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  1. I once saw about five Cobra Vipers hanging out with the Jet Pack Dukes on the otherwise bare pegs at the local Wal-mart. It was kind of unsettling... Then some amy-builder came to their senses and all the Vipers were gone the next day before I could come back and get one. Poor Duke was so lonely again. I bet Falcon and the Nemesis will be the next comic pack 'warmers, once they aren't 'new' anymore.
  2. gojira77

    2008 Wave 12

    I love Hasbro. I can't believe that it's 2008 and I'm actually looking forward to getting a new freakin' Tiger Force Duke! Their Transformers get cooler every year with stuff like the Movie toys and the new Universe Classics. I also like having many of my childhood heroes in the same scale and look forward to the upcoming Fury Files line of Marvel characters. If it wasn't for the cool stuff coming out from Mattel (DCUC and MOTUC) and Fisher-Price (for my 5 mo. old son), I'd have a strictly Hasbro-only household. I passed on the Comic Pack so I'm really looking forward to that single-card Trip-Wire, an awesome character that I only happened to discover after picking up his lackluster TF repaint in '88. He looks good and I'm glad he doesn't have a totally random re-deco. I don't know about the Red Diver but since I plan to get all the DVD packs anyways I could use the element. Python Patrol figures only look good together as a complete unit, otherwise you've just got a couple of random guys in yellow suits and I never got a Python Officer. And I'm sure that the Stormshadow will make some kid very happy.
  3. So the only 25th Anniversary/ Modern Era Baroness I have is the diver from the M.A.S.S. Device DVD Pack; I skipped the first Cobra Battle Pack and never saw Wave 8 in stores until just this week (weeks after finding Wave 9 no less @grumpy@ ). So, yeah, the diver Baroness is great and 'toon accurate and all, but not very useful w/o so much as a Modern Era boat. At least the Red Divers and Eels are coming out later... So what do you guys use in your collection displays as your standard Baroness?
  4. Thanks! I'll likely pick up some side arms for my DVD Battle Pack Guys and a radio pack for Breaker if I get the one with the RAM. Does anyone know if their custom knives work in S.E./Stalker's sheath?
  5. The over-all quality of the 25th/ Modern Era Joes has improved a lot over the past year in terms of paint jobs, articulation, and proper accessories and I don't have too many complaints about current or future waves. I wish Wave 8 was a little easier to find, but I'm not having a trouble with 9 other than the BAT (seriously guys, save some for the rest of us! ) There is the usual crumby figure, but "collect them all!" is hardly a moral imperative. The thing that bothers me most right now is probably those empty holsters on the DVD & Driver figures. Are there any good custom guns and knives that would fit those sheaths and holsters?
  6. Blond just like the card-art, as can be seen in yojoe.com's pics of the Joecon! At last a blond TF Duke-- sweet Aryan goodness (though technically Nazis were dumbasses and the 'Aryans' look like Persians which is where the name Iran comes from...)! No more of Hawk's Just For Men hair dye for this Special Missions Top Kick! Just thought I'd add a link to the JoeCon pics at Yojoe.com that show the upcoming Tiger Force Duke with classic blonde hair (other sites' pics don't give a clear look under the tan helmet). Those pics can be found here. The new figure doesn't resemble the old one so much as the original card artwork.
  7. As a kid I used to switch out Roadpig's arms with one of my Joes to make a custom "Dutch". Remember the days when you only needed a couple Joes and a philips screw driver to make a completely passable custom? Ah, well! Some toy company like NECA totally needs to bake a 4" Predator to unleash on my Joe team-- Stalker and Tunnel Rat would have that guy for lunch! Afterall, why not? Can't be sillier than any special team the Joes had in the '90s...
  8. Yeah, I suppose that if Zartan really wanted to disguise himself, he'd put on just a regular button-down shirt! "Uh... great abs you got there, Sgt. Hauser!"
  9. Oh yeah, I'm all about that, and the more old-school, the better! New Daniel Craig type stuff would be alright, but I'd want so see a Connery figure at least and all the classic villains, not to mention some of those crazy vehicles and accessories from the old movies. Imagine: 007 and the Joes vs. The Oktober Guard (Take that, Commies!) while Cobra Commander pulls the strings. Just say that Bond and Big Ben are old war-buddies-- instant back-story! And then afterwards, the secret agent and Clutch can go out clubbing together and hitting on chicks.
  10. Fantastic work with their own cards no less! Backblast is only held back by an unfortunate name that still gives grown-up kids like me the giggles. The next time G.I. Joe does a cross-over with the Transformers, he should hang out with the Autobot called Blow-out! @loll@
  11. Very compelling argument! Though Starduster would have just HATED that guy... Some great ideas coming from this thread, as well as a few pretty screwy ones (mine, too). Vicki, huh? I wonder if her ultimate attack mode has deathrays just like the Iron Giant, or if Mindbender would rebuild a Vicki 2.0 as a twenty-something wearing the same outfit... @hmmm@ On second thought, that probably wouldn't be Mindbender's thing, knowwhatamean? How far into the future is the movie Alien set? Maybe the Joes could get Ripley's mom or grandmother, who just happens to be the future heroine's spittin' image.
  12. Exactly! Chuch Norris will always have a place reserved for him on my Joe team, though I'm not sure Rambo was much of a 'team player', know what I mean?
  13. I think Hasbro might have been going for a "sports" theme, only picking a movie character like Rocky because the real-life Heavy Weight Champ wasn't much of a role model. Any other great athletes of the era that could comfortably fight beside Rock 'N Roll and Roadblock? Gymnastics Specialist Code Name: Mary Lou? Maybe its just how my mind works but I could also see some MTV cross-overs, though perhaps not with stunning guitar attacks like Siverhawk Bluegrass or TFA Soundwave! Let's see a despot like Serpentor stand up to Bono, who I'm sure would get along fine with pacifists like Doc and 'Toon Life-Line. Somebody get Billy Idol a grenade launcher and a pair of dog tags! And honorable mention should go to Dreadnok Moonshiner code name: Uncle Jesse.
  14. This is intended to be a thoroughly hypothetical topic and, quite possibly a silly one, so consider yourself warned as you read on. Sgt. Slaughter and the Fridge began a trend of real-life characters joining the G.I. Joe team, and it is well known that Hasbro almost signed up Sly Stallone's Rocky Balboa. The revived 12'' line would later include great historical soldiers like Eisenhower and Washington, which I suppose you could say the same for the ARAH line if you count everybody the Cobras used to clone Serpentor! But I'd like to narrow the discussion to other 80s "Men of Action" from Sports, Movies, and TV that the Hasbro Execs could have comed to bulk up the Classic Joe roster with high profile personalities. Lets go back in time to the Golden Age of ARAH and put in our picks for the best "real world" larger-than-life characters who should have been drafted into G.I. Joe! And include pics, quotes, and stats if you got 'em in order to make your case. To get things started, here are my top three: 1. Fool-Pitying Specialist Code Name: Mr. T 2. Karate Kommando Code Name: Chuck Norris 3. G.I. Joe Commander-in-Chief Code Name: President Ronald Reagan (attention customizers: I would buy two of these in a heart beat!) So, what are yours...?
  15. And Airborne demonstrates that Hasbro has gotten better at sculpting Native American faces since Spirit Iron-Knife, who is perhaps the most depressed looking action figure in 20 years.
  16. Duke says that the crappiness of his half-brother's figure is like "another snake to the heart". The family had no further comment.
  17. Blond just like the card-art, as can be seen in yojoe.com's pics of the Joecon! At last a blond TF Duke-- sweet Aryan goodness (though technically Nazis were dumbasses and the 'Aryans' look like Persians which is where the name Iran comes from...)! No more of Hawk's Just For Men hair dye for this Special Missions Top Kick!
  18. I will hide a figure if I don't have enough cash on hand, but then i run to my bank then come right back to get it. Its a hunt, and I will get what I want. Just because you don't have the cash on hand doesn't give you the right to "hide" (aka deprive another collector/kid/person from purchasing it). That is absolutely childish-behavior and something that is just as bad, if not worse than scalping figures. If you don't have the money, don't hide the figure. This type of selfishness "It's a hunt, and I will get what I want" should not be tolerated. I don't want to sound preachy (if I haven't already), but people like that should learn some manners, even when it comes to purchasing items. Please don't try to justify your selfish actions. First of off, i don't know YOUR rules, This is the first time I even knew that collectors had a forum. The last past 10 years that I have been collecting toys, people hide figures, some times I find what they hide and they find what I hide. I didn't know there was rules, or that hiding a toy was wrong. What i know is that I want a toy, I will get that toy without paying ebay prices. Everyday I hit up 7 different stores. Every night I go to wal-mart at 3am to find what I am looking for. My selfish actions? its not my fault that you don't try hard enough to find what you are looking for. Turn over every box, look in the shipment, it is a hunt and that is one part that makes it fun. And then you compare may actions to scalping figures? I don't collect for other people or to make a profit, so how does this compare? I take each toy out of the box too, does this make me bad too? So is it also bad when I open Wal-mart shipments to get they toys I want? you might think so, since it did not sit on a peg for other to have a chance to buy it? You should print out the Does and Don'ts of toy collecting for me. You did come off as preachy and rude and that is a turn off, next time you should notice that I am new here and try to talk to me instead talking down to me. I agree with you Zachblaze. Totally. Sometimes I 'hide' bad figures that I don't even want just so someone else can find them in a different aisle-- like a Teddy Bear stuck in the Vortex Chamber of a bag-less vacuum cleaner, or a rubber squid stuffed into the pouch of an underwear manikin, or one of those Creepy-looking Sleepy-eyed baby dolls pearing out at you in the Preparation H aisle. Is that wrong? Oh, found the Last Crusade guys at the Wallyworld in Bellingham, WA. Tons of 'em. Henry Sr. is awesome and all of them look better than the goofy, cross-eyed Indys that we got in the first wave.
  19. No, this is not another useless Duke. This is a great Duke, pretty much improved in every way with even cooler colors than every Duke except possibly the first one in the 5 Pack who didn't even have an accurate paint job. If you bought any Duke since the first one, you have nobody to blame but your self since they were all cheap-looking multi-packs with even uglier and more disposable figures like Play-do CC and a store-exclusive Franken-Hawk. Except for the one with a Flag and a jet pack that you could use with anybody. So there-- no reason to get the others, which is why they glut the shelves as peg-warmers. Duke isn't like CC or Snake-Eyes, he's only really had one figure released several times to allow everybody a shot at getting him, with slight color variations that shouldn't matter to anybody. And it sucked! Now at last I can get a GOOD figure of my favorite MASS Device Era Bad-ass in true RAH colors with the right gun, binoculars, and a freaking non-Gung Ho backpack! This, like back in 1988, will be my default Duke and he willl be totally going out with Pilot Scarlett and it will be a GLORIOUS day to be a Joe fan! But go ahead, enjoy your goofy, cowled Croc Master! How's he doing these days anyways? Oh, that's right-- he's dead! Because he was the only guy besides Dr. Manbender dumb enough to back Serpentor during the Cobra Island Civil War. What a Jack-ass!
  20. The ultimate compromise for Duke and Snake-Eyes: A cool Scarlett for Each! Seriously though, that Scarlett and Zartan have gone beyond just geek-friendly repaints to be great versions in their own right, and that Airborne keeps looking better every time. The Eel's greatness may remain unsaid for it is obvious.
  21. You realize that this is a CARTOON CC and not the comic book dirty-hippy one, right? Trust me, nobody wants to see what's under that hood! "ONCCCE WASSS A MAAAN!!"
  22. Any guesses to which deco they're gonna use for the single card Falcon? Night Force or *shudder* 'Super' Sonic Fighter? Considering that it was the botched color scheme that made an imperfect figure into a total failure, a Re-paint Falcon might not be that bad.
  23. I'd say that quality-wise, this looks to be by far the best wave yet, which is kind of bittersweet in a way. A lot of classic characters have already come out in earlier waves where Hasbro was still working the kinks out of the new Modern Era line. Tiger Force has given a second chance to screwed-over Joes like Duke and Flint, but what about Gung Ho? If Snake-Eyes could talk, he wouldn't be able to stop laughing...
  24. Am I the only one excited to get all the figures in the Entertainment Packs? Sure, they're varients-- but they're all good varients. I like that the CC here has two hands and no gold accents, which look great but don't last very well on a loose, played with figure. Keep that Wave 1 CC mint on card and pose this one at Cobra HQ! These are the best DVD figures that I've seen yet.
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