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  1. "'Articulation sucks'... 'Poor reuse of parts'... 'Needs better likeness'!?! The nerve of those nerds-- we'll fix their wagon! He He He!"
  2. I live in Wisconsin, so I'm pretty sure my Targets will stock up on shovels too though I'll let you know. @hmmm@ Maybe I should have specified a little...
  3. I read a great quote once on another board... "Why is someone who still likes his toys and likes to believe good triumphs over evil and sharing makes everyone happy considered childish, but someone who thinks only of themselves, cheats folks at every opportunity and places greed above all considered an adult "living in the real world"? Something seems very wrong with that picture to me..." Scott Metzger I went through so much crap over action figures from my peers and even my family. My mom had a raging bi-polar disorder and never missed an opportunity to cut me down over them. I was part of a "secret underground" of action figure lovers through Jr. High (What my Geeky brethren may call "The Gauntlet" or "The Crucible") and High School. We wrote fanfics and staged battles on the weekends. Then I gave ALL my toys away after I went to college in an attempt to move on and improve relations with me family. But by my Senior year I had begun to build a new collection... My wife is fine with it so long as I have other interests, too, and put her and my son first. I'm happly to comply with that.
  4. I hope this isn't just a regional thing-- but Target is known to be very corporate and uniform about their marketing decisions-- even to the point of stocking up on snow shovels in places like Seattle where it never snows more than an inch each winter (Target HQ's in MN, dontcha know?). Let me know if your Targets differ.
  5. When I bust that He-Man out of his package I'm gonna be a kid again for the whole afternoon!
  6. From the pic, Wheelie kicks a$$ simply because he seems to be a retool of the upcoming Legends Bumblebee (compare the car modes and see if I'm high or not). Roddy also appears to be a very good retool of Legends Jazz, though I wish that they held out to base him on a Sideswipe or just did a very minor variation on Cybertron Hotshot. I can't tell if Warpath is based in any way on G2 Megs, but it wouldn't surprise me. I plan to get most of these guys-- especially Wheelie! WAIT-- What did I just say...!?!!
  7. Maybe a little of both... @loll@ Seriously, Transformers are better than ever right now, from the latest Universe toy to the finest G1 re-issues in the Takara Encore line. I'm taking a break from TF collecting so that I don't miss out on a couple other cool toy lines and also to buy stuff for my 7-month-old's first Christmas, but I'll always remain a diehard TF fan-- bring on "Revenge of the Fallen" with its giant new Devastator and new mold Leader-class Prime!
  8. I just saw this at Target today, and the Tank has just posted it as well. I've 'reported' old news before, but if anybody knew about this I wish they'd have told me! Target recently lowered their 25th A. Singles from the ridiculous price of $7.99 to the MSRP of about $6.99. They now have them at a temporary sale price of $4.99, which will last right until Black Friday. No sign of Wave 10s yet, but plenty of revision guys, as well as Wave 8 and 9. Looks like Hawk's gonna be bossin' around my Joes real soon!
  9. Sounds like someone involved in illegal activity... I can't wait for the new Hasbro character "Sgt. Registro TRADEMARK"! Formerly known as Jinx...
  10. ditto, ditto and ditto. Me Grimlock want to be found at Walmart!
  11. I love those guys! Two of the few good new characters to come out after 1991. They're at least 'semi-classic' in my book.
  12. Seriously ? Wow. I wish I'd been in their forum the day after that aired. You know, the whole 'geek' thing - I don't mind that. What I don't like is how alot of people do equate the hobby with being a creep or pedophile. Everytime I'd watch "Law & Order SVU" with my family (which is a very peculiar tradition in my house) I dread that they may use the age old 'toy collector rapist' angle and make for a very awkward night. @grumpy@ Luckily, I joined the Army Infantry as a deposit into my manliness account I can frequently make withdrawals from. "You collect toys, don't you?" "I also collect ears." @firedevil@ Tom PS - I don't do that last thing because it's illegal... and 50. cals usually don't leave alot of solid parts behind. #US1#@hmmm@ Buddy, you'll never make it into Tiger Force with that kind of Attitude! @loll@
  13. I'VE GOT IT!! I know why Duke's face make's me so uncomfortable-- it's not just that he looks like he's yelling. Duke's a squad leader, he's supposed to yell a lot in battle. But the mouth is too exaggerated, as if he's dislocated his jaw like a reptile in order to better swallow a very large rodent! So either the Joe team has been infiltrated by the Visitors (who were like Skulls who dressed like Michael Jackson) or else some more of those darn mutation spores got out. Onccce... Wasssss... a Joooooe!
  14. I've only ever been tempted to leave one toy line MOC-- that seems to be soooo wrong to do to a toy, man-- and that was the 25th Aniversary Joes, because their retro packages were that good. I'd probably have also been tempted with my re-issue G1s, but Takara boxes are very collector friendly. The MOTUC cards look good to me, but not quite that good. Remember Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2-- it's just not right, man...
  15. It may have been alright but I did not feel like having you push yours on me like you did with others. Why is you feel you hve to react to almost all my posts? I have my reasons That is all i'm going to say .Thats all i'm going to say because it would be on a need to know basis.Meaning pm me if you want to know I shouldn't have to to tell you out in the open Have I "pushed" my opinion on anybody else who said Predaking? Say Predaking and see if I supposedly push my opinion on to you and you can do it too because I gave you fodder now to do it and if I say anything against it you can quote this post If only a fuzzy giant robot were built by the Robear Berbils from Thundercats and powered by the forces of Care-a-lot-- I'd send him to hug you two into submission. You guys both contribute great and insightful posts to this forum-- please be friends!
  16. Gotta go with CB on this for the most part, making Pred the odds on favorite. BUT... Never count someone as powerful as Voltron out until the last lion has been deactivated and the last flesh creature destroyed! Something my Dad told be about boxing: even the worst Heavyweight can in theory knock out the best simply because it's never a good idea to have something over 200lbs hurtling at your face! That's why there are weight classes in boxing-- to give the smaller guys a chance and frankly to keep them alive! Never forget that, mecha or not, Voltron's still a heavyweight.
  17. My wife tells me I'm a Geek not a Nerd, because Nerds have technical skills that make the usefull! It's all good--everybody wants to be a Geek these days, nobody seems to want to be a nerd no matter their "nerdiness". But Geeks have all the best shows on TV and my wife is hot and totally digs me!
  18. It's the Little Tank That Could--- KILL YA!!
  19. This is a common misconception! He's not screaming - he's singing. To a Sevendust song, or something. I think it plays when you press a button on the television camera. : / Sevendust got my hands in devil horns bangin my head lol..... i cant imagine to be like you the pain and the suffering you put me through........ YO JOEEEEEEE #US1# @hmmm@ Looks more like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to me... I was sold on getting all the DVD Packs anyways, Duke or no Duke, but maybe I'll swing by Daiso and buy some mini food collectables like a tiny Pizza for him to scarf. He looks like one of those rubbery faced talking Dukes from awhile back-- only broken.
  20. This is a common misconception! He's not screaming - he's singing. To a Sevendust song, or something. I think it plays when you press a button on the television camera. : / Sevendust got my hands in devil horns bangin my head lol..... i cant imagine to be like you the pain and the suffering you put me through........ YO JOEEEEEEE #US1# @hmmm@ Looks more like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to me...
  21. Good point! But I'm not even sure that Voltron can form without one of the legs.
  22. I love how they're still crouching in the package even though they don't have to any more!
  23. Hasbro, re: the f@#$ing screaming head WHY?! We already had a good Jet Pack Duke, you could of just stuck the new arms on the Wave 1 CP Duke and painted the lapels red. Or just made a kit with two red labels and a couple of arms in a little zip lock bag and made it a mail-away. I understand that new tooling is expensive so-- Why?! Why?!
  24. I so want both of those for Christmas! C'mon Fat Man, don't let me down!
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