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  1. How some fans think the 2007 movie should have looked... Yep-- that's Prime with an actual mouth!
  2. Two links, first a blog found here at a site called Geektarded about Norem's illustrations for a G.I. Joe Big Looker Book. And then an exclusive interview here at Seibertron.con with the artist himself. Plenty of great memories.
  3. What really impresses me is that an artist can do an excellent job painting both He-Man and Conan, and yet make them look so different. You can really tell which one is the superhero and which is the morally abiguous adventurer. I'm also blown away by any WWII veteran who knows who Omega Red is! Thanks, Eric, for posting more pictures. I think it would be great to get pics or at least links representing his wide range of work. The fan site only seems to be working for the He-Man and Conan stuff at the moment. I'd love to see more of Norem's painted comic covers and to see if I can recognise more of his toy package work from my childhood.
  4. I can only speak for myself, but I assume that it was the above statement that stirred up such a response. I agree with you that Mattel needs to continue to improve the QC of their oversees production, not only for the items sold in brick-and-mortar retailers, but especially those sold sight-unseen from a website so closely connected to their company. Of course, Mattel isn't the only toy company that has let shoddy QC make it outside the factory-- I have a few Modern Era G.I.Joe's that can attest to that, even a couple TakaraTomy Transformers (which was unheard of not so long ago). You can not do business in the current economy without a certain level of customer confidence in your brand. But there are also many of us out there who are still excited about the new MOTU Classics line and want it to succeed. The fans here are in part just sticking up for a potentially great line that has already faced a lot of knee-jerk negative criticism. I personally think though that we can still remain civil with each other even if we disagree. As for their return policy, I'm in the same boat as you and I think my He-Man might look even worse, but I understand that I lot of people try to return things impulsively or fraudulently all the time. There should be a middle-ground where the company isn't exposed to too much unnecessary expense which would have to be passed along to other consumers. If someone wants to return an item, or exchange it for a silly reason, they should at least pay the shipping. You should stick up for yourself-- Mattel expects you to-- but please don't condemn the line for the rest of us.
  5. These things happen... I'm returning my He-Man for an exchange as soon as I receive the return labels Mattycollector is sending me, and I don't think that I got the same deal on shipping. I suppose your other option would have been to sell your figure on Ebay to recoup some of the cost, especially if you waited for He-Man to sell-out on Matty. I was very happy with how Customer Service helped me and will most likely return to make another order in January.
  6. From the fan site earlnorem.com: "Since 1950, Earl Norem has painted hundreds of memorable covers for novels, gaming books, trading cards, and Marvel Comics, bringing a fine-art style to such projeects as a SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, SPIDER-MAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, WIZARDS & WARRIORS, PLANET OF THE APES, MARS ATTACKS, TRANSFORMERS, MONSTERS NLEASHED, THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, and HULK. Over his five-decade career following decorated service in World War II, Norem has produced illustrations for magazines such as READERS DIGEST, FIELD AND STREAT, SKI, REAL WEST and DISCOVER, as well as movie posters for Conforte Graphics, package designs and artworld for Mego Toys, Mattel, and Hasbro, and even two New York Yankee program covers!" Check out more here.
  7. From a blog called '80s Actual (80sactual.blogspot.com), these pages are out of a Bristish mail-order catalogue from 1984. Now the years '83-'86 are represented along with a little international flavor.
  8. From a J.C. Penny Catalogue from 1976 Big Jim and his cooky adversary Zorak each have a face-switching ability like Man-E-Faces. What I wouldn't give to have my own "Lazervette"-- let's see the DOL license that! Jim also looks a bit like He-Man, especially with his grim-determination face.
  9. I did really like the live action movie in '87, though it seems not enough to buy the toys! I think part of the appeal to me of New Adventures Skeletor is that he reminded me of the one in the movie. Of Course, even at 10 years old I wished that they got a better actor than Drago to play He-Man.
  10. I still had my mom pick up the occassional MOTU guy in '86 and '87, or I got one myself with my allowance, but I had other collections going by then. He-Man had to share the spot-light, but I never, ever out-grew him. I remember being really excited about the New Adventures line, and my best friend and I picked up every figure we could get. Only the third He-Man, with the transluscent green gear, felt like He-man to me, but the creepy Skeletors were all cool and I liked Flip-Shot and Capt. Hydron. I was so devoted to He-Man that I totally missed out on G.I. Joe's glory days-- all my figures were purchased well after '87, besides the few I got at a garage sale. Transformers were too expensive and heart-breakingly fragile for me to get into those until G2, where they started to have the articulation to pull of some off those anime moves from their cartoon. Really, I think the only time I wasn't there for He-Man was when he tried a come-back in 2002. I was fresh out of college and very short on spending cash. The first wave didn't do much for me, but I still wish to this day that I bought that Buzz-Off! In '86/87, I got Flying Fists He-Man and Terror Claws Skeletor. Skeletor was epically cool, despite the hot-pink sports bra and sharing a motiff with Catra, but "Alternative Energy Green-Power He-Man" was in no ways an improvement to the glory of Thunder-Punch Heman-- He didn't even have a sword. I also picked up a Faker at last, but the '87s lacked that "wow" factor to me. '85 was always the pinacle of MOTU's might and greatness, with Battle Bones and the Evil Horde! If I find the "collect them all" poster from '85 I'll post it here-- it had Teela listed as "Special Friend of He-Man" or something instead of Warrior Goddess. We were kids back then... what wasn't Mattel telling us about how He-Man and Teela spent their time in that apartment they rented together?!
  11. I will also most likely pick up the Marvel Universe Spider-Man because of all the great memories I have of my Secret Wars Spidey. Since Mr. Parker is not impervious to bullets and has a problem with authority, I think he and the Joes will be keeping their distance. I only like cross-overs if they make some sense to me. I also keep my eyes open for new releases of Jakks WWE Build 'N Brawl figures with the hope that they'll slip in some classic wrestlers such as a certain bullet-headed Marine drill sergeant...
  12. Same thing happened in the late '70s/ early '80s with the last oil crisis-- Big figures tend to have a greater wow factor by themselves, but the smaller size makes it more pratical and economical to build armies and have to-scale vehicles. With a universe as expansive as Marvel's and the leaps and bounds that Hasbro has improved over the modern Star Wars line, now's really a perfect time to get smaller.
  13. Christmas, 1986 You could really tell that it was twillight for the legendary MOTU line just by flipping through all the other Action Figure offerings, none of which were invulnerable to the success of the NES. I think this was the first Christmas since '83 that I didn't have any Masters under the tree. Somehow, I had forgiven Hasbro enough for murdering Optimus Prime to ask for some really cool Transformers and I'd have been a fool to pass up on the Centurians. If I only still had that Ace McLeod... But if you're gonna go out, there's no better way than with that monster playset. Screw you, G.I. Joe, King Randor's got a mystic monorail! And I would so buy a MOTUC Horde Trooper-- get sculpting, Horsemen!
  14. Nope, sorry-- can't help you there. And neither can the archives at He-Man.org. Maybe it was part of a Halloween Costume?
  15. I like the idea of Hasbro making Marvel heroes in the 3 3/4" scale. G.I.Joe started out as a Marvel Comic and really shared a lot of themes with that Universe from the realism and complex villains of the comic to even the the fantastical elements of the cartoon (where radiation poisoning isn't always fatal!). Though they never got to mingle in the '80s, I'd love to toss some of the less powerful Marvel characters-- like Captain America, Winter Soldier, Punisher, Nick Fury, and the Hand-- in with Hawk, Duke, and Snake-Eyes. It would be like a great family reunion! Thor and Doc Strange would be a little 'out there', however, even by Cobra La standards... I'm actually happier keeping my DC characters in the 6" scale though-- perfect to interact with DC Comics alum He-Man (DC introduced Prince Adam as well as Teela's relationship with the Sorceress) and the new Masters of the Universe Classics!
  16. Ya, that makes sense. Good suggestion. That's what I always did to tighten knee-joints. I also just kept broken and other-wise lame figures in a parts bin with a phillips-head screw driver so that my good figures had a supply of donor o-rings, rustless screws, and hip hangers. Nothing I could ever do for broken thumbs, crotches, or-- in the case of '89 Snake-Eyes-- exploding chests. Man, ABS plastic could be brittle sometimes...
  17. Grayskull never looked better-- these catalogues had the best dioramas (I still remember Duke belly-crawling on the G.I.Joe Bridge-layer in the '84 Wishbook!) and truly great photographers. I think that 1985 was MOTU's best year ever product-wise, even though by then it had huge competition from G.I.Joe, Transformers, and Voltron and was no longer the king of the toy aisle.
  18. Man, is it good to hear a voice of reason! After all the hoopla these past few weeks, from the release of these two figures, it is reassuring to know there are guys out there like you! I think the worst part about your situation is that so many "bad" customers have inundated the phone lines at Mattel. The worst being people who were calling the first week wondering where their figures were. I think that was Mattel's main miscalculation - there aren't as many "experienced" web shoppers as they thought. I have been buying most of my toys online for 2-3 years. I don't think I have ever been stiffed, but I do remember being really freaked out in the begining. Mostly the "will I get it, or won't I," and the waiting. Thats the thing that suprised me the most. People were expecting stuff so quick. I have to wonder if payment method had something to do with the speed of proccessing though, as I have placed two orders in the time it took for some to even get an e-confirmation. Thanks. Honestly, I'd have been happy if they just mailed my He-Man a new harness, but in the end this will be better for everyone. We gave them the serial number from the bottom of the box, so hopefully this He-Man won't bother anyone else with his sloppy paint and brazen attitude. It's funny-- many people in Eastern Europe celebrate Christmas 13 days later than the West. If my new He-Man doesn't make it in time, my wife and I have agreed that Eternians just observe the Julian Calender instead. Crown Prince Adam Randorov!
  19. Over at Runrunhero.com it looks like Classic Yellow and Brown costume Wolvie are opting out of the regular Marvel Universe line to be in the Wolvie Movie line, which would be the second time we got comic-book likenesses in an X-Men movie line. I wasn't that interested in the black and silver Wolverine, but I'd take a brown one. I think a Civies Logan, or better yet Combat Flash-back, would fit in nicely with the Joes.
  20. Soooo beautiful-- great late-'80s cheesy goodness! Except for Wild Bill... What, no Tiger Force Wild Weasel AKA SkyStriker? Good thing I have that Pilot Scarlett.
  21. Thanks to wishbookweb.com-- Here's Big Jim back in his day!
  22. I got tipped off to this awesome website of old catalogues (going back to the '40s and touching every great era of toys along the way) from someone in the G.I.Joe forumn. I remember getting these catalogues in September and just pouring through them as a kid. That is how I felt when my wife got me a MOTU Classic He-Man. Check out WishBookWeb here and be prepared to lose an afternoon.
  23. Thanks for the sympathy, guys-- I really do appreciate it. I thought of posting pics, but I got the sense that mine was an isolated incident and not indicative of the quality others have been getting. The Customer Service person was so helpful, too, that I didn't want to give the line any unneccessary "bad press" with a crumby pic floating around in cyberspace. Yeah, it looks like one of those messed up DCUC figures that people pass over and leave on the peg. This has become so common with lines like DCUC and 25th Anniversary G.I.Joe that it takes a great deal of trust for me to buy a figure sight-unseen on the web. Right now, I'm still trying to give Mattycollector the benefit of the doubt that this won't be a frequent occurence with their exclusives. I would encourage anybody in my situation to, after the neccessary bout of convulsive swearing, calmly call the customer service line. If the first person is helpful (mine wasn't), just wait a minute and call again. It was the rep's (that is the second one's) first day and she did a fantastic job.
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