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  1. Probably my favorite Ambush ever....love the camo scheme you came up with. I might have to try to duplicate that if I ever end up with surplus parts.
  2. I couldn't wait any longer,so I tallied it up myself. The top vote getters as of right now are: Joes; 1. (32) Dusty 1. (32) [General] Hawk v.2 3. (31) Breaker 4. (28) Spirit 5. (21) Recondo Cobras; 1. (71) Major Bludd 2. (51) B.A.T. 3. (49) Viper 4. (39) Snow Serpent 5. (38) EEL Joe Vehicles; 1. (59) Vamp 2. (35) Skystriker 3. (33) DragonFly 4. (29) Tomahawk 4. (29) RAM Cobra Vehicles; 1. (54) Rattler 2. (41) Stinger 3. (37) Trubble Bubble 4. (27) Water Moccasin 4. (27) FANG 4. (27) HISS Most of these races are really tight at the bottom of the top 5. A first place vote for the right character/vehicle could vault them into the leaderboard.
  3. Joes: 1-Blowtorch v1 2-Alpine v1 3-Bazooka v1 4-Spirit v1 5-Recondo v1 Cobra: 1-BAT v1 2-Viper v1 3-IG v1 4-Mjr. Bludd v1 5-Tomax and Xamot v1 Joe Vehicles: 1-Skyhawk 2-LCV 3-Snow Cat w/ Frostbite 4-Vamp mk2 w/ Clutch 5-Wolverine w/ Covergirl (ideally a new version w/ a Mobat base and bigger missiles) Cobra Vehicles: 1-Trubble Bubble 2-Water Moccasin w/ Copperhead 3-FANG v1 4-Stinger 5-WOLF w/ Ice Viper x2
  4. Hey all- Just read on IESB that the Joes will be based out of the US. There is a link to the story on Joebattlelines daily news. Sorry if this was posted already, but this news has me a bit more excited about the movie.
  5. I've got to say that these are great looking. The shading seems very realistic, perhaps a bit exaggerated but no harm in that. I agree with Arrows comment on the M-16. That's not to say that the rifle isn't one of the better I've seen posted on a fan site as far as a drawing goes, but its not as great as the rest of your work. I also think the soldier lacks a little bit in terms of contrast, and being really nit-picky, I think the torso may be just a shade short (leading to the out of shape look someone previously mentioned). I say all of this with the disclaimer that I could not do better, life drawing is the bane of my existence as an Architecture student, but these are the same types of things that have come up in the criticisms of my own work at school. Again, super job!
  6. First, sorry I've been away for so long. I was at an overseas summer immersion program for architecture and just didn't have time to stay in touch with everything and unfortunately G.I.Joe got the short straw. I'll have some new customs to post in a couple weeks probably....maybe even some 25th anniv stuff. I've got a question about the wave 2 trooper though. The pictures that I have seen show him with a silver cobra logo...is that how it will be released? I hope not. The trooper should have a red logo. I think it would be cool to have one with a silver logo to be the viper glider pilot, but they should have the red chest logo otherwise, in my opinion, to set them off as lower ranked guys. Just wondering if anybody here had heard anything at the SDCC or online somewhere that I haven't found. Thanks for any info.
  7. That is pretty much what he looks like actually......With some exceptions. First, he has normal brown, straight legged pants that are interrupted just below the knee by some smooth facist looking boots. His head looks just like the figure, his torso has that large cobra logo, but his arms appear to be a normal long sleeved shirt with some add on shoulder pads that are ribbed perpendicular to his arm. The color scheme is also more like Sand Scorpion (Black and Brown with some deep red highlights). Hope this helps. I would scan and send a pic, but I don't know about the legality of that. Also, the backstory is not that he is a venom trooper, but instead he was running experiments on neuro agents in Africa. The U.N. caught and jailed him only to have Dr. Mindbender bust him out. He joined Cobra and shot through the ranks eventually taking a leadership position over the desert forces.
  8. Bulldog! Bulldog! Come in Bulldog. This is Savoy 6, do you read me? Very awesome. Nice work from the use of the BBi head to the camo. And for the code name, why not call him..... Bulldog
  9. Lots of great entries. After the contest ends I'll post what I would have entered. Anyway, after much deliberation, My Vote: SEALs
  10. Hey Joe, I've got my entry done as far as I'll be able to get it. I'll try to send pics tomorrow (Saturday), but have a really busy day. Would it be cool if I got them to you on Sunday. Seems somewhat pointless as this semester has turned out to be quite intense and I'm not completely (nearly) satisfied with my 'finished' product, but I want them in the contest because I said I would. Will do my best to send you pics asap.
  11. I've been away from the comic for a while and need to get the last 8-10 back issues and catch up, but did Storm Shadow go back to Cobra since issue #10 or so? Very disappointing if he did.
  12. That's AWESOME! I wish I had the patience to create something like that.
  13. That's an awesome idea. Is there anyway you could post pics of how you modified the body to accept the microman arms and legs? Also, the microman hips have amazing articulation, is any of that lost with the joe body? I'm sure it will be better than a joe figure, but just wondering if the hips will still be as poseable as a microman. (They can do that cool almost spiderman crouch and my imidiate thought was to try to make some of the ninja type characters like this.)
  14. Wow! That is impressive on sheer volume, but also in terms of product. Nice work!
  15. That's a very well done team. You could have used several combinations of 2-4 of those to enter the contest. Nicely done and they look great with the vehicle.
  16. Thanks for the descriptions Gen. Hawk. That will hold me over until the pics are available. From the sounds of it, I might be most excited by the new SS.....which it seems would make me the one and only.
  17. Thanks for the positive comments. Slewis: Just want to let you know that I lengthened the Wild Bill torso to make buzzer....the most seamless extension I've ever done. Without the addition he looked like a runt next to the other 'Noks. Cobrasaboteur: The chainsaw is custom built using the back end of a mini-gun (that came with spytroops Roadblock originally) and the business end of one of the chainsaw things that came with the original Buzzer (and many others later), some paper clips for structure and some apoxy sculpt. I still want to make Road Pig, but need to come up with a good recipe and the parts to pull it off.
  18. Zartan: Based on the DD version. Not the first like this, not the best, but pretty good and will do for me. Zarana: Showed this one a while back, based primarily on version 1, with some twists that make her new. Zandar: See Zartan Buzzer: Based on version 1...big difference is the saw. I never liked that thing Buzzer came with. I know it says super high powered and all that on the file card, but that thing just didn't look like it would have any torque so I built one that looks like a real chainsaw. Ripper: A conglomoration of the original figure and the DD version. I like how it turned out, hairy arms and chest too. Torch: Based on version 1. I need to sculpt on his choker necklace yet. I may tweak his vest and chains as well...if motivated. Monkeywrench: I really like how this has started. I made it so the grenades are removeable. I do however need to remove the bandolier and carve a groove into the torso to accept the bandolier to reduce its profile. A few minutes with a dremel ought to take care of that. More pics:
  19. I think that if I would have seen that auction, and more importantly had $450 that I didn't know what to do with, you would still be looking for a Terror Drome. Nice score!
  20. I recommend going and taking a look, and if you are as impressed as I am, save some money. Probably the best wave yet....easily in my opinion.
  21. That is completely awesome. Gotta say I never thought I'd see a custom of Ramar. Are you going to make the chic that helped Duke too?
  22. Also, I did the lettering with a #3 micron pen. This worked great for the black on white text.
  23. Yeah, the head is a modded Barrage. I have some mixed feelings about it. I think it is some of my better hair sculpting, but it seems kind of long from chin to top of hair. It's weird, sometimes it bothers me, other times I think that if he had long hair like the wave 4 version would have been and had the hair pulled up under a bandana/head band like I sculpted it would be that high off of his head. Not sure completely how I feel about this one yet. I like the start, but it may need some reworking....at the very least the buckles need to be painted.
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