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  1. it's not a bad figure but unnecessary for me. happy with my face off hulk and without a BAF piece there's no reason to buy.
  2. personally i like the blue one better. the kb i work at only got the red ones which were also 1 per case, so i bought it there with my discount then exchanged it for the blue one at walmart. still have yet to see the war machine though at any walmarts. haven't seen silver centurion either but i don't want it , so feh. i'll probably get the opening cockpit one also.
  3. i think the hts exclusive is about the same size as fin fang foom. while it's too expensive for my budget, it would be great to have the two of them fight, especially considering how awesome he looks and how much i loved the movie and hype. it's a shame that if clovie really was to scale, he'd probably be about thirty feet tall.
  4. toy biz marvel legends series 13 was originally going to have each character come with a henchman or generic alien instead of (or in addition to? i dont know) the BAF part. i don't know who came with whom, but they were hellfire club soldier, brood, skrull, SHIELD agent, hand ninja, aim goon, and hydra goon. maybe others. in any event, they never came out with them because they didn't cost out. eventually we got the brood and skrull in the marvel select 2pack, and hasbro made their own hydra goon. now hasbro is making hand ninja and shield agent in their own 2packs. also, crimson dynamo was supposed to be in that series, but they scrapped him. no one ever saw a prototype even, but once people knew it was supposed to come, they wanted him (and continue to do so). the newest fantatsic four cartoon was supposed to have its own action figure line and while the pictures seen were awesome, they never got made. they were supposed to make the four, plus doom, mole man, and hulk(?). they also would have had a BAF, and it would have been monstro, mole man's creature (from the cover of f4 #1). hope that answers your question
  5. i'm only getting it for the baf piece, as i don't really like daredevil as a character. i love the f/o dd. since i already have a red one im going to choose the yellow one, for variety.
  6. heh agree with you on that exclusives are bad for people outside of u.s.. doesn't affect me, but they should at least consider the wolrd outside u.s.a.. i don't think anyone here disrespects people for wanting movie or cartoon figures, just like people who want those things don't disrespect people who want only comic figures. i'm just stating my preference. i think hasbro will be doing a good job keeping a lot of people happy with the stuff that was shown at nycc. which is good for us, and good for them, cause if we show our support for improved product by buying lots of it, then they'll continue to make good stuff. like they say, money talks, bull$hit walks.
  7. power owned (i have been wanting to say that foooooorever) and heres to hoping they never make a friggen animated morph action figure again the 5inch one even made me sick THANK YOU. The movies have come and gone. We no doubt will be receiving a lot of X-Men movie Centric figures next year when Wolverine comes out. (Please Deadpool Figure...). And the cartoon had its time and place. If you want Cartoon Figures, there was a whole 5inch figure line dedicated to the show. I really feel that the Marvel Legend line should be for Comic inspired figures Only. If a movie is coming out, fine let it have it's own line, and if Hasbro and Marvel feels the need for more, then on the Dvd release or after the movie figures inevitabley clearance out and stop warming the pegs, do a stand alone Legends line like the FF and Spiderman Sandman BAF. Tarot is correct, comics do hold a lot more. They have a rich history of characters that go back over 60 years. That is sixty years worth of characters that many people have followed, grown up following, and would love to see figures built of. Why do you think so many fans cry out for characters like Firestar, Polaris, and many many more. Neither of these figures have appeared in a movie, granted one was created for a television show, but she at least made her way into the comic world. But I digress. And as for the 90's X-Men cartoon. I watched it, and did I groan everytime they bastardized a character's origin, powers or personality. Hell yes, and I have a feeling I am not alone here. I have heard people refer and quote the show. Even some saying that Jubilee and Longshot were a couple due to that show. What the show should have done, as it was in the heat of X-men fame in the 90's was bring new readers on board. Am I a comic fanboy, who poo poo's on the movie figures and the thought of figures based on Video games and Cartoons. Yes, but I can at least say I learned to read from the works of Chris Claremont, Roy Thomas, and John Byrne. I am also the comic fan who thinks that as great as a first appearance Storm would be, I'd rather have the modern looking costume. And if your only exposure to a character like Storm has been the cartoon (which made her a stuck up goddess #$#@#) or the movies who never gave her role that she deserved on the team, then here are some key stories for you. Pick up any Uncanny X-men comic book from 162 thru 227. If you consider yourself a true storm fan then read the arc from 185-186. This will give you your first look at Forge as well and show the complexities of their relationship. Oh, and if you have always wanted to see Storm woop the ass of Cyclops, pick up 201, which is simply entitled Duel. And for sheer fun, pick up 244. amen bro. i'm not anti-movie or cartoon figs, but i don't want them at the expense of comic figs, nor to be forced to buy unwanted ones to complete a BAF. i agree that the deification of the 90's cartoon has to stop. the comics provided more variety and entertainment than any cartoon or movie ever has. not that i didn't like the marvel movies, because i do, but they're no subsitute for the comics. for example, i'd much rather have the aoa/exile morph than the cartoon one - the cartoon design is boring and we're getting at least the body in the forge/wolvie pack, so go make your own if you want it that much.
  8. i am sad to see it go, i was looking forward to the third series. especially aphrodite-9. the kb i work at is getting the older series for cheap now. single ones (i won't know what series til tomorrow) for $5.98 and the 2-packs for $9.98 end shameless plug
  9. when they're polish, one-armed, and in a tree. wait a minute.... this isn't the punchline to a joke, is it.
  10. kenba

    Iron Man Release

    Oh yeah I Cannot wait! but, in long island, scalpers are everywhere! Damn it! @grumpy@ i am surprised that no one else works for kb here besides me but we were told we could disregard the date and just put them out anyway. most kbs get their trucks tues-wed (we put ours out tuesday) so check them out if you can. the home office told us we could put them out, just not the speed racer crap since it had a 'firm' release date, rather than a 'soft' release date like the im's. i didn't have enough money to buy them all but i grabbed mk03, iron monger, and mk01, the latter of which i bought. the other 2 ill wait til payday. also i grabbed myself the 2 SHS sets, though i may only buy the one with titanium man and crimson dynamo and skip the hall of armors set. all of the toys are very nice
  11. yep, that xorn figure is dope. i bought two, thats how dope it is. i bought three for no reason other than i work in a toy store and id get bored so id buy another for something to mess around with while no one was around wow i wish someone would do that in the stores that have nothing but x3 phoenices left.
  12. male: thing - i know a lot of people don't like him but he has exactly the look of thing that i like and he's not too gigantic. thing is wide, not super tall. female: she-hulk, though hasbro's females are more consistently better than toy biz's (except white queen and danger). toy biz females were either great or hideous. BAF: a tie between blob and brood queen. i like blob as a character better, but i think brood queen had better execution. in the future: male: wendigo - the sculpt looks sweet hopefully the final product is just as good. also excited about absorbing man. female - 2pack elektra. very pretty face, much better than toybiz's. also i'm excited for spiral so she can go with mojo, longshot, psylocke, and mandarin. BAF - holocaust. joins longshot, sm2099, psylocke, and sabretooth for my exiles team and a character that i love. hopefully beast will come out quickly so i can complete him.
  13. i thought of this too, and there's a way we can introduce rhino in this as well..... have spidey try to stop rhino's rampage, but only to have kraven succeed where spidey couldn't. this would give kraven credence as a well-known hunter (in the ultimate comics he has a steve irwin-style reality show), and cast him as a hero to the public and causing jjj to hire him leading to the plot described above.
  14. i am loving the little carnage, ben reilly, and hobby as well as thor and ares. wolverine in a skirt i can do without, likewise daredevil and the basic spideys.
  15. even if iron man has never actually been in a plus-sized suit in the comics, i still can picture him wearing one and still being in-scale. after all, if the regular legends iron mans (especially FO2 modular armor) were a suit with tony underneath, he'd be short and skinny as a shrimp. so a bigger armor doesn't bother me in terms of scale with 6". i hope they make a hulk in unleashed, because he too would be in good scale.
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