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  1. All very excellent gscbr. The parts choices really make these customs great. About the only thing I don't like is that you painted the Headhunter as v2 instead of v1. You rarely see customs of those guys.....I'd like to see a pic of them all together. Nice Work!
  2. Seeing the thread that pretty much said that wave 4 wasn't going to happen made me decide that Outback is more important to my Joeverse than Mjr. Barrage. I sculpted his head to look like version 1 (and added short sleeves and t-shirt neckline for the same reason) but might get a cast version of the new head when it becomes available. I also picked a new weapon for him, but one that is similar to the original. I havent decided what to do about web gear/ bandolier yet. I am leaning towards trying to get an orginal and adding it to this figure. If wave 4 does ever happen I've got a spare Barrage head that I'll stick on to Outback's body and just paint over the survival text.
  3. These 8" guys are pretty cool. I don't, and probably won't, collect them....but that is more due to cost than anything. And maybe storage space. I would be more inclined to maybe get a couple though if the weapons were better. The ninja weapons are great, but the guns stink....way too cartoon. I think this new Samurai Storm Shadow is really well done, but Storm Shadow is a ninja...arch nemesis of the samurai. Seems like a conflict of interest. Lockdown looks way better in this pic than the pics released from the asian auction site a few days ago.
  4. I'll be sure to come up with something....hopefully a 4-man team....if I can scrounge up some more parts.
  5. Not bad. It's recognizeable as Copperhead by the colors and helmet, but its not Copperhead to me. If the arms would have been sleeveless it would have been closer. The black body armor is also off to me. Overall, not enough to get me to join. My other question is why is MC doing a personality for the figure. How many people will buy multiple Copperheads? Wouldn't it have been smarter, fiscally speaking, to do an army builder?
  6. Sorry, that is Ripper not Buzzer as originally posted. I think I was stuck on Buzzer as I am trying to figure out what parts to use to make him.
  7. First is Copperhead. The talk of the new Mastercollector figure got me fired up to get this guy out of my container of started but not nearly finished customs and get working on it. He needs some touch-up paint (especially on the boots and gloves/wraps) and a big silver cobra logo on his chest. Then theres Zarana and Ripper. I don't think I've ever seen a Zarana repaint like this, and I think it works great. The new figure in colors that pastiche the original. She needs some general touch ups and another coat of paint on the legs. Ripper is a bit farther from completion still. I gave him a color scheme like his appearance in the cartoon and can't decide if I should do the hair like the cartoon as well or if I should give him a bandana?.....thoughts? I'm also toying with the idea of changing the color scheme completely and going with the version 1 green on green camo look for the shirt with red glasses.
  8. Those all look great. I especially like Blackout.....much simpler like a sniper ought to be. I just think you should get some different guns for the guys in the very first picture.....those Corps guns or whatever they are are just too big.
  9. I call these new(ish) because they were actually finished around Thanksgiving and got tucked away and not photographed. I can see from the photo that I need to touch-up Tollbooths vest and that I forgot to paint the skin on his upper arms. Tollbooth is pretty much straight after the original. I gave him light brown/sandy blonde hair that I am thinking is too light. Does anybody know what color hair he actually had? Law is a bit more varied from the original character. I gave him the same style helmet, and uzi, and stayed true to the original color scheme, but the figure itself is rather different. Let me know what you think. And I definetely need something different for order. The Lamont repaint is not doing it for me....just doesn't look like a German Shephard.
  10. Pretty cool. What program do you use to create these 3-d images? I'm pretty skilled with 3-d graphics in an architectural application.....you've got me thinking about making some 3-d joe stuff. Maybe I'll start with a Terror Drome...you know, where Joe and architecture meet.
  11. Hey Tom-1.... are you implying about typical Marines? Well go ahead. I don't know if the average Army guy is as smart as a bag of bolts, but the Marines are. Don't get me wrong, they get the job done, and I would have been proud to call myself a Marine, but they know one thing......killing. And in case you were wondering about becoming an officer in the USMC Hector, you have to go to the normal 13 week bootcamp, either San Diego or Parris Island depending on which side of the Mississippi you live on, get a recomendation (i.e. excel at everything from PT to marksmanship to leadership) then go to a special 10 week PLC or OCS (depending on if you have already or are only on schedule to graduate college) in Quantico, VA, on top of training for your particular MS. Its all of that that makes the Marines get the job done faster with less help than the Army
  12. Tomax and Xamot from 2005 wear something that resembles a business suit. http://www.yojoe.com/action/05/xamot4.shtml Look at the body construction section and it will link you to Headman who also had the same body. Thats what came to mind off of the top of my head. Hope that helps.
  13. OORAH!! Is everybody in here Army? No other Marines? I am not a marine, was disqualified (with honor) in Bootcamp due to an injury after 4 1/2 weeks. Didn't ever get a chance to put on the dress blues, just friggin fatigues. I still hope that the dumb*%% that screwed up and got me hurt didn't make it. My drill sgt. said he would be doing all the work I would have done til the end on top of his own.
  14. I'd buy at least one...more if money allowed. My one complaint about this figure is that it comes with a Dragunov and not an AK. I know that is how the original was, but would the troops seriously have sniper rifles? This has bothered me since I was old enough to realize that this was messed up...or about 1986.
  15. I don't know if I'm going to be poppin any 25th anniversary figures apart....unless they are cheap enough. I'll stick to the new sculpt.....or what I guess we'll have to start calling old-new sculpt. PhoenixSword, I use testors Model Masters Acrylic paints on about 95% of my work. The other 5% is Tamiya.
  16. Not to sound like I collect nothing but Joes (I don't) but what are SHS figures? If they are the same construction as the 25th aniversary figs I'm going to buy a ton.
  17. I was most impressed by Storm Shadow....Cobra Trooper was a close second....and that's not to say all of the others weren't awesome. I can't wait until these things come out....tax refund gift I'm thinking.
  18. I think he's pretty sweet. Has that real Marine look on his face, excellent job with the tattoo, but I wish his arms would be a little bulkier. Gung-Ho was typically the second biggest Joe on the roster next to Roadblock, he should have more muscular arms.....the chest is ripped, why not the arms. The weird way he has to hold the pistol and the over-bulky holster on his right thigh are a bit disappointing as well. He is extremely awesome all the same, probably my second fav so far to Storm Shadow. Please make these things less than $10 a piece. I want to be able to eat this summer.
  19. Wow! I got to look at each of them once and then they were gone.....but they were awesome. They aren't perfect, Gung-Ho's arms are a bit thin, and the holsters all seem a bit large, and the hands still don't hold pistols, but the sculpting is totally amazing. I do have to say thogh that other than Storm Shadow, I think these are going to be strictly collection pieces all to themselves and not be part of my normal Joeverse. Maybe the army builders will make it in there too. They are extremely cool, but too different to be in the ranks of the lessor guys that the rest of my collection currently is.
  20. How did I miss this thread? I'm in for whatever contest everyone decides on. I haven't had time to think of what idea I like best yet, but there seem to be a lot of good ones. I'll keep my eyes open for when it starts.
  21. The head is Shipwreck from the Vvs.V series. I added the glasses and mustache.
  22. Bought these two DTC Cobra Soldiers when they came out. I hated them (as Cobra Soldiers) as soon as I opened them. It wasn't until recently that I thought I could make them into Ice Vipers. Pretty much what I am down to making customs of.....vehicle drivers....but I think they are decent. They need a little paint touch-up, some more white on the arms and legs, and some goggles. Let me know what else you all think of them. Sorry the pic is a bit washed out....I'm not sure how to consistently photograph guys that are mostly white in color.
  23. Wayne Sneeden


    I think these are going to be awesome. Duke isn't quite as amazing as Storm Shadow at first inspection....but could get better (or worse) depending on what he looks like with-out the helmet. If the articulation is acceptable, and I bet it will be, I am going to be wishing that this is how Joe was done all along. Any mention anywhere on what the release date is? I'm anxiously awaiting them already.
  24. I'm still making customs out of the few parts I have left. I've been relegated to drivers, but Wild Bill is a pretty integral character. I'm quite happy with this custom. I feel it plays off of his original look (from the cartoon) and is still updated to look more like a modern rodeo star with the padded flak jacket look. I also feel that the handle bar mustache with reflective aviator sunglasses and off-white hat were the way to go with him. Let me know what you think.
  25. Wayne Sneeden


    In place of actually posting a pic illegally, could someone give a description of the figure?
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