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  1. picked up armored batman and a batmobile...that is all the support I will lend to that movie

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    2. featofstrength
    3. featofstrength


      Meant more for the basic 6in figures than MM. I did get armored bats in there with a lil effort... mostly cape issues. Even though its scaled smaller, looks great as a display piece at that price point, imo

    4. yojoebro82


      You know, I'm now wondering if I'm not just going to to with the basic line. I didn't know they were 6" too and the WW (the only one I'm really interested in) looks like she scales well with the movie masters I already own. And for $10. Not ruling her out until I see her in person.

  2. That's a lot for the general public who only see the movie to swallow, and even more for already lazy screenwriters to have to explain. They erased the EU so that the newbs could go about their business with creative freedom, right? I would hope they would be free of the @##@@ cartoons as well. Speaking of, I looove how IGN keeps reminding us that Darth Maul is still alive out there on a weekly basis. Between sane logic (he's dead) and idiot fans that cling to new canon(nuh-uh), the comment section is a hoot.
  3. I would like to believe this as well... hey, wait... Ice Cream Maker Guy wasn't related to.... unless... Finn's Dad?!?!
  4. Being a Kenobi would explain her accent... unless she came from the still unseen planet Britannica, where the Empire cultivates all of its commanding officers But, no, if the prequels are canon, I don't see Obi shacking up with anyone... he was as rigid on the Jedi code as the rest of em.
  5. Hey, the man who made the first action-adventure movie featuring black people has room to talk!
  6. Han Solo - Harrison Ford = 0 interest Boba Fett ...um...anything times 0 is 0, right? They goin with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Armor rumor? Love that Marvel plug n play... all stories that were just begging to be told, I'm sure. Just a shame that Darth Maul isn't on the card.
  7. You don't need a personality when you got the 'stache. tom-selleck.jpg And the balls to wear a cape in public.
  8. I'd prefer they cast top men for the job. Hey, they did that too. Didn't ya hear, Daniel Craig was a Stormtrooper and Ewing McGreggor read a line of dialogue! This movie spread the wealth between A-List, B-List, and C-List actors! I was commenting on the impressive career of relatively unknown William Hootkins. Grunberg should check back in when he's got a few more features on the resume that he got on his own merit.
  9. Oh, please... do I have to talk about Rebels and its lightsaber wielding heroes and villains again? Crazy old wizards and sorcerer's ways indeed.
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, the New Ice Cream Maker Guy! Rain on Jakku? Ice cream maker? That was a stolen imperial data core. Everyone knows that.
  11. It was about what I expected... if you know of and like SW, it's great. If not, its pretty sloppy and just above average. I'm caught somewhere between. I agree with the few complaints about mashing poetic elements of ANH and ESB in that it doesn't work for me for tonal shifts: I was hoping for more fun than "epic/feels." There are a lot of unanswered questions that could be plot holes, or dependent of the rest of the trilogy to fill the gaps. Mystery is one thing (Ray's origin, Luke's motivations), and should be drawn out. Other things might be minor nitpicks, but my biggest need is the explanation of hope the post-Jedi republic works, the resistance, the first order... definitely not as clear as these are the good guys, these are the bad guys like ANH obviously. Starkiller Base: pretty lame. I was expecting at least some attempt at something more than its a bigger death star that fires several bolts at once... like "that's why we couldn't find it, we were looking for it orbiting a planet... it is the planet! And its about to fire!!!" The passage of time: Like Ghostbusters 2, I don't like the idea that our heroes have been inactive since last seen on screen or busted down to lows so that screenwriters only have to work so hard to bring them back to normal. Leia and Han broke up, Han is smuggling zoo animals, the Falcon is rusting in the dust, Luke is in hiding, Artoo is in a coma... any kid ever act that one out with the toys they sold us over the past 30 years? Having to put your Han Solo figure in the freezer for 3 years was hard enough. Kylo Ren: Shades of Grandpa Christiansen...relatable to spoiled millennials. Like the approach with the new Lex Luthor, this may maximize the hate I have for him in the end? Snoke/Maz: I guess that no one told them that, in addition to pushing practical effects and props, that make-up effects might be welcome? Horrible, horrible motion capture creatures... really took me out of the movie while onscreen. Phasma: Cool armor? Check. Icy demeanor? Check. 2 minutes of screen time? Check. 300 million units of product produced with the character likeness? Check... ladies and gentleman... your new Bob Fett! Han's Death: no surprise there. Not the way I want a hero to die... ignominious. Meh. Chewie got over it pretty quick... at least from what we see. He's even more of a background character in the scenes following. Life debt paid, time to bring in the family. Lumpy for episode 8! Luke Skywalker: mystery, but not keen on the implication that he trained Jedi... and continued the long tradition of failure and running away with your tail between your legs. Positives: practical effects when they could spare the time were great new and old characters were well performed... yes, I like the new gang. BB8 wasn't as stupid as Jar Jar or as cutesy as Ewoks...so he was great! lightsaber battles (save for saber blocking troopers) were excellent. Heavy broadswords! No asinine choreography! I plan on seeing it again to see if these are gut reactions and nothing more. There is a lot riding on looking back on the parts when the trilogy is complete, but that doesn't excuse TFA from structure issues as a stand-alone. PS- anyone else buy Constable Zuvio figures? Wasn't he great in the movie?! And how about those snowspeeders? Fantastic!
  12. The movie was a mess...but I also like Star Wars...so I guess it was okay? So conflicted...(throws epic Kylo Ren/millennial temper tantrum)

  13. Patton, MacArthur, Eisenhower... yeah... their stories had all been told by the War to End All Wars.
  14. Including the 5 minutes from the PM that was a lightsaber fight was totally necessary... y'know... for the story.
  15. I grabbed 2 shy guys last night at Target. I really wish Nintendo would revisit Super Mario 2...Mouser, Birdo, TryClyde, Snifit, Wart....dreams. At least Ive been seeing a resurgence of this line at retail in my area. I
  16. But why did they go with Hank Henshaw as a cover? It's like when they tried to cover up that everyone knew Cumberbund was playing Khan in Into Darkness, and they tried to feed the fans some bull about his character being named after some D-list character from old show lore. Okay...its a lil different...I mean, I was like "Cyborg Supes" is black, too? Huh? Whatever." Maybe they were short on the old double letter names? Might as well called him Greg Gumble or Jeff Jarrett.
  17. Did you guys see the Batman V Superman movie?! It was a lot shorter than I expected.

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    2. yojoebro82


      With the Star Wars trailer, I'm still guessing what the movie is about. Also, at this point I see very little to assure me that Aquaman won't just be shoe-horned in. Remember, Aquaman is in it too.

    3. featofstrength


      Both movies will be as equally predictable in the end. Eisenberg...I guess if they set out to make Luthor really really detestable, they are succeeding

    4. gruntcast


      How did you see the movie already?

  18. You know I have never seen that. Maybe this will be a good year to give it a watch. It looks like fun. Wasn't Life Day officially in November sometime? November 17th...had my annual Life Day party with goodies from the Star Wars cookbooks. Set up the Ewok village to stand in for Kashyyyk, populated with Wookie figures. A friend of mine gave me a hand painted ornament featuring Chewie's family. Peter Mayhew is coming to a convention in my town in February. I bet I'm the only person there getting something "Holiday Special" signed I watch the Dvd transfer I made from the who-knows-how-many-generations VHS tape I bought at a convention in the early 90s. It's ugly, but I love all the old commercials that are still included. Here is a link to watch the cleanest copy out there, just discovered a few years back: http://www.thestarwarstrilogy.com/starwars/post/2013/10/04/Star-Wars-Holiday-Special-New-Recording
  19. I'm still excited: FINAL TRAILER! https://vimeo.com/143101569
  20. Seriously though, that's why I love sci-fi! You just don't get that level of fan participation from Bridges of Madison County. Exactly. Let them have their fun. Who cares? $10 gets you a $2 "glow sword" from Oriental Trading?! Yippee! Of course, the Uber-nerds can bring their own from home and join the "ceremonial banging of the plastic toys" for free. You know what would be amazing? If lightsaber fights had inspired even a handful of fans to actually take up some form of swordplay as a genuine hobby or sport.
  21. For the "fans" : http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/12/01/lightsaber-battle-on-force-awakens-opening-night-hopes-to-break-record?utm_source=IGN%20hub%20page&utm_medium=IGN%20(front%20page)&utm_content=16&utm_campaign=Blogroll
  22. There was a huge difference in Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones... more puppets, costumes, sets, location shots. Kinda like comparing sfx in Fury Road and Jurassic World this summer. The did some excellent stunts in Indy 4, using post sfx to remove wires and safety harnesses. Again, I would love to believe they COULD do the same with a physical Stormtrooper...especially since they seem to be priding themselves on putting people in armor instead of going all Clone on us. Indy 4 also had that monkey scene... so, yeah, somewhere between wire harnesses and jumanji, please.
  23. Luke has already run the gamut of emotions. Going evil was stupid in the expanded universe, and would just be plain lazy in this one. Also... more practical effects? "As much as possible?" http://moviepilot.com/posts/3658402?utm_source=fb-stream-post&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=kylo-ren-tv-spot I want to believe that seamless wire work made that Stormtrooper go end over end after Han shot him. Also also...lightsaber-blocking Stormtroopers. I'm gonna guess that came from the thought that there wasn't enough swordplay and that audiences might get bored? Skilled in hand to hand combat in an age where Jedi are "legend" yet they still can hit the broad side of a moisture farm with blasters...
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