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  1. "Boom goes the dynamite!"

  2. I think people might have forgot that Valkyrie was supposed to be part of the Hulk Marvel Legends (BAF Fing Fang Foom) originally. Which I think is more of the reason behind her inclusion as one of the three and not the Thor movie. They probably already started her when putting together that wave, so this is another cost cutting method. Have to say getting two figures that have already been done is a bit of a bummer. They look good and all but would much rather had figures that haven't had the legends treatment (how hard is it for them to make a modern Luke Cage to finish off my New Avengers, sheesh). It'll be interesting to see who they pair them up with for the two packs, I'm not even sure Hasbro has explicitly said the that the three they would choose would come from the line up we saw. Which wouldn't be terrible in my opinion, as I would love to see a modern (Bucky) Captain America to go with Black Widow. Oh well, guess just have to wait an see, as they always say, more money for the price hike on DCUC I guess.
  3. FYI... all these signs were not put up until Saturday morning and even then had to be changed, because if you notice the one that says "all Comic Con items will be available on MattyCollector.com Aug. 3rd" is in accurate, on Sunday they put had to put a sign that said the same thing but with "except Gleek" added on" Which was par for the course of the madness and list of running changes that went on this year at Con. It was just ridiculous, but ultimately as they say "any press, even bad press, is good press" because it's increasing awareness on Mattel's product and online store. So I guess it really shouldn't surprise me that they wouldn't bother to plan to have enough stock or bother to better control the limits each day to have enough for all the days of Con, because look how much free press for their website they've gotten because they "sold out" at Con and now they can direct people to their website to boost their numbers and then show those numbers to the higher up bosses to justify the site and the evil cycle of manipulation continues. I am still failing to see how anybody has countered what Jay has said. What "inaccuracies" or "falicies" are even there, that detract from what the man is saying. I am seeing two points that you can contend with: 1. That Mattel didn't announce that they were sold out. It has been pointed out that Matty put up a little cardboard sign on Saturday to note that the gleek figures were gone. However, has anybody been able to prove where that sign was. If it was up the entire time. If it was up at multiple locations. If it was viewable to everyone... etc etc.. A 6 inch piece of cardboard at comic-con doesn't prove that Mattel told everyone that they had sold out. 2. That fans might have expected to find gleek in their set when they opened it later It has been pointed out that matty announced that gleek would be included separately in a little baggie on their facebook page or whatever. However, does anybody have proof that this announcement was read by everyone? We have to remember that not everyone is a serious nerd when it comes to this stuff. Not everybody spends day and night looking for info on this kind of thing. Mattel didn't put out this news to everyone, they put it on their facebook page, from what I have heard. Sure, I knew he was being included separately, and even if I didn't, I would have checked out my set after I got it just to see if it was in good shape... but that doesn't mean everybody else did. I am sure lots of people trusted that they were buying an item from the biggest toy company in the world, and waited til later to check them out. They were at the SDCC and wanted to spend their time doing con stuff. The picture at the con showed gleek and the twins in one pic, not the twins in a box and gleek in a bag. In regards to your first point: An array of visual evidence of 'Sold Out' signs clearly posted in Mattel's store area: (Pics originally posted by Studmuffin & Veebee on Fwoosh) Obviously, not all of those are Gleek-related, but all together, they help give a broader scope of the whole scene. In the pics with the MOTU figs, you can see that they had professional looking printed 'Sold Out' signs/stickers that got slapped on the menu board, whereas with the Wonder Twins, they made a seperate little hand-made sign to specifically designate "GLEEK Sold Out" as opposed to "WT & Gleek Sold Out". If you look closely in the second pic down, you can see there's actually two signs by the WT's. The first hand-made one that was posted when Gleek sold out and then the second professional sticker over the Twins when they sold out later. You can see where all the signs are. They were viewable to everyone. People were informed. In regards to your second point: My main issue here is that in Jay's editorial tirade, he implies a lot of people were expecting them to be --not inside the main WT box-- but somewhere in between the outer plain white protective slipcover case and the main box. ..... ...really??? Every press release and announcement said they were poly-bagged separately, not inside any box at all--who didn't know that?!? Like 'sHa_ckwave' put better than I could have, who goes through all the trouble, pain, and hassle that it takes to even get to the counter, spends that much money, and then doesn't check to make sure they got everything? I don't even leave the freakin' drive-through at McDonald's before making sure they didn't forget something, there's no way I'd just "trust" the schlubs behind the registers at the booth to get it all right. I mean, I'm not heartless, I can sympathize with anyone who didn't get a Gleek they thought they paid for, but it's their own fault for not being more observant and some people need to learn how to take more personal responsibility and stop blaming others for their own mistake.
  4. I just wanted to thank Jay Cochran for the article and JayC for posting the article on the front page. Any time a company the reputes them self as a "collector friendly" or "collector minded" company and the screws collectors like this needs to be taken to task for it and in my opinion really owe an explanation and a APOLOGY (still waiting Mattel, stop blaming the collector or back pedaling and changing your story, just say hey, we screwed up). I'm not going to get into a long diatribe here (I already posted a long, long response on Matty's Facebook page hoping it would go those that matter) because frankly I'm pretty tired after reading all the post on this subject and I'm even one of the ones that went to Comic Con, waited in line Preview night to be turned away since I was Press, then wait in line all morning Thursday to be turned away and told I had to wait in a whole other line first to get a ticket to buy them, which I then did to get a ticket to wait in line Friday at 5pm to only be told the "sold out" of Gleeks. Long story, short after waiting and checking back Saturday and Sunday (I guess this was before they mysteriously found this box of Gleeks, which I don't buy at all, just like when they "sold out" of He-Man and Skeletor right before Beast Man was released) Anyways, I bought my Wonder Twins sans monkey, so at least I saved on shipping. I thought about speaking with my wallet and going with out altogether (and still am contemplating putting up my whole collection on eBay like I did with Master of the Universe after collecting became to much of a chore) but at least for right now I still want to at least support the 4 Horsemen and other artist who have worked to make this line that I love so much. But after 10 years of going to Con and actually getting each and every one of Mattel's exclusives from Man-Bat, to Grundy, She-ra, to even Keldor (and even their first He-Man statues way back in the day) this was the first year making the 2 hour drive back home with a frown on my face and empty handed, only to now go online and have salt rubbed on an open wound "with this found box" and even more the lack of any kind of apology or acknowledgment from Mattel for how poorly they handled the exclusives sale this year (lack of clear signs on how the process worked, i.e. the need for this "fast pass" ticket and where to get it, the poor control of limiting the amount to each customer, I saw people walking away with cases of Wonder Twins and He-Ro, some of which I talked to and found out were International vendors getting product to resell at their store, rude customer service people, when I questioned if they were going to get more Gleeks, they just said "look this is all we have, if you don't want it you can just get out of line and come back later and check I guess" and then had then she just rolled her eyes and sighed when I persisted to ask how they could be totally sold out only the 2nd day in and insisting she give me my "fast pass" back so I wouldn' t have to wait in that line again to check back tomorrow, poor planning, not having enough Gleeks to at least sell each day, I mean they ran out by Friday morning, that's only the 2nd official day of the Con, that's just ridiculous) So thanks, for the well written article calling into light this egregious customer service fiasco from a company that is trying to make a name for itself as collector friendly company (calling their website Matty Collector, and Toy Guru spouting off in every single interview how much they work to give the collector what they want, which he did when I interviewed him last year about the launch of the site and now after all their missteps that have made it more a boon for the scalper and not the collector makes me just want to scream.) maybe one day they'll accept responsibility (and stop blaming the collector for not getting to Con several hours early, then forgoing any panels or anything else, to wait in two lines, wasting a whole day to get the little blue monkey that they made for 2 cents in China and should have been packed into this exclusive set) and apologize to the people that have supported them with their money and even turned other onto their product with their enthusiastic fandom.
  5. If your looking to drop a sizable chunk of change on DC toys, I'd suggest the DC Direct 13 inch figures. They're pretty pricey, especially the ones that are out of circulation like the the first Green Lantern and Superman w Clark Kent clothes which you can find on eBay every now and then, and the ones that are still in circulation will still cost about $60 to $100 a piece, but boy are the worth it. I was never a big fan of the bigger scale doll sized figures, but once I started getting these I was hooked. Almost all the main JLA are out or coming out so with a good chunk of change like you got you could have a nice display collection in one big spending spree. That's my two cents.
  6. Oooooooo, where did the Knives come from the Deathstroke is holding? With a little extra sculpty they'd make great knives for a new X-Force Warpath custom.
  7. I don't really read comics anymore, but I usually hear bits and pieces about what's going on, and this was my impression when I saw this. There's a Lantern Corps for every color of the rainbow, and it reminds me of the way Smallville kept bringing up different kinds of kryptonite to add new behaviors for Clark. Definitely not very original or "outside the box" thinking. That doesn't mean it can't or won't be cool, but I just think they're not trying very hard. Ummm... Smallvile didn't event all the different types of Kryptonite the Silver Age comics did that. And having all these different color lanterns, all synicing with a universal emotion (or state of being), all could have been real hokey but in my opinion Geoff Johns has really knocked the ball out of park with all this and turned the Green Lantern mythos into something truely epic. And yeah, I see how the different lantern color of the month can seem a little tiring but I still think it's better then dragging on for years and years a slow sub-plot build up (third summers brother anyone) to something like Blackest Night. I read both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps and they've just been wonderful, organic reads for me.
  8. I'm all over the Resolute figures, really digging Snake Eyes in particular, really nice mix/update of a classic. (Hope his sword sheaths at his waist like in the cartoon, thought that was a neat take and something to set him apart from the regular version) Hope we here more about these soon, would be nice to know when these are being released.
  9. That's a very good point and observation, and I bet the school board looks at it like that, but again, the situation was blown up by the cheerleader and her Mother, and now it's become an issue even BEYOND the faculties control. Every parent in that community would have to take this diplomatic and more positive approach to her Playboy past and maybe letting it be something more positive than negative in how she presents it to her cheerleaders. I doubt that's going to happen. I don't begrudge any of the parents that would take a negative position on this issue, that's all I'm saying. If I let my male ego take over, I would have LOVED to seen my daughters cheerleading coach was a Playboy centerfold or something, and would have attended every practice..with camera! Yeah, and that's what kind of makes the whole situation sad to me, but never the less this whole mess is legal matter since she signed morality clause. (which usually only looks at behavior from point of signing on, but can include past behavior if stipulated in the document, which I haven't seen so have no clue, but would matter if the fired Coach decided to pursue legal action.) I think really it's the cheerleader mom that sets the worst example coming across as just jealous and spiteful and teaching her kids if you can't get your way at least get even. Just sad.
  10. From Viper Hunter: "I'm only citing the issue of the girl who sent nude pics of herself by PHONE to her boyfriend, and then killed herself after he passed it all around the school, to demonstrate that moral and ethical issues DO have relvance and importance in our society. It's no more irrational to bring that up as an exmple of WHY people would prefer to not have questionable material interfere with a persons job and create unwanted controversy for them, than is is to just take the cavalier approach and pretned that this kind of stuff has absolutely no affect or influence on young peoples minds?" Sounds like the Coach that got fired could have been a positive influence on this girl, not give away your nude pics for free. I'm not sure why everyone just assumes because she posed for Playboy before this Coach is still pro-nudity or would in any be encouraging of this behavior in any of the students under her. I would think it would be just the opposite and she would encourage them to have fun being young and a cheerleader and how doing anything like that now can ruin any of that for them now. Again what until your older and make sure you get paid for it.
  11. Wow, what a sh&%ty situation. Personally I have no problems with nudity or the fact that she posed (she was a model, look her up at Model Mayhem.com) and it's not like she was posing for Hustler having a train ran on her by 6 guys, it's Playboy which in my book is classy and artistic, which is why movie stars and other pop culture icons go there when they're older and still want to prove the still got the goods. Which in most case they are cheered on for, with people saying "wow, good for her". Yet here's this poor girl being chastised for it, like they're all afraid she going to recruit these girls or something. Which frankly probably most of the girls are going to more likely end up on Girls Gone Wild then in Playboy, which honestly for a career cheerleader would be one of the best outcomes. Anyways I digress, who knows really if she would be corrupting these youths or not, I think posing for Playboy doesn't make it any more likely then the next candidate. But unfortunately it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks since it's a matter of law and she signed a morality clause, a legally binding agreement, and therefore doesn't have a leg to stand on. Kind of a dumb move on her part, guess she had a momentary memory lapse when they asked her to sign it. The really sh%#$tty part to me is that it really seems this family was out to get her because for a family that think nudity is morally reprehensible (come on people the human body is beautiful, especially the womanly form) then how did they even find her pictures online (under a different last name no less). A) the either they're hippocritics and have an online Playboy subscription or they were out to get this lady for not excusing the daughter absence keeping her of the squad and dug up what ever dirt about her they could find. So really whose teaching the kids the bad lesson here the woman who owned her own sexuality and posed naked in a well respected national publication or the parents who didn't get their way so decided to get even?
  12. One thing that I see as promising is that the episodes are airing on the Cartoon Network Adult Swim website versus airing on the Hasbro website. Why this is good is because the number of hits a particular page gets can easily be tracked. So I'm thinking Cartoon Network might be using this to gauge just how many eyeballs might possible watch a regular series on the TV, which I could easily see this ending up on as it's not really that "adult", which I mean in the ways Afro Samurai was with language, nudity, and excessive blood. When Snake Eyes took out the guards while infiltrating Storm Shadows island stronghold, yes he killed the guards but clones die all the time in the Clone Wars cartoon (come on folks do you really think kids are going to buy a War cartoon where people don't die anymore, the see the really thing on CNN now.) but we didn't see blood spurting from gashing wounds, so seems kinda tame in comparison and that's not me saying it should have all the blood, I think it was all handled very appropriately so far in Resolute. And that really the only thing that is "adult" about the series so far, is it's sensibilities. It's doesn't talk down to the viewer or spend time explaining every little thing too you, because you as viewer are grown up enough to figure some stuff out on your own and able to infer things from a tone voice or slight actions of characters. And as much as I loved the old show (have the DVDs and watch them all the time) I don't think anyone, kids included, will except a war/terrorism cartoon where no one gets shot or always manages to bails out of the plane in enough time, in fact it insults them as they are well aware of how the real thing plays out on CNN, at least in a cartoon they can be reassured the good guys are out there always trying to stop such horrible things from happening. That's my two cents. So here's hoping the website gets enough hits for Cartoon Network to see it would be financially sound to order up 13 regular half hour episodes for a full season so I can finally get that awful sigma six taste out of my mouth.
  13. Wow, YO JOE! Really nice update to this franchise. Now I wondering why'd Sigma six get a regular series and this is only 5 minute installments. Come on Cartoon Network shell out some cash and order up a regular length 13 episode season. Some said it didn't seem Ellis enough, which I think is a credit to him as a writer that it was more G.I. Joe then Ellis, although I did get some of his flavor in episode three on the youtube link, with the explanation of the particle cannon and using the earth's own ionosphere to bounce the beam where ever. That's some pure Ellis super science right there. Does feel a little rushed, but after the abortion that was sigma six, I'm grinning ear to ear to over Resolute.
  14. I actually found one, same price at TJ Max. Only one I aw there, thought it was just a weird fluke. Go figure.
  15. I guess "ouch" is right for my wallet since I like to have at least three of some characters (Vipers, Troopers, Crimson Gaurds, Iron Grenadiers, etc...), so three sets of the Cobra at around $50-$60 bucks a pop is gonna hurt, but your right still better then trying to get the individuals on eBay since 4 out of the 7 I would army build on (don't really do it with the drivers like the Lampreys and Strato-Vipers). Now I just have to find enough of them before all the scalpers get them. We are gonna be seeing a lot of Dr. Mindbenders on eBay, haha.
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