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  1. Today is the offical last day for me.

    As of this day I will no longer go hunting for 25th Anniversary Joes. I will no longer have an action figure control my life. This past week I have gone hunting four times, not including today. I live in the San Fernando Valley, in SoCal and my trips consist of five Wal-Marts, thirteen Targets, and six TRUs. During the holidays I was on a roll finding Wave 3 & Wave 4 and Comic Packs 1 & 2. The last three weeks I've been coming home empty handed and I am gettting tired of it, mentally and physically. I love these figures but for a 35 year old to go around hunting for "dolls" is not worth it for me anymore. Wave 5 has been my dream wave since I saw the list on a Wal-Mart thread late last summer, and with the upcoming waves getting better... Today I actually found myself useing profanity out loud in the aisles of stores when I found empty pegs or figures I already have had for months. One of my New Years Resolutions was to start attending church again (must be the getting old thing), I have yet to attend because I wake up and decided to check out Wal-Marts on a Sunday my day off, just because they open at 7:00 am and I want to try and bet any scalpers. Like I said this weeks four trips, have cost me $70.00 in gas. Adding unnecessary mileage to my car. We've been have rain storms all week, and for some reason native Los Angelenos can't drive for $#!+ when it rains (accidents everywhere). To top it off when I left one of the Targets today I found that someone had hit the right rear quarter panel on my 07 Honda Civic Si. Hit and run F***!!! I have been late to work twice for checking Wal-Marts in the morning that are out of my way to work. My supervisior has already talked to me about it, since I'm always the first one at the store because I live walking distance from work. I even lost my wallet with all my credit cards, checks, and driver's license. Luckily some good soul turned it in at the Target that I went back to, after returning five figures that I bought out of impulse. I am planning on buying a house this summer and I should be focusing on that, then my beloved Joes I can't even get. Later on I will be going through all my stuff and pull what I don't need so I can return them. I never collected mint on card Joes before and with all the variants going around with this line...I'm just gonna return them. I have no receipts since I've been buying from last summer, but I'm sure Target can give it back to me in a gift card, that I can use for the exclusives and other necessities. I'm still going to buy the 25th Joes, I love my Joes, but I'm not gonna stress over them. If I find something I want when I stop in a store I'll buy it. But as of today I will no longer hunt for 25th figures, either I get'em down the line or never get'em. I refuse to pay outragoues E-Bay prices, and I hate on-line shopping when I can't see what I'm buying. So I wish you all the best and congrates on your future finds while I curse you all while reading your threads on "I found... "


    JINX723, 'retired hunter' @rico@

  2. How dare you tease me, Hasbro? They were awesome during the Valor vs Venom comic packs. You're giving us Red Star in Wave 4 of the comic two packs. Well I say bring in the rest of them...




    I want my 25th Anniversary Oktober Guards!!! How could you leave me hanging with just Red Star?

  3. I was just wondering, are there any members on the forums here at JoeBattlelines that live in Southern California (mainly in L.A. County)? For those of you who are have you seen Wave 5 (I.G. Destro, SnowJob, Flash, Siegies, & back in black SnakeEyes) at either Target, TRU, and Wal-Mart? I always read threads of collectors having them and I've yet to see them at retailers. There was a thread over at HissTank about Wal-Mart carrying 25th Anniversary Joes beginning Jan 20th 2008. Anyone have conformation on this or are there any Wal-Mart employees on these Joe forums? These days all I see are Waves 2 & 3, Comic Packs Waves 1 & 2, and the 5 Packs. Granted I've been able to find stuff and not go home empty handed but like most of you Wave 5 is one I really want to get my hands on ASAP. Anyways just want to get the L.A. crew together in helping each other out as far as Wave 5 and future Waves

  4. First of all, I'd like to thank Hasbro for bring back my beloved Joes to retailers in all their 80s glory #US1#


    1. Why aren't arms and heads molded in flesh colors instead of being painted? It was done with Buzzer, Gung Ho, Roadblock, and sorta Zartan

    2. For the love of god!!! @bH@ What's it gonna take to get new molds of short sleeves? besides Shipwreck

    3. How much longer 'til we see '86 Cobra B.A.T.s?

  5. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, @faint@ Tomax!, Xamot!, Ace!, Wild Weasel!, Crimson Guards! @faint@ . Is Hasbro trying to give me a heart attack? Just today I both Wave 4 ^_^ (no Air Trooper) now we're getting these freaking awesome characters. What's next a 5 pack of '86 Cobra B.A.T.s? As for the battle damage SnakeEyes' probably a collector in Storm Shadow's outfit thrusting a sword into SnakeEyes. @loll@

    God bless you Hasbro #US1#

  6. I was just curious, many threads throughout the boards of G.I. Joe have list of who want to see who released with the new 25th molds. Is there no love for the Oktober Guards. I'd love to get these guys released. Imagine the details you could get with Daina/Vorona and Horroshow. I mean a guy can dream, right? With the G.I. Joe movie being an international team you'd think the Oktober Guard would get a cameo, mother Russia had their share of kicking Cobra tail.

  7. I would love to see some of the classics rereleased, it would give most of us a chance to own these again or for the first time. My hopes would be to see the W.H.A.L.E. on shelves again @faint@ . The only problems are that with the 25th molds size could be an issue and if the molds for the vehicles are even out there :( . I say release what they can and with the movie coming out see if they can produce new more detailed molds of the classics with out any of the electronic gimmicks during the G.I. Joe vs Cobra a few years back. Basically everything goes to how well the movie does, and profits with what we're getting currently.

  8. Ding, darn, god nabbit, flim farging computer!!!! Saw your thread and headed over to TRU.com to get me some Cobra Troops and my POS CPU was taking for ever to download out of frustration I rebooted my computer, that by the time I got back to the website they were all sold out @bH@ @cussing@ @firedevil@ I guess it's not meant for me to own these guys. Anyone seen these guys at TRU stores, before I waste a tank of gas on come home empty handed, again.

  9. So, out of plan dumb luck I went to a K-B toys yesterday and what do I find 4 full pegs of Wave 3 Anniversary figures :o . I practically passed out when I saw them. I've never seen so many Joes at one time, 25th-wise. I grabbed two green Stalkers, three Red Ninjas (I'm army building these-need more), Zartan, Firefly, and Shipwreck. I get home and ripped them open while watching game 7 (congrates RedSox), my Shipwreck his fisted hand broke off, it was stiff and I tried to loosen the swivle wrist doing a 360 and the hand just broke off :( and me Zartan is drivin me nukin futz with his green "I ate too many stale chocolate dounuts & expired Grape soda". Is he meant to be green or does he change back to normal? So today after Direct TV showed up I went back to KB and got another Shipwreck ^_^ (haven't opened it yet). By the way all the Zartans & Fireflys were gone but they still had plenty of Stalkers, Shipwrecks, Cobra Officers, and of course SS & ST. Now if I can only find Wave 2 and the 2nd Cobra 5Pack .

  10. We have a new Super Wal-Mart opening next week. My brother started there yesterday and he said there is not one peg or spot for GI Joes, not even Sigma 6. He said there is tons and tons of Spidey 3 and FF 2 toys. :rolleyes:


    I believe movie-related action figures are about the worst thing to happen to action figures ever. They always suck, there are massive amounts of them, and no one ever buys them so they sit on racks forever.


    This is my one fear when the Joe movie comes out, "peg-warmers"

  11. Honestly, I was surprised with the five bulletins regarding 25th Anniversary stuff. This is stuff that's not even out for at least three months (if we're lucky). I, too, feel the frustration of seeing all these great 25th Joes goodies and not finding them at retailers. This in no way has to do with Hasbro's distribution. The demand was/is way more than Hasbro expected (especially with scalpers @pow@ ), I do remember Hasbro saying at Joe-Con that waves 1-3 were being re-released in large quantites, hopefully by the holiday season. I had a thread not to long ago about buying from scalpers, but it's a never ending battle. I gave up going to stores and coming up empty-handed on a daily basis. Now I just save money I'm not wasting on gas and saving up for when the day I can walk in to a store and get my figures with no problem. Hey it's America I can dream #US1# .

  12. For the love of god STOP!!! buying 25th Anniversary Joes from these $@!*%+& scalpers. Waves 2 & 3 are showing up at Targets & Walmarts and the majority of us can't get them because scalpers are grabbing them up. The real problem is with us, we want these so bad that we'll do what ever it takes to get our hands on these. I too fear that if I don't get them now I'll never will (but I can't even find them), but I have faith in Hasbro. They said they'd re-release the first three waves, and when they did we would notice. Good things comes to those who wait. As long as "we" keep buying from the Scalpers, they'll keep hogging them up cause they see the demand. I can't wait until the day I can buy Joes like I did back in the 80s. Sooner or later these jerks are gonna be sitting on a bunch of Joes they can't get rid of because we'd be buying them at retailers for ourselves, the way it should be. The only good thing about scalpers is they're helping the sales which is good for Hasbro $$$ and for us in terms of new molds.


    Sorry guys & gals, I had to get this out of my system. I've just been so frustrated @firedevil@ with these hunts and coming up empty handed. And I know I'm not alone.


    I've also read in other threads through-out the G.I. Joe forums about getting phone numbers of fellow collectors in your area to help each other out when we do see Joe merchandise. Honestly, I think it's an awesome idea, but why does it have to get to this point for us true fans to get what we want? I say put all these scalpers on Cobra Island and lock'em away in the frieghter, same way Cobra Commander dealt with traitors, ok I'm done now.

  13. Well so far I've only found Buzzer & Lady Jaye. As far as articulation goes, it's hard to get full range of motion with Buzzer's head due to the ponytail, otherwise he's great. Lady Jaye has no articulating wrists, at least her arms can bend 90 degress. Her legs though look kinda weird with the double jointed knee. I am just happy ^_^ I found something from wave two. Regardless I'll be getting multiples of the entire wave.

  14. Hey everyone, I was just over at Yo Joe.com, I was checking out the Stars & Stripe set (which I never got :( ) We all, well most of us, wish that Uncle Hasbro would release the orignal thirteen. I was just wondering Hasbro is so obsess with the 25th Anniversary mold of Snake-Eyes, why can't they do another Stars & Stripes box sets. It's actually the tenth anniversary of the S&S box set. Hasbro could even do three box sets. One box set can have Grunt, Breaker, Stalker (w/ the S&S camo pattern), and Rock & Roll with the RAM. The other set would include Steeler, Clutch, Scarlett, and Grand Slam (w/ JUMP Jet Pack). And the third box set would include Short-Fuze, Zap, Flash, and Col. Hawk w/ the stand and flag that came with the orignal Stars & Stripe set. They would all be in olive drab molds, no comic colors!!! Hasbro would make a killing with these packs, all they have to do is come up with new head molds and two web gears. Though I would like to see how they'd handle Clutch & Steeler' s torso. Notice how I left out Snake-Eyes, yeah all we need is another Snake-Eyes ver.139254867 ;). But they'll be using the Snake-Eyes mold what more could they want.

    Anyways, just my thought for the day, I guy can dream can't he? #US1#

  15. As far as Stalker goes I remember reading somewhere on the boards that Stalker was the one in this wave that will have a variant. Also if you check the free deck they gave away at SDCC there are two cards for Stalker. If it comes down to it I'll just paint the beret, that's the only thing bothering me. Both waves are awesome Hasbro can't make everyone happy, but as long as they keep cranking out figures I'll keep buying them. I think they're doing a great job and thank them. THANK YOU Hasbro! :D

    For all you scalpers out there keep buying them, that way the stores re-order and eventually everybody gets to buy these awesome figures and you A-holes are stuck with a bunch of stuff you never entended to buy for yourselfs. As long as they're selling uncle Hasbro will keep cranking them out. So in a way thank you Mr/Mrs Scalper for keeping our beloved Joe line in retailers. @soap@

  16. Like blackdragon said "The black serpentor helmet is a little strange though" why? you know it's not gonna fit. I'm not too crazy about it, but I collect G.I.Joe so I'll get one just to have it MOC on my wall like everything else I have MOC. Plus I gotta support the GIJoeCollectorsClub. ;)

  17. I was just wondering, the 25th Anniversary Box sets and wave one left the Hasbro warehouses on June 25th. They are just getting "mass" release from all the threads I've been reading everywhere from K-mart to Walmart. That's a month and a half before we got to see'em at retailers #WTF# . While at SDCC we found out that the next two waves are to be released Sept. and Oct. now does that mean we'll have to wait until Nov. maybe even Dec. before we see them on pegs or will they be available on the month of their mentioned release months? Now are you all patience enough to wait and get them at brick & mortars or will you just get them on-line as soon as they're available?

  18. For my first time at ComicCon I actually enjoyed it, one things for sure you can't see everything in one day. I guess that what I get for procrastinating, today(Friday) was the only day left when I registered. Anyway, I spent alot of time at the Hasbro both and all I have to say is "good things are coming for G.I.Joe". I spoke with John(didn't get his last name) from Hasbro. As we all know the next two waves were displayed and they looked awesome, especially Serpentor (they combined OG Serpentor with the DDP Serpentor and he looks great. The new Zartan "WILL" change colors, it was even marked on the carded figure. The two waves were tagged as being released a month apart (Sept & Oct) with possibly another wave before Christmas. They want to try and release a wave every two-three months. The Cobra Pack 2 has a Cobra symbol that will play the opening Cobra theme from the G.I. Joe Movie. They are working on fixing the articulation problem with the 25th figures, somehow it was a screw-up from China. The customs were done by Dwight himself, he worked on the line but is no longer with the G.I. Joe brand. As for Joe-Con they'll be displaying figures that are not at ComicCon and they have a list of figures that'll be out in 2008. He didn't go into detail because Hasbro wants us to have something for Joe-Con instead of telling us everything at SDCC. I for one will be thanking them once again at Joe-Con for everything they've done and what's in store for us. One bad thing though, the Destro exclusives were sold out by noon today convention screw-up. They did say we'd be getting the Pimp Daddy Destro at Joe-Con but didn't say which one. Oh I almost forgot they're trying to get us a live-action G.I. Joe Movie for 2009. Considering that I worked on my birthday this past Monday to make it to SDCC, it was worth it and to top it off I found the Cobra five pack and the wave 1 singles at TRU the day before my birthday. What an awesome week!!!

    YO JOE!!! #US1#

  19. Actually over at JBL I read that Hasbro isn't painting the weapons so the money saved can go toward improving the actual figures, which I prefer, I can always paint my weapons.

  20. Is there any way that we could put our names in to reserve the helmets, so those of us that want them and are going to the con will be able to get them for sure?


    I like the first one.

    And consider my name in the "reserve list"

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