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  1. Anybody care to venture a guess at what MSRP will be? I will reserve my final guess for when packaging is shown, but $10/guy seems close.
  2. That is really an awesome site. I did notice that you are missing one of the puzzles...the one that has a large skystriker in flight and would be the upper left of the mural when they are all put together. I happen to have this puzzle at my parents house. If given the chance, would you like a digital pic of the box? or what did you do to get the pics on-line? I'd love to help you out if I could. Let me know.
  3. Wow says it all! That is probably the best beret fit onto a head that I have ever seen. Props Dav!
  4. This is a custom built Stinger Mk II. I used the 2003 Split Fire as a base and added a missile rack built from the Cobra Adder and some scrap plastic to attach the original Stinger missiles to. I ditched the gun seats on the side in favor of two mini-gun emplacements. Here are the pics: As stated in the topic title, this vehicle is for sale. I had started this custom some years ago and just finished it, but unfortunetely don't have room to store it. This has been the fate of much of my collection, but I would rather sell it to someone on this forum than just put it on eBay. I will take PM's until 5:00 central time tomorrow (Sunday) night at which time the high bidder (no bids below $15 please) will be contacted about payment. I have sold items on this forum before, if you are looking for references please ask Ingasson or Crimsontwins what they thought of dealing with me. Shipping for this will be figured based on your zip code, but will probably be in the $7-10 range for much of the U.S. I am more than willing to ship internationally, but will have to figure the rate based on your location. Good luck and thanks for looking! Feedback on the custom iteself is also appreciated. Also, winning bid will be figured at $1 above what the next highest bid is, not necessarily exactly what you bid. This is my way of taking care the proxy bidding that eBay does.
  5. I picked up the Iron Hammer mech and the Dragonhawk vehicles for the explicit purpose of customizing them to 3.75" scale. I've got to say, these are two awesome vehicles. The dragonhawk could be top 10, or even top 5 greatest joe vehicles ever. Especially at $20 like it is at target right now. They can't be making money on that. The thing is huge! Just imagine if it were 1 1/2 times bigger to be 1/18 scale. The tease portion though....the figures. They are so limited by the lack of articulation. There isn't a figure out there I don't think that can fit in the rear seat of the Dragonhawk to act as weapons support/navigator for Stone in the front. I am as always planned going to cut up the cockpit to fit 1'18th scale stuff anyway, but that would be very dissappointing if I were a 2.5 enthusiast. I hope Hasbro either cans this line and spends the money on 3 3/4 joes, or spends a tad more money on this and gives the guys some movement ability. Even if they could all just bend at the knees, hips, shoulders, and swivel there head it would be great. Does anybody else agree with me?
  6. Here they are. I've had these done for a while, but my computer has had a bug or something. I wanted to scan a pic of the Devil's Due BAT from the Battlefiles issue to put with it, but my scanner still isn't hooked back up to my PC and I have waited for too long to post some new stuff here, so please compare with your own issues if you can. First up is the Devil's Due BAT. I like how it turned out. I didn't have a spare v1 BAT head to use, so I created a BAT head from a Vvs.V Viper helmet and Spytroops BAT head that I had. The rest is sculpted to match the way the BAT looks in the Battlefiles issue from Devil's Due as stated before. I like how it is looking. I have to make a backpack with some alternate arm attachment still. Then there is Scap-Iron. This is the third version of this guy that I have made. He is one of my favorite cobras of all time, and I think I finally go him right. He has a bit of a younger look with the DTC head, and I like that. The rest is based on version 1 of the character. The torso looks a bit long, so I may try to find some slightly longer lower legs to fix the proportions. The grenades on his chest are removeable. As always, let me know what you think.
  7. First is Duke. This is actually just a redo on the paintjob of a custom I did long ago. The sculpting on the bandolier could use a redo as well. Next Frostbite. He just kind of came together after I made Iceberg. I figure I should have a custom driver for a Snow-Cat (that I need to accquire) and here he is. Not my best work, but it will do for now. I am happy with the custom version of his original gun that I threw together. Then Iceberg. He is based on a combination of the original and his appearance in (the preview of it anyway) the new Special Missions: Antarctica comic. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I repainted his eyes after taking the pic, so imagine that they are actually well done. Then there is Sub-Zero....or at least that's who it is in my Joeverse for now. I based this figure on one of the skins available in Socom 2 in the multiplayer level call requiem. It is a Polish Arctic Special forces look I believe. I also created a custom box fed m-4 so he would have plenty of ammo to unload on any snow-serpents he happens accross. Then there is Steeler. I've been trying to get a good Steeler together for some time. I finally found a parts combo that fit together and that I liked as Steeler. Kind of reminiscent (vaguely) of the original, with some new touches (metal pads) and a hint to the cartoon (yellow shirt underneath). I like it. And last is Lt. Stone. I like the character idea, but didn't want to be creating customs that look like Sigma 6 guys. I also thought it was a chance to try a shot at doing some digital camo. I think I'll be repainting him, at least the fatigues, but thought I'd get some feedback first. That's it for joes for now. Let me know what you think. A couple cobras will be up momentarily.
  8. Not that you guys probably missed me that much. I don't post that often. I do have some new customs almost done that I'll be posting in the next couple of days, but I have a question in the meantime. Where/How do you post you wants/needs/haves lists? I don't have a lot for any of those lists, but would like to accquire some specific accessories with out having to go through eBay and pay there inflated prices. In the meantime until I figure out how to do it right, does anybody have the following: Snow Job: skis, backpack, and poles (I know somebody told me to PM them about this stuff right before this semester got super crazy and I never got back to them. Sorry ;( ) Psyche Out: backpack, arm things, hand held radar looking box gadget Dial-Tone: Radio backpack
  9. that parts list sounds like it would be sweet. If I could get my hands on that stuff I would try it myself. However, I do think that you should try to create MARPAT camo rather than the two-tone. I know it would be tough, but I have experimented with a square shaped stylus for painting and it works....just takes a long time.
  10. Yeah.............that'll do. Everytime I see these ML customs I hope that the threads about Hasbro making ML scale joes is true......if they wind up looking like this, or even half as good. Nice work, very very nice work!
  11. For me its got to be the Coastal Defender. There was always something about a flat green painted wooden box on wheels that contained a fully functional radar station and 4 radar guided missiles.
  12. Thanks for all of the feedback already. I'll definetely change out Snowjob's waist. I wanted it to pinch in somewhat to look like he is wearing a one piece snow suit that is being gathered by the belt, but after seeing the picture it is too extreme. I don't know if any other customizers out there feel the same way I do, but I sometimes need to see my stuff in a photo to really critique it....the camera tells no lies or however that saying goes. Giltyone, I'll definetely be PMing you in the next day or two about those accessories.
  13. Sorry, the pics didn't turn out super great on these, but here they are anyway. They are pretty self explanitory, 3 are based on the version 1 figure of the character. Psyche-Out still needs some work on his accessories and paint touch ups on the lower sleeves. Snow-Job needs some skis and poles. I am hoping to get original accessories for both of these characters. Deep Six came about when I made my version 1 Shipwreck custom and abandoned the Devils Due look for him. I gave him the same color scheme as his v1 figure, but his on-deck look rather than the deep sea dive suit. As always, let me know about anything that you think should be improved.
  14. This may be a strange question, but could you post a picture of your molding rig set up. I've tried a couple times with next to no success to mold some things and am just wondering if I could eliminate some of my errors by seeing a successful set up. Thanks.
  15. I actually wonder if you would be able to use the arms from this 2.5" on the 3.75" defense mech. The connections look similar to me. I'd have to dig mine out of storage to get a better look, but if my memory serves me that is the same kind of thing. Seam plausible?
  16. My BAT army is only 5 strong right now. My goal is 10. I need to find some replacement hand attachments and backpacks for them as well. Here is a pic of the BATs with the new Overkill:
  17. Finished some new customs this week, let me know what you think. First up is Shipwreck. I had pretty much given up on doing a version 1 custom of him until I got the new shotgun from Maruader inc. The second picture was taken before I smoothed the sleeves around the shoulder. Next, a Falcon custom that is basically a knock-off of the version that Alyosha made. The main differences are paint color (I did mine like he looked in the cartoon movie), slightly different parts (head in particular), and the grenade hooks on his left shoulder that can accomadate 2 of the new Marauder inc. grenades [pictured with only one on, one in his hand]. And last up is a nearly done Sci-Fi. I need to smooth his lower legs and figure out what to do for a back pack for him. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this.
  18. After seeing a night viper subdue Serpentor on one of the DIC cartoon clips on youtube.com, this guy has my vote.....the night vipers are ruthless!
  19. Decided to repaint my Overkill from the Jvs.C line (second one that came w/ Shipwreck). I wanted him to look more like the v1 BAT. I'm starting up a BAT army and need a suitable leader. The only other mod was to make him using 2 right arms so I could alter the attachments on both sides.
  20. A paint marker would be awesome, but I haven't been able to find a yellow one. I'm going to try using a toothpick. I didn't give Backblast the 'bandolier' (ammo belt) because I didn't think a guy already carrying a huge rocket launcher would be carrying ammo for a gun he didn't have...leave that to the rest of the fireteam. Thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming.
  21. The two late 80's missile specialists. Backblast is the anti-air and Salvo the anti-ground armor. The customs are clearly based on each characters version 1 look. I changed up Salvo's weapons in the realistic direction to a couple of Javelin missiles. I would like to get one more for him to have over his shoulder though. I also think I need to repaint his shirt. Backblast's weapon is a Bbi stinger missile that I put two more stinger tubes on top of to mimic his original but a bit more realistic. The extra rockets are actually made from dowels and apoxy sculpt. As always, let me know what you think and what you think I should change.
  22. Very nice. I like to paint other characters in the SB colors too. I think he should have black boots, but he looks awesome.
  23. Gung Ho Serpentor Roadblock Storm Shadow
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