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  1. That's how I feel about everything shown so far. It's disappointing because I've always loved the original Undertow, and this re-use of an old club trooper and color scheme just seems lazy.
  2. I really hate how Scott words it to place blame on the fans: "and unfortunately, the time when fans could “do something” has passed. That time was the sub buy-in period." Maybe that's not how he meant it, but that's how it sounds. Maybe if Mattycollector and Digital River had passable customer service and didn't screw up my sub 6 times I would have subscribed again.
  3. I too much prefer the director's cut. My only real gripe us that Daredevil kills. I have no problem with Affleck as Batman. Since I hated how Batman was treated in the Nolan films, Affleck Batman has to be an improvement.
  4. I found a set in Denver tonight. Target.
  5. I disagree with most of it, and this is coming from someone who dislikes Superman and Zack Snyder. Problem 1: The Kyptonians are married to tradition. It doesn't matter if the planet was doomed or not, sending them to the Phantom Zone was THE punishment for the crime. It's the way things are done, so that's what they'll do. Problem 2 and 10: These are more of a problem with the source material. It's the way it is in the film because that's the way it is in the comics. Unless you want to give Superman a mask, there's no way that his identity could EVER be a secret, especially in today's world of cameras and facial recognition software. I agree that it's stupid, but it's what Snyder and the writers had to work with. If they had given Supes a mask, the fanboys would have a fit, even if it is more realistic. Problem 3: It fits the character in the movie. Perry White being black doesn't fit his traditional character either. Snyder changed up the characters a bit so it isn't the same Superman story we've been given over and over again. Problem 4: I do agree on this one. Would anyone let a loved one die like this if you had the power to save them? Problem 5: The suits protect them from the atmosphere. It never says it stops the solar radiation. Problem 6: He's not trained as a fighter, but he's lived with these powers most of his life, so he knows how to use them better than Zod. Plus, it's a Superman film, so Superman has to win. That's just how these things work. Problem 7: There have been people who have survived plane crashes. People are found alive in the rubble of collapsed buildings all the time. It's not impossible that people can survive a collapse if they're not directly under it. Problem 8: It's been scientifically proven that created black holes disappear rather quickly. It wouldn't have sufficient mass to remain open indefinitely. I would likely cause some additional damage to Metropolis, but that's better than Earth being terraformed. Problem 9: Really? Nitpicking the direction of the neck twist? If we're going to nitpick crap like this, then The Dark Knight is a horrible film. Overall, I thought this was a really good film. Much better than I anticipated, and much better than the other DC film, the Batman trilogy included.
  6. Yep. The horrible script that leaked a few months ago had the Shredder as a military man named Colonel Schraeder anf the F.O.O.T. was his black ops type of group. It looks like they're going that direction. I can't express in words how disappointed I am this movie is being made like this.
  7. I've already heard a lot of whining about the film, and here's my response: The thing us comic readers seem to forget is: IM3 wasn't made for us. It was made for the entire population to enjoy. Once the first Iron Man film came out, the character became known and loved by everyone. It's EVERYBODY'S Iron Man now. It isn't JUST for us comic readers anymore. Maybe Shane Black could have made a film that stayed true to the comics, but just comic fans wouldn't have brought in $175 million over the weekend. I for one was slightly disappointed over the plot twist in IM3, but the more I think about it, the better I am with it. I'm glad it strays from the comic, because I've already read those. I already know how those stories end. I already know those characters. The films are a completely different universe. I'm glad the stories are different. I'm glad that I'm surprised and shocked by by the characters and the plots. I watched the entire Harry Potter series before reading the books, because I wanted to go into the movies with no preconceived expectations. IM3 wasn't what you expected? Does that mean it was bad? Not necessarily. If anything, it means the writers and directors had the balls to try something different instead of taking the easy way out and shoehorning another writer's story into the script. Personally, I thought IM3 was great. It had real character development which the second one lacked. It also felt like a standalone film where as IM2 felt like it was there just to lead into The Avengers. Also, I'm not convinced that we got the truth about Kingsley's Mandarin. Looking back, there were things said in the film that makes me think the actor bit was the act. Some things don't add up. I think Marvel left it ambiguous enough that if they want to use Kingsley again as Mandarin, they can. If not, then he truly was just an actor and they'll leave it as that. I'd LOVE him be really be the Mandarin as it means he fooled Stark and everyone else. I like the idea that Mandarin gets the victory and Killian takes all the blame. Stark thinks he won when the real villain gets away with it.
  8. That would make for a short 4th film!
  9. Bruce quit before the beginning of DKR, long before he had any plans to pass the mantle on. He just gave up and didn't care about what was happening in Gotham. He sat in his mansion sobbing over Rachel while people in Gotham continued being victims of crime.
  10. I don't know what you'd call hardcore but I'd say I'm a pretty big Batman fan and I liked DKR a lot. Watched it again the other day. I'd say the whole trilogy is one solid Bat-story. I think Batman Begins and Dark Knight are Batman movies. Dark Knight Rises just isn't Batman to me. In the end of Dark Knight, Batman says "I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be." So, Gotham needs you to immediately give up crimefighting? I understand that organized crime is basically gone in Gotham, but there is a lot of other crimes surely happening. Muggings, petty robbery, etc. The type of crime that took his parents. Batman would NEVER give up fighting crime. The character is so obsessed with it that giving up, for any reason, is giving in. Not being batman means some other child may lose their parents to a mugging gone wrong. Having Bruce just give up is NOT Batman. What partially makes the character so iconic is his obsession with being Batman, so much that everything else in his life suffers. Bruce quitting once is out of character, but he quits TWICE in the movie! He wants a normal life with Selina, so he just quits and goes away because being Batman isn't his "thing" anymore. Throughout Batman's history, it's shown time and time again that Gotham needs Batman, and so does Bruce. To me this completely RUINS the film for me. I'm accepting (but not happy) at all the other changes Nolan made, but turning Batman into a quitter is turning Batman into a scared man who quits whenever he feels like it.
  11. This movie is going to be nothing but another dumb Bay spectacle film with no real substance. To make matters worse, it'll be a huge departure from what TMNT fans are used to story-wise with no real reasons for the changes.
  12. I think A LOT of the DC movies are bad. Here's my short list: Superman Returns: HUGE plot holes, horrible acting, and bad pacing make this a dud for me. Dark Knight: Overly long and tedious. Dent's turn to Two-Face was quicker and made less sense than Anakin's turn in episode 3. Dark Knight Rises: HATE this film because Nolan stripped away everything that makes Batman the character he is. Putting his version of Batman in a batsuit doesn't make it Batman. Even though Batman and Robin was a terrible film, at least the defining characteristics of Batman were still there. Batman is one of the few DC characters I can stand, and Nolan destroyed the core concept. I can see how the general populace may like this film, but I can't understand how any hardcore Batman fan likes it. Green Lantern: I didn't hate this as much as others did. I certainly think it was a DC dud and could have been much better, but I'd re-watch it over the others on this list any day. Catwoman and Jonah Hex: Refuse to watch on the general consensus that they're horrible. Watchmen: Not terribly bad up until the ending. The change in ending ruins the entire point that the original ending was trying to make. Of all the things Snyder could have changed, he changed one of the most important parts of the entire story.
  13. Of COURSE we want pic's man! Well here yo go then! Because of some construction work in my basement, I don't have a lot of room, so I haven't taken them out of package yet.
  14. I just found series 2 at a Denver area Target. I glanced down and there was Ultron looking up at me. I grabbed all 3. I can provide pics when I get home if anyone is interested.
  15. The program is necessary for those who truly need it, but it needs to be regulated better to weed out those who take advantage of it. Back in the late 90's I worked at a small grocery store and a guy came in and bought some groceries with his food stamps and paid for a carton of cigarettes in pennies.
  16. Poison Ivy is disappointing. It's nice to finally have the character, but it would be nice if the scale was a bit better. She has smaller hands than a toddler. I'm glad I didn't sign up for next year. price is way too high for what we're getting.
  17. It's quite different actually. Marvel allows you to cancel a comic subscription. Any business with ANY comittment to cusomer satisfaction would allow one to cancel a sub if it doesn't meet their satisfaction. I don't get how some people don't have a problem with this. Matty could choose to fill the remaining 7 slots with repaints of Killer Moth, and you would locked into the sub with no legal basis for a cancellation or complaint. No person in their right mind would sign a contract like this for anything else in life, but when it comes to this, it's ok because they're just toys? Would you sign a contract to buy a car from someone without knowing what make and model? You pay them $30,000 and they could decide to deliver you a Bently, or a Kia. Yeah, that seems like it'd be real smart.
  18. So did you get out of Scientology? Nope, they're bleeding my wallet dry. And when they're done with me, I guess they'll leave me to die in some strange hotel, desperately needing physical and psychiatric care...wait, you asked about getting out of Mattel, right? lol. That was good. Well played sir.
  19. Who's "we"? There's no accounting for taste; not everyone is going to be pleased with every figure. For example, you've mentioned on more than one occasion that you want a HUNTRESS figure. Ok, fine...for you. Speaking only for myself, I can think of tons of characters I'd rather have than HUNTRESS. But that's just "me," I think the figures they've shown for the rest of 2012 and into 2013 are great. It's a nice mix of Silver-, Bronze- and Modern-Age characters. And from a corporate perspective, I also think they've done a nice job diversifying with the 2-3 standard body-types they have. That's the thing though, everyone's tastes differ. That's why it's underhanded to lock people into a contract without letting them know what they'll be buying. Maybe you like the ones shown so far, but what if you absolutely hate the remaining 7?
  20. Because I purchased two different subs this year and have been repeatedly screwed by Matty on both. Because making people sign a contract they can't get out of with no knowledge of what most of the figures will be is wrong. Because they constantly change release dates messing up people's planned budgets. Because they release figures that are grossly out of scale. I would gladly pay for the line if the major problems were fixed. And no, I won't be buying anything day of.
  21. Yeah, it's kind of funny how they still didn't have enough subscribers 30 minutes after the cutoff time, and all of a sudden this morning, they have all the subscribers they need.
  22. I understand where you are coming from. Mattel has definately had customer service issues. However, you realize that if you sign up you get to put in the address for THAT order and that is where they will send it. I hope you reconsider, we could use the help. I might if I had a better idea what the figures would be. I think it's crap that we're supposed to sign up not having any clue what the majority of the figures are. The figures they have shown are a let down. I don't care about another Flash figure, no matter who is supposed to be under the mask. I never cared for the rainbow lanterns idea. Monsieur Mallah is the wrong damn color. Phantom Stranger and Elongated Man are the only ones I'd really want. I don't want to subscribe only to find out I don't want the remaining 7 figures. It may sound bitter but, at this point, I want to see MattyCollector fail based on their NUMEROUS under-handed business practices. Any retail store that acted like Matty Collector would already be out of business, and rightfully so.
  23. I can't do it. I just can't. I've had way too many problems with them this year. If they could guarantee me that they wouldn't keep shipping my figures to an address I told them to change 6 times since February then maybe I'd be on board. It's time to put my money where my mouth is. Even though I'd love the figures, I'm not giving them another dime past this year's sub.
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