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  1. The Sentinels and the Autobots come to the same conclusion that Mutants and Humans are indeed the same species, but the mechanical beings choose to take different sides on the fate of humanity. Can the sentient, alien mechanoids protect the human race from larger, more powerful Earth-made robots, and more importantly, do they have the right to save us from ourselves? Find out as super technologies collide in the most titanic of all robot battles-- The Transformers Vs The Sentinels!
  2. If you ever thought that your awesome BAF's like Galactus and Sentinel just didn't seem big enough next to 6" Marvel Legends figures, try putting them next to Hasbro's 3 3/4' scale figures. I bet many out there with a Galactus can't wait to collect a whole team of Fury Files Fantastic Four (probably will have to use a Superhero Shawdown Sue for a while, but you'll soon be good for the guys). In the meantime, check out what followed Cobra Commander home to the Terrordrome!
  3. Cobra has a new ally-- let both bald philanthropists and America beware! If only they made snake-head stencils BIG enough...
  4. I think the BAT makes perfect sense for this set. If I remember correctly, this series was the first real introduction of the BAT into the cartoons. More specifically the first episode of the series where Cobra sneaks the army of BATS into the Joe base in buses, and they're getting their butts whipped until Slaughter shows up. They also played a huge part in taking Ivan's tomb from the Joes. They also helped to capture Slaughter. Serpentor is an obvious choice for the set. The corpse kinda makes sense, but it would've been nice to see an actual GI Joe character here. (On a side note, why are we getting Atilla's corpse? I don't even remember them fighting at his tomb in the cartoon.) There were a ton of characters introduced into the cartoons in this series...including most of the '86 lineup. Some of the characters that had notable appearances in the series include General Hawk, Beachhead, Monkeywrench, Thrasher, Mindbender, Zandar, Zarana, Dial-Tone, Low-Light, Sci-Fi, Mainframe, Leatherneck, Wet-Suit, and Slaughter. Slaughter would've made the most sense to put in this spot, as he played a major role in this series. Dusty had an appearance in the second episode at the Egyptian tomb, with him, Slipstream and Cross Country fighting against Zarana, but on the whole, I don't think his role was really prominent enough to earn a figure in this set...at least no more so than the characters I mentioned above. But, I guess if this is the only way we're gonna get Dusty, I won't complain. In the five-parter, the introduction of the BAT leads almost directly to the creation of Serpentor. The Cobra hierarchy blamed the Commander for the failure of the BAT campaign, which opened up the opportunity for Mindbender's plan. I think Dusty's here because Hasbro thought that the pack needed a good guy and Dusty hadn't come out yet. A real shame about Mindbender, though. This would have been the best opportunity to give us the Evil Orthodontist; maybe we're not getting one at all...
  5. Yep, it's official: we are getting the Hand in Fury Files, as seen in the Hasbro SDCC panel. They're like The Devil's Night Creepers! These will definitely engage Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes in a battle to the death. The upcoming Wolverine looks great, too-- as soon as they put him in more traditional colors. I do think some match ups would be more natural and less forced than others, but the same can be said for the more down-to-earth regular Marvel Universe characters like the Punisher and Daredevil. And why people keep putting Batman in the JLA, I'll never know!
  6. Not bad! Life-Line Smash! How do the Movie line Hulk-Busting Troopers compare to 25th Anniv. Joes?
  7. I do hope so! Especially since my pictures were thrown together quickly-- I'd love to see what some one could produce with a little more time on their hands. Unlike the Transformers comicbook, which guest-starred Spider-man and the Savage Land, the Joes stayed out of larger Marvel Universe, which is unfortunate in a way. The G.I. Joe mythos was created by Marvel and Sunbow writers afterall, it's only natural that there would be similar themes, and a lot of common ground for cross-overs. Like if Cobra Commander had a grudge against Hydra, Storm Shadow had once fought the Hand, or if Hawk personally knew "Thunderbolt" Ross and Nick Fury! Actually, Cobra-La and Serpentor would feel right at home...
  8. As a Kid, my Cobra Commander wasn't a car salesman or a snakeman but a Latin American revolutionary who got tired of class struggle and just wanted to rule the world...
  9. Here's a couple more... And my favorite so far...
  10. I don't know if it is related to the current sky-rocketing cost of oil, but the 3 3/4" scale is having a boom across various action figure lines. Hasbro is not only using their trusty G.I. Joe and Star Wars scale on the good Dr. Jones and the German Army, but also recently announced a new line of 3 3/4" Marvel figures to follow in the footsteps of Marvel Legends. Mattel is doing something similar with the DC heroes, and even Mezco will be making an in-scale Hellboy (see review here). They've been having a lot of fun using German Army vehicles in the Joe reviews over at JoeBattleLines, and soon we'll have an in-scale Frank Castle and Ultimate Captain America (crossing fingers for a WWII varient...) with hopefully a Nick Fury and Hydra agent to follow. I know that I'm not alone in collecting more than one beloved property and action toy line... Anyone else interested in occasionally mixing America's Elite Counter-Terrorism Force with acheologists, demons, and superheroes, especially ones with a military background or more realistic abilities? Who'd like to see Serpentor get his scaley butt handed to him by Steve Rogers? What do you think-- could Joe still be Joe and work with other heroes? The topic got me so excited that I quickly staged a few pics:
  11. Ummm they are smaller than 25th Joes but on par with old style G.I. Joes. @smilepunch@ Yeah, the 'Infinite' guys seem just a bit too small to play with the new Joes. 25th Anniversary are pretty much standard Hasbro size (SW, Indiana Jones, upcoming Movie Joes, etc) so I'm sure they will look great with the Marvel figures. Oh well, there's always the Takara Microman DC figures...
  12. They were mercenaries with nasty weapons, not your usually jerks in pajamas. I remember them as like the Red Ninjas with the business acumen of Tomax and Xamot (they all had a background in accounting, I think). Really nice figures, but their Leader was bright orange and pretty silly looking (he came out later with Battle Corps). As ninjas go, a new updated version would be a nice addition to my self. Shame about another Snake-Eyes, though. The '89 version and the "Pyramid of Darkness" SE are plenty for me. If Hasbro wanted to make another variation of the mute ninja, I'd have prefered the Blue '91 Commando-Superhero version to the one on the cover.
  13. You asked the question, well have I got an answer......I like what could have been... I waited and waited for new episodes after GI Joe the Movie and after Transformers had their "Rebirth", but there were none. BUT there appears to have been plans in the work for another season and perhaps even scripts were written. Some of these scripts might have been bought and used by DIC (since some of the DIC episodes were written by Sunbow writers). But most of the ideas and intentions for this unproduced last season of GI Joe never made to the screen. G.I. Joe story editor Buzz Dixon had this to say in an 1987 article about the G.I. Joe cartoon: What will happen to G.I. Joe and Cobra on television in 1987? "Changes," Buzz Dixon said. "Expect Cobra to be dramatically restructured. It will not resemble the Cobra of before. There will be big changes with G.I.Joe. The Rawhides and Renegades will be introduced, and will play a big part. Another thing is that 1987 will premiere a whole new series of high-tech vehicles for both Joes and Cobra. They will reflect the big upwards shift in the nature of the G.I.Joe/Cobra conflict" From G.I. Joe Yearbook # 3 March, 1987 I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Dixon more about this when I interviewed him for the UGIJCW: Jodie: Were there ever any plans for a third season of G.I. Joe, with the characters from the movie? Buzz: Mike Hill, who was on staff at the time, made a brilliant proposal to send the Joes off after a somewhat new foe called The Coil for the never made Sunbow season three (there was a DIC season three, but they never bothered to ask for any input from me or Flint or Steve and frankly, we were just as glad). As I recall, Mike's idea was that following the Movie, Cobra would be shattered as a world-wide organization. Under the guidance of Tomax and Xamot, a new organization called The Coil (much more criminal in nature than military) would be formed, picking and choosing among the best of the surviving Cobra units. Cobra-La was utterly wiped out, no survivors, except for Cobra Commander, who would be slithering about in the background for the first half of season three as some sinister character of shifting alliances, then be revealed in severely mutated form in the second half. He would be playing the Joes and The Coil against one another in an attempt to destroy both and rebuild Cobra. Sunbow season three was never made. Hasbro had been funding G.I. Joe out of their own pocket; they got a ridiculous deal from DIC to take over the series and they pretty much let them. The story behind DIC is much too long to go into here; suffice it to say these guys may not have been 100% responsible for the destruction of the animation industry in the late eighties but they sure helped! I've read this before online-- yeah, that would have been A LOT better than "Operation: Dragonfire", which was a decent mini-series compared to the depths that the DIC cartoon would later sink! As a kid, I kinda figured that Cobra La and Serpentor were history (strangled by a run-away air chariot and all...), but I wanted to see what was next. I think Falcon would have taken Duke's place as field commander; makes more sense with an actual officer anyways.
  14. DCPI Singles the Target DPCI# is 087-06-1630 3-Packs the target DPCI# is 087-06-2012 That's a good Flash! And I like Jim, who's my favorite Gotham City character next to Bats... You suppose if you could put an old Han Solo head on Gordon he'd make a good Blade Runner?
  15. Well, so much for posing V. 2 Snake-eyes and Scarlett on a rooftop with Jim Gordon while the Arashikage symbol shines on the clouds! A custom of Scarlett in Dick Grayson's old outfit, though...
  16. That pretty well sums up my exact feelings on it. I love watching the movie, but the story is out there, even for Joe. I say this as someone with a professed fondness for the Mega-Marines! It's not just Cobra Commander, either. Falcon's whole storyline is garbage. The man is a green beret and new recruit into one of the most elite special missions forces in the US (the world, as far as the cartoon is concerned)... and it's like the guy pulled it out of a cereal box. On top of that, then we're supposed to buy that this guy is their biggest foul-up when guys like Shipwreck and Quick Kick have largely the same personality and have made many of the same mistakes in the course of the series. Quick Kick wouldn't even be fit to go into a 7-11 with his "uniform"! @loll@
  17. So, Tiger Force really did exist. What do ya know. Explains where Hasbro got the idea for repaints. @can@ Crap, War Crimes?! I suppose that's what happens when you spend too much time behind enemy lines trying to "out guerrilla the guerillas"... I think the Joe line was mostly based on the "Helenic Tiger" paint job or another NATO one like it, and the function of Duke's squad (Flint out-ranked him this time) was based on a historical footnote of an elite Airborne unite back in 'Nam. I just wish Hasbro did a little more research, though it doesn't look like the allegations were made public for another 20 years. It would have been cool to see the Tiger Rat with the WWII British Tiger Force colors of white over black. Thanks for the link, though. Great research.
  18. "Crashing through the Sky, comes a fearful cry..." Thus begins one of the more devisive parts of all G.I. Joe lore, the 1987 Animated Movie. Many have warm and fuzzy memmories of the time that an ancient snakeman with the voice of the Penguin nearly destroyed the Human race, only to be thwarted by a hot ninja, a professional wrestler, and a screw-up Green Beret with a huge chip on his broad shoulder! Yet others, as Toyfare Magazine would say, would rather burn a copy of the DVD than watch it! As Hasbro continues its second year of celebrating all things from the classic Real American Hero line, we get such movie figures as a Nemesis Immortal AKA Enforcer and a Screaming Animated Duke with Jet Pack. Where do you stand, Joe fans? Are you a comic book fan who never really got into the 'toon, left sort of bewildered by the whole thing? A 'toon lover that just couldn't suspend their disbelief to include Evil Space Fungus? Or did you take it all in and just enjoy the ride? And if you loved the movie as a kid, what do you think of it now? I want to know-- 'cause knowing's... Yeah, you get the drift!
  19. You might get a lot of business, especially with the great ROTJ figs in this first wave (1st EVER 6-breasted Dancing Girl!) that are dying to be opened. Everyone should get the new Vader with 2-pc Removable Helmet.
  20. Looks like the Techno-Vipers are gonna need tetanus shots before working on those grimey new B.A.T.s...
  21. Yea, I have to agree here. I've purchased about a dozen figures and a couple of vehicles based solely on the reviews on the JBL site--I consider the info and opinions there to be a great resource to the hobby. The JBL review actually talked me into getting a Jet-Pack Duke! With reviews that good, they could be used as a plot for Cobra!
  22. Wave 12 Gung-Ho v.2 Dress Blues Falcon v.2 Night Force Agent Krieger AKA Cover Girl Low Light Desert Scorpion Python Viper w/ new hands & goggles Wave 13 Hit ‘n Run w/ Grappling Hook Stalker w/ Kayak Rock ‘n Roll v. 2 (’89) Sgt. Law & Order S.A.W.-Viper Zarana w/ Disguise Comic Pack Wave 7 Jinx vs. Pythona Chuckles vs. Dr. Mindbender General Flagg vs. Chrome-faced Cobra Commander w/ Girl Scout hostage Big Ben vs. Night-Viper Vehicles Wave 4 Tomahawk w/ Rip-cord & Life-line Rescue Trooper (E: Target) Night Raven w/ Strato-Viper (E: Target) H.A.V.O.C. w/ Cross Country STUN w/ Motor-Viper Silver Mirage w/ Footloose vs. Ferret ATV w/ Techno-Viper Devilfish w/ Wet-suit (v.1 but w/ removable helmet) vs. Night Landing with Hydro-Viper
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