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  1. Just a reminder, the auction for Nemesis Prime ends tonight!
  2. There can be only one victor... Finish Him! I made the "sword of fury" from K-Mart Gift Cards. I cut them up, glued them together, painted them, and gave some vinyl accents. Inspire by John Woo!
  3. Here is a look at my Nemesis Prime custom which is now on e-Bay! Here is the alternate mode. He is based on the Voyager Optimus Prime mold. The flames are made by a company called Pro-Stripe, and I found in in an automotive store. Its original purpose is to be some sort of pin-striping for cars. The only color I saw was silver... The windshield and lightpiping for the head are painted with Testor's Transparent Candy Apple Red Enamel. Unfortunately, I accidentally dropped the windshield into alcohol, and it fogged up. My only recourse was to paint it dark enough to where you couldn't tell. What happened to the Autobot symbol??? Well, I covered the symbol with Hobbico filler, sanded it flush, covered it with a little crazy glue, snaded it down again, painted the area silver, and attached a reprolabels.com Decepticon symbol! The details are painted on using Testor's enamel...I even gave him LIGHT wash of silver where I felt it was applicable, and covered the silver bits in a light black wash to make him look dirty. He is a bad guy after all... Is that Bonecrusher skating up to Nemesis Prime? NO! Its Optimus Prime, scourge of Nemesis Prime!
  4. Here's a pic of the box. Ironman is held in by a couple of twist-ties, and a piece of injection molded plastic. There is a comic that is included that is called "The Evolution of an Icon" which can be seen on the back of the box through a layer a clear plastic bagging. Yes, the mask on both of the Ironman molds come off to reveal Tony Stark. I can't imagine the variants being that difficult to find. I've seen each mold, and each variant at the two Toys R' Us stores that I frequent. Here is a comparison pic between the two color variants. The original is more of a normal red with a yellow color. There are more paint applications visible on the shoulder armor, and the sides of the abdomen area. The silver paint on the neck is also more prominent on this one. The variant is the more realistic, modern look of dark maroon, red, with the gold. There is less paint probably because the gold metallic paint costs more...thats my guess anyway... Here's more pics of the red and yellow armor: and one more pic of the maroon and gold armor:
  5. I found both the regular and variant Marvel Icons at the York, PA Toys R' Us today...and thought I'd share some pics I took of the variant...
  6. Here are some of the pics I didn't use for the TFMaster.com Kitbash of the Year Contest (TFMaster.com)...since they are extra pics, I thought you guys might like to see them... To see the pics I did choose for the contest, click here: Transformers Alternators Armada Megatron at TFMaster.com
  7. Alright, so now I'm able to transform Megatron!! I couldn't do it at first due to a setback with the legs, but thats taken care of now... He's almost done, there's just a few more things I'd like to do. I'd like to blacken-out the headlights, finish the decals, and I just need to find the permanent spots for the two "head horns" and the side-cannon. If I was to cop out, the two horns do fit quite perfectly between the body and the arms when transformed...one on each side...but, thats just my temporary solution. I was going to paint the roof-rack lights black and paint the lights yellow...but since placing the lights on, I have since grown on the chrome. What do you guys think? Black or chrome? Also...I was fooling around with some detailing for the vehicle mode...and I was messing around with some vinyl striping...(love the stuff) and I came up with two patterns that I like. As you can see, right now I have a different pattern on each side...and I really like it like that, so it might stay like that. I was trying to emulate the three hatches on Armada Megatron's one tank fender, and the raising Minicon platform on the other fender... What do you guys think of the stripes? I t kinda gives him the "Outback Jack" hunter vibe...which, I guess is what Armada was all about...hunting minicons... Oh yeah, and I did opt to place a Viper emblem on the front...I like the look of the red emblem. (and why shouldn't Megatron be proud of the huge V-10 engine inside)
  8. I will over here too...I'm posting this guy everywhere! Hahaha! Yeah the Mustang is Red Alert from Armada. He was actually my first venture into the Armada customs department!
  9. Thanks everyone! I will post more pics of Megatron transformed as soon as I finish working everything out. I'll post the other customs I have as soon as I can!
  10. Just finishing up my Armada Megatron custom based on the Alternators Prime mold, and thought I'd post the pics for you guys to see too! Enjoy!
  11. I got a few questions as to how I made this project,a nd what I did...so here is the description: Hotshot is based on the Alternators Silverstreak mold, with some substitutions from Alternators Smokescreen. Here is what Silverstreak looked like to begin with: Basically, I had to strip off all of the silver paint. Sand, and Paint...no primer, since underneath the silver Silverstreak is really gray. (Yellow was still a pain to work with) For the yellow I used Krylon Fusion Sunbeam yellow paint, the red was Krylon Fusion Firepepper Red. I substituted in the hood, front grill, and roof from Alternators Smokescreen. The headlights have been blacked out with Testors Flat Black enamel, and the foglights are coated in Tamiya Transparent Red Acrylic Paint. The missile launcher is recast from the japanese version of the Alternators line called Binaltech. The head is from Alternators Smokescreen, with a pin put through the middle to hold the visor. The visor is from Transformers Cybertron Dark Scorpinok and painted gloss black. All of the decals including the Autobot Symbols, License Plate, and Sponsers were printed out on my Hewlett Packard printer with Testors Decal Paper. The Matrix is from Transformer Cybertron Optimus Prime, and painted using Testors Metallic Gold enamel. I am currently working on a different gun for him that will be made out of two nitrous oxide (NOS) bottles, as well as a Driver by the name of Kicker (the human character from Transformers-Energon) Hope that helps everyone gain some insight into how I made this project come to life...unfortuneately I don't have any in-progress shots...but I'll try to take some for my next project.
  12. Here is my attempt at making the most/least popular character from Transformers Armada. (You either loved or hated the character) The inspiration for this custom came from TFans.com member, ---The Rat, who had previously made a custom Alternators Hotshot, which looks incredible. While I did want to leave Hotshot solid yellow with black trim like the original Armada toy, the character name "Hotshot" implies someone who wants to showoff...and people that want to show off their nice cars, usually deck them out with all sorts of custom parts, hence the decals. Let me know what you guys think...
  13. Thanks man! I'll post a new custom here each week, so come back and check them out!
  14. In December of 2004 I needed a new car because I was involved in a lawsuit with Toyota over the lemon law and my current car. As any respectable Transformers Alternators fan...I decided to try out some of the Alternators-based vehicles. However most proved unaffordable. WRX...out of price range, Viper? hahaha, Jeep...not interested (I don't do anything that would require a Jeep's abilities), Corvette...also out of price range, just like the RX-8. Eventually I settled on the newly restyled 2005 Acura RSX Type-S. Wasn't a Transformer...ut I loved the car. So I was psyched when they announced Prowl...my favorite Transformer as being a 2005 RSX. However I wanted a Transformer based on my real life car...a milano red version of the RSX. Of course this meant removing the polic lights, and changing pretty much all of the colors involved with Prowl. I also wanted it to be unique in comparison to other Alternators. Here is a shot of my car in real life...taken shortly after I bought it on my first long diatnce trip to the Outer Banks... Here is the Alternator I finally finished. I gave it the name VTEC based on the typ of engine my car carries. As you can see, I had to remove the light bar from the roof, and fill in the holes for the screws. After that I had to shape a sunroof and tint it accordingly: Here is the main unique feature I worked out for VTEC...he has working headlights wired to a switch: and here is the bot mode, which bears a remarkable likeness to the Autobot Sideswipe, (so I worked up a quick story) You can see in the last picture that I gave him my real life license plate (but I had to blur the numbers out) Here is another: and the light up feature in bot-mode: Story: Sideswipe’s original Binaltech body was not a Dodge Viper. Sideswipe was originally a 2005 Acura RSX Type-S. During a battle with Shockwave and his drones, Sideswipe fell. Damaged far beyond the aid of his comrades, his spark was immediately seized by the Autobot Red Alert who transported it back to the EDC command center. Red Alert enlisted the aid of an Autobot Medic not from this time, and not from this place. Another Red Alert from the Armada universe who has been displaced from his own Galaxy by the time alterations of Ravage. Together Team Red Alert rebuilt Sideswipe into a new body…a body donated by Sideswipe’s brother Sunstreaker. Sideswipe was reborn as a new Dodge Viper. Of course, Sunstreaker donated his old convertible body in favor of getting a newer Street Racing Viper. Team Red Alert was not done however. Sideswipe’s old body could still be salvaged with time, and a little luck. The body was given an artificial intelligence program similar to the one Zoom-Zoom was programmed with. The program quickly latched onto the Autobot twin brothers, and the three have become an inseparable team ever since. They even gave him the name VTEC after the model engine he carries in his chest. Hope you guys like!
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