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  1. and where do you work? being vague about details like that doesn't cast the list into doubt, but it does make what you're saying seem questionable at worst..
  2. Which Clone mold are the troopers made from!?
  3. it was Anakin and Obi-Wan leading the clones on the Cato Nemoidia mission in LOE. <yawn> Plo Koon was shot down in his fighter by the clones pilots carrying out 66 from the skies of CN, I think it's a safe bet that maybe he took over ground operations for a bit before that (after the other two left). If I cared enough to get a few of the 442nd figures, Master Koon would be standing in front of them leading the charge.
  4. I can't believe it took anywhere near this long for this crap to start. Methinks it was to be expected really, there's no limit to human capacity to sometimes want to feed off people and their wallets no matter what its says about that person. Greed is just a condition that will never end... I hope Hasbro shuts that guy down really quick-like. Ridiculous. And then shut him down again when he inevitably gets a new ebay ID someday and tries peddling the same stuff.
  5. The biggest critique LT got were actually on the one issue I had too. I never was feeling the BBI head like I'd hoped to, so I decided I'd sub it out when I found something better someday. And so 2 days later, I did just that. :-D Edited the first post with 2 nice shots of the variant version! The new head looks MUCH more like the Hasbro figure, as I THINK that the new head has all the same cocky attitude as the 1986 figure was showing off with. What does everyone else think?
  6. And remedied it will be, Dprime! I found a head yesterday that is absolutely PERFECT for Lift-Ticket, waaaay appropriate, every bit as much character as the original figure had. So look for new pictures of LT later today.
  7. thanks, y'all. I'm proud of this one, I think I did him justice especially with the helmet (LT's helmet is as important to who he is IMO as Wedge Antilles' helmet is to him as a character). Yeah, the head didn't work out quite as I'd hope, but I wanted a non-Joe-line head here and since I bought that BBI figure for the helmet anyway... Maybe I'll change it later, who knows, but I guess it works for now!
  8. Made a revision to the figure, did a head substitution, scroll on down to see below. Please give me some feedback here. I think it looks far better and has lots more character but I'm bias... @sonar@ :lol: Left the dio shots because they're still relevant, but the new version looks far better on his own. Of the many helicopter pilots on the Joe roster, Lift-Ticket has always been my favroite of them. Something about him just stood out in my mind moreso than the rest of them, even above Wild Bill, yeah. Lift-Ticket is all Delta pilot through and through, hardcore and driven with a flair for Life itself. Vic Sikorsky (HA!) is a bad-ass Warrant Officer, a motivated and afficient sonofabytch who was very likely an elite Nightstalker before task force Delta recruited him. He's got skills. Of the numerous vehicles the Joes has utilized and the half-dozen or so copters they've used (from the realistic Dragonflocust to the "battle copters"), the Night Attack Chopper is hands-down trump-them-all COOLEST design ever. But I never had the rad green-n-black version, all the time it was in stores, I never did grab one. And I've regretted it. Well, I got one from a fellow collector last week and decided to celebrate by making a Lift-Ticket figure to fly the motherfker into every combat campaign only the craziest spec ops guys would want in on. Here he is: Sooo, any new thoughts, anyone? :mrgreen:
  9. night force cynic


    WHOO! Scarlett give him the beeitch-slap smackdown! That's just awesome. Thanks for posting that, makes me think about finally doing more Dreadnok customs sometime real soon... (I made a RAH version of Machete last year, but I think it's time to look at getting a proper modern version out.)
  10. TF Joe, you mean the 1st Spirit from first wave of Sigma 6 and not the lame temple tracker's crossbow, right? This one, eh? http://www.yojoe.com/sigma6/access/2005/spirit1s.jpg I have an extra of that wicked bow for ya, happy to send it to happy home. Just drop me a PM where to send it !
  11. I actually made this whole line-up 2 years ago, about the same time Low-Light and a few others I haven’t put up yet were made. As soon as I got the Anti-Venom set from TRU, the first annoyance that I had was that my V-Troopers were all new modern, imposing, fittingly weird sculpts and the team to fight them was… dated to say the least (I love RAH stuff, but I hate seeing the 2 lines mixed together, nothing about it works for me.) The AV task force’s colors were weird but I kinda dug it because the mission was limited and it distinguished them as a team. So here they are: Mutt, Charbroil, Buckshot, Duke, Stretcher, Lifeline, Barricade, Roadblock The character selection, their functions all made perfect sense to me too except for the exclusion of an Officer to be the true leadership role even if he’s not the squad commander (NCO running the show? Yeah, right). And Stretcher and Lifeline being fused into the same bastardized figure just pissed me off then [and it still does] so I decided to justify the character integrity of both and made both members of the roster (makes sense to have more than 1 medic anyway given the mission they have to tackle). the Officer's filecard: BUCKSHOT filename: Connelly, Randal pri military specialty: infantry command sec military specialty: urban operations place of birth: Butte, Montana rank: O-3 (Captain) Raised by his uncle Ted since age 2, they spent every weekend possible hunting prime wildlife. From a young age he was taught to shoot and lived by the motto “if it moves and has more than two legs, kill it.” In his military career, that proved to be useful when he learned to adapt to combat against enemy forces right out of OCS when he was deployed to a hostile soviet country, and his many years of marksmanship practice proved him to be one of the best shots in the unit. That unit’s command sergeant major nicknamed him “Buckshot” and it stuck. Connelly’s close quarters urban Delta training before his third deployment in the regular Army made him ideal for Hawk to bring on board the Joe team as the best guy for the job of taking care of Cobra’s newest vile experiment.
  12. Inspired by the 2001 Low-Light with the correct blonde hair, I actually made this Low-Light custom a little over 2 years ago and just never posted him. I found him last weekend, immediatley remembered why I was proud this one and so I've decided to finally show him off. I always thought the 2nd RAH Lowlight, the 1991 redesign, was hella cool, from the first time I saw it at 11 years old... while V1 is iconic, I always preferred the radically different dress code, the beard, and the more advanced looking sniper rifle that the '91 figure was given. And the only way I figure they ever could have made it cooler was to put a color scheme on it that evoked a sense of panic that one shot from this bad motherfcker's rifle would surely cause on the street below, an urban city setting is too perfect IMO: plenty of witnesses though Cooper McBride never leaves a a sign behind that he was ever there. And it was that figure that made want him in modern form.
  13. The Hasbro team mentioned Flint as a future release at the Convention, after the saturday morning round table. I asked if they could revealed anyone else theywere planning, one of them admitted to Flint and Gung-Ho but he said that neither were at the sculpting stage yet (maybe they'd just gotten to the stage then or maybe he was playing coy, I'm not sure. Yeah yeah, I've kept quiet about it, but mostly because I forgot about it until MC published the Gung-Ho picture last month. Pretty sure they wouldn't have wanted me to have blab about it then, glad my short term memory sucks. Buuuut really, with the revelation of Shippy, Grand Slam, Cobra Firefly, and 12 more Snake Eyeses and 9 Stormshadows there, who would have cared about a "planned figure" at the time anyway? They also mentioned there were a lot of characters that were being tossed around as ideas for but those 2 were the only ones actually decided on at that point. (Funny thing is that Wet-Suit was never mentioned in New Orleans, so I was really surprised when he was pictured in the MC newsletter a few months ago.)
  14. This is my take on the legendary tank-buster dogfighter, a man known only as "the Wild Weasel" and my 2nd Transformer re-imagining, the daredevil mach-4 combat stuntman called Skywarp. Weasel flies high-tech versions of the planes that have been used in war for 6+ decades, now they just have better armor and more accurate weaponry. He's one of the best pilots on Earth, he's dangerous to the core and subtle as hell. He's arrogant because he's earned the rights to be. Cobra Commander still consideres him to be one of Cobra's most reliable assets and Weasel never fails: if the flying takes him a full day and the bombing opportunity must be perfectly timed, WW will do it without his heartrate ever going up. Skywarp is an "all-go, never-stop, kill them while they watch and make a show of it" brash and absolutely efficent fighter pilot. High speed adrenaline junkie, go in and do it and get out in time to grab a beer and the girl at the bar, but completely loyal and never stupid is all Skywarp lives to be. Flying Cobra's edgiest aircraft is his bread-n-butter. CC isn't completely sure of his place in the forces other than AVAC commnder yet, but he's impressed by the man's work. SKYWARP filename: Corvo, Willard primary military specialty: fighter jet pilot secondary military specialty: simulation instructor birthplace: Garden Grove, CA Daredevil tendencies marked his tentative years, showing off for the neighborhood with ever-bigger stunts. The Navy offered him a slot in aviation and dogfight training when he finished high school, his affinity for the rigors of mach 4.5 aerial combat made him one of the best in the world, he earned the call sign Skywarp. Became instructor at USN Top Gun school and flew as a legendary Seeker: a triple threat of teaching efficiency that washed many TG canidates out. He feels undeniably at home in a cramped cockpit. Cobra offered him a career as an advanced technology jet pilot with a paycheck and all the congratulations he'd ever want. He follows orders to the letter, his loyalty is unshakeable, the AVAC troops he leads just worship him. The other two ace Seekers are still MIA, he denies knowing anything. :-o
  15. the skin tones are glaringly different... like, that just needs to be fixed as it is distracting. but the recipe kicks ass, very very cool use of CC's 2002 waist piece.
  16. <clears throat> OK, it's been recently pointed out to me that I posted the black ink outline pictures of my bicep tattoo last year on a couple of the other boards but I never did post any pictures of the final colored, refined, eye-catching results of my geeky endeavor. Yeah, I know that LeoDragon, Hawk, KuuKuuSon, Skarapz, Killuminati, Nov316, Prozac, Rockhammer, Krymsyngrd666, and a bunch of other various board members got to see the thing when I was shwoing it off in New Orleans, during the convention, the rest of the community didn't. It's time. Soooo with further ado, the semi-high resolution pictures of the Eco Warriors tattoo: TOP ROW r-l: Airtight, Barbecue, Clean Sweep, Deep Six, Anti-tox BTM ROW r-l: Flint, Free Air, Outback, Ozone, Snowstorm
  17. "get Cutter's mold back"? Hasbro never lost the first version's mold. In fact they used it in 2001 for a bland repaint of the Joe's only Coastie And where's the logic behind Snow Storm having anything to do with Cutter's mold? sorry, I'm just not seeing where your guess on SS spring from in context... I'd take a bet that Willy's big, clunky Battle Corps mold with the moon boots IS still useable [that's just a guess] but I doubt that it's one that MC would be keen to repaint. I mean, I wouldn't argue at all but I have doubt that he's character that the decisionmakers would feel needed another version (ok fine, Hardtop's and Dragonsky's randomness make your guess seem reasonable). I think they could work wonders with the SS figure if they would apply some kinda of arctic camoflague to the figure, it would be better than all 3 of the figure's 1993-94 other color schemes for sure. I hope Frostbite's not anywhere near this set. Talk about a character that's just overused to the point of making him stale.... @l@ My guess is that will be 2 arctic Joes. I'm hoping for Iceberg and another Joe not normally associated with the frozen wastelands regularly, like a polar version of Flint, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Chuckles and Shipwreck give me high hopes that the 4th MOTH set will be well thought out and different just like #3 was (in comparison to the 2 bland Cobra sets) but it'll be good while yet till #4 is revealed...
  18. Mother of the Divine, that is some FANTASTIC work!!! Hooah! You matched the colors and everything, she fits in PERFECTLY with the rest of the team. Love the sculpted ribbing on the uniform, the head choice rocks, the helmet fit perfectly. I'm uber-impressed here! Dude, seriously, I've never considered a female version of any of any Destro's troops beyond the basic IG, especially not a TARGAT, kudos on that bit of eureka. Hells Yeah
  19. If the conventions were being combined, it would have been mentioned. It wasn't, they're not. Plus I don't think MC is anywhere near organized enough to combine the 2 convetions in one big one and pull it off in one weekend. And nothing else has been said of the '07 Joecon, so it's all a guess now just how little we're gonna know anytime soon and just how little effort might be put into it. Yeah, we're getting the shaft next year no matter what.
  20. Big Boa Wreckage Stormshadow Dice Robojoe Burnout Lady Jaye Duke
  21. Of all the various classes of grunts, various functions, and assorted special purpose troop classes under the Cobra sigil's banner, which are your 3 favorites? I'm not just asking which "army builder" figures are your favorites to buy multiples of to show off or which colors you dig the most on a mold... I mean of a very long list of the organization's various types of footsoldiers, both "Viper" labled and not, which are the troops most heavily employed to carry out Cobra's campaigns and twisted schemes in your Joeverse's events? Additional curiosities: 1] Which troop types do you see as the most versatile and might be seen on all campaign sizes? 2] Which are the most sepcialized that wouldn't be sent into any situations that didn't fit certain circumstances? 3] And which, if any, of the various troop types does your Joe-verse have no place/room for?
  22. Quick Kick Gnawgahyde Barrage Interrogator Fridge Gung Ho Razorclaw
  23. OK, so I’m no Transformers fan, it’s not a property I care much about unless GIJoe is crossing over with them in a DDP comic or if I’m watching the cheesy cool movie from ’86 with its roster of new characters I’m still intrigued by. But I always have been a big fan of Jazz and so when I saw the Alternators Meister in Target a year and a half ago, I was thrilled to see he’d found his way back from the void of obscurity-due-to-trademark [by using the Takara copyright] and told myself I needed to finally buy a Transformers figure for the first time in 14 years. I didn’t have the cash for it then and so I went back and ya just know he’d have to be long gone and I simply never saw him again. My buddy told me 2 weeks ago that he was being re-released in the new box style and so I figured I’d keep a lookout at the stores. And today I bought Meister and my inner Jazz-fan was geeky ecstatic. So I got to work and figured it’d be a nice change of pace for the daily change of the figure displayed on my desk from my usual Joe figure, Star Wars figure, or the occasional Marvel Legend if I put a TF on there for people to look at and be amused by. So in the parking lot of my workplace, I pulled the car out of its box, admired for a second the detail and that it looks the actual Mazda car to my limited knowledge of cars and set about transforming it. What a pain the ass. It took forever to get all the parts shifted to where they were supposed to be because I don’t remember the TF toys being that intricate (maybe they were though) AND I have no idea how durable or flimsy the Alternator’s line is supposed to be and so I was trying to be extra careful as breaking part of the thing is not something I needed to deal with. So 20 minutes and a couple looks at the instruction sheet to reassure myself I’m not an engineering moron, Jazz was transformed and proudly looking a true badass. But he’s never going back to car form either. Ugh.
  24. Rebelscum has these listed so far: FYE DVD Exclusive Posted by Curto on September 2, 2006 at 12:01 PM CST: Another DVD exclusive? Rebelscum reader Mike Troxell writes in: I was just visiting my local FYE store and they had a sign for an exclusive gift. When you buy all three classic Star Wars DVDs, you receive a pack of seven exclusive Topps trading cards. Three cards are shown on the sign--one each in the styles of the classic Topps series for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Circuit City DVD Exclusives Posted by Curto on September 2, 2006 at 11:41 AM CST: Circuit City is giving away a set of really nice prints of vintage poster art in a nice folder presentation with related graphics on the folder. The prints come out of the folders, but the folders themselves are nice, too, even the backs have really sharp artwork. Best Buy Star Wars DVD Tin Set Posted by Curto on August 31, 2006 at 08:57 AM CST: It looks like there's going to be another Star Wars DVD exclusive...this time from Best Buy. Rebelscum reader Michael Feeney alerts us to a "Star Wars Set W/Tin - DVD" item at Best Buy's website. Price is $89.99. Click on the thumbnail above for all the info. I'm sure all the other major retail chains will have their own promotions and RS will certianly report on them this week too.
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