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  1. If they went for the blue one-- Voltron would be toast, otherwise Predaking might want to reconsider and just fly off! Though, due to size-shifting, I think the Lions might actually be bigger than the Preds.
  2. Everyone complained about Flint's gloves but nobody ever said a word about the arms on this guy. This is my favorite SS and I wish they'd make a corrected version. They're fixing the arms for Wave 12-- then painting him teal and calling him the Ninja Viper! Dude, that's just cold...
  3. Says the guy with Pretty-boy Hayden* Christensen in his signature-- now there's a DARK LORD of the SITH for ya! @loll@ *also the name of the actress who plays that Cheerleader on Heroes, but I think she at least spells it different! Let's not get silly now. We both know Vader is 100 times cooler than Duke, no matter what pair of black panties Duke might be wearing. And even though Vader's younger counterpart was played by a pretty-boy (and it's Hayden Panettiere btw...damn she's hot), it doesn't change the fact that this Duke sucks balls compared to 99% of the stuff we've got from the 25th Anniversary line. On that note, I leave you with this: Speaking of sigs...I guess it's about time I changed my Civil War sig. I'll see what I can come up with... Glad your not pissed-- I've been a little gun shy since I made Viper Hunter go postal this summer! But a correction is due: I was not comparing a grining 80s cartoon character to one of the Great Movie Villains of All Time. That would be silly. No, I was just implying that any girl scout with a hernia could still kick the ass of the talentless Ken-doll that Lucas got to play his last sniveling Skywalker( "Oh my, life is unbearable, I can't enjoy being a Galactic Super-Ninja who has lots of Secret Nookie with Natalie Portman, all I want is my Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!"). Duke's articulation is easily a hundred times better than that guy's wooden acting. At least Duke is almost convincing at sitting down or riding a bike!
  4. Says the guy with Pretty-boy Hayden* Christensen in his signature-- now there's a DARK LORD of the SITH for ya! @loll@ *also the name of the actress who plays that Cheerleader on Heroes, but I think she at least spells it different!
  5. I don't know, when CC wasn't played for laughs, he had his moments, too. I think the whole Cobra La angle gave him a lot of depth and motivation. Disgraced scientist gets a second chance, but if he screws up... Pythona does a house call! Hama's CC can come off like a bafoon sometimes, too, but he had his moments of acting like a real person when dealing with his son Billy.
  6. When I was a kid which is when the headquarters was available I found $80. I went on a Joe shopping spree buying anywhere from 10-20 figures and I bought the headquarters as well. I was just relaying this story to someone and I started wondering roughly how many Joe's I could have bought after purchasing the headquarters. I checked yojoe.com but they don't have an original price for the headquarters. I ended up returning the headquarters after trying to assemble it. To my memory, at that age it was somewhat challenging for me to put it together and I think something broke during the process. At that time I was disappointed with the toy but I'd buy one today if re-released. Sucks how playsets get the shaft so much. I was a kid when the headquarters was available, and no way it was 80, absolutely not even close. I think you're misunderstanding what he said... He's saying that when he was a kid, he found $80 and spent it on the Headquarters and individual figures. He couldn't remember how many figures he bought, so was wondering what the price of the Headquarters was back in the day, so he could figure out how many individual figures he bought with the $80. I betcha it was drug money, yo! @hmmm@ And Ren, for that link-- you're totally my hero! Is there a database of US catalogues out there?
  7. gojira77

    Holy Crap!

    Did somebody at Hasbro start listening to the fans? Ok, maybe it's a little late, but check out the recent official pics of the Wave 12 Trooper from Cool Toy Review. The Canadian variant isn't too unusual, but check out the black mask on the American version: The first pics of Ninja Viper were white like a Stormshadow-- could this be another revision? Could we finally be getting the first Cobra Battle Pack Trooper single on card?
  8. 2 words: Seek Therapy. Your Duke obsession is unhealthy. @smilepunch@ Eh-- it gives me a break from collecting Optimus Primes or army building Jedi Luke Skywalkers... Somebody's got to remember corny old Hauser-- especially with his dead-beat dad Larry bashing him all the time!
  9. Following the File card you could almost call this "Neutral Stormshadow", though it did have the Joe colors in the bottom corner. I think we haven't gotten a full-time Joe SS yet for the 25th/MA line, which would be Ninja Force. I rarely read the comic book as a kid and wasn't that well versed on the Hama-verse, but I always liked Stormy as a good-guy. I like the idea of "redemption" in the otherwise black-and-white world of superheroes, and SS was the ONLY Cobra on the cartoon who wasn't a total a-hole. He actually let Spirit have the WD part in Revenge of Cobra because he thought the tracker was such a swell guy. Other than what was hinted on the cards, I new nothing about the history between SE and Tommy. I just thought Stormshadow could do better than hang out with a bunch of jerks who would sell out their grandmother if the price was right! YO JOE!
  10. I might score one loose (and therefore cheap) off Ebay for one reason: his head has yellow hair and is molded in flesh-tone plastic. It's not painted, so it'll have the harder look of CP Duke and TF Flint, plus the yellow hair is 'toon friendly. So when I get that DVD Jump Duke I'll have another option beside the screaming head. For when Toon Duke would prefer to use his "inside voice"...
  11. Better order those pots and pans now from Marauder, Inc-- the Trooper's the Cobra Cook! At last Roadblock's bitterest rival has been revealed!
  12. No, it's my own custom "Super-Duke", using the body from the Joe 5-Pack and the head of the Wave 4 CP Duke (who came w/ Red Star). Just like Flint, the Duke head looks completely different w/o that thick layer of flesh-tone paint (its also a little smaller). A painted Duke comes off more baby-faced, but with the CP head you can really see the sculpter's original intention. He still has a more oval toy-based face than a square-jawed 'toon one, but the expression is harder and more stern. CP Duke also had a more reasonably sized M-16 that regular Duke harms can hold just fine! The slight mod has turned my mild-mannered 5-pack Duke into a whole other character.
  13. I'll be building the dio around this... CC loves his new throne, but C3PO isn't very amused.
  14. I don't think that Hasbro originally intended these guys to co-exist. The Trooper, or "Cobra" as he was originally called, did pretty much everything. Later, two new branches were added to the Imperial Army: the Eels or Navy (with subsets like the Snow Serpents), and the CGs which functioned like the KGB. Afterwords, taking a cue from the Tele-viper, they revamped the Cobra Army so that you'd have a basic Viper "at the bottom" of the pyramid, with various specialized subsets with there own modifier-- Strato-, Motor-, Toxo-, Astro... There is a hint in the Viper file card of other places to start in Cobra, but not "if you want to go anywhere" in the organization. Poor Trooper went from a jack-of-all trades to a career dead-end! What's interesting to me is that Hasbro actually sold Troopers and Vipers together once before, in 1989 as part of the contraversial Python Patrol. The Viper card is pretty much the same, only now he's an "Assault Viper" with special stealth abilities (most have been all the read and yellow! ). But the Trooper card, which like all the '82s was a little skimpy to begin with, has been rewritten to differentiate him from the Viper. Check it out:
  15. The direction was over-the-top and silly-- bordering on Adam West! Daredevil's costume wasn't that bad, but nobody else wore one (Electra looked like she bought her outfit off the rack), so he looked like someone with a leather fetish. Comeon-- either everybody gets a costume or nobody so that the hero doesn't look like the fruitiest thing in the night! Casting was AWEFUL. The only reason that Garner is there is because she was an attractive b-list star already-- if she's a Greek sociapath, than I'm Egyptian! And while they got a great actor to play the Kingpin-- they cast him in the wrong movie. Ever seen any gangster movies? There is no Affirmative Action in Organized Crime! They blew all their budget on a "ghost-vision" gimmick, when they could have used a different lens and saved the money for the script, which had too much going on and yet went nowhere. Remember those superhero TV movies from the early 90s? That's exactly what it reminded me of, and you can't follow up genuinely good comic book movies with one that felt like it was reheated in the microwave and served up with contempt. Shall I continue...?
  16. If you haven't had one of these custom riffles in your hands before I strongly suggest that you try these guys out. The AK-47 is truly a dollar well spent (wow, they're even cheap in toy form-- go figure!). The accessories are made of harder, more substantial plastic, and I swear, if you set Marauder riffles next to Hasbro made 25th A. ones, you would mistake the official ones for the customs! Though, the best thing about using harder plastic weapons in the soft Modern Era hands is that you get a "Kung Fu Grip" effect like with the old Adventure Team guys. Right On!!
  17. Thanks for pointing out Kenobi-- I didn't bother to click the next page, just assuming it was another MacGregor! That Ben with li'l Leia is SWEEEET! He shall be so acquired!
  18. They sure do look better, with the exception of Captain America. Any idea where I could find these guys without paying a fortune? And how were the ladies-- were they ok or did they fall apart like my wife's Doom?
  19. I'd like to recommend a comic book to you... It's called "All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder". You might just rethink that last statement afterwards.
  20. I think the eternal debate has ended, thanks to some outside help... Look's like somebody went to Marauder, Inc.!
  21. The only SHS guy I bought was Dr. Doom for my wife (He's AWESOME in Twisted Toyfare Theatre), and his arms pretty much popped off at their own volition. That discouraged me from getting others, even though some like Wolvie, Spidey, and the Torch looked really good. Now Hasbro's about to roll out a new line of 1/18th Marvel characters based on the ML articulation points and I'd really like to have my favorites at that size. Some of the Fury Files figures, like Ultimate Cap look great in preview pics, but others haven't convinced me. Should I mix and match the two lines, or were none of the Showdown figures worth the effort?
  22. I still don't know whether to paint my Jedi Luke's hand black or just get that one, too. I wish they had interchangeable hands, but if they did that Hasbro'd be pretty much out of the Jedi Luke selling business. The REALLY out-did themselves last time with the S.A. one with the bone!
  23. Is there ANY way we could just buy the voice box-- please?! My son and I both love that thing! It's like as if the G2 Prime sounded anything like the real Optimus.
  24. I think the "GoLion" Voltron certainly could win, he's crazy powerful and his pilots are well skilled-- especially the space explorers (sorry, Princess). But because the pilots are not directly linked to the robots nervous system, they can't really consider the lions as an extension of themselves. I think they'd play it pretty conservative and take a lot of damage if they weren't properly motivated by something like the imminent destruction of planent Arus (thank you). I'm afraid that the Predacons' killer instinct might decide the battle. Even Autobots can be pretty ruthless if pushed hard enough, but for them it's more than just a battle between mere machines. It's life and death!
  25. I don't hate Duke in any way, shape, or form, I'm just having some fun. I meant for the pics to be very light-hearted. No problem! Great pics by the way.
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