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  1. So we've got 6 of the 7, with Superman coming soon enough (sooner if you got the box set). We've also got two of the new JLA coming, the new Green Lantern Baz and Green Arrow. Hopefully Martian Manhunter and Savage Hawkman will follow. Back to the Justice League, they should now do a Big 7 villian wave (even wrap up the end of the year with a similar box set). Only problem I have is who are the seven villians? Batman - Have to go with the New 52 Joker here. HUGE storyline around him right now, and while he may not be in the Justice League comic, he is the ultimate Bat-villian. Aquaman - Easy one here, as Black Manta has seen some serious book time. Removable helmet to show scarred face a plus. Wonder Woman - Cheetah just had a story in the book. This figure would be a fine addition. Flash - Captain Cold or Grodd? Green Lantern - Would rather see Sinestro go back to the bad guy here. Black Hand? Cyborg - Haven't a clue? Maybe Brainiac? Superman - Have not kept up with the New 52 Superman. Any good ones appearing lately?
  2. Figure looks great, and I'm digging the new show on the CW. This figure will look great with the New 52 group. Would really like to see Batgirl, Hawkman, Mera and Grifter added, as well as some bad guys (preferably not in the $90 range too).
  3. On the fence for the Green Arrow figure. Love the figure itself, but I stopped with the book simply because it just wasn't Ollie to me. I hope the figures are the same scale as the New 52 Justice League (and by figures I mean that new GL, Baz, and this particular one). That will probably seal the deal for me, at least for Green Arrow (just not warming up to Baz...do we really need a fifth GL?). If the lines are the same (and I think they probably are), then I hope they add Hawkman (verly likely since Baz & Green Arrow will be done already, and all three are in the new Justice League of America) and Batgirl (surprised it's taking this long).
  4. Seems the Mego-style of figures are making a big comeback. We saw a complete line of Star Trek, and now Star Trek: TNG ones are hitting shelves. One of the most recent ones to hit was the Steve Austin / Six Million Dollar Man figure from Big Bang Pow. For nostalgia reasons alone, I had to pick this guy up. For the most part, I love it. The red jumpsuit, the bionic arm and legs. My only complaint was that I thought the head sculpt was a little off. I didn't feel it quite got the Lee Majors look down, but, in the end, I just couldn't resist. Big Foot also came out, and I haven't decided if I want him or not. Oscar and a Fembot are coming, and a Rudy was already released as a convention exclusive (not a big fan of those). Wonder if Jamie Sommers is a possibility?
  5. Yeah, every year we see a few at the Hallmark store. I saw 3 Avengers (Thor/Cap/Iron Man), Green Lantern, Batman, Spider-Man, Catwoman & Lion-O. Mediocre sculpts, and the same heroes over and over year after year. Years ago Disney (hello Marvel!) had these cool boxes that were shaped like a hardcover book, and had 5-7 well-sculpted characters from a Disney movie. Let's take that idea and make the same boxes in comic display with 5 well-sculpted characters who, when you place a Christmas light in some of them, light-up. X-Men Set: Wolverine, Colossus, Rogue, Angel (on top of the tree?) and Beast X-Men Light-Up Set: Cyclops, Psylocke, Gambit (eyes & cards), Iceman and Storm Avengers Set: Captain America, Hawkeye, Falcon, Hulk, and Wasp Avengers Light-Up Set: Iron Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel and Thor FF Set: Thing, Torch (light-up), Reed, Sue and Silver Surfer Marvel Heroes Set: Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elecktra, Doctor Strange and Namor I would love my tree to be set up with these. I obviously went the Marvel route, but DC could be done the same way.
  6. Since we saw 8 in Wave 1, I'll toss out 8 I would love to see in the "hopeful" Wave 2: 1. Barney Rubble 2. Huckleberry Hound (he got the 6 inch treatment, now let's see the 3 inch version) 3. Wally Gator 4. Dy-no-mutt 5. George Jetson 6. Muttley 7. Snagglepuss 8. Hong Kong Phooey (see Huckleberry Hound) A six inch Grape Ape (or, even better, if it were a little bigger) would go great in this line as well. I would also suggest maybe 2-packs of smaller characters, since there are numerous ones who should be about half the size of the 3 inch characters (or smaller), including Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, Gazoo, Boo-Boo, Elroy, Morocco Mole, Augie Doogie, etc...
  7. Took advantage of that sale as well, and got Captain Caveman & Secret Squirrel. Now I really want to know who will make the Wave 2 cut, and when!
  8. Really love that Flinstones car, as well as Pebbles & Bam Bam. Did a little hunting online, and here's what I found. Captain Caveman seems to be out. He's the small 3 inch version from Jazwares, and some guy on ebay had 4 to sell from California. Saw on Entertainment Earth two more of the 6 inch figures coming soon: Fred Flintstone with bowling ball and Tom. These two are the same size as Huckleberry Hound and Hong Kong Phooey. Again on ebay, saw someone selling a 6 inch Fred, so I guess he's out now as well. Ironically, seems another company is also putting out a Hanna-Barbera line: X Plus USA. I saw four so far at a scale of 3.75 inches, including Dick Dastardly, Fred Flintstone, Scooby Doo and Zandor.
  9. Got Rosie & Tom (yep, I caved) at a Toys R Us in NJ for $6.99 each. Tom is perfect, but Rosie, while on moving wheels, is a bit tough to stand up on her own. I'll have to figure something out for that. Looking forward to Captain Caveman and Secret Squirrel.
  10. Wow. I would have been happy if 6 people READ the review, but comments as well? Gives me a lot of hope for the line, or should I say lines? Two things: 1. Yes, I said lines. Hong Kong Phooey, Space Ghost & Huckleberry Hound are from the same company, but a different line. They are in the 8 to 12 inch range. Very cool looking, and great sculpts. I was tempted, and am still on the fence for these, but, for me, the problem is space. 50 3-4 inch figures (a guy can dream) is still much easier to display than 50 8-12 inch figures. The larger ones would virtually take up a whole display case, as opposed to one shelf for all the little guys. 2. Saw on the toy web sites (BBTS, etc...) that Secret Squirrel and Captain Caveman will be joining the smaller line in October. I believe larger ones will also be coming out then as well. Jazwares, if you read this, you may want to update your site! Give us some information, and show us some pictures. I'm guessing Captain Caveman & Secret Squirrel are like a Wave 1.5, but who's making the cut in Wave 2 (Barney, Wally Gator, Scooby?), and when? Thanks to who posted the pictures! You can actually see how goofy that hat looks on Fred, but I'm just happy we got a Fred! Maybe a bowling ball would have been better.
  11. So Jazwares has decided to put out a line of Hanna-Barbera figures. The figures are 3-4 inches tall, and fully poseable with multiple-points of articulation. Wave 1 consists of two from the The Flintstones (Fred & Dino), Yogi Bear, Rosie the Robot (from The Jetsons), and Tom & Jerry. What I like: The line itself is a great idea. Classic animated friends brought back to the toy aisles. Along with characters from the aforementioned Wave 1, the back package has two indications we'll see more. One being the logos, including the addition of Captain Caveman and Secret Squirrel, and the other being the picture seen on the back, with a host of HB characters (Quick Draw, Dyno-mutt, Jabber Jaws, Magilla Gorilla, Wally Gator, and many, many more). The price is right as well. At the Toys R Us in Times Square, they ran for $7.99 each. What I am neutral on: The accessories didn't bowl me over, but I wasn't really interested in them for this reason. Fred comes with a BROWN Water Buffalo hat (and we all know it should have been BLUE). While the hat has a peg in it and Fred's head a hole for said peg, it just looks ridiculous. My Fred will not be wearing his hat. Yogi Bear has a picnic basket, and Dino a bone, and these are fine, but again, not why I wanted them. What I dislike: Jerry. I mentioned these figures were 3-4 inches high, but a 3-4 inch Jerry standing next to a 3-4 inch Tom does not work. Jerry should have been Tom's accessory, maybe half an inch high (or less). I passed on Jerry, and Tom for that matter, and, based on what was left on the shelf, it would seem many others felt the same way (Rosie was gone and I got the last Fred, with 1 Dino & Yogi left as well. The rest were all Tom & Jerry). Tom & Jerry should be redone and added to a future wave (heck, the same Tom is fine, just change the accessory to a little Jerry), and scale should be considered on all future figures (Pebbles, Bam Bam, Jabber Jaws, etc...). Overall, I give them 4 out of 5 stars. As I said, I love this idea, and the line has potential, with so many great characters to choose from. Watch the scale and paint colors, and keep them coming! One final note for thought: How cool would it be if they made a Yogi's Ark for a display case for them!
  12. Flash? The back of the Aquaman & GL say August, but I'm not holding my breath..
  13. Who in their right mind would launch a new line with a convention-only exclusive?
  14. Anyone know when these are coming out? Thought it was June 2012, but with the 27th now behind us, that didn't happen.
  15. HUSH Batman was better. The good: Desperately looking for a positive...well, they do plan on making all 7. The bad: No base or accessories. Had to weed through many to find one with decent paint apps. The flesh color around the cowl was sloppy, and there were black specs on the arms. The ugly: $19.99! Really? For the same price I got a Marvel Select Hulk which was at least four times the size, had better paint apps AND came with a base. This felt like a $5.00 figure for $20.00. Final analysis: Green Lantern and Aquaman (and the rest) better a) knock our socks off, and be in-scale. Lowering the price wouldn't hurt either.
  16. Wasn't high on my list, but I have a strong feeling as more come out that I want, I'm going to wish I had it. Figured I'd save myself an eBay auction. We've seen the 7 and a Parademon. Have they shown Darkseid yet? Are they adding more to the line? Batgirl? Green Arrow? More villians? The solicits each month have been rather weak.
  17. Looks like DC Direct's (or whatever they call themselves now) comes out tomorrow (5/30). While not the most desired by me in the bunch (GL & Aquaman are the top 2 I want), I think I'll have to pick it up. They do have potential to be really good. Hopefully, they will.
  18. DC opened Pandora's box with this, so time to have some fun! Who is and isn't likely to be the one... Batman - With teen wonders and a bat cave, probably very low on the possibility scale. Atom - Wow. If it does turn out to be Ray, the jokes are going to fly. Nightwing - I think Dick has potential (slapping myself for typing that). Pre-52, he was almost axed (both book & character), so it could be a stunt to try and build the character back up again. Green Arrow - Womanizer with severe commitment issues. Green Lantern (Hal) - If there were ever two characters would use their fame to score, it'd be Hal & Ollie. Hawkman - Wrote about it before. DC is trying to shake the whole Hawkman / Hawkgirl couple. That would work. Jimmy Olsen - Seems a front-runner, based on these boards. Wasn't there a Superman movie script years back that caused such an uproar, and in it Jimmy was gay? Lit the boards up. Maybe DC is trying to get lightning to strike twice. Aquaman - Not likely, since Aquaman is one of the few bright spots from this new 52, and Mera is a big part of that. Plastic Man - See Atom. Apache Chief - He did moonlight with the Village People. Flash - Another front-runner, although many see it being Wally & not Barry. On the one hand, Wally is all but obsolete now that Barry is back, so it certainly is one way to bring him back. Firestorm - Ronnie plays the tough but dumb jock, so it could be interesting to see how that played out. Martian Manhunter - See Plastic Man & Atom (credit to someone who posted that one earlier). Hawk - Could explain why he's always so angry. Lobo- Gay or straight, nobody's going near that.
  19. Remember when comics used to be fun? Sure, there were some back stories, like Wolverine wanting Jean but Jean loved Scott triangle, Gambit & Rogue, even Superman & Lois Lane, but the soapy stuff was always in the background, and at the heart of a story was a simple "good vs. evil" action-packed fun-filled comic. All for diverse teams and characters who work together for the good of all, but man, General Hospital and Melrose Place couldn't hold a candle to what goes on in the books today.
  20. Has every possible hero been created? Couldn't a new character be created and introduced to the DC universe? It's as bad as when they get rid of a hero to put in the same hero, but he or she is now ethnic. Can't the existing characters be left alone and new ones be added in? I guess not. I liked reading comics because they were full of action, adventure and escapism. I don't give a rat's butt who's dating who, gay or straight. If that's what I wanted to read, I'd picked up a cheap paperbook with Fabio on the cover. The comic industry continues to fade, and it won't be long before they are gone. The cost alone is driving many away, and they aren't getting the new readers, while the existing ones are getting pretty tired of the same nonsense both Marvel & DC are putting out. Hoping off my soapbox, if I had to guess, the two that come to mind would be Hawkman (as DC desperately tries to shatter the Hawkman / Hawkgirl romance seen over the last 50 years or so), or Firestorm (guessing the jock one). Many have joked Aquaman, but the Aquaman / Mera thing seems to be a hit, and she brings a new dynamic to a once dead title.
  21. Only the boards are shutting down. DC Direct is still making figures. Toy Fair recently saw a new Parademon (sp?) for the new JL-52 line. Have to figure a Darkseid is on the way as well.
  22. Wonder if we'll see a wave of DC fans swing over here, since DC is shutting down all their boards. I get the feeling the New 52 is beginning to lose steam, and they feel all the negative comments on the boards are hurting the chances of success (nothing to do with destroying classic characters and losing long-time fans while not picking up new ones). The more the merrier. DC Direct has made some pretty good lines, but issues with scale, completing lines, and delays have haunted them. The Green Lantern line is going still going strong, thanks to Blackest Night and stories afterwards. I'm on the fence with the Jim Lee JL line. Aquaman & GL are two I'm getting, but I'm having a hard time warming up to the others.
  23. Have to agree this reboot is sinking fast. Dropped Green Arrow after issue 1, and am now dropping Green Lantern. Bored beyond belief with the whole Sinestro GL story. The only two I still will get are Aquaman and JL, although Aquaman could easily be in the "legendary" universe, and I'd rather see Jim Lee drawing the real Legends.
  24. I like Green Lantern & Aquaman the best. Would have rather seen the Jim Lee versions of the classic JLA. When he did the Superman story, he had some great versions of Superman, Aquaman and some guy called Martian Manhunter. Superman isn't alone in the "what-the-heck-have-they-done-to-them" characters. I was a big fan of Green Arrow, but until the real Ollie comes back (goatee and all), I ain't going anywhere near the new Smallville-version. Dropped Green Lantern as well. Sinestro as a GL is not working for me.
  25. Shipwreck was, and is, my favorite Joe. I was so bummed when Palisades dropped the G.I.Joe bust line. Shipwreck was due to be one of the next ones made.
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