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  1. The one I went to had the variant Thor, a repainted Captain America, Wolverine with a new head sculpt, and an Extemis Iron Man. Thor is the only one I picked up.
  2. Got a tip these were showing up at Family Dollars. Went by my local and found some. Go a couple extra for trade, PM me if interested.
  3. So I was pretty disappointed with the Iron Man figures that were displayed at the Toy Fair. While some of the 6" Legends figures will be interesting, I was hoping for more from the 3.75" line or the MU line. The only thing that did get me super excited was the Classic Avengers 5 pack, with the gold 2nd appearance Iron Man. And instead of a doing a simple repaint of the 1st appearance 3.75" Iron Man from the Iron Man 2 Comic Line, they actually modified the sculpt for a higher neck line, different helmet, and added the classic antenna on the back. I will definitely be picking up this pack, JUST to add the figure to my Iron Man Armory! I was hoping to get more classic Iron Man armors, either through the Armored Avenger line, or through the Marvel Universe, but I will take what I can get. Here is a pick of the Classic Avengers 5 pack I am referring too. Classic Avengers 5 Pack P.S. Thanks to Marvelousnews.com for the great Toy Fair coverage!
  4. Yeah, absolutely. I like the three versions they did, but even then they were pushing it. I'm not ever sure what armor that was supposed to be to begin with. I guess it looks pretty similar to the TinMan armor, or it could be the streamline version Pentagon Armor.
  5. I see what your saying. I feel like the Thorbuster, Space Armor, and Hyrdo Armor would be recognizable enough to justify a figure. They did a classic stealth, that was indeed just a repaint...but I think close enough. So I guess this has sorta turned into a wish list of 3.75" scale figures: 90's Modular Armor Classic Hydro Armor Thorbuster Armor Space Armor Renaissance Armor from Heroes Reborn As much as Hasbro likes their Iron Man, I am hopeful we will see some of these eventually.
  6. The Thorbuster would be another good one they could use in the comic line.
  7. Yep, that is a great point. I also wouldn't mind seeing the Yellow bubble helmet version of the hydro armor. I know we got the Deep Dive in the concept line...but the classic hydro armor really stands out.
  8. Someone in another forum found a Hasbro Q+A that specifically talks about the Modular Armor being considered for the 3.75" line. That Q+A is below. The armor is mentioned in question 3. <-------------------------------------------> We've received our answers for the last round of Hasbro 2010 Marvel Q&A. In this round we receive confirmation/elaboration on a certain short sized raging canuck(and a tidbit on how this set will be released), a hint on a certain "missing" Iron Man Armor, and proof that sharing is caring: 1) At NYCC 2010, the Marvel Masterworks Sentinel was posed holding what looks to be, a new, kit-bashed Wolverine figure. Have tools been cut for this "new" Wolverine figure? A) This Wolverine is featured in the upcoming X-Men exclusive 6 pack. 2) Are the backpack pegs on the jetpacks of the 2011 Captain America line, compatible with 25th Anniversary GI Joes? A) Yes they are! 3) One popular, and recognizable Iron Man armor was the Modular Armor. Was the Modular Armor Iron Man ever considered for the Iron Man or Marvel Universe line? A) Yes, it's made the list of possibilities many times. There's a strong chance that this armor will have its day in plastic! <------------------------------------------->
  9. Yep, that is the exact one. I also agree about that version be the "true" Modular Armor. I am hoping I am wrong about the 3.75" Comic line being dead, but perhaps MU will pick up the figure, or perhaps the Toy Fairs of 2011 will shed some light.
  10. There's been some confusion over just which or the armours is the "modular" one. If you mean the 90's version, then it did indeed come out--but if you are referring to the more recent design that, I think, is also referred to as "modular", then no I do not think it has shown up anywhere. I think that is backwards. I know we have gotten the most recent armor in the last Marvel Universe wave, in 3.75" scale. But the 90's version has not been released in 3.75" scale that I know of. Please tell me I am wrong! I assumed that it is THIS one: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=HAS18828&mode=retail ...was the 90's modular armour. If so, it has indeed appeared. That is actually the Neo-Classic as seen here: Neo Classic Armor I was really excited to see the Neo-Classic in the line, because I don't think this was in the Marvel Legends line, but again, it was strange to see this one, and not the Modular Armor in the Iron Man 2 Comic waves.
  11. There's been some confusion over just which or the armours is the "modular" one. If you mean the 90's version, then it did indeed come out--but if you are referring to the more recent design that, I think, is also referred to as "modular", then no I do not think it has shown up anywhere. I think that is backwards. I know we have gotten the most recent armor in the last Marvel Universe wave, in 3.75" scale. But the 90's version has not been released in 3.75" scale that I know of. Please tell me I am wrong!
  12. So I have loved most of the comic line produced under the Iron Man 2 banner in the 3.75" scale. With versions of the Silver Centurion, Neo-Classic, and Classic War Machine...but I was really surprised to not see a Modular Armor Iron Man figure. As far as I know the comic line is over unless someone knows different. Is anyone else really disappointment we didn't get a Modular Armor Iron Man? Were there any other classic Iron Man armors people wish were in the comic line? Oh, and by Modular Armor, I mean the one from the nineties. I have seen some people refer to the newest Bleeding Edge armor as Modular as well. This one! Modular Armor
  13. If they "just came out this week", maybe you should give the product some time to reach retail. Toy-lines very rarely all launch at the same time at different stores. I did not make that statement based of this single occurrence. I am talking about poor distribution, at least in my area, for the entire iron man, with the exception of the first or second wave. There a dozens of the same wave 1 and 2 figures warming the pegs at every Walmart, Target, K-Mart, etc within 70 miles of me. What really blows me away though is that Hasbro doesn't offer all of the waves on their website for purchase. My point is that I want to buy their products, yet they seem to make it pretty difficult to do so in general.
  14. Yeah, most likely. Unfortunately though, I do no live in an area where local retailers have restocked ANY Iron Man figures since the early waves. My only choice is to purchase through an online store or Ebay, and Ebay prices would be most likely higher.
  15. Found Some! At Entertainmentearth.com. Can't believe I didn't look there.
  16. So these figures just came out earlier this week. The only place I have found to buy them is at www.bigbadtoystore.com, but they sold out in like one frackin day! I cannot find anywhere else to buy these. Does someone have a good source, other than scalper prices on Ebay? WTF is Hasbros deal with not providing sufficient means to purchase their products? Thanks for any help.
  17. Thanks! I chose to go with the gutted Arc Reactor because I already like the color scheme, and I don't have a lot of experience painting, so I am trying to avoid it as much as possible. I may end up not using the very bottom, (the plastic rubbery part that is supposed to hold the arc to your shirt), because it does have a muted rubbery red color to it, which doesn't match. And as far as cost, I have just been patient, finding good deals on ebay, and making trades with people who found them cheap or discounted. Trust me, I could not afford to pay full retail, $6.99, for the 30 or 40 of these it will take to make the display. I've been really lucky so far.
  18. <Updated (12/18/11)> So it has been nearly 11 months since my last update. And almost that long since I have had a chance to work on this. The scale of the thing made it difficult to work on at my old place. My wife and I recently moved into a new place, where I can claim the entirety of the basement as my own, so now I have plenty of space to work. I have decided on one major change to the build. I am going to make it a 4 level, instead of a 2 level. With the 2 extra levels I can hold around 80 armors, which will support my current 60+ and then give me some breathing room for expansion. 2nd tier lit. Full Album (HELP!) So in order to complete this thing, I need more of the Iron Man 2 Arc Lights. I purchased most of the ones I have on clearance on ebay lots, but all of my local stores are dry of them, and ebay prices have gone way up. If anyone has a source for these or any extra ones they would like to get rid of, I am willing to pay or trade for them. Just PM me. <Updated (01/22/11)> I have made a few more updates, but the project has been stalled because my supplier of the tubes has had them on back order for a few months. I also consolidated all of the pics into an album: Album <Updated (10/26/10)> Here are a few pics of what I have constructed so far. This is the base of the first level. The armors and screen were just put into place for scale, they are not fully attached yet. Also, I forgot to give the dimensions yesterday. When fully completed, it should be 42" wide, 24" deep, and about 20" tall. http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2145.jpg http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2146.jpg http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2148.jpg http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2147.jpg http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2149.jpg http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2150.jpg http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2152.jpg http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2151.jpg <Update (10/25/10)> Wanted to give an update. I have started construction on the chamber itself. I do not have a picture of the construction just yet. Will update with that this evening. But, here is a scan of the very rough sketch of it: Very Rough Sketch It should hold about 40 tubes I made with the armors in then. It will be two levels, with the upper level just being completely lined with armors. The lower level will have the main view screen, with an elevated platform with computer terminal. There will be armor on either side of the monitor, while the left wall will be completely lined, and the right wall will have other things like inventions and weapons. There will also be two additional sections, which have been outlined in the sketch. One section will be for new armor construction and repair. The other will be a lab for other new technologies and research. Both sections will be detailed with various items to indicate their purpose. <Original Post Below (10/17/10)> Hey Guys, Wanted to post up some pics of the Armory I am working on. Let me start off by saying, that it is the 3.75" scale. While this is not my favorite scale to collect in general, for Iron Man, it is PERFECT! Hasbro has done a great job I think of releasing a great spread of figures in both the Iron Man 2 line and the Marvel Universe line. Yeah, there are repaints and plain part swap figures, but for someone like me who is not great at customizing figures, they have offered a very respectable number of variations of armors. Part of what I like about Iron Man is the armors, and this probably comes from growing up watching the 90's cartoon, where that Iron Man had an armory of 100's of armors. That is my vision for my armory, and Hasbro is making that feasible. My goal is to collect every variation of Iron Man at the 3.75" scale and add them to my armory. So now to the good stuff: I have wanted to make something like this since the first movie came out. It was only recently that it all started coming together though. Right now, the only completed parts I have are of the individual armor chambers. Obviously since my favorite parts of Iron Man are all he different armors, this is where my focus lies. The individual chambers are similar to the Hall of Armors bases Hasbro released, but in a little better scale. The ones Hasbro did I think were way off. The individual chambers are based with a gutted circular Iron Man 2 arc reactor by Hasbro. I removed the electronics, keep the top layer mechanical looking portion. Then, I used a clear plastic piece that fits perfectly in the gutted portion with the mechanical portion left from the gutting below that. The tubes were purchased, and the removable caps put on top of the clear plastic piece inside. All the pieces are mounted together and they all fit quite snugly, which is great. The figures slide into the tubes perfectly, and fit onto the mounted cap. Here is a shot of a few of the completed ones: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2129.jpg Here is a close up of one of them: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2132.jpg Here is the tube holding the figure separated from the base: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2134.jpg Here is a close up of the base: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2136.jpg The last component of the individual chambers is a 3 LED Touch Light that goes on top to illuminate the armors. Without illumination: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2138.jpg With illumination in a darkened room: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2140.jpg Close up of illuminated chamber: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2141.jpg All of my completed chambers so far: http://i764.photobucket.com/albums/xx287/rubiks7962/Iron%20Man%20Armory/In%20Progress/SANY2144.jpg Would love feedback or ideas on how to improve. Also would be happy to answer any questions. Thanks!
  19. Love you collection DSmith. I have an open question to everyone on the board. I have in my collection a 10" Toy Biz Symbiote Spiderman. He is no longer in the box, but the figure is atleast 10 years old. I got for my birthday in like 1996 or maybe 1995. The problem is I cannot find any records of this toy's existance. Not on Toy Biz, the net, ebay, no one has a figure like this as far as I can tell. I beleive it was from the Spiderman: the animated series line, but I can't be sure. I will post a pic when I get a chance. But if anyone has any info on this fig, I woudl really appriciate somke feedback. thanks everyone. enterprise@usr1018.nexpoint.net
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