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  1. Does Titania count? Heh, seriously I can't think of any. But maybe Asgardians are naturally huge compared to humans - in that case you could do Sif!
  2. Because he's on the run from SHIELD and other authorities. So he bleached his hair and shaved his mustache. Guess he didn't figure the bulky red and yellow armor wouldn't tip anyone off...
  3. Both are good suggestions, and I like the idea of a pile of skulls. Thinking about Apocalypses' past, though, how about an Egyptian burial casket, like King Tut's? The full Egyptian burial casket, like that of other ancient pharoahs, complete with head-dress and facial make-up painted/sculpted onto the large casket?
  4. danzad


    I think lay-away should not be closed down for items over a certain dollar amount. Say $75 or $100. If I want a television set that's $250 I'd like to be able to put it on lay-a-way and work towards the sale price. But for smaller items, like action figures, then it can be abused by people who simply don't have the cash for the new item but want to get it out of the hands of other buyers who have cash-in-hand. It's like everything else - find the middle-ground! Don't just get rid of lay-away, but set it to a dollar amount that makes sense for the average working joe!
  5. People, this is WHY it's important to go to you're local comic book convention - don't wait 2 years for the figure you want to work its way into Rite-Aid. Travel a few hours by car to the closest convention, and then you can find all the best stuff hot off the press. Yes, for the Marvel Legend I wanted I paid $40 for a figure that would cost $9 in Wal-Mart, but I didn't have to wait two years hoping, MAYBE, that my Wal-Mart MIGHT get a broken case with the one character I wanted!!
  6. danzad

    Custom DELGADO

    Your custom work is truly amazing!
  7. danzad


    Radiocative Man is PERFECT!
  8. Thunderbird is a cheap wine (with nasty hangover effects) Deadpool is a Clint Eastwood movie that pre-dates the Marvel character Lockheed the dragon shares his name with the aircraft company Coach from X-Statix is a brand of purses/accessories Spike, also from X-Statix has a TV channel (Spike TV) Gateway - Gateway Communications Domino's Pizza, 'nuff said
  9. I won't buy them, cause I never cared for them enough to warrant the purchase money - but they do look good and true to the characters. Well, if Dagger is going to one of the most "poseable" figures ever, I may have to buy them for... um... medicinal purposes.
  10. I agree - CAPTAIN ULTRA (and I would buy him!)
  11. Nick Fury #US1# Seriously, if you're including accessories, his jet back-pack with the flames, pack and rock mount are awesome!
  12. danzad


    Wow! That custom is spot-on accurate! The head-gear is perfect - great job!!!
  13. And that is the issue right there. You're not a hard-core fan. I am. I have an entire fan site devoted to Earth 616-Fury. If we were messing with a character that was YOUR favorite, you would care, whether or not he was "kicking @$$." I'm all for good writing and good stories. I'm just saying that with a movie title at stake and only one shot at the brass ring, I want the character I'm a fan of. And admit it, if you're an African-American fan of the Falcon, and Marvel made the Ultimates version of the Falcon white, you'd be screaming. No fancy talk about how race means nothing, you'd be yelling "racsist." Why? Because as an African-American you might have identified with Sam Wilson being black. Well, the same goes here. I identify with Nick Fury being white. Why is my sense of identification second tier to anyone else's sense?!? That's reverse discrimination. So until they make Shang-Chi a white teen-ager from the Valley, or turn Magneto into an Asian lesbian who believes in Budha, make mine MARVEL!
  14. One other view on this - I want to clarify that I don't "hate" Ultimates or Ult. Nick Fury. I don't care that they made an alternate universe and in that one Nick Fury is black. Sure, why not, it's all just fiction. In my opinion they're TWO different characters (and they are, 'cause Earth 616 characters often meet their counterparts from other universes). My gripe though is how this may effect the movie. As you can see from my sig and avatar I'm a big Earth-616 Fury fan. Now I hear they're going to make a Nick Fury movie but it may not be the character I like. It'll be the other character, and my chance for a movie version of MY favorite will be lost. Let's assume that only one version will ever be made for the big screen (yes, Hasselhoff was Fury once, but it was made-for-TV and largely unknown and forgotten about). Now if this movie with Sam Jackson is a flop, Marvel will not sink money into an Earth-616 Nick Fury movie - why would they? But if Sam Jackson's movie is a hit, then all that will follow is Ultimate Nick Fury merchandising, sequels, cartoons, etc. So again, Marvel won't put money into making a competing Nick Fury movie. I collect Nick Fury memorabilia and merchandise, which is really tough compared to collecting Spider-Man or Captain America stuff (or even Dr. Strange stuff for that matter, since Fury's not quite a super-hero). I see this debate important to me as a fan because which version gets a big-screen movie will be the version that gets all the "stuff." I would love to see Earth-616 Fury backpacks, lunch boxes, keychains, t-shirts, running pants, you name it. As a Fury collector it would be like hitting the gold-mine of all time. And since I see the two versions as DIFFERENT characters, I want the version I'm a fan of to prevail in what movie is made. I don't think that makes me a racist. Imagine if you heard Marvel was either going to make an Iron Man movie or a War Machine movie - but not both because of the closeness in concepts. Let's say you love War Machine and are a huge fan. You're going to beg Marvel to make the War Machine one while Iron Man fans will say how cool Timothy Dalton would be as Tony Stark. You're not racist, you just want to big break to be for the character you prefer.
  15. I don't get all this "his race has nothing to do with his character." What BS. Everyone's racial background is part of the core of their self-image and how they identify with both themselves and others. That's like saying Storm could be turned into a man because if it doesn't change her powers, story or background, it's fine - so let's have an African god-like character that the Africans come to view as divine but he is unsure of who he is, etc. etc. etc. Storm fans would be jumping mad about a change like that. Imagine if I turned a black man into a white man and said "hey, don't worry about it, you're still the same person with the same background." I don't think that would go over very well. Our racial background isn't just like being blonde or brunette. All races are equal, deserve the same fair treatment, and no one race is better than any other. But to indivudual people (or characters) what race they are is part of who they are. It's not a matter of changing hair color or going bald. Changing a character's ethnic background would change that character fundamentally - how they see themselves, their world-view, on so on. So like I said, BS - you could change Blade into a white guy then. Being black isn't necessary for the story of a half-vampire who hunts other vampires. So he's from the slums - I know there are also poor white people in bad parts of New York City. So c'mon, let's change Blade into a blonde white man and see how all these people defending Fury's change forget their posts here and go ape-sh*t over the racsists at Marvel for changing a black charcter white. Give me Earth-616 Nick Fury! How about Dennis Quaid?
  16. danzad

    Custom Puck

    Don't get me wrong - this is way cool and 20 times better than I could ever do. You did a great job! Just a few points to be constructive - he's a little too tall for Puck (and yes, I know how hard it is to get a base figure for Mr. Judd); second, the real hair is different - maybe a little too different. Just trying to help get you real feedback. Please don't take it as criticism - as is, your Puck looks kick @$$!
  17. Thor, definately. Sentry's way powerful, yeah, but Thor would kick his @$$. Enchantment, magical weapons, elemental control, oh and being a god (the son of Zeus no less). Sentry would have the snot kicked out of him.
  18. Let's face it - it's just a ploy to market X3. Same book, BUT some X3 material added in!!! Now don't you feel like going to see X3?!? And won't you be more likely to buy the DVD when it comes out. It's like the sketchbooks Marvel comes out with for certain new series - nothing new, no stories, just some B&W sketches so that you basically buy the same book again. Takes me back to when X-Men relaunched with 5 variant covers back in the early 90's. I bought the same comic book 5 times for the different covers. Them marketing guys at Marvel must work overtime.
  19. danzad

    House of M

    Whoa - I missed something!!! There's a replacement Daredevil? Someone else is donning the Daredevil ID? I haven't heard that. Anyone got a link to a story on that??? I'd have guessed Ronin except he turned out to be a girl. Maybe it's Daniel Rand - Iron Fist.
  20. danzad

    civil war

    Yes, Spidey is currently with Iron Man's group. However, the promos and covers for Civil War seem to indicate that Spidey is torn between the two sides. So look for Spidey to switch over a couple of times and be really torn up about this thing.
  21. Now if it was going to be the NR-17 rated version of Dazzler....
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