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  1. I hope my case of ML14 is a variant case. Here's hoping. @rolleye@
  2. Here's some pictures I took from the trailer:
  3. RickCoronel

    Series 14?!

    Not til the end of July/August. I ordered my first ML case today, for $123.98 shipped, the shipping was $8.99. They get them as fast as canada got Icons.
  4. More info: 1) would it make sense to do figures for a straight-to-DVD release, such as hulk 2? (assuming that movie is still s-t-DVD) - It could be in the future. It wopuld b safer to faze them into teh singl pack line as it is right now or to mak a box set dedicated to th e amimated feature. 2) had you been given the time (im assuming the worse- that ML will not continue in scale) would you have re-done more of the boxset-exclusive characters in the main line/lines? - I dont understand the question. 3) what did you think of batman begins? - Loved it! Ive seen it at least 10 times. Jesse, will toy biz be able to pick up more licenses? - Yes. Abomination would have looked fine with swivel wrist cuts. He's got those skin pattern ridges which would have hidden the articulation just fine. I guess that's what irks me about those joints missing. It seems like they were so obvious, yet they weren't there. - Well, the other reason it wouldnt really work Ash is space that would be needed for a mushroom plug in plastic parts that thick. The mushroom plug needs to be strong enough to pass a pull test and in order to do that they need to be big, and there really isnt enough room in those parts to do that. I'm one of the people who actulally liked the clone saga (it was when I was first introduced to comics), so of course I've been dissapointed that there has been no Scarlet Spider, or Kaine, or Jackal. I was just wondering was this decision based on Marvel's "let's pretend it never happened and people will just forget about it" state of mind, or was it just simply a case of them not being considered for the line ups? - No, we just hadnt gotten round to making those figures yet. Oh and for the record I'm aware that there was the kb exclusive Scarlet Spider, but in my part of the world I have no chance of getting one o' those. If you have a spare one lying about, I'll take care of the biggest uber-fanboy of your choice.. and I'll make it slow and painfull to boot. - Cant help ya. Sorry. Thanks for answering my question. And unless I'm horribly mistaken, Dr. Doom is based on Andrew Secunda. - Your correct. 1. Ah...brazilian jujitsu. Gracie none the less. Read the book (kinda looks weird, almost like gay porn). I trained in it for like 8 months before I started college, so I'm out of touch. It'd be a hell of a fight. I miss the chokes and arm bars... I think we could get a Fwoosh PPV fight going. Striking or no striking? - No striking 2. But you never said WHICH LotR figure was the one based off of you! Which one was it? - It was the Elvin archer frm the two pack. 3. And can I at least have a job interview before we fight? I'm just out of college and in need of a job. I make good coffee, that's on my resume. - You can have the job if you kick my ass. 4. Woodchucks don't have any interest in your nuts. Maybe if it was a chimpmunk, but nobody asks how many chimps a chimpmunk could chuck, if a chimpmunk could chuck chimps. It's only about the wood chuck and he'd probably be interested in your woody. - Whatever, thats cool. 5. Uberfanboyism...psychological or clinical disease? - Social. 6. What do you think is the best sculpted ML? I was a big fan of the face sculpt of the two wolverines in the X-Men line, the stealth and ninja wolvies I believe. Those were excellent. - They were. I really like the Icons Venom and the Onslaught BAF. 7. If you could thank Dave specifically for me, Saint553, I'll go buy another sentry. - Done 8. What series, if any, has seen more production than any other? Is the walmart series up there in terms of figures produced to other ML series? - Probably the WM serries. 9. Which character do you think all the fanboys want to see (not Wolverine, but he has some versions a lot of people want to see) more than anyone else? - Right now? Quicksilver. 10. We can headbutt if I wear a helmet. What about pig calling? - Hey if you want to play tht game that's cool with me. Does it ever bother you that you can't create a figure that is so increadibly perfect that no one will complain about some little flaw, or do you realize that the problem probably just lies with the complainers, and they will never be happy? - I realize that for the collectors my job is not how many people can I make happy at once but how few people can we piss off at one time. Every one have a different attachment to these characters through different stories lines artists and writers so inevitably whoever we do it's not someone's idea of "THAT" character. Jesse, for female Legends, is there a certain amount of flesh you are limited to show and beyond which it becomes too raunchy to have that character made? For example, a long stretch of leg, or leg and bare foot like Shanna or She-Hulk - is that sort of thing considered too risque for parents buying for their kids or for stores like Walmart or Target to accept? I ask this because all female Legends so far only have a certain amount of leg showing and once some other Fwooshers speculated that we might never get someone even like those mentioned above, or First Appearance Storm (because he has her navel showing), White Queen (because she looks too tarty with too much skin on display) or Tigra (because she is in a bikini). Is there any foundation to that line of reasoning? Or could these kinds females with lots of flesh showing still be a possibility - No one character is ever off limits but we do have to be careful about the amount of skin that we show as we have received complaints from parents not so much from the figures but from trey comics that are included. If you look at the psilock book that's included with the figure you will see she's basically wearing bike shorts through the entire book. It's just us trying to not get anyone pisses at us for being lewd. We live in a very different world now ... Thanks a lot Janet Jackson =( 1. When it comes to costing figures, does the budget get increased when you have a successful series that gets released? You said ML9 was a great seller and the BAF lines have all been great sellers. So do you get any more money that would help fight rising oil costs? Or does your budget (or costs) stay the same to keep a standard retail price? (Is your cost based on retail prices or the budget you have, basically? I learn so much about the business world from you, it's great!) - The budget does not get increased. If it did the retail price would go up. What does happen if a line is successful is there are more opportunities to create things like Masterworks, Showdown, Face-off, Box sets and Icons. We also get to do things like the WM exclusive line. 2. I don't think you'll say much about the Lord of the Rings line here, as it's a Marvel board, but it's a line that I'm very sad to see leave mass market retailers. I said before I thought it was probably one of the best action figures lines ever. What was it like to work on the line? Did you have big plans still that got cut short? Did you get to work with any of the actors, Peter Jackson, or WETA? I still want to find out which LotR figure was based off of you...Any particular favorites out of that line? - I got to go to New Zeeland and oversee the entire 3 weeks of scanning so I met basically everyone we mad toys of as well as a lot of other people that were in the movie even for a fleeting moment. The best part of the entire experience was getting to work with WETA and Richard Tailor and his wife specifically. There 2 of the nicest most understanding people on the face of the planet. My personal favorites were all of the monsters. 3. Waiting's website...best ML site ever? - Why not? 4. Would you ever consider putting together a book or movie or anything about the making of ML? From the conceptual phase to the final product to clue everyone in about how it's done? I'm absolutely fascinated by it if you can't tell. I think others are too. Just a basic explanation of the processes it takes to make an ML series, from designs to costs to production. - That would be fun but I dont have the time to do something like that. 5. How did you find the Fwoosh? Or did the Fwoosh find you? - Not sure been here for a while. 6. Are you involved on the TNA line at all? I hope that one continues, it's got great potential to be better than the WWE line. - I think it will be better than WWE but I know Damon has a great deal of passion for wrestling and this is out second shot at it so I think that when you see when there going to do next year your going to like it..a lot! Wait, wait, wait. The way you said that was almost as though all the people manufacturing ML weren't Chinese prisoners. Don't make a liar out of me, I've been telling my kids that since I started collecting these things. - Cute. you should take the time to go there and see what that part of the world is really like. And Bring your kids! they will never complaine about anything again. Are there any details as to how Scarlet Witch got released/escaped? I remember reading for weeks before people found her in stores that the figure had been cancelled so a better version could be made. Was her release a mistake? And before the Hasbro takeover was Toybiz planning on releasing a new version in an upcoming wave? Any info would be welcome. Thanks. - Escaped? wow. Yeah, the factory didnt do what I asked them to do witch was cancel all production on that figure. There you are. 1. Have you ever had discussions with Stan Lee about ML? Could you share some details? - Nope. 2. What's your favorite ML BAF? - All of them 3. What's your favorite ML variant figure? - Strucker.
  5. credit to whoever's pic this is. I found it.
  6. More info from Jesse: I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone - my office is like a ghost town - many of the execs have the next two weeks off - Um, week off??? YEAH RIGHT!!!!! No we were at the licensing show all week. maybe you outa start thinkin about skippin' town. Bessie Lou been talkin' about how you been stealin dem pies offa her back porch. And we doan want no trouble 'round hurr! - Your insane. (I love you.................?) Were there more non cannon x-men classics designs? - I think that there were. Mostly of wolverine. You need to ask Damon that was his project. I have a question regarding that status of the "Classic Team-Ups" Box set. A while ago a picture of this box set was posted containing what seemed to be re-releases of beast, modern iron man, spider-man, wolverine, punisher, hulk. First off, is this box set still planned, and if so were those figures placeholders or the final product (i/e will the final box set have repainted or resculpted characters or is this set full of re-releases)? - I think it was dropped. It was an international release only and they were not new figures. Jesse, with the new Blade series set to debut, any chance we'll see any figures based on the show? Or at the very least, a re-release of the ML V version? - Live action TV is weird. You don't have to be there with product on a live action T.V. with the opening of the show. It's a smarter move ( IN my mind) to wait at least until the second/third season so that you know that the show is a hit and that you have enough material to base a full Toy Line on. I have a question. Is the solid flame Skrull variant in the other thread legit? - Yeperoo! thank you for answering so many questions for all us here, just out of curiosity even though we didnt like how Ultron came out, which character would you like to do a complete overhaul to? - Shuks. I would love for Paul Kamoda to take a crack at the entire ML ( like the top 12 guys and girls) Keep posted to Julis Marx site in the future as we will highlight some work that will show you the direction that were talking about. Anyway we could do FEWER Twist ties... like NONE? I've seen you guys and others do figures that are packaged simply with the support clear plastic being shaped with nibs that hold the figures in rather than twist ties and that's OH SO MUCH easier to get in and out of. It seems like that would save both material AND labor costs considerabley. I know if it has to take those poor chinese women twice as long to thread them and twist them as it takes us to clip them and strip them. - Nope. And if we didn't add twist ties ( to pass "drop tests" to stop things like paint scuffing on PKG's to you all wont say WAAA!!! MY BISHOP IS SCUFFED!!!!!!) PS without the twist ties those "Poor Chinese women" would be poor unemployed Chinese women. 1) For the animated FF figures, can you give us an idea of how poseable Moleman is? I'm really excited about this figure, and it says "superposeable" but the pics I've seen don't look like he has that much articulation. Is it just cause I'm looking at early pics (Toy Fair and the like)? - He was as poseable as he could be for being Danny DiVeto's little brother. Don't know if you worked on the HULK movie figs or not but my wife recently baught me one on clearance for a B-day present and on the back is this weird hook-like piece. We were wondering what that was for. it's just sticking up there out of his back. What's that do? - Were there no insructions on the back of the PKG? Always been curious: why were Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus ML instead of SMC? Was it their high profiles from the movies or the fact that different versions were planned for SMC? - Sure thing! Jesse- If making Pyro's flames was too expensive to do, or the fact that Onslaught was built smaller, in addition all the other short cuts to save money, then how expensive is it (comparitavely) to have something like Shocker's interrior action mechanism features for the kids? - It's pretty much the same price. 1. Do you know karate or any other fighting style that would surprise me? - I'm training Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu right now. 2. I don't think I could bring myself to fight someone so cool. What about arm wrestling instead? Thumb wrestling? Rock paper scissors? Mario kart? Midget tossing? - Head butting? 3. I would thank Paul Jenkins for Sentry if I could. But I think you can probably thank Dave Cortez for me for such an excellent figure. Can you do that? This is probably the only figure that I will have 3 of the regular version and 3 of the Variant I like him so much. Just gotta find 'em... - I thank Dave every chance I get! 4. There was a Lord of the Rings figure based off of you, what was it and how did you feel about having your likeness as an action figure? (By the way, the LotR line was absolutely fabulous. I don't think I'll ever see another figure line that would match it) - Thanks for the kind words. It was cool because of what the figure did, if you pressed the button on the back it would pull back the arrow and release it and the thing would shoot by itself! I'm a bow hunter myself and it was cool that we could make it work so well in something so small. 5. Are you able to comment on what state or city the Toybiz offices are located in? (In case I am capable of kicking your ass and I need to move) - NYC. in the Marvel Offices. 6. I don't know if this was ever asked, by why did you (if you had anything to do with it) choose the plastic clamshell packaging over cardboard/plastic packaging? - To keep the comics protected. 7. Any figures that came out that you just really weren't happy with the final product? Figures that turned out better than you could have hoped? - The first SMC figure with 30 POA in both cases. It was cool that it was so fluid and could do everything that we wanted it to do but I could see right away that elements of the figure needed improvement and that there was a lot further that we could push it. 8. Can you describe a typical day at the Toybiz office for you? - Did you see the Simpson's where Bart went to the "Mad Magazine" office and he though it was going to be all crazy and cool....and it really was! that's my day. in a good way. 9. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could find a Dark Phoenix? - M...My balls? 10. Any characters in all of the comic book universe that you feels need the best possible treatment for a figure? Meaning, any figure that deserves a good treatment of articulation, sculpting, poseability, accessories, etc, and just hasn't gotten it yet? (I'd say Batman) - Bug, Darkhawk, Rom, Arnim Zola, Shena. I would love to do just 1 Justice league Box ( 5 figs = Bat, Sup, WW, GL and Flash ) set at like a $75.00 retail to make EVERY figure in the Pack AMAZING. Jesse, did Cortez or Jenkins base the Sentry on actor Neal McDonough? Perhaps McDonough was passing by one day while they were lacking inspiration, and they thought to themselves, now that looks just what we need: - I have no idea what dark cabal Jenkes and Cortez had over that figure but I think what ever Demon they summoned mad it come out looking fantastic! Is there a maximum age limit on the poor bastards you're hiring to do the twist ties? Christ! I thought I was gonna shoot myself in the face from the Fearsome Foes set alone! - Here's a hint WIRE CUTTERS!!!!!! 1. Knowing what you do now and the success ML would become what would you change, if anything, about ML starting at series 1? - Sure I'd do the whole thing better! Because I know what you would all complainer about now! 2. What has been the largest challenge besides rising oil cost? - Uberfanboyisim. 3. Anyone ever get in trouble for all the early released pictures & production mock ups which show up on ebay? - Yep there's a dude in prison in China (no joke). Can you please tell Hasbro that they're crazy for not doing ML-style and scale Star Wars and GI Joe figures? It's throwing money down a well. - You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. 1, How come Abomination doesnt have wrist or ankle swivels? The figure is great anyway but would probably of been one of my favourites if it had wrist swivels. Same goes for Mr Sinister and Omega Red! Steps back in articulation is not good. - Mr sinister was a F-up. Abomination would have just looked weird with those big cut lines in those parts of the figure. My 2 cents. 2, On the protos, Face Off Hulk had double jointed knees, yet the final sample only has one knee joint. what happened? - The legs are too thick to utilize a double knee and get any more movement than a single hinge. 3, When you choose a character for Marvel Legends, how do you decide upon a costume? For example, how come you chose the all black jumpsuit for Havok when many would argue that his X-factor is more appealing? - I like the black suit better? We did build the modern suit but there was no more money to do a variant. 4, How come there is STILL no 616 version of the Invisible Woman to go with ML5 Mr Fantastic? - Yes there is, She's invisible. 5, Why wasn't a taller body used for Captain Britain? that body is WAY too short. Also, how come the final product sported a different costume to the proto? Why couldnt he have had a variant, therefore we would have got both costumes? - I think your in the minority on that opinion. And everybody knows that I hate Minorities. ( that was a horrible joke). 6, This one is more of a request, but PLEASE include more clear flight stands with ML!!!!! - Can't be done. I know it keeps getting said, but ill say it again: THANK YOU!!!!!! - your welcome. 1) What ML figures so far have been insprired by celebrity likinesses? - Doom - buddy of mine - Gambit = Phil - Angel Brad Pitt - Nick Fury = Ian Roberts. 2) What's your favorite superhero figure produced by your "Distinguished Competitors"? Non-superhero? - hands down Hellboy comic figures. 3) What was the last good movie you saw? - The Proposition 4) Care to share any more custom recipes? - I don't have any. 5) If you had to choose between consuming the one of two, what would it be: a sandwich with scabs an inch thick or a glass full of pus (please assume that scabs and pus are your own)? Explain. - How bout you spend some time watching the Dr. Phil show and figure out whether you are a sociopath or a Psychopath for asking a question like...I'll take the sandwich.
  7. I think Lady deathstrike could do with a repositioned neck, a new head and a new hand paintjob. But she's way better than scarlet witch, as least she looks female, just ugly. SW looks like a boy.
  8. -That one guy who dresses up in american flag colors. You mean Citizen V. Hell yeah.
  9. Yeah, Hydro-Man's be the worst figure in the whole Spiderman line. I'm getting a Classic Hydro-Man to make up for it. I must have him.
  10. I'll just take out the action junk, cover the back hole, cover the holes in his fists, and he's set. I could really care less about no elbows, I was gonna pose him shooting Spiderman anyway. Plus it's a kid's line, so we got lucky when certain ones didn't have action features.
  11. Good price, but $19.99 for variant WX. I payed $13 shipped for mine.
  12. DSmith, I had her commissioned by a great customizer over at fwoosh, he's made a Rogue for me earlier this year, and I'm having more made, including a (Jim Lee) Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Madelyne Pryor, Emma Frost in her Diamond Form, Black Cat, current She-Hulk, and last but not least Songbird. Emma uses a Orion Slave Girl figure, SOTA's Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider body, and DCD Black Canary's hands & heels. I had him sacrifice some of articulation for the sculpt and to get her curvy like her counterpart in AXM, since there's not many poses to put her in anyway. The hair was completely sculpted from scratch.
  13. I didn't want fwoosh's server to go down like before.
  14. $126.00 for a complete set, and a second Giant Man, a extra antman, and weapon-X variant. I traded the WX variant for a variant FO Hulk.
  15. Straight from the Jesse thread on fwooshnet.com: Q&A Hi Jesse just a simple quick question for you. Since Marvel Select is done in the 7 inch scale, and has been successful with the Watcher & Thanos: has any thought been given to just keeping that line some of the more bigger heroes? - That's really a question that I can't answer. For answers, I would direct you to Damon Nee here or Chuck at Diamond during SDCC. thanks for the answers jesse. and a quick question: was there an artist preference for spiderman that you always wanted to do but couldnt? - Paul Kamoda did an Organic Spider version of the Character that was BRUTAL. it was way too edgy for the SMC line. It looked like something from Creature core. jesse-first off, like everyone else keeps saying, THANK YOU. For everything-the killer toys and especially for having the patience to put up with our fanboy shenanigans here on the Fwoosh. my question, not asking if they'll ever get made, but would you please rank the following characters in order of your most to least personal favorites? Ok here goes..... 1 - it's a Tie) -Rom the Space night & Dark hawk 2) -Armadillo 3) -Stilt Man 4) -Dr. Bong I know you can't get into the possibility of us getting this figure under Hasbro but did the Hercules that was once planned by Toybiz come wth a golden Mace or any other kind of weapon? - He was built with a golden mace that fit into a holster. If toybiz had kept the marvel license, would the spidey 3 movie figures been movie accurate or do you think that you would have gone in the same direction as the x3 figures(which btw though not comic accurate im really digging ). - We had less than a year to do the X-men toys witch is what they were hybrids ( We just started to get X3 movie reference in January so there was no way we could have done X3 accurate figures in time for the film) so to answer your question the SM3 figures that we were designing were movie accurate. White Storm. What was the deal with the paint on this? This has got to be one of the hardest times I've ever had to find a figure with a good paint application. From the yellow splotches on the cape and some on gloves to some X symbols not fully painted and paint chipping and one I got I had to return where the top boot was all cracked. I'm still without one. It just seemed to really take a hit. And the paint itself is so flat and dull as opposed to the black version which was done really nicely and shiny. Reason for the issues and why it wasn’t done the same way, but just white this time around? And just a general question on reason for white on blue instead of like white on a grayish base? - I didn't answer because I cant I didn't work on that figure. Can you please tell me what exactly the Loki variant is based on? Is it from an actual comic or was it just something that you guys drew up? The reason why I ask is because I am absolutely convinced that no one here knows what it is. - The helmet IS form an old Kirby book but I need to dig to find witch one. Okay, so if the "McFarlane" Spidey is actually a Cambell Spidey (cover artist), and we've got a Ramos Spidey (cover artist with a short run), and an Alex Ross (painted him in Marvels), and peaple say Super Strength is based on David Finch (Avengers artist), what goes in to the decision making process as to what artist style gets an interpretation. Sure, we got the first appearance to cover Ditko, and there are a couple that people claim are loosely based on Larson, Romita Jr., and Bagley (though I never really saw the resemblances), but it kinda seems like a bunch of major artists didn't get represented in favor of some artists who just didn't have that much impact on the character. I mean, Romita Sr., Romita Jr., McFarlane, Gil Kane, Ross Andru, Larson, Wieringo (the 5 inch based on his art looked incredible!), and Bagley come to mind as versions that would seem natural, since they drew Spidey pretty uniquely for long periods of time. Not that I don't really like a lot of those figures I mentioned at the beginnning, but was there a thinking that certain artworks wouldn't translate to 3-D? I mean, why was the Origin Thing is based on Art Adams artwork, instead of Kirby? I think Kirby would look awesome in figure form. 1st Appearance Hulk is one of the greatest figures, ever! - Well you asked several questions here so let me address these one at a time. Why did we do some artist in 3-D and not others...Well SMC is a kid's line first and foremost! So you will see if you go back an look at the line a whole bunch of designs that never appeared in the comics. But when we can we like to put an artist's design that we like in the line. A lot of people look at the Alex Ross spidey and say Hey that looks like Alex ross but guess whast that was JR Senior, not AR! The confusing part is that the lenses have a metallic shade to them but that was c a detail that I heard Stan Lee talk about back in the day. So We probably would have gotten to all of those versions of the characters but we ran out of time. - For the second question....Art Adams is a friend and I've been lucky enough form time to time to be able to ask him to do some design work for us to help us realize certain things like the Robo Hulk From HC asst 2. Things like that just speak for themselves. 2 years ago I noticed a design that he did for a sketch book of his that was the original "Muddy" thing and I though that he took the design and pushed it just enough to make it look different from the classic look so that there was a point of difference. Keep in mind that the FF movie had just come out and I felt that the Classic Kirby look was too similar to the movie design. So I wanted to have something that was going to look different from all of the other Thing figures that were going to be on shelf at that time. I agree that Kirby's art looks good in 3-D and we would have eventually done that version. And while I'm on topic, I'd always hoped there could be some kind of rerelaese of the 1st App. Spidey where he's colored red and blue, since they had really dropped the heavy blacks by, like issue 2 or 3. Is this kind of thing possible for Hasbro. I know you've said they can release unproduced sculpts from TB, but what about rereleasing produced sculpts? - They can do that if they want. 1. What's up with Iron Lad? Why the choice in articulation? He doesn't have a single ball joint and seems to be a step back in articulation. - That piece was done in haste by a first time ML sculptor, and unfortunately there was no time to make it the way it need to be before production. 2. How much longer will you be answering questions? I doubt you'll keep this up as a regular thing. I do thank you for your time and you've answered most of my questions, so I feel hip and with it. - You have questions that I can answer I will do my best. 3. Can I have a job if I prove my worth in a death match with the other guy asking for a job? I can be an action figure beta tester. Or I can just beat people up. Your choice. - Lets do this, If you can kick my ass, you can have my job. 4. How are ML figures assembled? By machine or by hand? Are the little twisty ties also put in by hand? - Mostly by hand. All of the twist ties are put in by hand. 5. I absolutely love The Sentry figure you put out. He's overtaken Deadpool as my favorite. Thank you for the Sentry. Thank you thank you thank you. - Thanks go to Paul Jenkins. 6. Do you think Jakks Pacific and/or other companies like SOTA "borrowed" the ML articulation style (assuming Toybiz/ML pioneered this style)? Is this flattering? - I know Jerry did ( From SOTA) he said as much last year at SDCC. I think it's cool that they do that, it keeps us on our toes. 7. Do you think that ML would have stayed with the lone figure and BAF part or would accessories have ever been given more of a chance to be included? - I really don't want to speculate on that. 8. Why do you kick so much ass? - I was born in Flint Michigan and raised In Liverpool. For those of us going to SDCC, is there anything scheduled yet this year that you'll be involved with (panels, etc.), or will we just be able to find you at your table/display for Marvel/TB? Will you be there for all four days (five including preview night)? - Yes there will be a few. I will be at the Hasbro Panel for some announcements. I will be at Julius Marx panel for behind the plastic and I will also be hosting a Panel Called "Toy Therapy" = More on that one later. Was the psychic knife and Pyro flames sculpted or was it known from the beginning that they wouldn't work out? - Never Sculpted just drawn up, when the cost came back they were the first elements to be deleted.
  16. 1. Enchantress 2. Polaris 3. She-Hulk 4. Jean Grey (Jim Lee Version) No need for AXM Emma Frost, as I have her.
  17. It's been said, that the case ratio's are all different.
  18. I now need these parts for a Atlas Custom. Giant Man Upper Torso/Head Lower Torso Left Upper Arm Left Lower Arm Right Upper Arm Right Lower Arm Upper Left Leg Lower Left Leg Upper Right Leg Lower Right Leg Galactus for custom Upper Torso Lower Torso Left Arm Right Leg I have: ML12 black Apocalypse, no left arm. comes with arm tube. ML9 Galactus Left Leg, Right Arm.
  19. No one knows the plans for Hasbro, except Hasbro, Toybiz, and Toybiz Corp/Marvel. And we won't find out till SDCC.
  20. Yeah, Jesse said the X-Men line and Fantastic Four line was ending this year, and that series 3 for X-men, and series 2 for FF are the last. Oh, the animated line is for the cartoon thats coming out.
  21. The leg on Wolverine is good, it's just posed that way. Those are the only pics the fwoosh member took, I'm a member there.
  22. They should be, the people that received them already ordered them from CMD, and another canadian online store. It's cool they're not actual 2-ups, and are new sculpts, like Cap's torso is much wider and shorter. And they're actually bigger solid legends and not rotocast figures. I'll get the Variant IronMan more because of the gold paint. I'll get both Cap's, and regular Wolverine. I might pick up Spiderman, Lizard, and Venom depending on how they turn out.
  23. There's the only picture JuliusMarx posted. He said Iron Man comes with two red translucent "fire bursts" that can plug into his boots or hand repulsors, and Cap with his shield. This photo belongs to TSR from Fwoosh as well.
  24. This photo belongs to JuliusMarx of Fwoosh, I uploaded it to my pb account: Man, they really improved the sculpts from the small versions, like Cap's pelvis. They made Wolverine bulkier, and fixed some things on IM.
  25. I have a ML12 Black Apocalypse that's only missing a left arm, I would like to trade it for ML9 Galactus. I don't need the right arm, and left leg. I plan to use these for a Marvel Custom.
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