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  1. Uh not to seem rude but WHO CARES? Honestly, We all saw the movies and formed our opinion on them. It is little surprise that Transformers is doing so well because of all the promotion. just let the movies run their course. Why do we have to keep track every week of how Transformers does when a potential blockbuster comes out? You are excited for the movie, understood and feeling is shared, but the constant tracking just seems a bit, juevnille. Again, not trying to start a flame here justpuzzeled on why the need to continually track it when the immediate benefit of seeing it is gained. Okay, said it. Im content now.
  2. Yay! Grunt actually looks good. I just hope Flash retains his classic look. Why is Grunt the only Joe with a helmet? Shouldn't they all have one for consistency?
  3. The Joes are "meh" so far. They look like they would be placed with my Steel Brigade units. Moore looks good although the head is kinda big compared to the other heads being used. Still, it will be nice to have an Infantry Commander aside from Bludd.
  4. Well, I talked with my folks and we arranged to have our vacation on that weekend, so.... I'M GOING TO ATALANTA FOR THE CON! WOOT-HOOT! Hey, if I do sign up for the RAH package, I am guranteed to get the attendee exclusive despite the fact I will be showing up a day late right? I can't get Thursdays off because that's when my department is really short but Im going to leave early Friday and hopefully be there around 2pm Friday.
  5. Seeing the black strip on Clutch's file has me agreeing Clam. I just hope that the tank is not the one per set vehicle cuz I want more as my COBRA motor pool is lacking tanks other than HISS I's II's and III's
  6. Eh, MAstercollector isn't a collector club, its a rich boy club.
  7. Umm, I think there are kids who are fascinated with certain vehicles that they would bug their parents to buy all of that type. We can't say for sure though one way or another because their are various kids and various parents with various attitudes. I would think that repaints would be a good thing for kids or parents who got on the bandwagon late. Little Johnny wants a helicopter robot he saw Billy play with. That exact one is no longer in stores. What are mommy and daddy going to do. Oh look, TRU's catalog shows an upcoming prodcut that is a repaint of that robot helicopter. A decent substitute. Let's apply that to a kid who saw the remnants of the Classics line. He sees on the back a jet Transformer and he likes jets. Unfortunately there are none to be found . He doesn''t have to have that specific figure but he really wants a jet robot. Honestly this whole kids thing can be used to support collectors are hurt them. Im sick of it.
  8. Here was Hasbro's response as to not doing all the Seekers in the various lines: "One reason they can't do all the seekers is becuase they have to offer a variety of toys and they don't usually have enough toy space to offer them all " Okay, so Im taking this as you would prefer to do a figure that may or may not be a hit rather than slotting in figures that are desireable and well known. You want my money but will take the risky way instead of the sure fire way. Oyi that iis stupid.
  9. Im going to take off the wings, but which screw or bolt do I need to take out?
  10. Its so damn frustrating to seea line cancelled when they just start to put out the heavy hitters. Why is that? If there is any fault it is Hasbros and Hasbro's alone. Why did they picka crappy Megatron, an Optimal Optimus, a tragic BM Cheetor to take up spots? With selections like that in a line that is for the fans, its no wonder it bombed. Im pretty sure that had those spots been filled by the characters in the pictures, and pressed on with G1 Magnus, Fallen, WW Megs and Sunstorm, this would have been a hit. So I ask you Hasbro, WHY?
  11. That may be true, but usually BBTS gets them in after retailers. And the time frame given seems to match the time given on the site.
  12. Guys, it appears to be an arrival date. I just read BBTS.com's newsletter and it reports that their shipment will be there in 1-6 days. I suggest getting to TRU Target or Wal Mart on the 25th and see if anything comes in.
  13. To quote Nelson: HA! HA! That is one day before my Birthday! Yay! B-Day money goin to Joes! (or the TF Con set since that is more expensive). Y'know that is why they had the clearance sale right? To get rid of DTC to make room for the 25th Anniversary stuff. You honestly didn't see this coming?
  14. Well, here's something of a twist. MC stated a while back that it would be uneconomical for them to not do army-builder sets and according to this listing it is mostly Joes. That would only leave seven army-builder figures in a fifteen figure set. An unprecedented move for MC. I definitely don't want the COBRA females cuz, Im sorry it just doesn't sit well that COBRA would have female troopers. They are the new Nazis and would not have females on the front lines. I'll have to see how they did the other figures before I decide to get it. If I do, anybody want female COBRAs?
  15. Ken, I'd help you out but I have no cash to spot. I really would like to get another HISS tank at that price. Hell, three of em would be good
  16. Well, atleast we know that there is going to be a second COBRA PAck. Did they just give us a hint that Quick Kick is coming?
  17. Here's my speculation: The Joes are all going to be repainted Comic Pack figures sans Flash and Grunt who will get new bodies which will be their regular uniforms since it seems to follow the formula of re-paints and frankensteins for con exclusives and they seem to work in well with the designs of the past two sets. The odds are good that the female COBRAs will use the TRU 6-pack mold since Hasbro claimed that they intended to use those for the comic packs but there was a mix up in the factory in China (and if you look at how well the troopers blend in with comic Joes as opposed to the ones we were given the claim does seem likely). This is assuming of course these are RAH. It may be obvious that there will be a tank of some sort but then again, MC threw curve balls at us before (look at the Air-Vipers file card and see the vehicle we got as opposed to the one mentioned and you will see what I mean). Assuming that it will be a tank, I think we can rule out the MOBAT since that has been done to death and is not a real desireable exclusive when you can get several versions of it relatively cheap if not easily when the budget allows. Is it possible they resurected the Mauler or the Equalizer? That would be great as I always thought that they would make a good COBRA tank. Based on previous history with Con sets possibilities also include the Wolverine/ the Lynx, Slugger, Armadillo (albeit a bit small), the HAVOC, or Persuader
  18. Im definitely getting the Target version and only so I can play as G1 characters. I wasn't going to buy it until I learned about that little trick. What Platforms are they for again? All Next-Gen or can I get one for the PS2?
  19. Just curious to see what still remains in your neck of the woods. As for me, All stores but target have the last wave of Cybertron deluxe figures but there are no Voyagers anywhere. As for Classics, It is mostly Mirage and Cliffjumper at TRU with the occasional Grimlock as well as Alot of Primes and the rare sightings of Megs and Jetfire. The Wal Marts have all the second wave of classics and the Prime/Megs two pack and surprisingly has an okay stock of Megatron, but I have never seen Jetfire there. Does anybody still see those Skyshadows out there? They ncame like a ninja in the night and vanished.
  20. Another reason for me to hate Wally Wordl. Target seems to clearance their exclusive stuff out after two months and it seems that is the only time when stuff actually moves. I have waited til lcearance on a lot of stuff but the clearance always comes at a really bad time for me or when I learn its on clearance I can't find it.
  21. I'd concur.. I am disappointed that Classics was put on hiatus because it was a greta way to get the characters in they way past cool retro skins. I do hope that it does continue, but if they continue to do what they did in other lines and throw in G1-syle bots like Energon Downshift/Wheeljack or Cybertron Blurr, then that would be consolation for me.
  22. What vehicles constitute the $20 price mark if you were to consider them? The HISS 2? The CAT?
  23. Let me clarify what I mean. I am a TF fan (G1 and BW of course) but I keep hearing Hasbro come up with lame-ass excuses about how G.I. Joe doesn't hold ujp. Well, what Im seeing (again this is my ignorant observation) that its all about friggin publicity. Im seeing everyone go ga-ga over the Tfs because of the movie. Well, why doesn't Hasbro try to hype up G.I. Joe, not necessarily a movie but other media. Sigma Six failed, I know but again it was because it was A dumbed down, B not well publicized. I honestly don't think they are trying to push Joe anymore. They just let it run a small course then let it fail. Why do the TFs get all the hype and push, when GI Joe, another in-house brand is not worthy of such effort. I had to look for those JvC commericals. Everywhere I turn its TF TF TF! I firmly believe that its all in the hype and the marketing. Anything can be a risk and they chose to do that with Transformers. I think without the marketing and publicity blitz, it would be an okay response with kids but the momentum die down sooner. I don't know, I just guess Im an old fart.
  24. I'm one who hates most of the designs. The only ones I like are the two Cameras, Brawl and Wrckage (because he doesn't follow the mutant robot mech formula). I as a G.I. Joe fan just wish hasbro would put this kind of effort into G.I. Joe. Its all about hype and getting the message out there. Im sure it (the TF movie) would get the same response even if they did have the classic look to em as long as they kept up the publicity blitz.
  25. Megas XLR's theme said it best: "CHICKS DIG GIANT ROBOTS!"
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