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  1. Tn is a big state were in Tn did you get yours.
  2. Thanks Im very happy with him. I was unsure how it would look but once I got it painted I was very happy.
  3. Fire fly is pretty much done but Ghost rider needs some work
  4. Thanks for all the comment guys. I know most of you arent S6 fans but you do like the customs and work people put into them so thanks. I have a few more to add soon.
  5. Yo Joe Tell me what you think
  6. Serpentor with his cape back as some of you asked for. And Luke Skywalker Obi Won and Darth Vader from my darker Universe of Star wars.Customs
  7. Has anyone seen or gotten the new S6 Destro Just wondering
  8. Most are still being worked on so keep that in mindS6 Link is at the end of the above sentence
  9. You do a great job on hair sculpts very nice, I always have problems with hair. How did you do Outbacks beard
  10. Yea, I love the A-Team. I did them in desert camo because I thought if I was going to up date them they would have to be in a more recent war. Like, Desert Storm were they were robbed the bank of baghdad instead of the bank of hanoi. I liked the idea anyway. And i know Vietnam was not a war but a conflict and they robbed the bank under orders from a trader so lets not get in to all that.
  11. Thanks, I really dont care much for how they make the S6 either but they are great to fix up.
  12. Destro33

    S6 customs

    NIce, Im pretty happy with them some I wish were better but if i got them as good as i wanted id never be done
  13. Destro33

    S6 customs

    Thanks guys for you interest and kind words
  14. Destro33

    S6 customs

    Thanks yea thats the only reason I but them is to fix them up. No, hes suppose to be Murdock from the A-Team.I havent started any super hero customs yet, but Im thinking of doing batman.
  15. Destro33

    S6 customs

    Joe Customs Lots of guy some Ive posted before some I have not. If you have any questions on them just ask.
  16. Yea, Its a hard one to cast, no one seems right.
  17. EXACTLY! comic book movies are based on comic books that have toys that simply supplement them. G.I. Joe is a toyline first and foremost, with comics and cartoons that supplement them. this creates a different dynamic. No its not, and movies arent just based on toys.The ones that are suck BUt Ok, if you want its based on the toys. Which is not the best idea. Or really what they should do. But its a stupid script.And im sure they wont use it. If you recall they had 4 different complete scripts for Indiana Jones 4 and they scrapped them all and redid it till they got this one that they are going to use. So I guess we will see. I dont think id even go see it if it is made with this script. But its always good throwing ideas around with you guys.
  18. Pretty much I think what most of us think, Props to you Dprime
  19. quote"you're wrong. there is a big difference between adapting a book and making a G.I. Joe movie simply based on the idea of a military unit that battles an evil terrorist organization. a book is a story with a plot, characters and exposition already established and you take that same plot, characters and exposition and simply transfer it from paper to film, making cinematic changes where necessary. adapting a book is not the same as adapting an idea. taking a single issue or series of issues of the comic and adapting them would be the same thing, but not simply taking the basic principle of the idea and making a movie out of it. I hope this EXTREMELY SIMPLE DYNAMIC is apparent to you now.<quote > Every comic book move is based on the comic book, not the toy line Im not and have not been saying it should be a direct copy of the comic, but it should stay true to its roots, as all good comic movies do. So Am I wrong, Were did the Spider- man movie come from a book, or X-men,or batman,superman or any other super hero movie. They all came from comic books. They all have had toys before the movie so the your argument about not liking the comic but the toys can still be made. But its not a strong point, there are toys for everything. But most movies arent based on them. There based on established material. What i was trying to say is that the movie should not just be base on the toys but on the spirt of GI. joe as seen in the comics as with all good comic book movies,and this movies not.I IT won't be made this way and hopefully the new script will be better. I hope my EXTREMELY SIMPLE way of explaining it to you can be understood. I hate to be aggressive, but if you keep insulting every one and talking down to us your going to get it back. But in the end it dosent matter, cause i dont think you care or will listen. I think Dprime was right you just argueing to be argueing.
  20. the difference is HUGE. LOTR is a book with a specific plot and story, in which that plot and story was simply adapted from being a book to a movie. G.I. Joe is not a story or a book which is being adapted. it is a movie based on a toyline about Joe vs Cobra. there is nothing to change or betray, simply an idea, that being a military team vs an enemy called Cobra, to adapt into a movie and story which will be accessible to a large movie going audience, not a bunch of man-children dedicated to the toy. What????? The Gi Joe that everyone relates to is not the toys per say when you think of a film being made its the Comic book or Cartoon from the 80s so there is a big story line to betray. And you could say its based on a toy line but you could say that about X-men spawn,spider man all kinds of movies, but writers dont get there ideas from the toys they get them from the comic or cartoons, but mainly from the comics of that entity. There are many ways to do this. Even an origin story is not necessarily bad, most comic book movies do that to take in non-fans so they feel like they know whats going on. Such as X-men But this oh Duke and Rex are best friends Oh save your friend Duke is crap. And your right Pit viper Cobras not in it Its MARs Destro's group. And Destro makes Cobra Commander what ever, Its like a bad version of the Serpentor saga. Im sorry, sounds like another Spawn to me. It may be a good movie if it was not based on Gi Joe but it is so theres alot of history to stay true to. That doesn't mean you cant change things around some and still stay true, Like the new Batman movie alot was changed but it stayed very true I think and did great. So what you have to ask yourself is will It be a Spawn or an X-men. There were changes in both but one did much much better, why it stayed true to the characters and to the comic. So, I hope this clears things up for you gscbr. We are not a bunch of "man-children" that are blindly devoted to a toy line were devoted to the essence of GI JOE as stated in their comics and to a lesser extent cartoons.
  21. Yea, Hannibal was in the older side but Nielson is 80 years old George Peppard was only 66 when he died in 1994. So I think hes too old to play Hannibal. And you are right the A-team was a funny as cool and action packed but Nielson does slapstick comedy and thats what most people would think if they saw him in it. I dont want it to be that type of movie. I like Mr T alot, but if they re did the show into a movie they would not cast him as BA they might have him in it as a cameo but thats it. They would most likely get someone like Ving Rhames or Michael Clarke Duncan to play him. Scotty97 Im not sure i am with you on those guys either. But Bill Pullman is the best Hannibal idea so far. On a side note Im not trying to put anybodies idea down I really thank you guys for posting here. But Im really a fan of the A-Team and want to get a good cast line up. Not reason why I just want to. And im sure you guys are big A-Team fans to or you wouldnt be posting, so i think you guys feel me on this
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