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  1. True, I can see that. So is it safe to say there will be a "joe Universe" line as well? I think that could be really cool, considering that G.I. Joe has been around longer and had a richer history than even the Transformers. Using the same scale, with hopefully (cross your fingers) all the kinks in the articulation worked out, could you imagine a line where you can find Globulus and the Cobra La Guard next to Joe Colton and Jane, as well as newer folks like Agent Bombstrike and Lt. Stone? It would be like a collector's buffet! I only hope that they would use the new Dusty body (his waist swivels!) to give us a proper Desert Storm Duke w/ either sculpted or painted on dog tags!
  2. Thanks for the link to the slideshow-- really cool customs, especially that Roadpig, who remains my favorite rank and file Dreadnok! When is Hasbro gonna finally cave and give us that Pythona we've all been craving? Serpentor's awefully lonely...
  3. The best thing about a getting a new Targetmaster Cyclonus, when everyone would've been pleased as punch with a regular version, is that it makes us all closer to a new Powermaster Optimus Prime. Oh, and he WILL have the same "god-master" powers as Ginrai, at least in my TF Universe! And that, my friends, will make the world a better place.
  4. No, the worst thing about Classics Grimlock was that he was too small. But the smallness of the Seeker mold was even worse!
  5. I think he means that the old mold is pretty terrible and is overdue for an update. I wasn't aware that getting Dinobot was news to anyone. I can't remember where I first heard about it, but I know I at least saw rumors over a month ago. Of course, this is the closest thing I've seen to confirmation, so I guess that does make it news... Anyway, I hope he rocks. Yep, that's what I meant-- thanks, 8 Ball. I always thought that the old BW figures were great, until we got repainted versions for the 10th Anniversersary. What a let down, and it seemed to just rub it in to have them on the shelves with the new stuff from Cybertron. No wonder so many of those guys went clearance... If they do a good job updating DB, I think Rhinox should be next! I will always be primarily a Gee Wun Fan, but I believe that Beast Wars should get it's due for keeping the legacy alive in the 90s. Now if it wasn't so darn hard to make a robot out of a decent animal toy...
  6. I just noticed something... check out the left hand of Python Copperhead and compare it to Roadblock's. The hands are fixed. Take a look at the convention pictures of the Python Copperhead grasping the handles in the Water Moccasin-- the comic Pack Copperhead can't do that. Sure, we've seen Dukes with fixed crotches before in early pics and hand-painted samples in Hasbro displays, and then for what ever reason the final version doesn't have the correction. Maybe the Hasbro team is trying to revise Copperhead's hands for the vehical version. It makes sense, considering the improvements made to Python Officer and Tiger Force Flint and Duke. Has anyone read any Q&A's concerning this? I like the Copperhead mold, though it does inherit some weaknesses from the Roadblock mold, especially those hands. They just aren't very good for anyone other than a heavy gunner.
  7. Apparently, it was revealed in the Transformers Collector's Club magazine that this will in fact be an all-new BW Dinobot. I'm not a member, so I don't have access to the exclusive pics. Ha! And I have a good friend who's a Beast Wars fanatic who thought he could just sit the new TFU line out! Sure, the old Cheetor wasn't that bad, but Dinobot really deserved better.
  8. The Question is awsome, now doubt abou that. But there's definitely something wrong about a country where he'd get more votes than a 'Hush' Huntress in a fan poll. For shame, people!
  9. Ya never know-- we got Steeler with a smaller vehical, and later found out that he's also coming packed with his old MOBAT in the huge Target pack this Fall. And for the record: I don't think it's Steeler's head that's wrong, because the new sculpt looks more like the O13 figure IMO than it does his appearance in either the cartoon or comic. It's the arms that suck! C'mon-- Steeler used to have long sleeves and gloves; where's the SE arms?!
  10. On second thought, this could work... If only they could get Frank Miller to write the thing with all the gusto he put into All-Star Batman and Robin! "He's a strong boy. Strong boy. Real strong." It'd be an instant television classic, I tell you! @loll@
  11. Oh, you mean REAL figures... Well, I'm ok on all those. This is what I really what! Matt Murdok-- in the suit he wore when fighting 100 Yakuzas in the rain! Hey, we got a Logan, didn't we? Comic-version Mary Jane Watson-Parker-- with an apollogy from Joe Quesada, signed in blood! FA Storm-- just like the one in the Toyfare poll! FA Rogue-- this time they just gotta make her right! Hasbro, make these! And please, please, please don't make them orange. People do not have orange skin, not natually anyway.
  12. If I only had the money this week, I'd be all over those figures like an Ex-Vegetarian on a Double Bacon Burger with Cheese! @grumpy@
  13. gojira77


    If Hasbro ever gets around to all the great suggestions above, I would also like an Ultra Class Motormaster (that guy really deserves a decent toy for once!) that is actually engineered to combine with four deluxe-sized Stunticons. They could even go the inexpensive route and only make original molds for two of the cars, like the Combiner teams in TF:Energon, and I'd be okay with that as long as the decos are nice. What kind of mutant funnycar was Dragstrip anyways...?
  14. I'm not sorry that I got Henkei SS-- his chrome looks nice and classy! Not a mess at all like poor Grim. I do feel sorry for the poor sucker who bought my loose Classics SS on Ebay, though!
  15. There are pluses and minuses for every scale. For a long time, 6" hit that middle ground of low cost and versatility of smaller figures and the super-detail of the big 12"ers. With higher production costs passing on to the consumer along with the huge advances in sculpting that Hasbro has made with the little guys, it's just a good opportunity for Superhero figures to try something different.
  16. Is the complaint about Shipwreck his fist or the fact that he has a guna nd holster on his right leg to go with his closed right fist? Were the holster in the other side or the left hand closed instead I don't think it would be such a big deal. Replaceable parts - hands, heads, etc.. - are a good idea but would need to have a point. More small loose parts equal more lost small loose parts. This is a kids game after all. Hasbro makes small parts and parents get up in arms about how they get lost and trust me. We may complain but parents complain loude about their concerns than we ever will about the ammount of Snake Eyes we get or poor body construction. As much as we love a good punching fist (how I wished we had one for some of those early Spider-man Classics Spideys!), I think most fans agree that a sailor needs two good hands. I mean, how else is he going to make all those knots?
  17. I don't deny some parts re-use, perhaps with the arms or upper legs, but the Battle-Pack Baroness is just too specific w/o much customizing potential. They clearly weren't thinking long term back then. I foresee a better female mold with different molded lines, w/ added straps just like the better Modern Era figures. That is IF Hasbro truely is diverting their best effort into the movie line, as they've implied in Q&As, and not trying to whip something out cheap like the old Street Fighter figs.
  18. If you ever decide to switch to reproducing American currency, I'm sure there's a bright, exciting future waiting for you in the field of organized crime! Disclaimer: Gojira77 does not in any away advocate counterfeiting or any other criminal activity that could land his tail in the 'pokey'!
  19. It almost guarantees a new 3 3/4" Modern Era mold for the Baroness. And considering how hard Hasbro strives nowadays for likenesses in its movie line, she's likely to be pretty, too.
  20. You, Mr. Havok, are a true American. Thank you. #US1#
  21. "The problem with that thinking", huh? I didn't know that there was a problem with how I think. I just don't mind if Hasbro throws in the extra Duke now and then, maybe because I'm not a completist. I don't know. I really don't mind the number of SE's we've gotten so far, either. For a commando/ninja/mascot, Snake Eyes has always more costume changes than your average soldier, and not everybody has the same favorite look. Now Cobra Commander is a different story... Anyone building the MASS Device at retail has to buy three CC's, which isn't bad, except the one in the 5th DVD pack makes the one with the catalytic crystals irrelevant. That is what I'd call a little frustrating. At the same time, I'd buy another Duke, even after I pick up the cool Tiger Force version from Wave 10. Especially if they made a Duke that wore his '90s Hall of Fame or Battle Corps BDU's that celebrated the men serving their country in uniform. If Hasbro were to make him again, I don't think that that would be a terrible thing, really. Maybe that's just my "problem" thinking going again. By the way, I mean no disrespect to any member of the Zombie community! I had a TZ myself once, though I always liked the first Toxo-Viper better. That part about the "Leaky Suit Brigade" still cracks me up!
  22. Anybody want my extra Cobra Commander? Yeah, I didn't think so... There were multiple SE's, CC's, SS's, and Dukes in previous G.I.Joe lines, but many fans have been very vocal in their disapproval of this practice in the Anniversary line. Some of the problem is a perceived lack of variety on the pegs along with the continued absence of many classic characters. Perhaps an even bigger issue is a real lack of variation among these versions, as we see virtually the same Duke and CC with the slightest change in their paint scheme (the Malibu Stacey Effect, if you will). Or we get a random new version that leaves us scratching our heads, like a Diver Duke (isn't he an Army Ranger?!) when we should have gotten a Wetsuit. Well, considering how other toy lines have been run in the last twenty years, it doesn't look like character reuse is going to go away. And really, is it always that bad? The practice can certainly be abused to the the detriment of the whole line *cough-2002MOTU-cough*, but can't it also be fun to track down variants and updates that interest us both as fans and collectors? I think of collecting Star Wars as a kid and wanting Luke Skywalker in his outfit for each of the movies so that I could own the evolution of my favorite character as he grew up and learned how to save his own butt. The old ARAH had that same kind of charm to many of its re-invisioned characters. However, that classic line also gave us the... uh... Toxo-Zombie. @hmmm@ What do you think-- when is it ok to make two or more versions of the same character? Conversely, when do they wear that character out from over-use, giving us maybe "too much of a good thing"? Here's a few pics to get the memories going, care of yojoe.com...
  23. I'm glad I skipped the first 25th An. Destro altogether. The one in the DVD Pack is much better with a chrome head and great colors-- same mold, though, with the crappy hand and funny collar. But I think that's the best we're gonna set for a classic Destro, at least for now. I've always prefered his IG uniform, however, and that's one of the best figures in the whole line. If you're interssted in the DVD Destro (he's got painted green eyes!) and don't want the whole pack, maybe you can score a single figure cheap online or through a trade?
  24. Oh, that's one of the final Titaniums, an upcoming TRU exclusive. Great bot mode, excruciatingly bad vehical-- so you're basic Titanium, I guess! Pascal is a regular there and on a Canadian TF site and he basically gets everything first, even did the first Youtube video review of Universe Silverbolt!
  25. Not if the purpose is to look bitchin'! @peace@ Thanks for the comparison pics-- I forgot about those neon BVD's!
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