-- that kinda thing.
  21. That is some excellent insight to a period of writers that literally changed comics forever. Great post. I actually learned something from it. thanks!
  22. I think the Watchmen is a great book and a must read for people who love comic books, even those who aren't that big into super-heroes. IMO The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a better book, but nothing else of Alan Moore's work has had a bigger impact on the comics industry. In the 80s, Moore's name is tossed around with Frank Miller's as the guys who re-invented mainstream comics. While neither has the creative legacy of Will Eisner, who is without question the Father of All Comics as We Know Them Today, Miller and Moore are more responsibile for the current tone in mainstream comics then any living writer or artist-- and they are totally different! Moore is a better, more imaginative writer, while Miller (the artistic heir of Eisner) better understands the visual potential in comics or 'sequential art'. But the differences go deeper than that-- at the philosophical level, Miller BELIEVES in heroes, while Moore does not! Even in the darkest corner of Sin City's depravity, where a main character like Marv can laugh maniacally while chasing people with an axe-- there is no doubt that the writer believes in heroes. They may not be as spit 'n polished as Super-man, but Marv, Matt Murdock, and Leonidas are all true heroes-- good guys who face down absolute evil. Only in Miller's world, the heroes never get the parade or the girl; rather than kvetch [Yiddesh: complain like a wuss] like Peter Parker, they find peace and strength in the tragedy that befalls them for chosing the right path. Moore, however, has no heroes or villains and his characters sometimes get lost in the grey areas. Good, for him, does not triumpth over evil. These two men are the yin and yang of the modern super-hero, going deeper than Lee and Kirby in analysing what, if anything, if means to be a hero. To paraphrase a familiar Batman saying, I believe in Frank Miller, because I believe in heroes even in a world as grey as ours. But I respect that Alan Moore has his place. I've once joked that both of these mad geniuses slepted chained up in cages, only Moore liked it there! (as you can see-- I'm a Miller guy!) The truth is that both writers are creative enough to bring the cage into the silliest and most fantastic of pulp genres, the super-hero, but each reacts differently to it with respect to their personal philosophy and worldview. Whether or not this world can be saved, Miller believes that a true hero fights on anyways. For Moore, it isn't that simple.
  23. I don't think that all peg-warmers are neccessarily bad figures-- sometimes it's just a weird distribution issue. Currently, my Target and Wal-mart, as well as local department store Fred Meyer, are just glutted with great figures like the Tomax and Xamot, Tiger Force Flint, General Hawk, and Bazooka. I've even encountered clusters of unwanted Snow Serpents and All-Black Snake-Eyes'! Now, of course, the BATS are still crazy scarce, but really I don't think it's fair to say that only crappy figures clog the pegs. Really, would Hasbro make that many bad figures if they didn't think they could sell? (Please don't counter with the Idiana Jones line-- IMO those toys were doomed for other reasons, including production issues that made most of the Raiders Indy's look like cross-eyed, drunken vagabonds!). I think Jet Pack Duke is a prime example-- not a bad figure in the least, and arguably the best Duke in the whole line (many respectable review sites would agree!). We just got waaaaaaaay too many of them, and too soon after most people bought either the Battle Pack or Wave 4. The man was competing with himself for peg space! Now with TF Flint, if you don't like that figure I just DARE you to take one out of the package and play with it-- you'll see that the toy literally radiates with awesomeness. But go ckeck out the G.I. Joe section at Wal-mart these days and you'll find so many of these gems you'll think it's a regular synthoid conspiracy. What do you think-- do I have a point or am I off my meds again? (Could be-- it is Wednesday after all... ).
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