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  1. This makes me sad they never had any other series based on SW games... I would have loved series based on Jedi Outcast,Jedi Academy,Battle Front 1,Battle Front 2,Kotor 1 and Kotor 2. These are very cool though.Especially Battle damaged Vader and the 2 jedi.
  2. I would love an line like this but I would wand Marvel Select to produce them and I would want a drastic cut back in articulation so that the sculpt could be seen better.A few that come to mind are... Adam Kubert Wolverine line Joe Madureira Uncanny X-Men line John Romita Jr Thor and Punisher line Joe Quesada Daredevil line Steve McNiven Civil War line Jim Lee X-Men line Brian Hitch Ultimates line John Byrne Fantastic Four line George Perez Avengers line Dave Finch New Avengers line Frank Cho Mighty Avengers line Dale Keown Incredible Hulk line Alex Ross Marvels line Lots of posabilites there...
  3. Prime: "What....The #$##....is that thing?!"
  4. Wasnt Silver Surfer like the most powerful character in the whole Marvel Universe a few years ago? Is he even still around anymore? I think he was described ar controling the entire Power Cosmic or something which ment he could do pretty much anything he could think of....I think.....
  5. You will never see any of Shocker Toys stuff available to buy...ever.The keep promising and promising but they never come through.They suck.They should just shut up shop and stop giving people hopes.They have the worst reputation anyway it's no wonder ToyBiz was able to steal away their biggest contracts.
  6. Brainiac is da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally agree mate...wink wink...
  7. Nice one Jin.Can you make one with a metalic sheen to it next?
  8. I think it depends on who they include in the lines really. With Toybiz and their Topcow,Savage Dragon and Invincible figures they will definetly sell but I'm not sure if they would sell that well at retail.I think it should be more like DC Direct and sell through comic shops,specialty/hobby stores and etailers. As for Shocker Toys Indi Spotlight.I really dont think it will succeed.They just have too many obscure characters.At least some people know of Darkness,Witchblade,Savage Dragon and Invincible. I'll be buying the Toybiz line.
  9. Now before everyone starts geting upset ,like some people on the GI Joe section when this question was posed, I'm not saying that I want the 3 3/4 line cancelled for a ML style one.I'm just interested to see what people think about this topic. Personally I stopped collecting the 3 3/4 line after the ep II figures so I would love a 6 inch line. I was thinking about this at work esterday and I was thinking it could be 3 waves a year with 5 figures per wave made up of 2 Prequel Trilogy characters,2 Original Trilogy Characters and 1 Expanded Universe character.Here's what I came up with for the first 2 years of the line- Wave 1: Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS) Clone Trooper (AOTC) Darth Vader w/ removable helmet(ROTJ) Variant w/ ep III Anakin head C-3PO and R2D2 (ANH) Quinlan Vos (EU) Wave 2: Mace Windu (AOTC) Darth Maul (TPM) Variant shirtless version Luke Skywalker (ESB) Boba Fett (ROTJ) Variant Jango Fett repaint Mara Jade (EU) Wave 3: Anakin Skywalker (ROTS) Count Dooku (AOTC) Emperor Palpatine (ROTJ) Storm Trooper (ANH) Storm Trooper Commander Variant Darth Bane (EU) Wave 4: Rancor BAF Series Aayla Secure w/ Yoda (ROTS) General Grievous (ROTS) Han Solo (ESB) Ben Kenobi (ANH) Darth Malak (EU) Variant 'clean face' version Rancor BAF (ROTJ) Wave 5: Wampa BAF Series Kit Fisto (AOTC) Variant shirtless version Saesee Tiin (ROTS) Princess Leia Organa (ANH) Chewbacca (ROTJ) Darth Revan (EU) Wampa BAF (ESB) Wave 6: Order of the Jedi Series Shaak Ti (AOTC) Ki-Adi-Mundi (ROTS) Qui-Gon Jinn (TPM) Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) Cade Skywalker (EU) Wave 7: Dark Lords of the Sith Series Darth Krayt (EU) Asajj Ventress (EU/CW) Darth Sion (EU) Darth Talon (EU) Exar Kun (EU)
  10. Revan

    ML Joes!

    Duke Scarlett Roadblock Beachhead Snakeeyes Cobra Commander Destro Baroness Zartan Cobra Officer ......Now show me the money!!!!!!!
  11. I so want that Wolverine Vs Sabretooth 2-pack.Unfortunatly they will never be available in Australia...
  12. Batman Detective Comics Action Comics Robin Green Lantern Green Arrow Justice League of America All-Star Batman & Robin Blue Beetle Wonder Woman Superman/Batman Batman Confidential Wetworks Gen 13 Wildcats
  13. Jedi Vs Sith 2-Pack: Lord Hoth Vs Darth Bane Knights of the Old Republic (comic series) 2-Pack: Zayne Carrick Vs Lucien Draay Legacy 2-Pack: Cade Skywalker Vs Darth Kraayt
  14. My Faves are- Jin Saotome Cal Double Dealer Hobby_Master I dont want to hurt anyones feelings that I didnt list but it's all up to personal taste.It's just like being asked who our favorite comic artists are.We would all list different people...
  15. Thanks for all the info. I live in Australia so local shops are out.I've been looking on eBay quite regularly.I'm watching a couple of auctions at the moment.I'll checkout the yahoojapan auctions and see what I can find. Let me know if you decide to sell your Skull Knight. Berserk is awsome.I bought Volume1-10 of the manga books by Darkhorse yesterday at Boarders and I bought the DVD complete boxset a couple of weeks ago.I'm absolutly hooked!!! I'm enjoying the Manga more than the Anime though.
  16. I'm looking for the 6-7 inch versions.
  17. Ive been looking for these figures for a few months now.I think the versions I want are the ones made by a company called 'Art of War'. I think Yamoto made some too but I'm not sure if these are action figures or vinyl statues. I want to try and find- Gutts the Black Swordsman Gutts Band of the Hawk Soldier Nosferatu Zodd Human Form Femto Caska/Griffith 2-pack Skull Knight
  18. All mine are up for trade if anyone is interested.I want ML for them.Just PM me if anyone is interested.
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