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  1. If you actually believe that, then you know nothing of world history, politics, or economics. If you actually beleive that, then please explain why the capitalist countries are far more advanced socially, politically, and economically than the rest of the world...c'mon...please...explain yourself. I'd say that you're backwards, but that would be a compliment. You're not backwards...you're completely clueless. #US1# WHAT are they teaching in schools today?!?!? china is pretty damn advanced and they're communist then again that's just me supporting my government type of choice in the words of thomas jefferson there should be a revolution every 20 years let the stoning begin because I believe in governments other than democracy. #hang@ Yet another post-er who is absolutely dead-wrong, and whose lack of understanding has actually proven my point. China is not "pretty damn[ed] advanced". 10% of the Chinese population live fairly well, by the standards of the entire world. The remaining 90% live in squalor, and this is a huge problem for China that they (naturally) don't report to the outside world, and that our far-left press refuses to tell us (it doesn't match the profile that you've so evidently swallowed...GULP!!!). Now...back to the 10% who live fairly well. Question: WHY do 10% of the Chinese people live "fairly well" ?? Hmmmm??? Answer: CAPITALISM. Yes..that's right. Capitalism. Here's a history lesson: When Deng Xiao Peng became General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in the mid 1970's, he was wise enough to realize that China's communist economic policies were doomed to failure...like the economic policies of ALL communists countries. The Party therefore made a concerted effort to slowly allow the devlopment of capitalism, in very small doses. The intent was twofold: to improve the economy, and to bamboozle the west in the propaganda wars, and lead them to believe that China was actually a mature, responsible nation. The Tianemann Square massacre in 1989 put an end to that for anyone with a brain...although many (mostly in the press...naturally) still don't get it. So in essence, China's adoption of a quasi-capitalist economic policy, with a heavy emphasis on trade and manufacturing has allowed 10% of the people to prosper. The rest still live in conditions reminiscent of the 19th century. As far as "advanced" is concerned...sorry...WRONG AGAIN. China is not considered a world leader in the development of new technology...never has been. However, they're very good at re-engineering technology that's already been developed...and even better at pirating it (they lead the world in copyright violations). Has this been helpful? I sincerely hope so. Oh...by the way...if you really do believe in other forms of Government than democracy, you must LOVE China!! They're a world leader in oppression. #US1#
  2. God accounts for the human mind. Hard science like math, physics, and chemistry account for all of the great scientific discoveries since antiquity and up to the present day that makes our lives better, safer, and more comfortable. Things like transportaion, medicine, and the computer on which you type your responses all came from "hard science"...not sociology. Sorry, but that is a fact. Don't try and dispute it, because you can't. The "orthodox view" according to who, exactly?? Are you making an allusion to the Christian perspective of man as innately sinful, or are you merely trying too sound sophisticated?? Seems like you're atttempting to say that "mankind" is the sum of the empirical as well as the metaphysical...in other words, both "science and spirit". Fine. But just say it. Don't confuse psychology, which is a semi-hard science that enables us to decipher and analyze human behavior, with sociology, which is a non-academic pseudo-science that is rife with victimology, and prone to continual change due to social-political influences. I'm sorry...what????? No...all knowledge is not equally important. As an example, understanding how to count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide is far more important than knowing who wins "American Idol", whether Britney will ever perform again, or the sociological implications of Hip-Hop. Yes...it is. You say this because you don't understand it. I'll demonstrate... The scenario you describe is a Randian-perspective best described as "objectivism". This viewpoint, advocated by Ayn Rand, posits that pure, unabated capitalism is the purest form of human endeavor because it enables mankind, or, more specifically, certain members of mankind to achieve their fullest potential, unfettered by the interests of "the state", or "the people" (I'm over-simplifying Rand, of course...). While not explicitly elitist, "objectivism" does elevate certain members of society above others, not in a legal sense, but in a moral sense. Ayn Rand was a brilliant person, and Objectivism was a reaction to the increasing growth of state power (specifically socialism and communism) that she rightly understood was a threat to capitalism, and thus to human achievement. However, I do not personally subscribe to "Objectivism", since it is also (paradoxically) inherently atheist...like socialism and communism. But I will say that Rand explicitly understood human nature, and that the vast majority of human achievement is accomplished through incentives. Capitalism, combined with political freedom, is the only system that explicitly provides incentives (otherwise known as "money"...) for people to achieve and accomplish great things that benefit MANY, not a few, as you so wrongly assert. If you disagree, please point to the great economic and societal accomplishments of socialist/communist nations. These are nations that expressly destroyed capitalist systems and replaced them with state-planned economies. As a result, the economies of these nations disintegrated. Simply put, people won't work for nothing. Only a sociologist would fail to understand that. Please re-read the above response...again...and again, if need be. Capitalism serves the needs of the many, by allowing individuals to achieve great things in order to obtain "evil profits". If you still don't grasp it, then make a list of all the people you know who don't want their lives to be better. It's a very short list, right? Well guess what? Capitalism and the evil "profit motive" enable them to do that. Incentives...that pesky word... Yes...and I'm willing to bet that I understand it better to you. The Labor movement is based on socialist principles, and is inherently anti-capitalist. It had noble beginings, but in the modern sense, it is a morally-bankrupt, corrupt, and decrepit movement that is DIRECTLY responsible for a loss of American industrial competitiveness, the relocation of American industry overseas, outsourcing, the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs, and idiocy like mimimum-wage laws that hurt low-income workers. Wanna' tell me more about "Labor history"?? So you've also bought into the myth that America is the great polluter and destroyer of the environment? I'm not surprised. If the entire planet subscribed to American ideals, freedom and wealth would abound. Do you actually believe that the great wealth, power, and prestige of America is an accident?? It's not. It is the DIRECT result of a system based on political freedom and pluralism, Judeo-Christian values, and CAPITALISM. By the way...the Free Market is actually the BEST way to protect the environment. The market responds to social pressures in order to maintain profits. In other words, if a particular company adopts a "green" business philosophy and attracts customers by doing so, that's good business...and that's capitalism. I hope this insightful mini-lecture has been helpful. #US1#
  3. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have asked for a more cliche-filled response!!! Now, let's begin to dissect you talking points...this should be FUN! Sorry, but no. My personal preferences have nothing to do with it. Facts are facts...and the fact of the matter is that mathematics IS a "hard science", meaning that by and large, it's priciples haven't been corrupted by soft, squishy, flavor-of-the-month academic theories. On the other hand, "Sociology" is nothing but soft, squishy, flavor-of-the-month academic theories that have little use in the real world. I guess we know what your personal preferences are... You're wrong on so many levels here that I don't know where to begin. As I stated previously, you know little of economics, politics, or world history. This response proves it...again. Capitalism is great because capitalism is the great equalizer. It is the most humane, most compassionate, and most liberal form of economic policy that has EVER existed. Because of capitalism and the "profit motive" (as you so derisively refer to it), we live in a world where incredibly smart and incredibly dedicated people are free to accomplish amazing things that benefit mankind, all in the name of "evil" profits. The reason that so many people live poverty and desperation is due to a lack of capitalism, NOT because of it. They live in societies (mostly socialist societies) that are neither politically nor economically free, and they suffer greatly from it. The best example is where they choose to go when they get a chance to leave the crap-hole countries they live in - they come here, to the USA, to seek a better life in a free, capitalist system. In other words, if the entire world was a lot like the USA, then the world would be a much better place. Hopefully, that makes sense to you now. I absolutely love it when people say "paradigm"...it's a way of sounding smart, without acrtually saying anything. While we're on the subject...what "paradigm" do you operate from? Looks like one that is incredibly weak on economics, politics, history, and how the world actually works. In that regard, I'm happy to help you achieve your "shift"... @loll@
  4. The more you write, the more you project your ignorance onto other people. You sound like you graduated from the school of Bill O'Reily. Try thinking outside the box for a sec and maybe you'll see the world through a broader lens. Sociology is "meaningless" you say? That's like saying History or Math is meaningless. Dude, get a clue. @loll@ Comparing hard science like math or a true academic discipline like history to a pseudo-academic "non-discipline" like Sociology is about what I'd expect from someone whose "nom-de-plume" is "SatanLovesYou". By the way, other than attacking my position, let's hear you try and refute it. Go ahead...try. I'm all giddy with anticipation at what will most certainly be your stunning insights. Also...the phrase "thinking outside the box" is most often applied by folks who truly can't...as your reply illustrates. Thank me very much! @loll@
  5. You sound like you've taken a few courses in economics, considering you know the theory, but don't seem to understand the practice or are a blind elitist, which I sincerely hope not, though you do seem to believe I favor communism (another knee-jerk reaction). Might I suggest you also take a few sociology courses? They go a long way towards painting a complete picture. More than a few. And I know both the theory and the practice...can you say the same?? And you're probably unaware of this, but whether or not you favor communism, your rhetoric is Socialism 101. By the way, a course in Sociology, which is a meaningless, non-academic discipline, won't help you understand economics...but they will feed a grievance "us-vs.-them" mentality. Elitist? Hardly. It's not my fault that I know more about this than you do. Take advantage of our great, near-perfect capitalist system, and get an education.
  6. No, that's why individual capitalist nations work. Not the world as a whole. If you know anything about capitalism, you know that in a capitalist society, someone has to get the short stick, by definition. If there are rich folk, then it's inevitable that there will also be poor folk. Translate that into nations: when there are rich nations (the West), there's also going to be poor nations (essentially everyone else). This is what you should have been thinking about when you saw the term "the world." I think you should have considered what you were saying before going into a condescending knee-jerk reaction. You're only making your fellow Americans look like uneducated tools. Thanks again for proving my point. You know nothing about economics, and next-to-nothing about world history or politics. Your assertion that "in a capitalist society, someone has to get the short stick, by definition. If there are rich folk, then it's inevitable that there will also be poor folk" is sophomoric, and 100% dead-wrong. The economy is not a zero-sum game. In other words, the reason you don't have a yacht is NOT because the guy down the street has one, and he took yours. The reason he has one is because he worked his ass of and earned it, while you didn't. And that's makes you jealous...and envious. Envy and class anger do not combine to make a viable economic or political system. They make socilaism and communism, two of the most absolutely inefficient systems ever developed. Capitalism is actually the great equalizer, because it separates the wheat from the chaff. People rise and fall on their own abilities and ambition, and provide that you're not breaking the law, the sky's the limit - as well it should be. So, in essence, if capitalist nations "work", and the rest of the world doesn't, it's because the rest of the world isn't capitalist. And don't try some lame example like China...the only reason China is economically viable is precisely because they adopted free-market, capitalistic reforms n the 1980's that allowed them to prosper today. I did consider what I was saying...and I stand by it completely. Again (with feeling): You know nothing about economics. The state of our educational system is pathetic.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if we see HML 3, and not much else... @hmmm@
  8. Are these confirmed "LEGENDS" waves, or are we getting new lines for HULK and FF, all with their own BAF strategy??? ...soooo confused...
  9. If you actually believe that, then you know nothing of world history, politics, or economics. If you actually beleive that, then please explain why the capitalist countries are far more advanced socially, politically, and economically than the rest of the world...c'mon...please...explain yourself. I'd say that you're backwards, but that would be a compliment. You're not backwards...you're completely clueless. #US1# WHAT are they teaching in schools today?!?!?
  10. You've got to be joking. Oil is causing the price on almost everything to go up, gasoline not included. the cost of oil maybe high here in north america but it is cheaper in other countries. then again you might not have known that. so it still costs the same as it did with toybiz. so once again it boils down to one thing , and that is GREED!!! Why is it "GREED" ???? I like to make money. Presumably, you do, too...or do you work for free? (if, in fact, you actually have a job) Companies like too make money...in fact, that's why they exist...to make money, and turn a profit for their investors. So why is HASBRO, or the oil companies, "greedy"?? They are offering a service, for which they'd like to be paid. That's capitalism. It's a beautiful thing. It's why the world works. It brings freedom...and keeps costs low. So again...Why is it "GREED" ????
  11. Bonz X

    Iron Man HOT!

    ...You mean "gay" like half-naked, sweaty, overly-steroidal guys wrestling with each other, or some other kind of "gay"?? @loll@
  12. Sorry, but I find this rumor hard to believe. Not impossible...but hard to believe. IMO, it's being driven by people who are justifiably ticked-off about the distribution on Wave 2. I can't believe that Hasbro would go to the trouble to aquire the license, then kill it after 2 waves. It would be an admission of titanic failure, especially considering that TOY-BIZ managed to do 17 complete waves and was still going strong when the license was taken from them (in the middle of 2006, the greatest year EVER for Marvel Legends...) It is possible that Wave 3 will be delayed, and maybe (maybe!) in response to fan criticisms of the first two waves - perhaps they're trying to improve the paint apps and detailing. I expect this line to continue for some time now. But if Hasbro can't pull it off...maybe someone else will #US1#
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