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  1. I can't believe that they made more of Beast Man than Skeletor. It's like they intentionally short packed him-- there must have been some arcane production reason why Skeletor didn't get the number two spot in the first place! I don't think we can do much more than speculate until this weekend, when Mattel makes whatever disclosures that they are ready to make. At least the people at NYCC can remind them if they dance around our questions. Considering that Stratos becomes available a week after the 'con, it will be interesting to see if his sales are impacted at all by the Mattel presentation.
  2. I'd love to see any of those figures redone for MOTUC. Optikk would be cool, too. It would also be great if they referenced the mini-comics art as well, even though He-Man never looked the same twice in those four books. My vote would go for the slicked back hair and widow's peak he had in the first book, right after he fused the past and future and blew up Skeletor.
  3. I still watch and enjoy the old G1 cartoons-- by far my favorite Transformers series. I know it's not perfect, and there seem to be times that the creative staff aren't sure where to go, but it was ground-breaking then and still holds up better than a lot of the TV shows I watched as a kid. For a while, I actually considered the third season my favorite, especially after it ends with the Return of Optimus Prime. I liked the darker tone and the deeper exploration of the core characters and mythology-- you could see that they brought in writers from G.I.Joe here and that they really pushed to have a core cast (something that helped Beast Wars a lot). But it was also a little out there, losing the strengths of the first season. I now like the second season best because it combines what I like most about the other two: the great characters, focus on earth and "robots in disguise" of the first, and the darker, experimental writing of the third. The second season seems to have fewer annoying animation errors as well. The animated movie will always have a special place in my heart as well. When my wife and I were first dating, I made her watch that silly video until she learned to appreciate it. It wasn't intentional torture, or anything-- it just worked out that that was the movie I was in the mood to see after we watched one of her chick flicks. Like lox and bagels, comfort food. She later bought me an Armada Unicron and even a 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime. We had "You got the Touch" at our wedding and today she is honestly excited about Revenge of the Fallen (chicks dig the Bay movies).
  4. Pics on the box show that the blast shields on his face fold back. This looks really cool to me and I'm glad that he comes with a driver-- something I wish that the Alternators did. Does this mean that Shia gets to hit on all those Anime girls from Kiss Play?
  5. I had a lot of those "New Adventures" He-Man figures, and while I passed on the He-Man with the pony tail and the weird pectoral swivel joint (the inspiration for his 'toon appearance), I always liked the third He-Man best. He really looked like a MOTU figure with better articulation and looked huge next to the slimmer NA guys. All three Skeletors were cool figures in their own right, but the third one got the "prize" for evilest appearance. Stay away from Dark Magic and Home Cybernetic Replacements, kids! It'll really mess up your Jerry Curl!
  6. Far be it from me to symphathize with scalpers, but shouldn't Mattel have told people who bought 10 each of He-Man, Beast-Man, and Skeletor that they wouldn't even be able to make cost if they tried to sell some of them at two of the largest geek conventions out there? Weren't these supposed to be "internet exclusives", yet Mattel needs hundreds to sell, likely at the same price, at their information boothes? I know that there are plenty of people out there who'd rather buy a mass-produced figure on sight from a local comic shop's convention booth. That way you know if the paint job is botched or if the figure has the wrong legs, and the vendor gets a little for his service. I'll likely be buying Skeletor from some Ebay scalper if I don't read something about a second run from the NYCC news feeds.
  7. I'd love to see Ram-Man sooner, based on his card art and early mini-comic appearance, but Toyguru already named him as an example (in a He-Man.org Q & A) of one of those "100% Tool" figures that don't share parts and will likely pop-up in following years. I'd love to see a 4 Horsemen interpretation of him as a tall, hulking character rather than a mid-sized George Castanza with springs for legs. I think that Hordak might show up sooner if they can find a novel way to reuse tooling similar to what they've already done with DCUC. Hordak's legs were original in the '80s, but not that different from Skeletor's after all. What the team needs to do is make that snap-together shell armor work with the articulation of the modern MOTU Classics torso, which would enabled them to produce Hordak as well as simpler figures like Mekaneck, Fisto and Stinkor. Perhaps a soft, pliable PVC that doesn't completely restrict the ab-crunch joint? My guess, though, is that Zodak will be next or possibly Man-at-Arms. If the fans would take another He-Man repaint so soon we'd probably see Prince Adam. I wouldn't be surprised if MOTUC played out a little like Takara's Transformers Masterpiece line, where you got a lot of repaints before you saw the next all-original robot. It took forever to get Grimlock.
  8. You know, a similar thing happened with the Star Trek movies when they hired some joker to direct who'd never done sci fi and never even watched an episode of the TV show before. I think he wanted to add a little gritty realism, too, and went for a more military look for the Star Fleet uniforms. I'm sure that after 20 years nobody's even heard of that silly "Wrath of Khan" movie-- it's a good thing that the producers got it it right a had someone qualified like Jonathan Frakes to direct later movies! It saved the franchise. @loll@ Considering the CGI and fantasy elements necessary to finally make an authentic He-Man movie, I wouldn't trust a director who didn't have years of experience working in animation and puppetry. If Eternia looks anything like the Dark Crystal, I'd say I got my nine bucks worth!
  9. I was still getting MOTU toys back in 1987, but the only "new" one I wanted was Faker. I always wanted Faker and could never understand why he was so hard to find before then, as if he was the one repaint that Mattel was actually embarrassed about. @loll@ But what kid doesn't like the old 'Evil Doppleganger' concept? My favorite episodes of Knight Rider all had KARR in them. The rest of '87 MOTU wasn't that interesting to me-- the movie guys were an easy pass. I could never accept a Randor in Mekaneck armor and the Sorceress seemed pretty lame, too.. None of these new guys seemed to have the magic of just a couple years before, but maybe my interest was waning some as I got more into Transformers and G.I.Joe. I never liked Scare Glow, either.
  10. The wait for me is finally over-- I have my MOTU Classics He-Man! But out of my 200X guys, he only seems to look right with Orko (who was never to scale, really), and maybe Battle Cat. Ram Man and Whiplash, both beefy dudes, look too much like children. I never got the 200X Beast Man so I can't compare. *Sigh* I guess He-Man will be pretty lonely until I can pick up more of his Classics friends.
  11. Though there are some things I like about the MOTUC's and I definitely think that they look better, I'm not convinced yet that they are as fun as some of the other He-Man lines. I was going to pick up another MOTUC He-Man for my son, but I decided to get him a 2002 He-Man off Ebay instead. I got IMO a really great deal, too-- MOC "Iron Cross" variant for $12.99 and Free Shipping. I rarely see those things in box for less than $20. I didn't like everything about that line, certain character updates in particular, but like Zipline Batman they were all solid, fun toys. I don't think that I'm the only one who likes to play with toys, either.
  12. My first He-Man came in a giant box, too. I think my second one was sent off in whatever box they had lying around-- one of those Mattel case boxes that are shipped out to retail. It's so small, though, that I wouldn't be surprised if it read Hot Wheels somewhere. Any suggestions on how to tighten a loose ankle? It seems to help when I pinch the sides.
  13. I just got my MOTUC He-Man today, and after opening the package and playing with him a bit, I'm ready to get a Skeletor. After I have both, I'll decide how serious I am about the line. Mer-Man and Faker do both look awesome...
  14. I waited on Beast Man in part because I didn't like the condition that my He-Man arrived in. I wanted a good first example before I was willing to invest more in this line, or rather take the money and spend it on another interest (maybe pick up some of the better 200X guys that I missed out on the first time). Rather than open the package, I chose to box it back up and return the unsatisfactory figure. It took a month after I dropped him off at the post office before I got my replacement, so that I could judge the line by an actually quality figure. During that time period, Beast Man was retired from Matty and after the sharks on Ebay found out, the secondary price went from fair to black-market-kidney obscene. Yeah, it's a shame about Beast Man, but I'm glad I played it conservative. A lot of online reviewers just don't represent my tastes and preferences-- I needed to know for myself that these things are worth $30 a pop.
  15. Update: I got an email last week that, after taking a break over the holidays, the returns department had finally processed my defective He-Man and were shipping a replacement. That was Friday. I get a knock on the door today and lo and behold it's the UPS guy! Nowhere in the email did Mattel costumer service say they were sending my new He-Man UPS, but here he was. Naturally, the shipping box was a little small this time, and inside a corner of the card was bent, but the paint job was PERFECT! The only flaws were fairly average from what I've read on message boards-- a loose left foot and a stress mark on the hilt of his half-sword. I wouldn't be surprised if both weren't caused by the way he was packed (why else would so many turn up on He-Man.org with the same loose foot?!). To sum up, my first He-Man was pretty bad, so I sent him back for an exchange. Even after the returns department took off an entire week's vacation, they still managed to get me a very good replacement in exactly one month from the time I mailed the other one. Yeah, they still need to work on packing these things better, but all in all I'm a pretty happy customer. I think I'll get that Skeletor now...
  16. I managed to get a He-Man, but not a Beast Man. Fortunately, I'd hardly call Beast Man a must have figure (he was never my favorite henchman) and he's still going for fairly reasonable prices on Ebay. I think Mattel should fast-track their plans for a second run of He-Man, even if he is a variant.
  17. I thought of giving a link, but I didn't want folks without an account to feel left out, though really Facebook is free... From Matty Mattel's Facebook page: He-Man and Beastman sold out on MattyCollector.com Mon 6:34pm As visitors may have seen, both He-Man and Beastman are now sold out on Mattycollector.com. We knew a few days ago we were running low and with only a few hundred units left, we wanted to close down sales so we can have just handful for NYCC and SDCC to help spread the word on this amazing toy line at the summer conventions. (after all, the more fans we can get, the more units we can sell and the more tooling dollars we can get to tool bigger and better figures!) We won't have every 2009 MOTU figure available at the shows, but we actually produced more of these two figures in particular to help gauge sales. And now that we have a good idea now of how many MOTU fans are out there we can adjust future figure production accordingly. Skeletor goes on sale at 12:00 Eastern this Thursday. (as does the DCUC Adam Strange and Starfire 2 pack and the Infinite Heroes stands). We are also working hard to get a monthly subscription service up and running for MOTUC to take us through December. (at which point the subscription for 2010 will cover Jan- Dec figures of that year). Finally, we are working very hard on getting an email customer service line up. Thanks for everyone's patients while we get our ducks in a row on this one. But it is coming! Things are looking really great ahead and we have a lot of surprises still in store, including a huge announcement on or around Feb 2nd. See you in the toy aisles! Matty I've also found Ebay to be pretty reasonable if you shop around, especially if you're only buying one figure (which will cost you about $31 on Matty). I haven't bought any MOTUC's there yet, but I've done a few searches. Some shops have very little mark-up or even the "or better offer" option, most likely because they bought multiples of the figures to get the best deal on shipping and per-unit-price themselves. At least with Ebay, you know the condition of the figure's card and paint job when you buy instead of getting the "blind box" treatment!
  18. Correction: the extras will be at SDCC and New York Comicon, not WW. Isn't NYCC coming up soon?
  19. On Facebook, Matty said that they pulled He-Man and Beastman early off of Mattycollector so that they have a few for Wizard World and SDCC. He-Man and Beastman were mostly sold out. They intentionally made a lot of first two figures, other MOTUC figures will be released in fewer quantities. I called Customer Service today since they haven't processed my return yet and are supposed to send me a new He-Man this week. The rep said that they still have plenty for replacements-- Customer Service is separate from Matty and has its own stock. I missed out on Beastman, too, but I'm more excited to get Skeletor and possibly Mer-man.
  20. I once bought a KO cheap from a gas station for the sheer novelty of it. I call it a KO even though it was an original mold because it was clear that no rights holder in their right mind would have ok'd its release. It was a detailed plastic toy of the Titanic, sold about the same time that the DiCraprio movie made box office history, with a wind up propeller. I don't think that it floated exceptionally well, but the ESL package advertised its "real sailing action"-- I kid you not. Best thing about it was that the vintage ocean liner had the unmitigated gall... to transform into a very Japanese-looking robot! @loll@ I wish that I had the foresight to have bought two that day so that I could keep one of those curiousities MOC!
  21. Last time it was officially noon eastern time, or 9 am where I live. I started to watch the status like a hawk about 8:45 on December 1st, refreshing the screen frequently, and it turned to "available" at 8:58. Then the figures didn't sell out for a month...
  22. They really need to do a good job on She-Ra. I think the convention exclusive was missing something, being essentially a 2003 Teela with a Barbie head. Too bad they can't go with her Filmation look since I think it was her best so far and most recognizable to the casual fan. I just hope she has a closer sword to He-Man's which isn't gold. Oh, and again Matty made this statement first on Facebook-- if your on the 'Book, befriend Matty Mattel and write on his wall. Toyguru permits critical remarks and often comments.
  23. Faker keeps looking better with every new photo... I'm still on the fence, though.
  24. I haven't felt the same about the Sarge since he 'turned heel' during the first Gulf War-- and sided against America! Maybe Dr. Mindbender was somehow responsible...
  25. I think Hasbro started this little controversy in 1989 when they offered Troopers and Vipers together for the first time as part of the contraversial Python Patrol. They may have also ended it definitively with the back of the new TRU-exclusive Viper Five Pack. Vipers are higher than Troopers in the modern, more-specialized legions of Cobra. Though I'd always pay a guy more who can both cook and use a garrote wire...
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