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  1. Only have iron and mercury and that's because of the baf piece... Never got into the metal men
  2. Hi, why don't you just get the 1:18 hot wheel one? I mean, I have one of those and as a display piece it works just fine.
  3. I dont know, but I saw the last one about 4 times.....
  4. Its been a long time since the last time I saw your collection Mike..... i did the same, started re-collecting in 2008, and catched up everything I got rid of.
  5. 249..... I think I will make the party with my armada Unicron.
  6. Ok, I will put it this way: Ive been collecting Mattel goods since 200X MOTU, Justice League animated. Use to have the 80's MOTU when I was a kid and all was good about them. I collected also the Batman line in its time and I had 0 issues with those figures (think of Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Bane, etc) excellent figures, I cant complain, because at the time (think 2002 and forward) the issue was distribution. Then I moved the Justice League animated, again excellent little figures, distribution was awful. Quality was good. Not Kenner / Hasbro good, but good. Then it came DC Superheroes (Think Batman and Superman waves) more or less more of the same, good quality, not so good distribution. I could live with that, as long as I could get a good figure. Now, DC Universe figures. My going issue right now. I started this line because it offered me the chance to get the characters I wanted in a 6" format, line Marvel Universe. Everything was rolling as expected until wave 4. A joint stucked Batman Beyond. I had to order a 2nd one, thinking that this was a one figure issue. So the 2nd figure I got had the very same issue. To date, Dr. Fate, Variant Martian, Batman Beyond and Raven all have the same issue. I also suffered the Roboto fiasco, which is even worse. Is it much to ask for a better quality control???? I dont have this issue with Transformers. Is hasbro better than you, Mattel?
  7. This is what I should do #US1#
  8. I would like to get certain CnC figures, however I dont like the fact that to have a complete Bane, I will have to buy the complete wave 16, with most figures doing nothing for me.
  9. I agree. Every line has its limit. There are far fewer major, strong-selling characters to be released than there were several years ago. Now they're mining the Golden Age characters. There aren't a lot of heavy sellers there, and some have already been made (Spectre, Wildcat, etc). So we're quickly reaching a point where there are far fewer characters that people are going to want, and even fewer BAF/C&C possibilities (unless they go back to normal-sized ones like Metamorpho). It's also going to be harder to sell BAF/&C stuff because there are so few "needed" characters left. People won't buy 6 relatively obscure figures they don't want in order to get a BAF. The extortion days are coming to an end for Mattel. If they tackle the Legion of Superheroes, that alone will give them 2 years worth of releases and several decent BAF/C&Cs (Mordru, Validius, Computo, etc). Give them another 2 years to mine the rest of the Golden Age characters, the Fawcett characters, and the few odds and ends they haven't made yet (Martian Manhunter, etc). After that, they have few choices. They can release tons of variants, but people quickly sicken from being peddled the same stupid characters umpteen number of times. So that route won't work. There will be a few drones who will continue buying every tiny variant made, but nowhere near enough to support the line. Or, they can start doing obscure characters like Libra (the JLA villain), Korge (a great BAF!), Sensei, Replikon, and so on. Now those I would buy because I love so many of the obscure, forgotten characters. But again, not enough to support the line in general. How many people even remember these characters, much less want them? Or, they can discontinue the line. I think the last option is most likely. So I give it 5 years tops. It makes sense. I just want they would find a way to re-release these C&C figures.
  10. If you say so....I just dont like the idea to be forced to get things I dont want nor need to get what I really want.
  11. I go with this, it would be an easy task for Batman to defeat Snake Eyes.....Hell, you can even put Storm Shadow to help SE and Batman would still defeat both.
  12. I will be getting Cheetah, not interested on the others.
  13. This is the deal, I want a Darkseid figure, but, in order to get him completed, I have to get guys like Dr. Midnite, Eclipso or Iron. I dont want them. I dont even know who they are. They should offer an option to people like me who has very little interest on these characters. I know there is people out there who would like to get the entire JSA cast, or Teen Titans, even the Secret Society, but I would like to be able to get certain C&C figures w/o having to give up my unborn child on ebay for them. Ok, I feel better now @smilepunch@
  14. I need to know what the figures I need to buy are, in order to complete Darkseid. So far I have GITD Specter - He came with Darkseid's arm with the gloves. who else?
  15. I would like to know if these figures like Darkseid or Grundy are going to be released down the road because, on most of the time I feel kind of forced to buy some characters I dont even know, just to get the C&C piece. I know this is a marketing tactic to get lesser known characters sold, but anyways.
  16. The only 3 packs Ive seen in my country have been the Mantis one and the Deadman one.
  17. What do you mean with pin Head? Anyways, I all opposite; I like the DC superheroes more than DCU one. Why? Well, the size, DCUC seems to tower almost every other figure from its kind.
  18. i dont know, but i ordered the entire case from BBTS back in 2007..... I even got a Shadow Batman.
  19. How much are this set on retail? Im trying to find one on ebay but all are 30 and +
  20. Now all I need is the League United set to get Supergirl and Mr. Terrific
  21. bbts had some...I got Gemini there for 65 usd

  22. Im missing several, but I dont want them all. But I would like these: Black Canary Green Arrow Captain Cold The new Superman with short hair (The one that comes in the Gotham City pack)
  23. I got this pack, and the one I liked the most was Gentleman Ghost followed by Devil Ray and Tala. Its just that Im not a big fan of the Green Lantern mold for some characters....like with Amazo, Ive always thought they shoulded use Martian Manhunter's.
  24. Mine is the same as yours, so dont feel too bad....I had the same issue with my Batman Beyond figure where his T crotch was stucking his righ leg prevening his movement forward and back. I did order a 2nd one from ebay with the same issue and at the end, I opened both and made myself a good one. Now, my Dr. Fate has a stuck joint in his tight.....I tried the hot water trick to make the joint work, but its still stucked....Im leaving him that way until I can get a cheap replacement, since is not a big deal that he cant move his tight.
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