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  1. Well, it's been a long time. Here is my entry into another boards custom comp. It was a 70's themed comp. My entry is from the short lived revival of Atlas Comics in the mid 70's. I went searching far and wide for a custom to complete and surprisingly found that most I had an interest in had already been completed. Then I came across this guy, Tiger-Man!!! His first appearance had a cover date of April 1975. Gerry Conway is credited for writing two of the issues and Steve Ditko is credited as the cover artist for the above seen image. Unfortunately Tiger-man only lasted three issues then Atlas ceased to exist altogether. Tiger-Mans alter ego is Dr. Lancaster Hill, a scientist who has isolated the chromosomes that give the tiger its strength and agility. He injects himself, fights and kills a real tiger that has been released to kill the good doctor by a jealous African Witch Doctor and wears the slain animals hide to increase his cunning, phew! he then returns Stateside and after an attack on his sister he fights evil. The recipe is DCUC Wildcat for the body, legs and arms. The hands are from a spare Hal Green Lantern. I sculpted the head over the original Wildcat. The hair is from a LOTR Aragon figure. I had all sorts of drama when the first front of the face collapsed and I had to perform emergency surgery. I also forgot to take w.i.p. shot. Thanks for looking.
  2. Who doesn't love Ash? I got an extra Nemesis in a trade and noticed that he had kind of a cheesy grin that would be perfect for Ash. I sculpted a collar and straps for his "boomstick" holster. The chainsaw is the thingy that came with ML weapon X, the handles are from a head set that came with another JLU figure Martian Manhunter??. The actual blade is a paddle pop stick cut into thirds and super glued on. The backpack/holster is from the the Wolvie that was in the red uniform with that stupid three tiered sword. I just sculpted a hilt for his shot gun. I was going to sculpt a shotgun, but couldn't be bothered. After painting flesh etc.., I just smeared red paint all over the place.. ] Thanks for looking!
  3. Well here he is, Peter Porker- the Spectacular Spider-Ham... Now because I cant afford to spend over $150 US on the Kubrick Spider-Ham, I decided to make my own. No prizes for guessing the base . First off, I chopped Spidey's legs at the knees and sculpted over adding obvious extra size according to the character. I then seperated the chest and ab section, I cracked open the abs and chest to remove shoulder joints and arms. I then drilled two tiny holes to the top of the abs which would now become the new shoulders. I chopped down the arms and biceps, shaved down the neck and added larger hands from a Spawn figure. Sculpey to all the other areas including a sculpted head from scratch. Don't let the finished product fool you... :tongue: the painting of the webbing was unbelievably hard. I'm still not 100% happy with the finished paint job... Thanks for looking.
  4. Keeping with my recent Spidey theme here is Tombstone. I used a Sandman (spidey classics) as the base. I used Sculpey to fill in all of the tiny holes! The head is a heavily dremelled Sinister, I resculpted the hair to give detail to his flat top. I added a new mouth with pointy teeth. I added wrinkles to his brow line. The collar is a chopped down one from Sinister. I then painted his whole body black, drybrushed it all in grey and then added white to skin tone. Obviously not 100% comic accurate, he is more my own representation. I also added rubberband to his arms for a shirt line... W.I.P. Thanks for looking.
  5. I've been wanting to make a Cardiac figure for ages. As you can see from the pics he is not 100% comic accurate. Recipe- Casted head from Black Arachnis (Spawn I think?) - Wonderman body - Straps and shoulder pads from Omega Red For one the comic book version has pockets around his forearms and the top of his boots. I tried to replicate this but with Punishers' pockets from his waist it looked too bulky. I disected the straps that came from Omega Red and added them both to his gloves and boots. I added the straps from Sinister's cape to compensate for the gap at the top of Wonderman's boots. The knee pads are also from an extra set of Omega's shoulder pads. I cut one of Omega Reds' shoulder pads in half to make two, once again they are a little bulkier than the comic book version but they look okay. I gave him a more sinister look and gave him no mouth. He is just borrowing a staff from Samurai he-man at the moment. Here is a link to wiki about the character for more info........ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiac_%28comics%29 Thanks for looking
  6. Wild Dog..... A short lived career in comicdom, a pretty ridiculous costume even by crimefighting standards. The following is from Wiki...... Wild Dog was an auto mechanic named Jack Wheeler from the Quad Cities dedicated to fighting terrorism and urban crime. His actions in the beginning were mainly directed against domestic American terrorists led by the "Committee for Social Change". Unlike traditional Silver Age superheroes who maintained strict codes against killing their foes, Wild Dog was quite willing to use deadly force. Armed with a Jatimatic GG-95 SMG PDW and a pair of electrified "shock gloves", his costume consisted of camouflage pants, a college football jersey emblazoned with a snarling dog. The base is a Lex Luthor JLU figure from the 3 pack. I sculpted the hockey mask. The smiling dog design is decoupage. The pants are camo but are not coming up to well in the pics. Thanks for looking, NiteOwl
  7. THE SWINE OF STEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIG IRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it's been a while since I had time to complete or post any customs. With my Capt. Carrot custom completed a while ago, I thought I would get around to making some more of his team mates from the Zoo Crew. The following is from Wikipedia and describes Pig Irons' origin story....... Peter Porkchops of "Piggsburgh" (a parody of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); a pig. Struck by a meteor fragment, the diminutive Peter fell (along with the meteorite) into a vat of molten metal in the steel mill where he worked. The consequent chemical reaction transformed his now-enormous body into living steel, with strength and invulnerability to match. So the base is a Mongul figure from DSCH. The head is a complete sculpt. I added panel pins to either side of his face. I sculpted the straps, elbow and knee screws. The belt symbol is decoupage. His cute little tail is just a piece of wire twisted into shape, I cut sections out of his boots to give him the trotter effect....... Peter Porkchops of "Piggsburgh" (a parody of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); a pig. Struck by a meteor fragment, the diminutive Peter fell (along with the meteorite) into a vat of molten metal in the steel mill where he worked. The consequent chemical reaction transformed his now-enormous body into living steel, with strength and invulnerability to match. Here is a reference pic. Thanks for looking, all comments are appreciated.
  8. Here is an old school Avengers custom of the mighty Black Knight. As you can see the base consists of Capt.America series 1 head. Legs and boots are from Ultimate Capt. America. The upper body, arms, cape and belt are from Dr. Doom. The rest is Sculpey and a very delicate paint job. Enjoy! The symbol was applied with a toothpick, the sword and sheath are from Boromir, the helmet was also sculpted. Fellow Swordsmen Any comments are appreciated. Thanks for looking, Regards, NiteOwl
  9. I decided that the good judge needed someone to play with. Without further to do here he is- MEAN MACHINE ANGEL- Whee- Doggie!!!!!!!!!!!! Recipe- -SMC Kraven Head -MOTU Skeletor torso -ML4 Punisher legs and boots -MOTU Trap Jaw arm -sculpted helmet and ripped shirt/belt thingy to hide obvious size difference in figure waist area. -addded fish eye hook into top of arm and sculpted around it. -added plastic bead thread to top of mechanical arm to "real arm" for groovier effect. -painted all of figure and removed teeth from jaw line to add goofiness. -dremelled here and there, boot straps etc...... -Set head dial to 4 1/2 so watch out! W.I.P. Thanks for looking
  10. Whoa sorry for the late reply, yep he was based off the game version.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, man.
  12. This custom is inspired by the awesome version that Kyle Robinson did a while ago................. The base is ML4 Punisher, arms from shoulder joint down are Wolvies. The right hand is from AOA Wolvie and the left hand is from Doom (it is slightly smaller) The head is from the 2006 Magneto, the utility belt is from Ult. Capt America. The holster is from the TJ Punisher. The t-shirt rims are from an elastic band cut to size as too are the holster straps. Now the only problems are the boot knife sheath and handle are too large so you wont get a full range of movements when the knife is holstered. The only other problem is his right hand, it is a little tricky to get it tto hold a weapon properly.... a spot of Blu-Tac will fix it. On to the pictures.......... Thanks for looking NiteOwl
  13. Behold the mighty Keldor............. The head is from ML Namor, I sculpted the mullet at the back. The Namor head on the Skeletor head looks a little too big for my liking, so I put it on a He-Man base. The Loin cloth and weapons are all Skeletors, I painted his armour black and then dry brushed it with gold. The cape is from a Batman in the fodder box. I painted his hair a dark blue and drybrushed it black. I drew the moustache and goatee on with a sharpie....not much else too say, enjoy!
  14. AWESOME, you really went that extra yard, congrats.
  15. So, I looked in the fodder box and saw that extra Venom from the Sinister Six boxset I had and thought hmmmmm. Then I looked at the 12 inch talking Tick that I have that sits near my computer and thought hmmmmmm. It took 4 sculpts to get the head just right, and still in my opinion the eyes are off a bit! I also sculpted his shoulders, chest and top of the abs area. Anyway here he is in all his blue goodness, SPOOOOOOOON! Thanks for looking
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