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  1. Taking a look at the picture, it seems that GH has a corrected crotch, which would be likely since a corrected version of that piece was used on a comic pack Stormshadow. Here's hoping that this new Gung Ho can fit in the New Era Sky Hawk.
  2. I think because they have reverted back to the brick style figures and don't even have articulation ... Or at least as much as the other classics do ... Heck I don't get why they went and redid bumblebee the first version was just fine imo & this one sucks compared to it ! Classics Bumblebee is a fantastic mold, but IMO looks a little too big next to other Classics like Rodimus, Voyager Optimus, and Starscream. He looks great w/ Alternators or Movie Leader Optimus, since G1 Bee was always a little guy. I bet that if they could have done more then two scales in the original Classics line, we would have gotten a smaller 'Bee. The new one looks fantastic for a Legends class and has convinced me not to get the Encore Minibot set.
  3. First the Walmart-Exclusive 'Legacy' Clasic Bumblebee, and now a repainted Starscream in retro stripes... Would anybody here be interested if they made more varients of the '06 Classics, not as new characters but in more retro or cooler paint jobs? Yeah, I guess it might be asking to open up a can of worms, but I'd be interested in a different take on Classic Optimus or Grimlock, kinda like Henkei w/o the chrome. Especially if they threw in some new accessories like Prime's trailer or Firebolt for Roddy!
  4. You know, I'm still happy with my Henkei Starscream. And it looks like Legends-class may become my new favorite scale-- which is better for deluxes like Cyclonus and Screamer to look imposing and rain down terror!
  5. Anybody seen a pic of the Long-haired Superman varient from the back? I think it would be cool if his cape had the yellow S-shield. I personally wouldn't pefer the long-hair over the classic businessman haircut, but I like the standard DCUC body better than the x-tra broadchested one from DCSH as well as the brighter, DCD-like colors.
  6. I never thought that I could get sick of that IG Destro... On the bright side, Short Fuse looks pretty good.
  7. gojira77

    2008 Wave 12

    Update: I didn't think this deserved it's own thread, but turns out Wave 12 isn't going to give us yet another Stormshadow but a somewhat retro army builder. Anybody remember the old early '90s mail-away forms that sold a blue Stormy and called him the Ninja Viper (if memory serves you could also send for a Quick Kick and Jinx 2-pack as well)? Looks like he's back to chuck shuriken at TFU Starduster! See for yourselves here.
  8. Sure, maybe smaller ones for my Tiger Force Flint (great figure BTW) and upcoming Duke. I'm not convinced that I'll be getting any of the Python Patrol guys so I'd be more on the fense about their vehicles (even though I always thought that the PP vehicle-pattern looked cool).
  9. riiiight. Titty twisters SUCK and offer no superior articulation over that of the O-ring.....plain and simple, so there's YOUR "reality check". Hell, even the pop on and off heads of the new style are inferior to that of the old ball necks that could actually look down, look up along with side to side and not rotate like Linda Blair on Satan. Wrist and ankle articulation is all they ever needed, to improve upon what was already a good style. I rather like the hinged knee's also, so add that one. Everything else is a waste though and inferior to O-rings. Just so you know...that was MY piss in your Cheerios this morning! Well, I guess then it was good that I had cake instead!
  10. Yeah, I like Unicron as just a big robot-- the very pinancle of science and technology gone bad. He can be used to represent Evil in the abstract metaphorically and definitely has satanic traits, but he's not Satan. Really, before Furman basically ripped off Zoroastrianism, Unicron was still essentially a big robot. I would have prefered that he stayed in the realm of science fiction, which can provide thoughtful and respectful commentary on religion, rather than have toy people play theologian. Even Beast Machines got that much right!
  11. I kinda hate the high-falutin' bio they have written on the back of his box which seems to incorporate the stories that Furman wrote about him in G1, Armada, and Universe. As much as I liked reading the Marvel Unicron Saga as a kid I'm starting to wish that Unicron was still just a hare-brained scheme cooked up by a mad scientist who was ultimately defeated... by Season 3 Comic-Relief Grimlock!
  12. That, my friend, is true dedication! Is hard to believe that Hasbro actually put out some figures so bright, such as the Version 2 Roadblock, that the cartoon actually darkened their colors. Here's wishing they actually slipped that guy into the DVD packs... They could pack him with a bendy Mutated Cobra Commander that could wrap around 'Block in a classic "OOONCCCE WASSS A MAAANN" pose!
  13. Yeah, I wanted or had all of these in '88-'89 and I'd still want these now in the Modern Era style. It's kinda of funny that the figures I was most excited about at the time were really either re-paints or new versions of old characters from what felt like Joe's "Golden Age". Like even at 1988, the canon or pantheon of heroes was finally closed and any new characters were somehow lesser, even pretty cool ones like Hit n' Run and the Night-Viper (well, maybe Viper's were exempt since they were all just specialty variations of the grunt Troopers and Vipers of '82/'86). Funny how it seemed to take a few years for Hasbro to catch on, and then by the time of Battle Corps there were relatively few truly 'new' characters added to the roster.
  14. Two points are in desperate need of a reality check: 1. O-rings suck. Just put a screw in the back of new figures so that they're easier to take apart for the sake of customizers and everyone outta be happy. Rubber bands are for Megos and He-man and other crappy toys of the 70s and 80s-- not modern collector's items. 2. It might be retro, it might smell just like your childhood, and the guy at the Hasbro booth might actually make eye-contact with you at the convention, but you are still not the center of the universe. Hasbro is not your Genie and you don't call all the shots. Nothing EVER sold at a Target will ever cater to as narrow a crowd of geeks as what you might find solely at the conventions or comic book shops. Sure, Hasbro is selling these things to the guy with flat feet and a bad complection who still sleeps in between G.I. Joe sheets even though he never thought of actually growing up to be a real-life G.I. Joe and getting his ass shot at in Iraq like a Real American Hero. But they're also marketing these things to the guys that grew out of G.I. Joe's and went on to chase girls in High School, but now that they have kids of their own they remember that cool cartoon with the guy with the silver face who hissed like a snake when he talked. Maybe they'd like to buy the character's they actually REMEMBER for their own kids. Thus you see a much wider market-share for Hasbro's products. Even traditional Geek Stomping grounds like the comic book shop and the Sci Fi/Fantasy Convention are getting more mass media coverage and thus attracting, for like a better word, "normal" people. And girls, too. Who like Scarlett and the blonde guy. No, the other one.
  15. A Silver Mirage with the "glass"-canopy Sky-Hawk would be the greatest vehicle two pack ever. Remember that the FANG and CLAW are coming together so not every small vehicle two pack has to be a Vs. Set. Hey, since the RAM came w/ an '82 Joe, do you think the Mirage might come w/ one from '85, maybe even *gasp* a new character?!? The single pack Falcon is appealing less to me now that I know I can get a single pack Trip-Wire later down the road and I'm strongly re-considering the comic pack w/ Nemesis Enforcer. The Falcon isn't perfect, but if I can find a set where the paint apps are alright on both figures I might just invest the 10 bones and pick them up. I hope JAKKS starts making 4" scale Classic wrestlers so that I can have a new Sarge to kick Falcon around!
  16. Is it just me, or does the new Robin look like Tim's finally gotten into Bruce's secret stash of HGH in the Batcave?
  17. I wish they were still making the capes like the first 6" Batman line. Rubber over the neck & shoulders with the rest of the cape being cloth. It would be cool if they did that as a variant or something. I always thought that the hybrid cape on Zip-line Batman was pretty clever, even if it didn't impress the diehard molded-cape crowd. I personally like 'soft-goods' capes and cloaks on my figures because it makes me think "Kenner"; while to a toy-collecting buddy of mine, they make him think "doll".
  18. I've never been a big Flint guy, especially cartoon-wise, so I'm actually ok with just the Tiger Force one from wave 8. That Eel puts the Cobra Divers from Wave 12 to an even deeper pit of shame! Airborne would be more of a must for me if I had a helicopter, or a distant childhood memory of him (cool character though). Zartan kicks 7 kinds of behind and shall be acquired, same with "Physical" Scarlett. I like the MASK reference, but they won't get my $8 over it-- thanks but no thanks! Overall, that's two figures for me to look for at Target, the same as pretty much any wave these days (though Wave 10 is far more tempting).
  19. Part of the reason that they don't like pics of factory test shots to get out is because they usually look terrible. These aren't official pics, there's no way to tell if they do the upcoming product justice. No, we aren't going to get a bunch of new characters before the movie line-- if we face facts and appreciate what we've gotten so far then there is no reason to be dissappointed. We'll get repaints and slight varriations of what Hasbro considers the "core" characters of the Joe mythos with the occassional obscure guy thrown in for the diehard fans. The movie needs to be a huge multi-media launching pad to re-introduce G.I. Joe to today's kids and non-hopeless-nerds if the franchise is ever going to regain the glory it had in the '80s. If Hasbro never looked forward, then Joe would never have been less than 12 inches and we'd never have known Scarlett or Snake-eyes. #US1#
  20. Any company that would produce a Serpentor with snake-spear, Melting-face Toht varient, and a Targetmaster Cyclonus all within a year of each other is alright with me! And keep in mind, Hasbro didn't end Toy Biz; that was all Marvel's fault. Hasbro tried to continue Marvel Legends with mixed results, but I'm sure they'll do all the Marvel characters right in a scale that they know well when Fury Files hits the pegs.
  21. Like Paralax, I too will not rest until I posses that Hal Jordon! I then, I shall cause several years of poor comic book story-telling... um, wait a minute. @hmmm@
  22. We still haven't seen that upcoming single-card Falcon... maybe he'll be getting a vest and brown pants yet! Unfortunately, he was far from the best repaint on the whole OG Night Force team. Maybe Hasbro could just, you know, skip the original colors for the likes of Sneak-peek and Psyche-out. Even Cobra Troopers from the Cartoon series can't miss a guy in colors that bright! @loll@
  23. I'd take a fixed-crotch Gung-Ho with new, less-fruity colors, please? Another CC comes with, huh? Well, if it's Fred, fine, if not... I can always teach my son about fireworks next Fourth of July!
  24. With all these cartoon-themed repaints, I hope we don't get another Duke with a petrified snake sticking out of his chest!
  25. I could have sworn that Hasbro already said no Cover Girl on a past Q/A, besides they can't use her name any more, nobody remembers her, and we got a pretty awesome one recently in the DTC Comic Pack with Spirit and the Clone Kid. If we did get a new Cover... er... I mean "Agent Courtney Krieger", I'd prefer she was blonde like in M.A.S.S. Device so that she wouldn't look so much like Scarlett. I have already professed my undying love for this Pilot Scarlett in a previous thread (Don't tell my wife! ).
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