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  1. Maybe I'm a lap dog, but I blame the vendor, that is the people who Mattel entrusted to produce a quality product for them and didn't hold up their part of the bargain. So Mattel fixed it, and though other waves of DCUC have been off track, wave 4 is coming out pretty much on schedule. Mattel's been good to me for over 20 years-- I got no beef with them. Sorry to be a voice of dissent. :(

  2. transformers toys had articulation ? :D

    Elbows are atleast something, man! :) The '84 Prime looks like a freakin' Marvel Legend next to the stuff we got in '88 & '89!

  3. Dear Hasbro,


    Please make this as an Ultra Class or bigger:




    This was a great idea and would have made an awesome toy if it didn't come out so late in G1 when all your toys sucked! Thank you.



    A Long-time Fan




    I Loved power master prime/ginra as a kid :D If they make this they surely need to make a god bomber or/roller (I guess) add on toy as well for it :D


    I'd love to see a remake of him too & it would be a neat way to get a fully armored ultramangus repaint to boot! Also I don't think they really could have done abetter job with this toy no matter when they made it :S


    Give him more than two points of articulation, for starters, and longer arms that hide better in tractor trailer mode. He needs Hi Q, or Ginrai as he's called in the MTMTE books, who should have a little seat in the cab or trailer to ride along. Yeah, and a Grief Counseler-- for the few Decepticons that survive after this bad boy rolls on to the battlefield!

  4. [ I wonder how well a Covergirl would sell, since they can't call her "Covergirl" anymore.



    How about SSgt. Covergirl?


    I can't imagine Covergirl being skipped over. I'm sure we'll see her either before this line is halted in favor of the movie figures or after when the line returns. The non-discriminating collector might make due with a 'movie version" of Covergirl that I'm sure Hasbro will be producing since she is a character in the film. I believe she's Hawk's secretary.


    Now excuse me while I go to wash my hands. My fingers feel dirty after having typed that last line.


    Hasbro didn't use her codename at all for the DTC Comic Pack-- maybe legal didn't want to take on the Covergirl make-up people? Was she really that memorable from the cartoon or comic book? I remember seeing her mentioned in a cartoon when I was a kid and thinking, "Who the Heck is that?" When I got a Covergirl from a garage sale I just called her "Scarlett". Give us a Jinx first, please! Though a blonde Covergirl from MASS Device would be cool, I suppose.

  5. they'll do updated paint for all the classics...astrotrain, megs, optimus, mirage, i'll bet ya!!


    If you mean G1-accurate by "updated", I'll take that bet on Megatron! :) My guess is that Henkei will stay a safe investment for most of these guys, though we could see another Prime...

  6. Dear Hasbro,


    Please make this as an Ultra Class or bigger:




    This was a great idea and would have made an awesome toy if it didn't come out so late in G1 when all your toys sucked! Thank you.



    A Long-time Fan

  7. Can they do Superboy without calling it Superboy?

    I think the most common thoughts on this would be "Superman's Teenaged Clone" or just Kon-el/Connor Kent.


    Why would he not be called Superboy?



    Because the Estates of Siegel and Shuster is either contesting DC's right to the name, or has already won the rights to Superboy away from them.


    Kon-El also hated that name, atleast initially. Howsabout "Superman: 90's Kon-el" or whatever title he was in during "Reign"?

  8. I voted for Bruce Timm's animated Batman because that one is the closest to my referred version of Batman. My actual favorite Batman wasn't one of the choices.


    My favorite Batman is the one that appeared in DC Comics in the late seventies and very early eighties. Here's what that Batman was like...


    - His uniform was grey and blue. The ears on his cowl were long without being ridiculously long. His cape was also long without looking like the train on a garish wedding dress. Yes. His bat emblem had a yellow oval. His utility belt was a big yellow belt with cylinders rather than tiny pouches.


    - He fought the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, and ManBat regularly. Their battles were intense and intelligent without being unnecessarily vicious or bloody. The bad guys never maimed or crippled anyone and Batman, after a mild beating, would tie them up and take them to jail.


    - Dick Grayson was maturing and out on his own. He had his own solo career as Robin which included leading the Teen Titans. He still enjoyed a close relationship with Bruce Wayne and on occasion would come home to team-up with Batman. The only source of friction between them came from Dick having dropped out of college.


    - Batman was an intense but highly regarded member of the Justice League. He enjoyed a familar relationship with most members and even joked and smiled with them. He never secretly plotted the JLA's overthrow and wasn't a jerk to them.


    - His Batmobile was an actual car and not an implausible overdone big black tank.


    - He was as much of a scientist and a detective as he was a fighter.


    - He had an attraction for Catwoman but he knew nothing could come of it because she was a criminal!


    - Superman was one of his closest friends and the two would regularly team-up.


    - His identity was Bruce Wayne was important to him. He actually spent time as Bruce Wayne pursuing occasional relationships with normal women, working at the Wayne Foundation, and socializing. Bruce Wayne didn't spend all his time in the Batcave by himself.


    - He was never curt or abrupt with Alfred.


    I miss this Batman.


    You mean there were comics before Frank Miller and every hack writer who followed him? :huh: Thanks for mentioning the comics-- yeah, sometimes I miss that Batman, too.

  9. Oh boy another version of that crappy Smallville


    It will take him forever to be Robin and he will possibly be in his thirties before they decide to kill his family off


    And we thought Burt Ward looked ridiculous in those tights and green trunks! @loll@


    Seriously, if they wanted another teen drama why not a young Barbara Gordon before she went to live with her single cop dad in Gotham. It could take place in Jim's old hometown of Chicago and have a smart, beautiful, and troubled teen solve crimes and get in trouble at school for kicking guy's asses. Get me the CW, quick!

  10. :rolleyes: Yea, I don't know there is a movie on the way. What is wrong with repacks and repaints? The biggest complaint just seems to be people who can not wait and seem to need instant gradification and get what they want, NOW. Maybe you don't know that if you read all of the posts that there is an even number of people who DO want these too. So, where is the problem. Obviously some of us want them and are fine with them. All I am saying is wait and be tolerant that there may be people who like things you don't and do want them instead of throwing out so much negativity that the line is ruined and dead because you don't like things. I never realized the Joe community was so full of selfish people. It's one thing to have an opinion but some take it too far.


    How will alot of you feel if you quit now and sell your collections and a year from now this is all back bigger and better? Being patient could really pay off. In the meantime just buy less, get what you do like and want and if anything from the movie, Resolute or any other repaints are not appealing to you, skip them.


    Funny that someone with such a goofy avatar could be one of the most rational people on the board :) The Force is strong with you...

  11. It's "supposed" to be Python Copperhead but there's no Python Patrol markings on the pics of him we've seen so far. I guess we'll have to wait and see if they actually put them on him or not.


    What markings do you mean? There wasn't a logo or anything like that on the original version...


    The original Python Patrol Leader didn't have the classic bare arms but wore a full-body green stocking with yellow waffle markings. The SDCC pics don't show much of his legs, but you can see a little yellow...


    The Decos on Python Officer, Tiger Force Duke, or International "Glenda" Scarlett haven't been exactly like the originals. TF Flint seems closest of the homages so far, until Python CG comes out. I guess these subtle changes are what Hasbro considers "updates".

  12. That Hound is great though, easily replacing my Alternator, and a few missing paint aps won't stop me from getting a very cartoon-accurate Cyclonus. My Takara Re-issue Galvatron will definitely be getting his loyal manservant!


    Cheetor looks better transformed properly...

  13. I sit back and watch, keeping my mouth shut every time I see a new wave come out. Looks like Hasbro is at it again...


    "Alright, we gave them Scarlett, Baroness, and Lady Jaye. We're done with the female characters."


    Do they still honestly think that it's a waste of time to make a female character? Is it really cutting into their profits that badly to make female characters? @grumpy@


    I don't know about anybody else out there, but I can't find a single-pack Scarlett figure anymore, I could barely find one or two Lady Jaye's the entire time that wave was out in stores, and I have yet to still see a Baroness in blue, except on eBay - of course, all other figures in that same wave are already warming the pegs at Target and Walmart.


    You'd think Hasbro would learn by now that female characters aren't a bad idea - look at Marvel Legends, DC Superheroes, Justice League, etc....the female characters are often the objects of frantic searching and eBay scalping. Wake up, Hasbro!


    The only peg warmer I've seen for females is the two pack of Scarlett and Hawk, and they are now starting to disappear - no doubt people like me who saw Hasbro's return to it's old ways and bought a few extras just to get Scarlett to customize into other female GIJoe and Cobra characters and Hawk to use for a generic army builder.


    Will we never get Jinx, Covergirl, Zarana, Militia, Mayday, Pythona....etc?


    If Hasbro keeps this same stupid attitude towards female figures, I doubt it.


    I'm about done with this line also - it's not just this issue, but the fact that they aren't listening to customers' wish lists as they promised. There are plenty of male characters as well who haven't been made yet, and yet we still get some stupid generic diver, pilot, soldier, elite soldier, or other unnamed army builder. Anybody remember Blowtorch? Scrap-Iron?


    Another reason - how many of us have wished for a cartoon-correct Lady Jaye? Of course, Hasbro finally gets it right, but puts her in a $20.00 figure pack - wow, maybe they do listen to what the fans want! I have to admit, it's smart thinking - "Find out what everyone wants so badly, and make it available as part of an exclusive that we can charge more money for...." Goes to show that it's always about the money, once again.


    Finally - I don't know if I'm the oldest guy on here, but when I was a kid, I distinctly remember paying $2.50 (sometimes less) for these guys. I understand inflation, rising fuel costs, etc., but come on! $7.99? If I could see where we were getting more for the money, I'd probably stick with it, but that's another nail in the coffin for the future of this line, as far as I'm concerned.


    Sorry this was so long, but I never really post on here, and it all just built up - thanks for humoring me, everyone!


    I could always buy a new G.I.Joe for less than $3-- until 1992. That's when I needed another quarter to cover the tax. I wonder how well a Covergirl would sell, since they can't call her "Covergirl" anymore. But after Falcon, Nemesis, and Fred VII, the next c. '87 character really ought to be a hoodless Jinx!

  14. um.....what???


    All the early Ironhides have come with light blue faces to match their windows, which has lead people to paint them silver or hold off until Henkei. See pics here, at the middle of the page.


    But this is still the FIRST G1-style Ironhide with an actual head!

  15. I'm glad I'm selling my stuff. Way to kill a line Hasbro.

    Speak for yourself.


    I might just get all three.


    R&R is not bad and if I get that one I can skip getting another Sharc I don't need.


    I like Gung-Ho colored that way. He has a nice jungle look. CC is cool just to have Fred in the armor. I tried headswapping the CG Fred head with a BA CC and the helmet does not fit the head so this must have been fixed for the comic pack.


    The IG/Viper is almost a dream come true. I would gladly take more like this.


    GH looks much better in those colors-- they're comic accurate, too. Check it out.


    Good to hear that there is some interest in Fred-- I may just get the pack for GH and sell/trade the CC.

  16. At last, official pics-- even though they don't look any better *sigh*


    I stand a good chance at actually seeing the troop-builder pack because my local Walmart, Target, and Fred Meyer (Northwest chain) move through a lot of product and keep the pegs pretty fresh-- we're close to the Canadian border and so many folkes come down from Vancouver. I'm fairly excited about that one. I still don't have an IG because I didn't want a Doombot-like army of soulless Destroids! The other two, though, leave me fairly conflicted. I'm mostly a loose collector so I'd prefer the GH and Rock with the improved articulation so that GH can sit down and Rock can actually hold his gun. But I just don't want the guys they're packed with. I suppose that I could sell or trade that Phoney Commander to some happy Fred-o-phile, but Playskool D6... I have nothing nice to say, so I'd rather say nothing at all.

  17. I hope to at least get a Smurf-faced Iron Hide in my Christmas stocking this year. Hey, do you think that jerk Autobots like Sunstreaker use to tease Iron Hide about not being a Headmaster? :)

  18. I had to check this topic just to see how big a range the posts were taking. There have been at least as many variations of Batman in his own comic books over the years (not to mention how he's been depicted in team books like JLA), as there has been in TV shows and movies. Like Will Eisner said comics don't function the same way as films, but I think most people would agree that comic book characters in general are easier to adapt to animation. Batman, like animation, is naturally a bit bolder and bigger than life. I therefore don't think it's fair to compair a great cartoon about a comic book superhero to a great movie with the same character. I mean, a relatvely 'dark' character like Wolverine can run around in comics and cartoons in bright yellow tights and still be taken seriously! What feels gritty and familiar and thus 'believable' in one medium needs to be adapted to convey a similiar feeling in another.


    TAS was great because it was the first time outside of comics that real fans who grew up with the character had the artistic freedom to truely do him justice. They also had incredibly good timing, attempting an unconventional and expensive animated series after Tim Burton proved that a darker Batman can create a sea of cash! Considering Nolan's limitations, which were probably greater for Batman Begins, a think the last two films were very faithful and DK was excellent.

  19. Voyager class Thundercracker and Sky Warp, with a re-paint Starscream later down the line. That fixes two Classics Seeker problems with only one new mold.


    We really do need a Wheeljack, too. And a proper tripple-changing Springer mold that would also work for Sandstorm.

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