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  1. I never got Starduster myself and would love an opportunity to get him.
  2. jinx723

    Cobra Team

    Just a follow up to my Team of 13 Joes. Now here's my Cobra mine's got ten for Cobra "Command" and five various troopers. Okay my Cobra Team is: Cobra Commander: Supreme Leader Destro: Weapons (& Tactics) Baroness: Intelligence Strom Shadow: Bodyguard of CC (& Head of Security) Firefly: Saboteur Zartan: Infiltration Tomax & Xamot: Finance/ Law (& Crimson Guard Commanders) Serpentor: Field Commander * Dr. Knox: Head of Science Division Cobra Trooper: Infantry Crimson Guards: Lawyers & Accountants B.A.T.s: Andriods Alley-Vipers: Urban Assualt Eels: (Cobra's) S.E.A.L.s * In my Joe-verse the Serpentor Project was a success. Cloned warrior made to lead and only answers to Cobra Commander.
  3. jinx723

    Team of 13...

    With it being the 25th Anniversary of G.I. Joe the orignal 13 team members always comes to mind. I was just wondering who would you have on a team of 13 Joes? My team would be: Gen. Hawk: Commanding Officer Duke: First Sergeant (& Airborne Infantryman) Flint: 2nd in Command (& Tactics) Stalker: Ranger (& Medic) Snake-Eyes: Commando Scarlett: Intelligences (& Sniper) Lady Jaye: Covert Operations Roadblock: Heavy Weapons Gung-Ho: Marine (Recon) Shipwreck: Navy SEAL Firewall: Communications Ace: Pilot (fly anything even helicopters) Bazooka: Missile Specialist (& E.O.D.)
  4. Was over at HissTank.com and on the home page there's mention of comic packs for the 25th Anniversary line. The issues listed were #1, #21, and #41. Also listed Gen. Hawk as one of the figures. There's no pics, most likely something for 2008. Thought you should know.
  5. jinx723

    SIGMA 3 3/4"

    I too couldn't get into the Sigma 6 figures due to there size though I did purchase Lt. Stone. I love your interpetions into 3.75" wish Hasbro had done these. Again great work on the customs, especially Grand Slam.
  6. It's just sucks that everyday I see pics of these figures that some how the person that posted them already has the figures but the rest of us have to sit around and wait for there release. It's just not fair, and now we're hearing releases that say anything from "today" 'til August, it's just not right. I too gave up checking stores for the time being, when the "I found them" posts start popping up it'll be a glorious day, 'til then all we can go is sit and wait... G.I. Joe won't be fighting for freedom where ever there's trouble 'til I see'em at retailers #US1#
  7. So right about now Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Motormaster are leaving the Hasbro warehouse to delivery our beloved 25th Anniversary figures. That or they are arriving at retailers, but who cares all I have to say is "LET THE HUNT BEGIN!!! "He'll fight for freedom where ever there's trouble... #US1#
  8. So, I got the new Hasbro Catalogue in the mail today. Pretty darn depressing nothing on the 25th Anniversary figures. G.I. Joe is actually down to one page and it's Sigma Six stuff that's already out. I said before and'll say it again: RELAEASE THE 25th ANNIVERSARY FIGURES, ALREADY!!!!
  9. I don't know, I think only 5000 are being made. But who knows
  10. jinx723


    I'm really diggin your whole "My Way" theme, imagine if Hasbro let us have our way
  11. Honestly, I could care less who gets released in '08, we're still getting G.I. Joe figures on shelves @faint@ Anyway, here's my wish list: '86 Gen. Hawk '86 B.A.T.s '92 Alley-Viper '85 StarDuster and of course, '86 B.A.T.s, it's obvious me wants some andriods
  12. I don't think this was brought up before, I was just wondering what's with the "wristbands" over Gung-Ho and Roadblocks' elbows on the 25th Anniversary figures? How come we haven't seen any pics on the 2 five packs (as far as the inside of the box & finalized figures)? Also how much longer @cussing@ , I want these figures NOW!!!
  13. This is just to much torture, second wave already verified @faint@ and we still haven't seen the two five packs yet. Wasn't the first wave being released in May, or was it the 2 five packs? I could've sworn I read something in regards figures being released in May. As for pics on the second wave, we probably won't see anything 'til Comicon and/or Joe con in September.
  14. Hasbro has done it again. The new Toyfare Magazine out today has another TWO PAGE ad for the 25th Anniversary figures. It shows Destro and Cobra Commander in front of hundreds of Cobra Troopers. Why can't it be summer already I want these figures now!!! @bH@
  15. I finally read the article on the 25th Anniversary figures in the Tomart Magazine with Flint on the cover. First off I've seen/read way too many diffrent release dates for these figures. I think they should release the two five packs around Memorial weekend to get the jump before The Transformers Movie. Does anyone know an offical release date? In the article it said the torso and lower legs were lengthen to appear more realistic which will make the figures 4" instead of 3.75", I could care less. And one more thing from the article, the fifteen single packs are going to be "repaints" of the ten from the two five packs. After seeing the first five of the single packs it just might be true. (sigh) I'm still getting these figures regardless, I'm a G.I. Joe junkie, though I do hope they fix Snake-Eyes "football" shaped head on the version two.
  16. jinx723

    Be Honest

    Ok, with all this darn teasing @cry@ of the first ten 25th Anniversary figures, how many have played, dug up, displayed diffrently their current; Strom Shadow, Duke, Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper, Baroness, Destro, Snake-Eyes and Roadblock? Also which version of these characters are your favorite, be it ARAH or 'new sculpt'?
  17. Dang I hate that I can only pick one. I voted for The Cober Trooper, mucho bad@$$. Snake Eyes in a very close second, love the og Commando look, just like in the (present) comics. #US1#
  18. Awesome customs!!! How much for Wreckage? I can't customize for the life of me and I never had Wreckage
  19. As for my self: Army 8 years reserves Basic in Fort Sill, Oklahoma MOS training in Fort Lost in the Woods, Misery, I mean Fort Leonardwood, Ms MOS 62 Bravo: Construction Equiment Repair Joined when I was still in High School, my unit went to Desert Strom due to still being in school and not MOS qualified I couldn't go. Hey Mr. President bring our boys home #US1#
  20. Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems with this site? One of my three favorite G.I. Joe sites, and for the past three days I can't get any pics on any customs.
  21. So after reading the thread here about a possible G.I. Joe Movie, let me just say that Hollywood already has ideas to 'F' it up. My question is if you had the chance to make The G.I. Joe Movie how would you handle it, story-wise. Only things is you can only use ten Joe characters, five major Cobra characters and one type of Viper trooper. Also you have to set the movie up to be a trilogy. Included actors if you'd like. Oh and no bashing others ideas and no Sigma 6.
  22. jinx723

    GI Joe movie?

    I think they should just do an animated G.I. Joe movie. None of that anime stuff, get the artistict team from G.I. Joe The Movie '87 and have like an origin of the G.I. Joe team due to the terriost organization named Cobra. Do it with a kick-a$$ writing staff that it's so real that it end up with a PG-13 rating. If studios can release a japanimated movie that has better writing then some Hollywood movies. I don't see why they couldn't do "my idea", do a limited release, major release or even straight to dvd. I just want to see G.I. Joe get it's due deserved spotlight.
  23. Just out of curiosity what would you do if there was no more G.I. Joe. Hasbro decides to not release Wave 4 of DTC, all Sigma 6 stuff stopped showing up at stores, the comics & cartoons were canceled, even The G.I. Joe Collectors Club closed there doors (no conventions). Hasbro just finally said "F*** it, there's no pleasing these guys." WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
  24. I was just wondering, Toysrus has always backed G.I. Joe since the 80s, why is it Target and Walmart always get new Sigma 6 stuff before TRU? I've been to TRUs that still have Wave 1 Sigma 6 stuff from last year, and today I went to Target and they had new stuff, "statue packs". I really don't follow/buy the Sigma 6 stuff but it's nice to see anything G.I. Joe still in stores. Also why are the DragonHawks $19.99 after only 6 months? I thought this was a hot item from the reviews and comments I've read from other board members.
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