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  1. I'd love to see the market research that told them this was a worthwhile move...
  2. $120 for fancy packaging?! These same figures have been released on roughly 5 occasions: with Epic Mickey figures - twice, in different types of packaging; again as singles; then as Walgreen's exclusives; and a SDCC exclusive - and despite all of these re-releases and repaints, Diamond still couldn't figure out a way to release the Recognizer, once, for fans? What makes these 3 re-releases so special? Seriously, show the property some actual respect, or give it a rest. $120 for a new package of figures released literally 3 to 5 times over is just insulting.
  3. I don't get how this is a thing? The Target run was one run; now they're promising a second run that is made-to-order, with no bottom line of how many the need to go back into production?
  4. I cannot believe this took almost a whole day to sell out. I thought it would be an instant sell out. Kudos to Super7 for making it so available to fans. So much better than these other under-a-minute sell outs, which are nothing but inconsiderate.
  5. I think the sculpt choices are hit are miss with this line and between size and cost I'm not in on it, but this figure is rad. If I were collecting this line, this figure would be a MUST have.
  6. Aside from the TREMENDOUS and warranted concerns over Walmart's reckless care with consumer product and shoddy shipping methods, their site is not designed for the kind of traffic an event like this will trigger. They botched the NECA Casey/Raph debut, and this SDCC stuff will likely be no different. Fills any sane man's heart with cursed dread, me hearties.
  7. Why couldn't NECA just do a Kickstarter or take pre-orders themselves? Why are they giving Walmart a cut of their profit? Moms and kids are NOT the ones buying this $#*! - collectors are the ones checking multiple times per day or week, collectively, that little random shelf of figures hidden away in the video game section at the back of the store to buy versions of characters from a movie that came out like 30 years ago. Collectors are the ones ferreting out the unsearchable Walmart.com item page in advance of the indeterminate release date/time and scrambling to place an order all at the same time, usually in the middle of a work day (how convenient), until the page inevitably freezes or crashes with a sellout in seconds. That's assuming any stock in store or online hasn't been immediately scooped up by bots or scalpers first. Casual buyers are never seeing this product or getting any reasonable chance to actually acquire it when collectors have to fight tooth and nail for it, or pay 2-3x MSRP on eBay. So, why even bother bringing this stuff to retail at all? Retail: an old invention that is sick and dying. If NECA has to placate the Walmart beast that demands fealty and exclusives, NECA couldn't offer less essential things? Stupid repaints. Go for it. But all these first releases of key characters? Not even just first to retail, like Hasbro will sometimes do. How much less would NECA earn by selling its own exclusives on its website or through another online retailer? Look at Super7 and McFarlane. Grow a pair. Figure it out. Get a better attorney to renegotiate your licensing contracts with Playmates - whatever it takes - and start doing better. This increasing amount of Walmart/Target exclusive stuff from every company is absurd. There has to be a better way than this. And not even to release an assortment of the 2-packs at once (to the extent possible)? At least then there might be enough to last a few moments; it might prevent people, including scalpers, from being able to bankroll every set on the shelf on the same day and finally give more people a chance to at least get something. No one should be expected to be visiting retail locations multiple times per week and traipsing all the way through every aisle to the back of the store in a #*@&ing pandemic to get this stuff. Kudos to those with no qualms about doing so and risking the health and safety of themselves and those around them to buy toys - you're brave souls, or whatever you'd call that. And the Rock Soldiers? They're not going to peg warm in the minimal numbers this stuff is released in. It's TMNT! Put it on the shelf (or online) - whatever it is - and it will be gone. What's the conundrum? %^@&. Cue the COVID deniers and NECA apologists...
  8. I thought these were Hasbro but the tag at the top of the page where it should say "Hasbro" said "Geeknet, Inc." or something, so I wasn't sure. If I were Hasbro, I wouldn't be happy about that. I think the helmets just looks kind of plain for $120. Little detail. How is the cost justified? I think they should have gone with the Snake Eyes movie helmet. This one just kind of lacks definition. Looks like a Rubie's Halloween mask - not a collector's helmet.
  9. Glorified statues or just prototypes? It seems like there's little to no articulation here.
  10. Let's hope Walmart recognized the demand and does better with NECA Turtles than Target does, and that they've ordered more than 1 per store. I never saw that Walmart exclusive McFarlane Mortal Kombat Spawn. Walmart exclusives are hit or miss.
  11. $300 for a Cookie Monster stuffed animal? I would have preferred an actual puppet. This just seems like a higher quality version of something you could win at a carnival, but if it were a real replica, you could make it come to life like they do on the show. I'll be really shocked if this gets backed.
  12. I saw all of these at my Target last night. They look really cool, but I'm not collecting them. I only buy comic/cartoon accurate or movie accurate Joes.
  13. I picked this up at Best Buy today. The figure is more worth it than the movie. I thought the beginning was a bit rushed, and I thought that Hal would have discovered Abin Sur, rather than being dragged to him in a test-flight-pod. I kind of wanted to see how awesome Hal was before the ring picked him with some kind of actual piloting or something, anything. The rest was interesting, had some nice twists, nice gory battles, but the dialogue was on par with that of George Lucas, and what do the Green Lanterns do with Sinestro after they beat him?! Um, closure? I thought they could have done a lot more with this film than they did. They always seemed to stop short of what I wanted and there were very few "Wow" moments for me. I liked the Wonder Woman movie a whole lot better.
  14. Too bad one of them is sold out already though. So much for buying a full set!
  15. Are you guys talking about those poorly painted TDK mini-statues that you could buy for like $9.99 when you bought the DVD? Those were junk, and while this doesn't look too much better, it actually looks like a repaint of the DCIH Wonder Woman which, if it is, is nothing like the Frontier's Green Lantern mini-statue.
  16. Yeah...because those figures look just like the picture art on the box. Bravo, Hasbro. Bravo, once again. Seriously, this set looks like a knock-off. Between this and that new Wolverine 2-pack with Beast we've seen, Hasbro's new style seems to be to make everything look like a knock-off.
  17. I hope they re-make Bob! Joker will need someone to shoot.
  18. I agree that the movies weren't great, but the costume designs were cool (with the exception of nipples). I would love to see this version of Mr. Freeze in the Movie Masters line. They could even use clear blue plastic to give us that blue glow. I think it would be cool. I think other figures should be first, but to this I say, why not?
  19. I am looking forward to comparison pictures with the older releases to really compare and see if these new figures are at all worth it. They seem more like the cartoon designs, and as a fan of the cartoon, I like that, but don't like re-buying figures constantly. I will wait and see.
  20. This seems like it would make a great Savage Land (P.S. We still need a new Sauron figure) playset for the new Hasbro Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures or the old Toy Biz Legends Showdown figures. Any pics of G.I. Joes or Marvel Legends Showdown with this playset?
  21. Considering how bad the new film was, it's no surprise the toy line is suffering as a result.
  22. What line is that little wrestling guy from? Anyone have pics of these with that huge Narnia: Prince Caspian Castle or related figures?
  23. I like to be a completist, but I stopped collecting Star Wars a long while back because there was just too much merchandise to keep up with. Too many repaints, too many impossible exclusives, too many multi-packs where you'd have to buy five figures you already had just to buy the one new one you want. It just gets really annoying. The new sculpts and articulation of the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joes got me collecting Joes for the first time in my life, but Hasbro is doing the same thing with these. I returned all my Toys R Us exclusive multi-packs and will now only consider buying the single carded figures if, by some miracle, I happen to wander across them, which isn't likely with the availability of these figures. I think Toy Biz and Mattel are much better about what product they release. Their lines are actually manageable to collect completely.
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