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  1. The "stick-the-landing-but-hold-your-head-down-for-an-unecessarily-long-amount-of-time-because-it-will-look-moar-badass" thing is beyond old.

    1. yojoebro82


      You must have seen another trailer you don't like :)

  2. I dunno...other lines are killing it. I mean, several Hasbro Marvel legends lines, DC Multiverse, Bat V Supes, WWE. February hit my wallet hard this year.
  3. It really makes you wonder...poor economy, poor distribution, lack of interest...a combination? Lots of Hux, long neck blue bot, guavian guard waves around here...it all came to a screeching stop after the new year came in. Lot of people saw SW...but movies just don't linger like they used to.
  4. Missed out on Spider-Gwen at Walmart last night. C'mon...I really just want the damn head!
  5. Yeah, he was the BAF of that cancelled FF animated series. Shame...though ive always considered modifying a couple of Toy Biz Masterworks for Mole Minions:
  6. Love that Mole Man. I remember picking up him, Doom, and Namor from that wave. Doom is great, but Namor? Yeesh. Too bad that animated FF line got cancelled, if only for the BAF: I recently ebayed something from the "dark times"...the Dodge Fantasticar from the FF2 line. Looks great IMO, even if I cant get my default Thing to completely fit in hit seat.
  7. I'll just leave it at this: "Who is she? She's beautiful..." I always thought, "lets go... and don't forget the druids" had a funny lil lisp to it. On the gay stuff: again, how important is any character's sexual preference to the moment in time that is being shared with the audience? Particularly in kiddie Sci-Fi escapism? Reminds me of all those bogus acting class assignment about creating your character outside what is on the page...@##@@ method busywork.
  8. GREAT (sarcasm) ARTICLE: Luke is gay: http://news.yahoo.com/mark-hamill-says-luke-skywalker-143650512.html That could lead to some interesting "Spotlight" #$## with the fall of Luke's new Jedi...molested padawans...Republic cover-ups... Kylo?! OMG! Han and Leia paid off? It all makes sense! (sarcasm...not all homosexuals are child molesters...but, cmon, the prequel Jedi were babyknapping weirdos)
  9. Battlefront sucks...help us John Boyega, you're our only hope! http://kotaku.com/even-finn-wants-a-star-wars-battlefront-campaign-1762517060
  10. What did I think of "the" trailer? "Movies make me want to be dead." - Mike Stoklasa

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    2. featofstrength
    3. yojoebro82


      I saw a lot of "poetry" in that trailer.

    4. featofstrength


      About what I expected...making a crutch out of the original, CGI overload, and "bad-ass" character spotlights.


  11. Ugh..snub Roger Deakins but give old babyface his award for finally crying and screaming hard enough.

  12. I haven't seen any gay apes or humans in "Planet of the Apes" yet, but things could change. Or maybe there are, but the stakes of the story's moment in time are too great to delve too deeply into sexual preference? WHAT A NOVEL IDEA! (Insert Plinkett clip: "Stop wasting my time!") Transformers? Maybe in unintentional subtext when not played for un-PC humor? Bay aims to offend, so I'm sure its coming soon.
  13. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/02/27/jj-abrams-of-course-star-wars-will-have-gay-characters Canon, right? I really do want an action figure of this. Fo Realz
  14. Wonder Woman Love Scenes mayhap?......they'll have to show some back story that surely will feature her younger "exploratory" years at University....rated R for raucous?....yes maam I'll have what she's watching.... Why don't we d-do it on the doooock?! No one will be watching us. WAAAH! Why don't we do it on the dock?! And there's this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxWITWbGVlg So, yeah... anything is possible, and it's totally justifiable... if you're a visionary.
  15. All I wanted out of these was Son of Batman. Been lucky enough to score 2 in my town so far. I'm fine with my old DCD figures for the heroes... really in it for thugs n army builders. Also looking forward to the mutant leader.
  16. This is funny/cute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaZhwaddrUM But wait...who is the target audience of this movie again?
  17. Red letter media joined in on the predictions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2C2Svm-r1M Snyder already knows the ins-and-outs of CGI weiner jigglenomics....so I assume there will be at least a full-frontal Doomsday monster, because why would they bother with pants after creating something like that? And of course 300, or as I call it "Boobs n Freaks"...he's got an open door now. How about a scene where the Flash runs so fast that his costume disintegrates? I mean, how does his junk look while running at the speed of light? Who hasn't wondered that?
  18. Impulse buy...saw the whole Red Onslaught wave at Walmart. Been a loooong time since I bought a full set.
  19. Ugh...they were already airing that battery commercial at Halloween: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Why-Some-Think-Battery-Commercial-Spoils-Star-Wars-7-91937.html Even so, no one over the age of 10 should have put that much emotion into such a "shocker."
  20. There are spoilers in Star Wars? But, no, I get what you're saying. And I would be raked over the coals for not spoiler posting over it
  21. Well at least Hal Jordan. Either way, another mark in the plus column to offset the "Eisenberg Factor." What are you talking about? I'm looking forward to buying at least 8 of these babies: *For customs...and smashing the heads with a hammer...or dissolution in acetone.
  22. How 'bout that Lois, right? Sorry, Lois...he likes younger women: https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/henry-cavill-says-19-old-234900698.html Yup...I'm sure they have plenty to talk about.....
  23. Cool. I can put my record on, too: "Blah blah blah free will... blah blah blah value of life....blah blah blah selfish..." Hack comedians and political commentary? You should take a Second City Class sometime...current events and the socio-political spectrum has been the bread and butter of all upstarts for close to 60 years running. But you're right, Bill Nye should stuff it. Craig Ferguson has a new show on the History Channel? Double F#*$ him for being a failed musician!
  24. Blade, Blade 2 X-Men, X2 Spider-man, Spiderman 2 Iron Man...but everything MCU had become samey. The Dark Knight The Wolverine...up to the point it became Iron Man Sorry. I can dismiss a great deal about liberal Hollywood and great performances, but the I can't stomach the idea of someone masquerading as a superhero while supporting child abortion at great lengths. Morality aside, it just doesn't make good business sense to stamp out a big part of your toy-buying demographic. And yet he whines along with the group about the lack of Black Widow merch? Ben smash! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vln9D81eO60 DO NOT google "Melissa Benoist leaked." Or do...because there's nothing wrong with that. Or the above. Go, girls! #rightochoose #stopvictimshaming #realheroes I guess Ben gets a pass, not being lumped into that. Meh...Casey is a better actor.
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