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  1. It is good that they are putting this out, as previous Neca/Mezco versions now go for hundreds of dollars!!
  2. ...Apparently it is going to be another reboot lol. They kind of wrote themselves into a corner with the last one anyway!
  3. ...Cool, but fairly useless, due to scale and articulation.
  4. that is some amazing shiznit! Thumbs up man!
  5. "Aw look... Timber's leaving a present under the tree! Zartan, kill him."
  6. I did some research on Wikipedia today, and I did a whole lot of reading on the Sith & various Sith Lords... And I have determined WE MUST have figures of Darth Bane, (both forms), Darth Nihilus, Darth Scion, Exar Kun, Darth Plaguis, Darth Malek, Freedon Naad... Hell, make all of them!! Sith Lords rock!! @firedevil@ Oh, yeah... we NEED various Mandalore warriors, including the DeathWatch & even the Sun Guard mercenaries... woot!
  7. good grief! This is just stupid now. leave the poor guy alone! It's his time, his $ in the manufacturing, he can charge what he wants!
  8. hey Aly! I'm gonna pick one of those up for sure! Any chance I could get it painted up & assembled? I know it would cost extra, but it'd be worth it!
  9. I can say honestly that GIJOEHQ & its proprieter, Curtis are the best online source to deal with if you're looking for older or recent Joe-stuff! He's really good to work with, on all levels!
  10. It's true Serpy's "return" was short, I can only imagine it was due to the impending ending of the book... Hell, I HATED the sudden appearance, overwhelming supremacy, & general handling of the Red Shadows as boring generic "new world order" revolutionaries instead of the scary, fascinating suicidal zealot fanatics they were in the old Acition Force books. And HOW could you have the RS and have no Baron Ironblood, no Black Major? Yuck! When Baron Ironblood ransomed all the major governments on Earth to pay him BILLIONS, or his zealots would kill THOUSANDS of captured civillians worldwide, and so they paid him... AND THEN HE KILLED THEM ALL ANYWAY... Then vanished while a global collective nearly wiped his Red Shadows off the face of the earth... Only to reappear as Cobra Commander...! Now THAT'S a hell of a story! In my Joe-Verse, the Red Shadows are just a technologically advanced & updated take on the old comic-version.
  11. I don't know why everyone's been so tough on this book. First off: Oh no! So & So got killed! So what?! It a WAR, with no clear end & no clear boundries. Lady Jaye didn't have any major role in the comics, even back in Marvel. If nobody EVER gets killed, where's the drama? Remember when Maj. Bludd just up & shot Gen. Flagg? That was a total shock, and it was important to the Joes' story. Secondly, I hated Serpy back in the day. I thought his rise to power was sudden & meaningless. And the cartoon made me totally dispise him in a major way. But his DD "ressurection" was well-told & made sense! And his demise was all the sweeter. And Rey seems very interesting...
  12. The "secret service" guy that's hanging around the disguised CC is Blackout, the Cobra Sniper... At this point probably the only Cobra minion CC wants near him for now...
  13. Those are beautiful!! I must have one.... @firedevil@
  14. Al, that is some amazing stuff! I especially love Dice & Sei Tin! Do you still have any Budos available?
  15. Xhairs, where ya seeing hew 6-pack stuff?
  16. This Movie BLEW... Aside from an awesome opening sequence, & decent though inconsistent animation, it was horrid. Falcon's a third-generation soldier, NOT DUKE's BROTHER, and a season, competent commander, according to his file. The movie makes him out to be a hot-headed, horndog maverick rookie. Jinx is an accomplished intel-operative, and STORM-SHADOW'S COUSIN... This movie, while at least giving her martial arts skills their due, plays her off like a stereotypical Latina street-punk. And speaking of Latina, what was with Law? And Big-Lob? Frigging ridiculous. Then there's the whole Cobra-La. While an intersting idea on its own, making CC part of it was beyond ##$%$#ed. Then there's the fact that virtually every other Joe-member, including Hawk, acts like an total ass. And Serpentor's "living" snake-spears... The entire Sunbow cartoon pretty much stank except for the "Springfield" & "Worlds without End" eps. I can't imagine how Hasbro signed off on something that strayed so far from the core concept of the toy-line. "SyTroops" & "Valor vs. Venom" were Oscar-worthy in comparison! Even "Ninja Battles" was better. Thank goodness there was Larry Hama & the Marvel comic... @firedevil@
  17. All I know is that Hasbro NEEDS to make Cyber-Maul! That figure would be the shiznet!
  18. I'll do White Clown & Doc Venom... Anyone have pics of White Clown? Please e-mail 'em to awagner@shufflemaster.com... Thanks!!
  19. FREAKING AWESOME!!!! It's abou time somebody tried to do a GOOD GR book again! It's been pretty painful few years in comics for his fans. That gawdaful "Hammer Lane" one by the "Catwoman" writer, then that even worse Garth Ennis one... And there's still the issue of where the Dan Ketch/GR 2 version is, since Howard Mackie freed him from Hell back in "Spider-Man", then he vanished completely! I figured the movie would help relaunch a new book. I just hope they stick to what made Mackie's version work, namely gritty violence, horror & subtle but no overpowering supernatural overtones! (At lease from issue #1-24...) I can't believe after everything that Blaze ended up in hell, but hopefully they'll explain that too. And bring back Blackout, Scarecrow, Deathwatch, Centurious... Salteres & Texiera are a great start though!
  20. I didn't mean to say that collectors are the primary money-maker, having been as attentive to the biz-end of the hobby as I have the fun-end all these years I'd be silly to think so! I know naturally that kids are what drive MOST figure-lines, though there are exceptions of note, mainly "Marvel Legends" I think... I mean, you can argue that till doomsday, but that line sells to fans & collectors, almost exclusively! When the Wal-Mart Giant-Man wave and the two-packs that accompanied it sold out all over Vegas at EVERY Wal-Mart within three days? That wasn't the kids, or their parents, folks! Becuase KIDS certainly don't know who the Sentry, Captain Britan, Warbird, or maybe even Kitty Pryde are! Kids barely even read comics these days. Thor, sure! Even Ant-Man has some small familiarity (though not the Scott Lang version they released), and most kids probably know Sabretooth & Wolverine, AOA or not... Anyway, sorry to digress, but like I was saying, I didn't mean to imply that adult collectors drove the line's sales totally, but once DTC started, and it was an on-line only thing, that, folks, is not kid-driven. Kids don't shop online, and most parents won't for their kids, when they can just as easily find something else down the street at Wal-Mart. My point is that Hasbro then deliberately split its marketing focus, with Sigma6 naturally aimed at kids, and DTC for the collectors. Which would be fine, except that the DTC end of things has been kind of uneven. With the DTC stuff hitting TRU now, I think it'll hopefully catch kids' eyes again... Either way, it's fine to see S6 keeping kids interested in Joe, but it just seems wrong for Hasbro to crap on any part of the fanbase, much less making unaffiliated fan-sites do it as well.
  21. Robot_sonic, I get what you mean about precise replicas of old, & especially rare & valued parts, naturally. But when it comes to making things like casts of Viper-heads to be used as removable helmets on Hasbro's own figures, I see no issue with that personally... And since goodtogo is more about making totally new items, or at least new approaches, i.e. the heads as helmets casts, I don't see why YoJoe is down on that, since such things aren't hurting them. Even recasting vintage parts isn't particularly damaiging to them, since they don't profit off of secondary market resales anyway...
  22. Seriously, Al? That's why you aren't around there any more? That sucks.
  23. Personally, I think it's dopey crap. Of course I understand & respect Hasbro's product ownership rights... But this is essentially just glorified pro-quality customizing & exchanging between a very small & select audience. It's not like it's actually cutting into Hasbro's profits! In actuality, it's just creating & sustaining enthusiasm in a product Hasbro only seems to half-care about any more! Let's face it, they've gotten lazy in regards to meeting the needs of their primary consumers. "We'll just throw whatever we can be botherd with on the market, and they'll buy it or we'll cancel the line!" This was the same half-assed mentality that Mattel applied when they managed to take the Four Horseman's brilliantly designed & conceived MOTU 2002 relaunch and run it straight into the ground in less than two years! And then they will blame the fans for not showing enough support. And putting sites like YoJoe into the position of having to be hostile towards what is honestly just enhancing & supporting the line, & the hobby of figure-collecting/customizing in general is akin to the Nazis making German citizens turn on their neighbors... In a matter of speaking figuratively!
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