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  1. The charcoal colored one sucks I think the machine spraying the paint got loaded with grey instead of black. Be sure to check out your figs closely before buying. I had no choice as it was an entire case painted like this I had to repaint mine.
  2. The Hydra soildier from the HML4 wave will contain the BROOD BAF tentacle piece not Holocaust. Its the same figure in the same package as the Brood wave. Hasbro decided to release it in initial shipments of HML4 because Beast had to be fixed and there was high demand for Hydra. If you see a Hydra soildier you might as well buy it now because its the same as what will be released in HML4. If your hoping to get a piece of Holocaust with a Hydra Soildier you'll be sorely dissapointed.
  3. sisco

    Iron Man Release

    War Machine is not a chase. Its an exclusive to Walmart like Silver Centurian is an exclusive to Target. A lot of Walmarts are putting out cases of just War Machine on aisle stands. He should be easy to come by over the next few weeks.
  4. sisco

    Will this Work?

    It can't hurt. Cardboard cardbacks have air in them and are layered pieces of paper so it should help and the bubbles would have tons of air in them so it should dampen the sound somewhat. I'd expect it to work as well as a thin blanket hung against the wall, many apartment dwellers know this helps with noisy neighbors lol. Personally I'd hang a bed sheet against the wall as backing for the cards. That way it would help keep the plastic on clamshells from vibrating against the wall and help on the spots of cardback not covered by plastic bubbles. Just don't expect the same kind of soundproofing you get from foam, egg cartons, thick mats, or heavy quilts on walls.
  5. Quentin Beck/Mysterio is set to debut sometime after episode 7 in an episode titled "Persona" no episode number has been given for it yet. Black Cat is also supposed to make an appearance in this ep as well. Upcoming confirmed villains: Black Cat Lizard Mysterio Chameleon Venom Sandman Rhino Doctor Octopus Tinkerer Green Goblin Tombstone Kraven the Hunter Shocker Molten Man Calypso Villians that have already appeared: Stan Carter has already appeared, no word yet on if his alter ego Sin-Eater will ever appear. Fancy Dan Ox Montana Big Man Hammerhead Vulture
  6. I'm beginning to think Hasbro just found a warehouse full of figures and decided to repackage them and repackage the tons of non selling figs stores might have sent back to them.
  7. These are up on Youtube if anyone wants to watch them and judge for themselves. Episode 1 Part 1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=79_uxqY_Ofo Part 2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=eNw_2sH6t6Q&feature=related Part 3 http://youtube.com/watch?v=oOE4YaY0Be0&feature=related Episode 2 Part 1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=4l9jDyKUBQw&feature=related Part 2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=VXgv8Aqa7hE&feature=related Part 3 http://youtube.com/watch?v=saHn8xKAXFg&feature=related
  8. They rereleased "The Human Spider" not Man-spider. Human spider is a movie Peter Parker figure with a pull on wrestling costume. Thats the one being released.
  9. You didn't read anything past Ultimate did you? The 90's series did more than Ad lib. Anyway its all personal preference and its usually biased towards the first series the person saw. There are people to this day that swear the 60's show was the best ever because thats what they grew up watching. I grew up on the 90's show but also watched Amazing friends for the first time after a couple eps of the 90's shows first aired because blockbuster had them. I loved that show too. I like the new one as well.
  10. These suck plain and simple. Someone needs to go to Hasbro's factory ad destroy these molds so they'll stop rereleasing the crappy figs that didn't sale the first time in the BAF wave. Its good news for people who missed Shocker though. They should have made a whole line of just rereleased Spider-man villains and used the Fearsome Foes sculpts, ML Legends sculpts, and the best Spider-man Classics sculpts. Would have loved a line of Sinister Six with ML Doc Ock, SMC Kraven, FF Vulture, SMC Mysterio, SMC Sandman, Sinister Six Electro with SMC Electro Head. These would be nice too: ML Green Goblin, , FF Rhino, FF Lizard, FF Carnage, SMC Hobgoblin, SMC Venom, and SMC Scorpion. A rerelease movie J. J. Jameson and SMC 12 Spider-man would rock too.
  11. Hes in high school because they started the show at a point a little after where Stan Lee started the comic. The plan is to follow the comics as close as possible while preserving as much as they possibly can from transition from comics to tv screen. They are also borrowing from Ultimate Spider-man in some areas to modernize and tell better stories than the comics. For example Brock being Conner's assistant comes from Ultimate Spidey and is arguably a lot better than Brock being crazy reporter no one had ever seen or heard of before Venom appeared in ASM 300. The producers plan to evetually cover every Spider-man storyline possible so long as they get to make it. The plan is to have Peter age a year each season. So he will eventually grow and go to college and Gwen will eventually die at GG's hands. WB allows death in their Superhero shows look at Batan and Superman. The animation was changed to something that can be animated quickly, cheaply, and move fluidly. The animation style allows many more characters to appear on screen than the 90's version could afford. We've seen over 40 unique character's on screen in less than 2 eps. The 90's series was great but it was not true to the comics, it was censored beyond belief, and The animation while good was short in a lot of ways and heavily reused. Morbius sucked peoples blood, he didn't drink Plasma from his hand and he never became a Man-bat knockoff. Kraven and Calypso were never good guys like they were in the series. Venom did not come back from space on John Jameson's rocket. Smythe did not work for Osborn or Kingpin. Osborn did not work for Kingpin. Green Goblin came first not Hobgoblin. Jason Macendale was the Hobgoblin in the show not Ned Leeds or Roderick Kingsley. Morbius and Blackcat never had a relationship. Mary Jane was not a water clone. There was never an Insidious 6. Worst of all though the 90's show had Electro being Red Skull's son. The episode with Electro was animated horribly at one point a scene is mixed up, its a fight scene with spoilers that is supposed to occur later in the ep, it starts suddenly then just stops and its back to talking, its a horrible cut that just kills the ep and it still hasn't been fixed to this day. Most of the animation was reused especially Spider-man. It was common for people to do the same moves as an earlier ep either flipped or in front of new scenery. I still love the 90's show though. But I love Spectacular as much.
  12. Mysterio's due later this season.
  13. Spider-man is 15, same age as the Ultimate Spider-man so hes drawn small. The villians shown so far are varied in size. Vulture was scrawny, Osborn was thin, Ock was short and chubby (guy Tumes was chewing out), Sandman and Rhino (guy running beside Marko) were pumped huge, Hammerhead and Montana were normal sized people, Fancy Dan was short but average build, Ox was fricken huge, Electro was lanky but athletic, Stan Carter (who will eventually become Sin-Eater) was an athletic cop, Frederick Foswell (Bigman) was average guy looking. All these were accurate depictions of the characters. Vulture was in red and black due to Spider-man having so many villains wearing green, the team thought it was a good idea to update costumes where approrpiate. They decided to give Vulture colors you would actually see on a Vulture, there are no green vultures. Vulture and a ton of old school baddies being green was an effect of 60's coloring limitations in print. Most publishers at the time used the method of making villians secondary color pallets and heroes primary colors. So you'd wouldn't have the hero and villain blending in together during fights do to the limitations of print back then. Elektro's outfit is a containment suit for his powers hastily made after the accident by the hospital. It may not be his final costume, hopefully its not. The writing is in the same style as the Lee/Ditko/Romita days. Spider-man even defeats the vulture the same way he did in the original comic.
  14. Great show, loved it. Had a lot of blink and you'd miss them character appearances. The great thing about the style is you can get tons of characters into the show that you couldn't get due to cost if you went 90's SM style.
  15. A friend of mine working the TRU truck told me my local store got them in last Tuesday. Sadly they can't put them out until the street date or risk trouble from the Hasbro dealers who want the stock there for the release date. A few TRU employees have ignored this rule and are stocking the shelves with them early though for whatever reason.
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