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  1. I assume Megs will be a tank, just as I assume there will be a new toy line for the movie. Alternators, while quite lovely, were designed with collecters, not kids in mind. Toys based on a movie based on a toy line will be designed and marketed with kids in mind, with the average Autobot being a deluxe, that sort of thing. At least this is what I consider a logical guess, and what I would do if I wanted to sell more toys.
  2. What I like about Alternators is they have what made the G1 cars cool, but 21st century articulation and detailing. I would rather plunk down $20 on an Alternator than $30 on a reissue.
  3. I liked it back in the day, but yeah, its dated. And Boogie Nights helped put that in perspective. But I confess, last time I watched the movie, I got a chill when it started playing right before Optimus brought the beatdown on the cons. But truth be told, I dont really like the movie much.
  4. I concur utterly on Dead End. Got him a month ago after no TF's for a while, and now I cant get enough of alternators. Unlike Smoke/Silver, and Hound, the steering wheel is high enough to provide legroom for a lego minifig, so my Dead End has a targetmaster partner. Sorry, no pic's, if you have legos just try it. This is making me reconsider my inital decision to pass on Sideswipe based on a convertable being a poor disguise, no driver and all.
  5. You could just pretend that Hound is creating a hologram of a roof @loll@
  6. After not getting a new TF in ages ( or posting here in ages ) just picked up alt Dead End and Hound. Tracks is at the top of my want list, but I have yet to see him.
  7. Weather or not I get this guy is dependent on weather I like the minicons he comes with. BTW, anyone know if any of the upcoming repaints coming with minicons are remolded with powerlinx pegs since, well, they come with minicons? I know thats a hopeful stretch for the Universe line, but hey, it would be cool.
  8. Intresting, so both these bad boys are going to be deluxes, yes? When I 1st saw pics of them seperate I just assumed Swoop was a basic and Grimmy was same scale as Jetfire and Ironhide, just cause I assumed he would be not small. Can Swoop in fact powerlink? I would assume if these boys could combine we would have seen it in the pics.
  9. Im gonna hold out for these guys. The current megs is too big for my taste. All the con' heavy hitters are about the same size, Scorponok, the Armada seekers, RID megs and Scourge, BW neo Magmatron to name a few. I want an Energon Megs that I can pose next to these guys and looks right.
  10. FREAKIN AWESOME! Havent had money for TFs for the past few months, so I havent been keeping up, and today I decide to get updated. First I see pics of a new Grimlock, and now this! And to think, I was saying that there may not be any more after Shockblast that I want @smilepunch@
  11. Smokescreen and MP Prime look great together, no question. I passed on Sideswipe, just because I think the new mold dosent do justice to the original, which is still one of my faves. Tracks Im looking forward to. My big complaint is a red face with a mouth, I loved the black faceplate look. Tracks is the only one of my old TF's that was broken (stupid cousin) so the only reissue I plunked down $30 for, but my 80's version had a black, not red faceplate, so I switched em out, and Tracks lives again!
  12. I love getting a ball rolling........ I understand the wanting a rare fig thing, I confess that I went through something like that with Stormjet, but I dont ever intend to get rich off my collection. When I worked At KB toys ( the store I worked at no longer existing @grumpy@ ) and all that RID stuff hit clearance 1.5 years I intercepted a few Stormjets, which I paid $6 a pop for. They had already dropped from their $45 value to about $15 on their collecters market. And Ive given them all away since then except for my first two. One was a wedding present to a buddy, another was a christmas present, and another was a transfan in my art class that I barely knew, but the guy was out of work and wanted him, so I said WTF. I can be a selfish bastard, but I also think the joy should be spread. The entirety of geek culture ( any culture for that matter ) trades and borrows off itself, the more it gets around, the more it will grow.
  13. True there have been some good bots ( as a side note I passed on Overload holding out for Ultra Magnus, who I never found @grumpy@ ) but I still have a fondness for the RID bots. They were a little more complex than they needed to be, Sideburn and Prowl had chicken legs, and ball joints dont age well, this is all true, but with them the emphasis was on design and detail. Armada and Energon are too gimick oriented. On the con side RID only gave us one new mold, but since then we have gotten a new generation of seekers, the baddest Scorpinok ever, and soon, the return of Shockwave! My Energon Rodimus is a neat figure, but I know better can be done.
  14. Setting aside the 'ghost' thing, Starscream is hands down the most dangerous. I see him as the fastest and most skilled flier of the seekers, plus that null-ray can be pretty nasty. Taking an example like Ramjet, he may me physically stronger and better armored, but not as skilled or cunning. I think in TF lore Screamer has moved past the 7 skill ranking. Now, we have Sunstorm, who has a lot more raw power true, but he's an irrational nutter, and I would still fear Screamer in the long run. How many times has Starscream talked his way out of being killed?
  15. G1 is pretty even in my mind. Armada, cons were better hands down. In fact I havent had a really satisfying Autobot since RID.
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