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  1. MOTU Orko x1 DC Plastic Man x1 Sgt. Slaughter Both if possible please. and a Toy Story 3 Lotso if you don't mind. Thanks
  2. White Homemade Stuffing with meat or Stove Top
  3. That was a fact about the Prez as you call him. What was said about Taylor Swift was only a jealousy based opinion.
  4. They have both had time let's see who has come though. Matty has finally improved the website and ordering is a breeze. The increased production they did it. Quality control improved. Giving people what they want. Matty is going to re-release the figures people want. The new stuff looks amazing bright future for Matty. Subscription service very convenient. Dedicated to LA (come list something that he has done to improve things).
  5. If his mom had done that to him she would be considered a vigilante and he wouldn't be threatening your mom.
  6. @hmmm@ If I had a time machine I'd go back in time and make your mom swallow to spare us the grief of having to read your stupid comments in regards to things you clearly know nothing about. Ahhh Yes!! Lord Amron so wise. If you could go back in time you would sexually assault a woman! Show us your true side.
  7. I'd prefer he come back and defend is own comments, if he feels he should. I cannot control the comments people make just because I started the topic. But if need be, Super, please come back and explain who exactly the racists are in this situation, or whatever. I would hope my love for the music of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Lightnin' Hopkins, Percy Mayfield, Cannonball Adderly and probably hundreds of others counts against me being a racist just because I'm a white dude and not the biggest fan of Jay Z or whatever. You were fine, you presented a clear article on a situation. I do believe that there are a few on these boards (not you) that when there is a situation regarding white and black people in a situation they always act as if white people are victims of black behavior. Take this article you presented, immediately people trashed Jay Z and not Rush and Reilly. I personally loathe Jay Z, I think he is an idiot loser and presents the worst in hummanity however the same goes for losers like Rush and Bill. People on this forum responded to Jay z and his culture but ignore Rush and Bill who are equally as retarted and sick as Jay Z. My point is as always, they focus in on a black individual but ignore will ignore a white counterpart. Like I said, I hate Jay Z, Rush, and Bill and I also can't stand some people on these boards who don't believe in equal justice and punishment or ignore the sins of one color over another. "People on this forum responded to Jay z and his culture but ignore Rush and Bill who are equally as retarted and sick as Jay Z" Proof of your Ignorance You shouldn't say Re$%$#ed it is not politicly correct. Mentally or Physically Handicapped is. It's the same as someone dropping the "N" bomb. People can't write N!&&@% because you and Lord Amron would run to moderators licking each others wounds playing race cards and having people booted for it. Correct? Yes So have a little respect for other people and not use degrading words out of context. The "R" word is just as offensive to people as the "N" word is to you. And knowing is half the battle!
  8. Get used to it Lord Amron wants people to feel bad for him and give him attention just like Supreme Queen did.(Queenie was entertaining) Viper Hunter will make clear and valid points on how Distorted Lord Amrons views are. Lord Amron will lash back with more distorted/twisted views and so it goes. We can all feel better that Viper Hunter has the Stamina to try and correct L.A. day after day.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/marvel-universe-3-pack...id=p3286.c0.m14 The $1.00 "BIN" is bait for the $28.99 first class shipping for one figure.
  10. Go to http://www.drudgereport.com/ Look at the way they Desecrated the American Flag.
  11. Uh-huh. Now that you got called out on an attention-seeking thread, in which you've been shown to have a very narrow-minded POV on.......the whole thing becomes an "experiment with very interesting results"? Sure. It was a feeble attempt to gain attention that you appear to be sorely lacking in your personal life, attention you don't know how to gain in real-one-on-one interaction with another human being. C'mon, this is so transparent that any observer doesn't even need an awareness of psychology to figure out. SQ, you are projecting your own misery, despondence and inadequacies for all to see--in a toy forum, no less. If that's not rock bottom, its surely somewhere on the way down to it. We get it........we understand. We see it.........CLEARLY. No-one else here has to conduct "experiments" in their threads. All the findings are going to do is prove to you your own worst fears--that you are alone, socially inept and haven't got a clue as to how to sort out your life. Congratulations, you've just earned a PHD in self-confusion and delusion. Arrow You have satisfied me. No more attention for queenie from me.
  12. Stop SDQ you have no place to say "Gods honest truth". You know nothing of God look at your life. You say people here are "brainwashed". When you yourself are "Possessed" by satan himself and you know why. I only wanted to help and reform you. You do not appreciate anything all you do is attack people. Not everyone wants you to leave I think you are an asset to the toy community. Unfortunately your irrational behavior is self destructive. Sorry Wheeljack I edited it.
  13. All he really does is belittle other people and try to force feed his distorted beliefs. The first step in his recovery will be to learn "empathic listening". That let him see things from other peoples views. This destructive behavior of hurting people is unhealthy for him.
  14. you know what. I gotta hit the pause button on this debate for a second. Synch you don't even realize you've been brainwashed do you? of corse not! after all that's why its called brainwaashing because you are oblivious to what's happened to you. Synch, what you have fallen victom to is EXACTLY why this planet is SOOOOO EFFED in the head. All some one had to do was SUGGEST that I was mad or upset. synch if you reread the post you'll see (that is if your able to shake off the spell your under) & see that I was not upset at all. at the worst maby a lil annoyed that the topic was being derailed by totaly unimportant crap. & I'm even wondering if that was intentional to take the spot light off lil miss hit it & quit it. synch.........think for your self. especial when surfing these rooms! also Paint fury knows exactly what he was doing. he the latest in herd mentality who danes to attempt to "study" the Royal One such as myself. that insect has not the power to "study" Dora the Explora" let alone...................SUPREMEQUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SupremeDramaQueen (Don't get offended I think it's a fitting name) another misspelled word or are you writing in the SPANGLISH language which is the summary of Dora the explorer. I'm sure you can find more meaning in the show and please feel free to share your opinion. That's a mix of Spanish and English SDQ. Would you mind if I started a thread in your name? It will be better than taking away from this thread. I really want to know why a male would want to call himself a Supreme Queen. Everyone knows you love attention so here we go. If you are so proud of yourself you will love your own thread.
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