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  1. That fight scene at the beginning probably sealed the deal for most people... I am good with Batfleck as long as he doesn't cry... You see him get fussy on Bill Maher about Muslims, too? But, yeah, fight scenes choreographed so you can see what's happening must help the overall opinions immensely. No one ever said Snyder wasn't a good commercial director. I heard about it, but no, I did not see Afleck get fussy about Muslims. Regardless, I try not to let crazy personal behavior affect how I feel about someone playing a part on screen (right, Supergirl? ) Heck yeah Snyder is a good commercial director. Did yo see Psylocke slice through that car? Oh, wait......that was Singer. We're not going to be able to keep track for much longer. It's almost as if comics and comic book movies were meant to--by nature--lend themselves to a certain amount of visual spectacle. but I've enjoyed superhero movies as a whole before... just none from "the visionary" Sorry, but him, Leo, Matt Damon... just can't. None as currently bad as Ruffalo right now, though. Glad he's at Marvel and the good parts are CGI. Oh...I can't watch Supergirl...but that's different. and I definitely shouldn't have her action figure...
  2. That fight scene at the beginning probably sealed the deal for most people... I am good with Batfleck as long as he doesn't cry... You see him get fussy on Bill Maher about Muslims, too? But, yeah, fight scenes choreographed so you can see what's happening must help the overall opinions immensely. No one ever said Snyder wasn't a good commercial director.
  3. I highly doubt "center stage" because they have to get us hooked on the new characters going forward. But I will settle for "strong presence". I am looking forward to the next Mutt Williams movie as well.
  4. With the OT being nearly every fanboy's holy grail of movies, I don't know if anyone in the geek community can claim they can 100% objectively review the movie. Maybe I can't either. I know there were some things I wish they'd have done different but to use your word, I think those things fall in the "tedium" category. Big picture, and blocking out all the noise and theories and behind the scenes politics that the internet delivers on a daily basis, I think there's a lot to be excited for. Yeah...it's better than the prequels. But a 90-92% fresh on rotten tomatoes? I wanna drop it to a solid B just for Snookie and Cookie Face effects and practical effects promises alone. I am excited at the possibility, no matter how minute, of Luke Skywalker taking center stage again.
  5. No, I just think it's funny that they bothered to mention it out loud in the movie. Didn't he say something about "buying the comic book" or something? I don't remember...like the end of the Holiday Special where they have him shill toys. And "that is a story for another time" was just too much. I think the biggest mystery that goes unaddressed by fans is "is all this tedium distracting me from objectively reviewing this movie?"
  6. what are the mysteries? C-3PO's red arm. The path of the lightsaber to Crunchy Cookie Face. The hows and why of the resistance and the first order. Rey's parentage. Where and when Darth Maul and Boba Fett will return. Snookie's identity. Am I missing something?
  7. But would they have done anything to heighten that revelation? Again, I would have liked it to have been some sort of surprise to the resistance...The planet opens up to reveal the trench/laser..."We were searching for a superweapon orbiting a planet...the planet is a superweapon!" Blammo! Sure, it might be cliché/done before, but it's something...anything.
  8. Another empty-handed trip to horrible Target for exclusive figures!

  9. GAH! IGN, stop! http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/02/02/opinion-erase-the-prequels-keep-darth-maul?read
  10. Man, I would kill to see a Wacky Races movie with Fury Road tempo.
  11. Anyone not wanting the BAF Red Onslaught pieces from the ML Cap wave, PM me. I got the only figure i want from the set (Whirlwind) but would like the BAF

  12. I passed by Kevin Smith at the airport in Las Vegas once. My luggage also arrived at my destination... very exciting.
  13. Cool... it's time. http://twinfinite.net/2016/01/star-wars-episode-viii-director-totally-ships-finn-poe/
  14. Ooooooh....so that's why they couldn't talk about C-3PO's red arm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXXZ9sCauj0
  15. That was a surprise to people? Though not knowing who, I think everyone expected someone to die. I get what you're saying, but the truth is, someone ALWAYS dies in one of these "reunion" type deals. Saying it wasn't a surprise because "everyone expected someone to die," is like expecting the sun to rise the next morning then declaring oneself psychic because it does. Truth? Nobody suspected anything because everybody was so caught up on who, what, where and in what condition Luke was in. In retrospect, a brilliant bit of slight of hand on J.J.'s part. So, you're saying the whole movie is a giant tease playing on how EVERYONE wants Luke Skywalker to be the focus of Star Wars? What was your first clue? The five times his name is dropped in the opening crawl? We'll have to wait and see if that pays off and if we can dismiss this part of the story as a waste of time like PM...or, if Luke just trains Rey for a bit and then bites it. Either way, brilliant! I would like to bring up that vanity fair article again where Kasdan more or less talks about starting production without a script, and JJ pacing back and fourth asking him "what do you want to see this movie?"...but hey, the excitement of the photo spread was so deafening, no one bothered to read it the first time around. Just put that baby in a mylar bag! Collectible!
  16. That was a surprise to people? Though not knowing who, I think everyone expected someone to die. I had Han as the odds-on favorite after the trailer hit with his true believer lines. He was obviously going to be the mentor character to the newbs in Luke's absence and therefore had to die...because, you know, poetry. The method of his demise was secret and a surprise. I still say it was too ignominious for his character, and would have had more weight coming in a lil farther along in the trilogy.
  17. Naw, based on what I saw in Episode VII, Episode VIII is gonna be mediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiocre at best. The only surprise that I could see (wishful thinking) is Luke Skywalker taking center stage again. I guess they could shock by killing off a handful of beloved characters in one go. Sacrifice the newbs? No more splosions? But Death Star 3 could blow up like 5 planets at once! Though I see your point about ESB...guess Im gonna have to wait for Death Star 4 in Episode IX! 10 planets?! 20?!! Finn's dad? Ice Cream Maker Guy. Leader of the Resistance? Jar Jar. Ewoks? Relocated following the Endor Holocaust? Cause championed by ambassador Towani?? Chewbacca leaves the team...his son, Lumpy fills the void? DARTH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUL!? Or maybe Han Solo returns with robot legs?! Snoke is Darth Plagie...er...Vader...Palpa....Mace Windu?! The story of how the lightsaber was retrieved is soooo epic that it needs a spin off movie? I mean, they didn't have time to say something like "it was retrieved by tibanna gas miners and sold thru various black market dealers" so it must be good. Boba Fett is probably involved in there somewhere. The revenge of Jabba the Hutt's gay uncle?
  18. You gotta start a new thread now. The movie's two years away and you're gonna have a lot of piecemeal information to bemoan between now and then. It's never too early to start! You didn't answer the question.
  19. MOAR DARKER!! http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/01/11/john-boyega-says-star-wars-episode-8-is-much-darker-finn-more-physical?utm_source=IGN%20hub%20page&utm_medium=IGN%20(front%20page)&utm_content=11&utm_campaign=Blogroll MORE PLANET SPOLSIONS?! MORE CHARACTER DEATHS?! Honestly? What else can surprise/shock at this point? It wasn't a mistake to clone ANH, but it was a mistake to clone ANH and tack on 15 minutes of dramatic weight from ESB. But JJ has a plan...wow me.
  20. I can't decide which is a bigger mistake: Young Han Solo or Lady Ghostbusters. Pratt isn't hard-edged enough for either character.
  21. if anyone sees Target exclusives Macho King, Jimmy Hart, and Ted Dibiase and could ship 'em out to me via paypal exchange, I would forever be in your debt. I hate burning gas and wasting time...and hate the Target in my town even more.

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      if I see them, I'll pm and wait to see if u got them already

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      More readily available than the male figures were, I'm guessing?

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      By God, they better make a Chris Hemsworth male secretary figure. I don't want all the little boys in America feeling distraught because there's no male figures in this line.

  22. Agreed! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jorg_Sacul
  23. That's a lot for the general public who only see the movie to swallow, and even more for already lazy screenwriters to have to explain. They erased the EU so that the newbs could go about their business with creative freedom, right? I would hope they would be free of the @##@@ cartoons as well. Speaking of, I looove how IGN keeps reminding us that Darth Maul is still alive out there on a weekly basis. Between sane logic (he's dead) and idiot fans that cling to new canon(nuh-uh), the comment section is a hoot. Except they've always said that Clone Wars & Rebels are canon. And they still are. They were never EU. Haha... that's the spirit! Now, when I say something about how its stupid that DM got cut in half AND fell down a reactor shaft, bring up how lightsabers cauterize and Luke survived falling in Cloud City!
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