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  1. Anyone wanting pics, pm me. or Phoenix Force. Friend who took pics, said the ghost rider uses the same ml gr mold. Idk about SP.
  2. I know, we're only July, these won't come out till next year, and the first set of ml figures by Hasbro. Man, give them time.
  3. You need to relax, these are real early "rough" prototypes, give them some time. @smilepunch@
  4. Phoenix Force, thanks. I'm making another set of links for both. And I'll pm them you to if you want them.
  5. Jin, that's cool. Thanks, I only wanted to post them so people could see them, but if they want them they'll just have to pm me.
  6. canonball, yeah for $1,000. haha. Sorry, she was worth the money I paid, so I don't plan to sell any of my marvel customs. Jin, I took the link off. Anyone who wants them pm me if you want the links and save them.
  7. Yeah, I wont say anything yet as they seem to be real rough versions.
  8. Actually, Jesse confirmed quicksilver wasn't in ML15, they were just rumors that weren't true.
  9. Genis was confirmed to be Captain Marvel's variant by Jesse on fwoosh, it's in one of the posts I posted from Jesse.
  10. I'm happy I ordered my case of ML14, I can't wait, plus the site gets their ML's in early. They got ml13 on may 22th.
  11. I was actually going to do that, but I'm not sure which version of AXM Wolvie to put with the New Avengers.
  12. She's been out for almost a month now. A.G. Customs from fwoosh transfered the hands and head to a bullseye, and it's perfect. http://www.fwooshnet.com/forum/viewtopic.p...ghlight=#534837
  13. My old ML12 Black Apocalypse would fall all the time, but I traded him for a MOC ML 1 Iron Man. ML13 Onslaught falls to the side but my Sentinel is there to hold him just incase. No one else falls even if the door slams from the wind.
  14. I'm thinking of buying the regular Sue and doing a fix like i did with my clear & regular skrull.
  15. Will you take pictures of opened Sue? she seems to be the only opened picture (besides Johnny) that we're missing. I think there's one or two loose pics of her in the topic at fwoosh. I would but it's too late to take pics now, plus the fact i need to recharge my batteries. I'll see what I can do tomorrow. Will you take pictures of opened Sue? she seems to be the only opened picture (besides Johnny) that we're missing. I think there's one or two loose pics of her in the topic at fwoosh. I would but it's too late to take pics now, plus the fact i need to recharge my batteries. I'll see what I can do tomorrow.
  16. When i found the series here in santa monica, ca. I found thing, torch and both versions of sue, two clear, one regular. I picked the clear. I really just want Kang, maybe Torch. I don't Know anything about Dragon Man, he looks cool though.
  17. Yeah, their at most comic shops in Cali. I picked up clear Sue, they didn't have Dragon Man or Kang who I wanted more. I also saw all the Icons, not IM variant. I'm gonna pick them up, they were $20.95.
  18. Actually, it was confirmed before that it will indeed be Rated R. Since it will be a darker film than the others.
  19. $100 for Rogue, 1st custom I got. $85 for Emma Frost, 2nd custom I got. Their done by Dustin Baetz over at fwoosh, whether he's taking more commissions at the time, idk.
  20. More info from Jesse: You missed the real point of my question. I wasn't asking for a 4" LOTR line (although I'd love to have one, I know that's not anywhere close to realistic in this post-LOTR saturated market), what I was really asking was if you would consider producing more 4" scale lines (new licenses presumably). - Really? I don’t think that I did! You asked if we were going to do 4”LOTR figs!!!! Ok well I will say that the 4” Scale is a lot more appealing to most companies as there is less plastic involved in making them. Will WE do more of them? The jury ‘s still out. Will Wal-Mart be getting the ML13 wave? (not sure if this has been answered here or elsewhere) - Yes they will. If Toybiz had continued with the Legends line, do you think you would have made a Planet Hulk-Hulk? - Character Specific Question. ( CSQ ) Did you get artwork early for Marvel storylines like House of M so that you would have time to sculpt the figures? - Yes we do but the truth is the turn around time for the a comic and Toy are totally different. So that by the time the art is done there just a few weeks out from hitting the shelves. So that lead time really doesn’t help us in that way. But it is nice to see pencils of some of the work! From sketches to hitting the retail stores, what is the approximate length of time? - Aprox 9 months. Just one question...Are 'Face Off' series & 'Wal-Mart' definitely being released in the UK either through the Asda outlets or speciality stores. (I don't mind when, just a YES or NOOOoooo will be ok) - the Face off’s will be out in England, Not sure about the WM wave. If you could choose one video game license to give the ML treatment to, which would it be?(besides Street Fighter) -Leisure suit Larry BTW, saw the pic of Dragon Man in package from Ebay, WOW. That thing's amazing, man. Why'd you decide(or is it Damon) to make him as opposed to one of the FF's other villains? - Because, no real reason we just thought it was cool. If you have the chance again sometime, will you please place the collector-friendly figure of the villain in one of the early waves? I loved your FF movie figures and got two versions of every team member by the end, but there was never a really solid Dr Doom figure released(at least in the first four waves). The ones released weren't bad, imo, but I'd really have liked a super-poseable one with no limiting action feature. -That will probably never happen. Dr. Doom Doc Ock, and others see late shipping because the characters aren’t designed until the last minute so there’s nothing to base it off of. Jesse whats the Deal with explictley satanic Characters? I know you've said stuff like no ones off limits but come on, What about like Son of Satan, with his pentagram on his chest? That'd never be sold at wal-mart unless you guys changed it to a smiley face. I know he has another costume sans pentagram but it aint as cool or iconic. -Wall Mart + Satan = NOT GONNA HAPPEN. and you have answered my prayers and will be gracing us with a Marvel vs Capcom style variant War Machine in the 2nd series of Face Off's??? -Maybe??????? Hi Jesse, with Hasbro now having the Marvel Legends license, I hope they will do a G.I.Joe Legends based on the old school A Real American Hero look. Do you think this will happen? I have been waiting for a line like this as I think it would be the best Joe line ever. Oh bye the way great work and keep it up. Marvel Legends is the only reason I'm even into figures anymore!!! -You need to petition them to do that there’s nothing I can do about that. You should ask then to do that at SDCC. Jesse, a very way-out-there question, but if ever we were to have a Fwooshcon, say in New York City, would you consider joining us as guest, even for a bit? - Oh Hells yeah! Jesse - Does Marvel own the rights to Crystar? I know remco made toys back in the 80's, but I think there's a bit of lingering doubt as to whether Marvel owns the rights to him or not. - Marvel does not own those rights. With Hasbro owning Rom (I'm assuming since Parker Brothers is owned by Hasbro) is there a chance that Rom might be accessible for Marvel Legends after the switch over - Hasbro doesn’t own the rights to ROM. ROM is owned by the creator of the toy who incidentally also created The Fur bee! (common mistake) 1. In your opinon, comparing the first Wave of Marvel Legends, specificly Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man, to the latest waves, how do they hold up?I've my own ideas, but don't want to color your commentary. -Hulk and IM still look good to me. I think that that hulk head is one of the best I’ve seen. There articulation isn’t there 100% as to what we know what we can do now. Cap, the head is beautiful, but the body doesn’t hold up (in my mind). And I know why. We had never done that type of figure before and there was a little trial an error as we were getting started with the line in how to do good human anatomy as well as have something move at the level these figures do. 2.Were the figures made for the Wal Mart Wave always on the drawing board or was the lineup made especially for the exclusive wave? -Epically for the WM wave. Although I knew we were going to do Giant man I just didn’t know when 3.This question is a bit dated, but why was War Machine based off of the American War Machine mini? I'm not complaining, I love the figure, just wondering on the specific choice. -If you look at the 2 armors that one just has more detail on it. The original didn’t have the fan on the back and various other details. But the Basic design was the same. We obviously couldn’t in clued that book due to the graphic nature of the content. 4.Concerning the Scarlet Witch, in the view of everything that happened, how do you feel about her being released when you tried to halt it? I understand and support your reasons for trying to halt it, I'm just curious about your hindsight view of the entire situation. -Well…at first I was pissed, but then I read that some people –dug the figure. So I wasn’t that pissed at the factory. BTW it’s a factory we wont work with again. 5.Again, not a question, I'd just like to thank you and everybody else that makes Marvel Legends happen, you brought me back to toys, and helped me find a hobby that I truly enjoy, no matter what the future holds, you boys have done good by us collectors. - thank you! What factors play into loose joints? It seems like certain figures are more prone to them than others (hobgoblin, AXM Wolvie, WM Thor). Does it have to do with which factory? Do you get really pissed when you had a great sculpt, then you get the actual production piece in, and all of them have wiggly joints? -Assembly issues. With the Thor I did make the comment that the torso was too loose and it was corrected, So there are samples out there with a tight twist to the waste. Keep in mind that YOU ALL rush to the stores and pick up the figures before everyone else so that when there is an issue like that that wasn’t corrected before the production start there can be a few samples that get out that aren’t 100%. It happens all of the time look at the X-Box 360! Jesse, way back in the day prior to Marvel Legends I requested Namor in his black outfit...and you obliged (thanks, yet again) so with the TB-era of Marvel Legends coming to an end this year, is there some spot that Namor in his trunks could be plugged into (like Face Off like CokeHead suggested)? -Sigh…Jeff I didn’t make that figure JUST for you. And I would say the possibility of the Namor with trunks happening now, Well don’t hold your breath. This probably isn't your area Jesse, but what happened to F4 Classics in the UK? The only place these hit retail was Toys R Us, and I believe that that was only due to a mix-up between the comic & movie figures. I've virtually no chance of getting a Skrull and I'm started to get worried about series 2... - I really don’t have any control as to where the toys are sold. I realize that you do not address character specific questions but, I am a HUGE Inhumans fan and well, they have not gotten their ML due. IF you were to tackle them what direction would you go in? I am sucker for the classic Kirby look (the Inhumans are Kirby at his best)and that is what I personally would prefer, but the Jae Lee designs seem to be the standard now. How would you do them? I really love it when you go the classic route with modern sensibilities and I hope that would be the direction. Thanks for taking the time! -I would say that would be a really tough decision as there are in my mind 4 really great looks for them. Classic Kirby, Jae Lee, Landon, and Alex Ross’s Earth X. I would love to do them all! Jesse, Supporting characters (like Jarvis)- were major supporting characters ever considered at some point? On one hand, you can say "kids didn't seem eager for a butler figure", but on the other hand, heroes can't be heroes unless they have someone to rescue. Thanks! -We never had any plans on doing the characters like that If I were you I would buy some Prof X figures and get to customizing! So a Kirby Thing was an inevitable figure, huh? God, I hope that still comes to pass. How about the rest of the FF in Kirby style? How likely were those? - That set was inevitable as well. What's the status on ML14? Have you gotten your production samples? When can we expect those to be "on the water" and consequently in the states (I know you don't have control over the shipping/arrival)? - I will have samples of some form at SDCC. Why have Iron Man's figures not been consistent in the red paint? In other words, why have all the various IM figures used different hued red paints? More specifically, why such a dull (despite the metallic flakes) red for the Modern IM? Do you regret doing that, and would a shinier version of that figure be possible? -Because Tony is always changing his armor. If you really look at the design for that Asst 8 Armor you will see that only in later issues did it become decorated in glossy metallic colors. In the first few issues and in pictures on this site the muted colors are shown. Were you messing with us fans, when you said Kang would never be in ML? Were you serious, and fan demand for the character influenced you into producting him for FFC? Was he somehow not worthy of ML but was for FFC? Can't wait to get my hands on him, by the way. - I just don’t like Kang. Anything Kang can Do Doom can do better. Plus it just fit better to put it in FFC2 Why weren't interchangeable heads ever done for ML (instead of unmasked variants)? Is it due to safety conditions (i.e. choking) or durability? SOTA does it for their Street Fighter line. Is this possible for them, since they aren't aimed at kids? - Cost. Plane and simple. SOTA has extra heads but not BAF’s. Can you be more clear on the SHS Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman/Girl? Will they be blue/white or blue/black? Will both be produced, ala variants? I think your previous answer was a little vague. - they will both be produced. Ala Variants. 1. I've been hunting the Elven Archer figure that's based off of you on ebay. $50 for that thing! You're more expensive than some of the rarest ML. How's it feel? - It would be cool if I got some of that scratch! 2. Any reason why Toybiz has never come to Wizard World Chicago? I know it's not SDCC, but it'd be great for Chicago and you can give me a chance to kick your ass for your job. You meant that literally right, I have to kick your ass and that's it? - We hate Chicago. Not really. But We can only go to 1 show a year and SDCC is the biggest. 3. When you first started pumping out ML, how many series did you think ML would produce? Did you think it'd get to where it is now? - Only in my wildest dreams. 4. I liked the triple bladed katana on Ninja Wolverine. Odd but innovative and appropriate for a line geared towards kids with one of the most popular characters with kids. - Well! I’m glad someone has an imagination! 5. I bet you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts on playsets for Marvel Legends? Or even some sort of display case? - The current retail climate doesn’t allow for things like playsetts any more. If there’s going to be one it will be based on a Movie Franchise. It’s a very hard segment of the business to make money at. It will never be done for ML in that old school traditional way. 6. Jim Lee's X-Men or the current Astonishing X-Men, which are better? - Astonishing…no question. 7. Do you think Chuck Norris hasn't been made into an ML yet because he'd roundhouse kick all the ML's heads off? - No I think that he’s just scared that prof X will steal his wig. 8. Justice League or Star Wars characters...who'd you like to see more done in an ML style? - Wow, that’s a tough one! They would both be awesome. There’s Pro’s and cons for both but I wouldn’t hold your breath for either. SW – I think the Royality rate is like 25% witch will kill those dreams right away and DC Direct controls what characters Mattel can use and there not going to let them have the run of the house any time soon. 9. Were you with Toybiz when they did the Video Game Superstars Resident Evil 1 & 2 lines? If yes, did you have anything to do with them? - I’ve been at TB for 13 years and I was the reason that we got into those brands in the first place. An old associate of mine Keith Boskey was at the time the head of Eidos in the states and we put a deal together to make the first Laura Croft figure. When that went gang busters wee started to look at other licenses and wee picked up Capcom and Nintendo. 10. You don't have to name which ones if you don't want to (but name them if you do want to!), if any, but do you have in your posession and ML that were custom made just for you or that were never released? - One of the guys from the ROC made a ML figure of me once it was really a very generous gift. 11. Got any pets? - Jesse Destasio. 12. You said you met a lot of actors through the LotR figure production, have you met other actors through other movie lines you've done? - Sure. Most of them are very nice people. 13. At what point of film production did you start the action figure production for LotR? Or...at what point of a film's production do you usually start production on the action figures? - As soon ass you can, It’s better to be out as early ass possible with a film franchise. 35 -45 percent of the volume is sold pre movie, 14. F4 movie Dr. Doom's light up gimmick was extremely bright and very cool. How'd you pull this one off? I don't even see light up gimmicks that are this bright on larger action figures. - super Bright LED. 15. Which ML series was your favorite so far? Personally, I found ML6 to be the best. For only 6 characters, they were great ones (two of which had a comic tie-in) and didn't have a BAF or trading card gimmick. - Not sure, I may be partial to the House of M gift pack. It looks great.
  21. Yeah, Venom is expected at the very end of SM3 which is a great thing. Venom will be great in SM4 with a bigger role.
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