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  1. Unless Mattel learns from the current Gleek the Wonder-Monkey scandal, he'll probably be an exclusive. I imagine that the Horsemen would create something half-way between Classic Filmation Orko (who luckily got a figure in the '80s like Falcon Sorceress) and 200X, which would make a lot of people happy. The 200X Orko works pretty well, for me at least, with the MOTU Classics, except he's still a little too big. BTW Orko had a medallion back in the Filmation cartoon, too. He lost it rescuing Adam and Cringer.
  2. Considering that He-Man was a hybrid of so many different comic book and fantasy genres, each with their own rules and conventions, I'm not sure that there's a shark that he can't jump. The whole Adam/ He-Man thing goes back to Superman, a classic comic book convention. Superman found an ingenious way to hide in plain sight as Clark Kent, relying on the way that we all sterotype the people around us. Once Clark was dismissed as a wimp he became essentially invisible. However, there were subtle differences in the classic cartoon to tell Adam and He-Man apart, much more so than their action figures.
  3. I don't think that MOTU suffers nearly as much over the no-Filmation rule as She-Ra. He-Man and Skeletor actually looked better outside of the cartoon (more Conan-like and badass), whereas the opposite may have been true for the Princess of Power dolls.
  4. I'd be tempted to make Zodac a villain, just like the package art and promotional poster!
  5. I had the first mini-comic as a kid, since I got into MOTU before the cartoon premiered, and I've even had the opportunity to read it in both English and German. I think the connection between the Sorceress and Grayskull were implied even then, since both she and the combined Power Sword glowed green like the castle. I learned about He-Ro from a message board somewhere, possibly the 'Org.
  6. Is MAA going to have a reddish brown 'stache this time like the Filmation cartoon or black like the 2002 figure?
  7. I was mildly surprised at how many people didn't know or care about He-Ro or this figure. I guess I'm not used to there being casual MOTU fans. I thought we were all fanatics. @peace@ But the fact some people don't care is a great reason to make him an exclusive. While I would have thought he'd be a good regular release some month, too, apparently that might not be true. I agree about Eldor, the Goddess, and Tytus. I think the Green Goddess would be another great exclusive, perhaps at NYCC 2010. If they keep Eldor in the story (say, by mentioning him in He-Ro's bio), I think they'll need to release him, as well. You could own every figure and have seen every cartoon and still not know who this guy is. Not all fans are active on the Org message boards. My guess is that the Green Sorceress is less obscure than He-Ro, but then again I have a pretty good memory when it comes to the mini-comics since I always thought they were cool.
  8. Everybody should just sign up with Facebook. You don't need to 'friend' or 'poke' anybody that you don't want to. There is a lot of stuff over their that you can subscribe to and see daily updates right on your page. It's also a great way to send an email to your grandmother and keep track of birthdays. It's not trendy or cool and there is no principle real or imagined that you could violate for using the free service. Mattycollector udpates on FB because, for some reason, it's easier for them than putting news on their own website. You can post on their page without having to go through administrators or the biases of a message board.
  9. Sometimes the changes are improvements. I haven't had a figure with loose joints since Beastman and Toyguru says that the reissue He-Man coming this fall will have less red around the eyes and corrected shoulders. I say buy a Mer-Man on the 15th. If you don't like him or think that he's worth $30, you can return, trade or sell him on Ebay. Your only investment then will be time. Really, it's a personal decision and no picture or review online can substitute for seeing these things in person.
  10. I'm surprised that He-Ro looks so good, much cooler than I imagined. You can read up on Mattel's concept for He-Ro, along with the Powers of Grayskull over here at Grayskull Museum. Really a lot of great ideas which were later used by the writers of the 200X cartoon, only they substituted King Greyskull for He-Ro. It will be interesting to see how the bio on his card adapts the character since both he ang KG now co-exist in MOTUC. As far as I can tell, He-Ro was the adopted son of King Adam and Queen Teela only in Lou Scheimer's pitch for a new MOTU series. The Preternian character was a youthful ancester of the House of Randor who received the Power from a mystical cave and had all of He-Man's powers in addition to something called Natural Magic, where he could control trees and rivers similar to Beastman's power over animals. He was pals with the Elders, the source of He-Man's strength, and even had one for a mentor. Kinda cool, but the prototype was goofy looking, sporting vacuum metalized armor like Flying Fist He-Man. I was planning on skipping all the convention exclusives but I do have a soft spot for the He-Ro concept.
  11. I'd take He-Man in Space before I'd go for the only variant who didn't have a power sword...
  12. Can one actually beat a dead horse back to life... and kill it again? Just asking.
  13. I'm glad to read something like this-- it feeds my hope of getting a digitally re-mastered G.I.Joe the Movie sometime soon. It's a shame that we couldn't get the Movie in one of the DVD Battle Packs.
  14. Yes, they have. Right after Faker sold out, Mattycollector posted this apologetic response for all the fans: MOTUC fans, Well, even through we lowered the limit of Faker to 4 per person (the same limit as at NYCC) we still sold out of the Evil Robot of Skeletor in record time. While we are pleased he sold out so quick, we do share fan's pain that he was only available for a few hours. To help with this, we have increased production of all figures going forward. Mer-Man may wind up coming in as two seperarte shipments (meaning even if we sell out on Day 1, we will get a second shipment in a few days later). And going forward we are increasing production across the board for all future MOTUC figures. We will also look at brining back some of the early figures again once we judge sales on the reissues of He-Man and Skeletor this fall. We do want to keep working with our fans to make this line the best it can be. We regret if fan's missed out on the chance to own a Faker, but remember, we do announce the on sale dates three months in advance. All figures go on sale at 12:00 noon on the 15th of the month (unless the 15th is a weekend, in which case it is the next Monday non holiday). So if you want him, you'll know when to log on to buy. Keep the feedback coming and we will do our best to continue shapping the line for fan's first! Matty Toyguru previously posted over at the 'Org that He-Man's re-issue will have corrected shoulders and less red around the eyes. I actually like how my He-Man was painted but I know that it was a problem for others.
  15. Sid's right-- a pre-order system would go a long way towards fixing the current situation. Though I don't suppose Matty would let us pick our months; it'd probably be the the rest of the line or nothing.
  16. I guess in the end Mattel underestimated the love out there for Faker. It looks like they'll do a lot better for Mer-Man, though, even setting up two production runs in advance. So much for March being a boring month!
  17. Ebay isn't the end of the world, either, so long as you wait for speculation to die down and shop around. Sometimes you can take advantage of someone else's impulsiveness and pick up loose, defect-free figures at reduced prices. I got my Stratos MOC for less than he would have cost me on Matty.
  18. CLAM, I really feel for you. I posted a note on Mattycollector's new Facebook page earlier telling them that stuff happens and that they really need to get that Subscription service up so that the completists can get all the figures. Mattel has confirmed that He-Man and Skeletor will be back (He-Man's eyes and shoulders fixed!) this fall, and if sales are strong, there will be other reissues. Faker was originally meant to be a convention exclusive like King Grayskull-- a character that I couldn't care less for-- but only got the coveted "March Slot" because Mer-Man (with his plethora of accessories) was running late. The produced Faker figures then had to do double-duty, and while nobody saw them sell-out in three hours, it's not surprising IMO that they didn't make two days. Fakor has been an exclusive before and was probably made in lower numbers because he's a repaint with less new tooling than Stratos or Zodac, not an 8-back character, nor was he prominent on any of the cartoons. Though not as obscure as Scare-Glow, Faker might not be on everybody's essential list. One more thing... He-Man and Beast-Man did sell-out. After going on sale right before the worst recorded holiday shopping season in our lifetimes, only a "few" figures of the two remained in early January when Mattel pulled them for the conventions. According to the Facebook page (which for some bizarre 'legal" reason is easier for Matty to update then their own site), He-Man sold out at NYCC and Beast-man appeared to be nearly sold or sold out. In the end, MOTUC has had five sell-outs in five months. They seem to be the top seller on Mattycollector, out-performing all the DC stuff. We'll see if they keep that spot when Ghostbusters merch is added later this year. Though, Mattel still hasn't signed Venkman...
  19. I've never liked that whole "balance of good and evil" concept-- it just seems like a bad understanding of the yin and yang. Philosophically, evil is imbalance. Even in Zoroastrianism, where Good and Evil are roughly equal, Good is still destined to win out in the end through Wisdom and Teamwork (Hey, sounds like a Filmation cartoon! @loll@ ). I prefer the reasoning used by cosmic characters in the superhero comics where IMO they're still outsiders who don't think they have the right to interfer. Too switch supporting sides is the exact opposite of what Uatu or even the Filmation Zodac would do-- rather than being evolved or cosmic, it sounds to me like something European powers would do in the Age of Imperialism! Rest assured, after Lord Skeletor has taken the Power Sword from Adam's smoking corpse, seized Grayskull, and placed the Sorceress in his menagerie, a certain Cosmic Enforcer will be next on his list. @firedevil@ Anybody going to get Zodac just to make him evil? However, Squiddish Rex is no shortage of Awesome, even if he is the "Waspinator" of the MOTUverse.
  20. Basically, you make sure that you're on the site and ready to buy as soon as the clock strikes 9 PST. If you have to work that day and can't work an evening shift, just partner up with a fellow collector and have him order for you. I think the 10 figure limit should be plenty for both of you. I have a friend in California who likes action figures and we've been picking up rare figures for each other from places like Target and Walmart for years.
  21. Mer-Man can't come soon enough. His fishy armies will lay waist (and likely eggs) to all of Randor's lands.
  22. I'm not sure that scalpers are inflating the sales numbers that much. I think that Mattel honestly has a hit-- or at least what passes for one in this economy. The figures are some of the best toys I've ever seen or played with and MOTU itself connects with a lot of people all over the world. I think people just really like these things. It will be interesting to see how figures from the other lines do in MOTUC. 200X didn't have any original characters and only branched out to the more obscure guys towards the end. I don't see why some of the better 4HM redesigns won't do well in the Classics line, especially if they were fan-favorites back then. Less familiar characters from NA or even POP might do well with collectors who want to see (relatively) new faces among the warriors of Eternia.
  23. After getting the last four figures, I was still on the fence about buying a total repaint who was originally intended to be a convention exclusive like King Grayskull. Then the big blue guy sold out in about three hours. Well, that makes things a little easier! The good news really is that Matty now has five sell-outs in five months and can finally confirm re-issues of He-Man (with improvements) and Skeletor this fall. But for those who missed out on Fakor, there are always other fans who might want to trade, and even Ebay isn't a bad option if you shop around. Some Stratos figures are currently going for around $20 plus shipping.
  24. MOTU's connection to the DCU is more tenuous then, for example, the multiple points of contact that G.I. Joe and the Transformers share to Marvel (besides fighting each other, Destro was a Hydra agent, Spider-man teamed up with the Autobots while wearing his Secret Wars costume, and the Dinobots fought Shockwave four million years ago in the Savage Land after Grimlock's crew were reformated from the dinos that lived there). Superman met He-Man before the first Crisis, back when the Huntress was still Bruce Wayne's daughter and the DCU was big enough for all kinds of parallel storylines. Now that Barry Allen and the Multi-verse is back, who's to say that Eternia isn't out there somewhere-- besides Mattel's lawyers. @loll@ I'm looking forward to Classics Teela, too. I can't wait to see her alternate head, which might be the closest yet to her original concept art. I'd say that Teela, Man-at-Arms, and Mer-man are the three figures that I'm most excited about from those announced so far.
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