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  1. I don't see anything wrong with stating that you don't like something, but it does get tiring to see thread after thread about the same complaints. Or worse yet, when a complainer feels the need to post their complaints in every thread. "Yes, we know what you don't like. Don't care as it's not relevant to the discussion, but we're all sure you'll repeat yourself several times anyway." Of course, those type are usually the ones under the impression that their rants are especially well thought out and eloquent. I'm sure it's hard to fathom why everyone isn't convinced, but I'm also sure life goes on. It's nice to have a place to express opinions, but in the end, we're the only ones our opinions matter to. Say it, discuss it, and, hopefully at some point, move on to the next topic. Of course that right there is just my 2 cents...
  2. I doubt Hasbro thinks that. One, ToyBiz did put out a heck of a lot crap. Let's not pretend the company was Golden. Two, several figures use Toybiz molds. And three, I doubt anyone at Hasbro or ToyBiz (that is to say Marvel Toys) thinks of Legends as a chance to show the other up. I'm pretty sure they see it as a vehicle to produce profit. They have access to all the old Legends stuff, and if they think it'll make them money, we'll see it.
  3. 1. Why was the bicep swivel replaced by a joint that -a- has a smaller range of motion and -b- looks odd? 2. Will we ever see finger articulation again? 3. What is the reason behind the lack of paint apps? 4. Will we see any other of Hasbro's toy line produced i Legends style and scale? 5. Do reprinted comics really drive up the cost that much? 6. Will we ever get a comic accurate Magneto that doesn't reuse another character's mold?
  4. That does look awesome, but I doubt we could hope for something that close to the comics. Let's cross our fingers anyway and hope the "Storm Cloud" thing is just a rumor.
  5. If it's true then I'll most likely get them all. FA Storm is the Storm I've wanted all along. Nova is an awesome character. Tigra fleshes out my Avengers. And although I didn't care for AoA as a whole, Holocaust is one of the coolest characters to emerge from the story. Over all, I have no complaints.
  6. I don't even like Xorn and I think this is awesome! Good job!
  7. I don't care if Lucas thinks Spiderman 3 was silly! I care the I think it was silly! C'mon! TWO dance scenes. THREE heart to hearts with Aunt May. Harry turning evil when Mary Jane leaves, giving him BLUE YOU KNOW WHATS. The symbiote influence being signified by BANGS. Tying the Sandman to Uncle Ben's death for NO REASON WHAT SO EVER. This movie was SILLY people! Still, I enjoyed it because I came prepared. I had a long time comic fans on one side of me to mark out with when the action and effects were good, and an a complete comic book novice on the other so I could make fun of the lame parts. Sometimes you have to make your own fun. Lucas? Who cares? He can shut up and entertain me, or just plain shut up. Anything else concerning the man is inconsequential to my existence.
  8. I voted no. Overall, Hasbro makes a better figure. Marvel Toys (ToyBiz) attempted to make better looking figures, but the quality too often detracted from the details. Some figures where awesome, and some were horrible. And the Blob series is nowhere to be found? Nothing new for me. I'm use to waiting forever to see a series hit the shelves. And I'm not a completist, so if I don't like a figure, it's nothing for me to leave it on the peg. So basically, everything evened out for me. BTW, what is the 5th option for? To answer the poll question "My interest hasn't changed one way or the other" is basically the same as a "no"(as in "no change").
  9. I couldn't agree more with the disappointment over Harry's costume. Of course, the film makers would no doubt diffuse that criticism by pointing out the dangerous nature of riding a goblin glider while hurling pumpkin bombs, and the need for protective gear as opposed to an outlandish and imposing image, much the way they defended the original Goblin costume. Super villains, throughout history, have always been prudent to the last! And they are right! When you're making a movie about a young man bitten by a genetically enhanced hybrid super spider who, as a result, gains extraordinary spider like superpowers and defends New York city again the super powerful villains who happened to have gained their powers around the same time, the audience goes in the theater DEMANDING realism!
  10. AC

    The Hulk is coming home

    Looks like this is gonna be painful for Iron Man and Crew. I just hope they do something equally big for when Thor returns and finds out they had the nerve to clone him.
  11. It's funny how you were able to vastly improve the look of Banshee just by adding the collar. Makes me wonder why Hasbro couldn't be troubled to tweak the figure just that little bit. Great job!
  12. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in. I'm in Retail Management, although not at a toy store. But one thing I can tell you is that 99 times out of 100 Store Manager who did what this woman did would be reprimanded, or even terminated. Why? It's bad business, plain and simple. You see, large corporations almost never look at the dollar amount of merchandise sold when judging performance. Many people think that's what it's all about, but it's not. Every company I've ever worked for has ranked stores on one factor above all else: Percent of Increased Sales! You can sell $10 Million in a year, but if that $10 Million is only a 4% increase over the previous year you'll be freshening up your resume in no time. So how does this relate? Because increasing sales depends on two things. Retaining customers (ie: Don't give shoppers a reason to take their business somewhere else) and bringing in NEW customers (ie: When a new shopper walks into your store, make sure you give them a reason to come back). Either way, the manager in this case failed. That's why retailers usually have limits on in demand merchandise. To do good business, you need the widest customer base. Doing volume deals at the retail level hurt business more than it helps. That's why we have different words to describe retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Because the volume they deal with dictates HOW they do business. So, was what she did legal? Sure. Did she make a sale? Yes. Will that matter to her District Manager? Probably not.
  13. I find Hasbro's Legends to be no better or worst than Marvel Toys' (ToyBiz) Legends. Sure, I'm not doing back flips over my White Queen, but on the whole, she's better than my Scarlet Witch. Of course there are nits to pick. Would I have picked a few different characters? Yes. Would I have put a different head and a colloar on Banshee. Yes. Would I have left in the comics? Yes. But I picked many a nit before Hasbro got the licence. Plus so far, I've had no problem finding any of Wave 1's figures, which is a nice change. And as for the quality and appeal of wave 2 or 3? It would be a silly and futile thing to debate the merits of an action figure I've never laid hands on. I can't recall many of Marvel Toys' figures that looked exactly like the promotional pics, or even like the pics on the back of the package. Hasbro did OK for their first time out. If they improve, I'll keep buying. If the degrade, then I'll stop. But honestly, I think they'll do just fine. So for now, I vote stay.
  14. That is the BEST Invisable Woman figure I've ever seen! Custom or otherwise!
  15. I picked option 3, but would rather pick Opticon's suggestion.
  16. To be honest, I thought the Mego-esque lines were a bad idea. But having seen them, I have to admit that they are well made and actually kinda cool looking. I agree the Goblin is the best of the first batch. I won't buy them, but only because I limit myself to Legends. One line is enough of a drain on my wallet already.
  17. OK, that is definitely the Shiznit...
  18. All that matters is that YOU did the right thing, whether or not the kid was legit or a scalper decoy. ( That would have to be one skillful and crafty scalper to deploy the kid at the exact moment you found a deeply buried figure. Just doesn't seem likely. ) Now you can go to bed and rest easy with the knowledge that your Toy Collecting is a cool hobby, and not an unhealthy obsession.
  19. Taking away Thor's hammer is no small feat. It takes way more than trickery, and Thor can "call" Mjolnir to him. I doubt Storm would find something to trap the hammer in that it can't break through. And even if she could, Thor is immune the the elements. It's concievable that he might eventually be worn down, but the time it would take is far beyond Storms endurance, seeing how Thor can fight for weeks straight without a break. Doesn't take anything away from Storm though. After all Thor is at the very least one of the top 5 power houses in the MU, if not the top 3. I didn't see anyone comment on Hawkeye vs Gambit. In a battle of projectiles, I'll take the guy who never misses and vote for Hawkeye. Personally, as wicked bad as Scarlet Witch can be, even if she doesn't go crazy and Jean doesn't use Pheonix powers, I just see Jean as the tougher and more experienced of the two. Vision vs. Beast seems too lop sided in favor of Vision. Beast could overcome him through technical expertise I suppose, but that depends on where the battle takes place and what's available to Hank. Wonderman vs. Cyclops seems the same way in favor of Cyke. I know, one punch to the jaw and it's over, and Wonderman is pretty much invulnerable. But if Cyclops goes all out, he could really hurt him AND not worry about killing him. (Even if he did somehow kill him he's just come back anyway.) Cap vs. Wolverine could go either way, seeing how Cap has a way of beating opponents with superior strength and powers all the time. As in almost every single issue. And it's not like he has to break Wolverines bones or kill him. He just has to beat him. Honestly, of all the matches here, this is the one I'd flip flop on the most. These are two of the top fighters in all of Marvel after all. I will say this, if Wolverine went Berserker on Cap, Cap would take him. He's just too skilled. Going wild wouldn't help here. Wolverine has to out fight him, and that's a real possibility here. I'll punk out and say this one is 50/50 for me. I wish Nightcrawler was on this list.
  20. That would be a killer Face-Off pack! I'd buy that in a heartbeat!
  21. Toybiz made him in one of the old 5" Spiderman lines. It's an awesome figure. It shames me to admit it, but I'd love a Captain Ultra figure. http://www.marveldirectory.com/individuals...aptainultra.htm Worst. Costume. Ever!
  22. AC


    A-freakin-mazing... I'm glad I wondered what a Sutar was...
  23. I hear ya. I'd kill a puppy for Alpha Flight, Squadron Supreme, the Imperial Guard, and even the Kree Star Force! At the very least Gladiator, Guardian, Puck, Box, Hyperion, Dr. Spectrum, and Supremor. I could be patient after those.
  24. I have to agree. Having a villans wave come out periodically would really help flesh out the line and please collectors. And increase my chances of getting the Executioner and Enchantress.
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